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Ehehehe. These are both the official translation, so does that mean that (according to Deku at least) Bakugou is one of Kiri’s favorite things??

I tried to find the raws, but couldn’t. Does anyone know if they actually used the same characters in these two things? I would guess not, but I guess and possible and that would make me even happier! And another question mark so people can write answers to that?

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I want to share a personal story with you:

 I’ve mentioned before that I have a girlfriend - or as I like to call her, wife-to-be (Let’s call her Mrs. Mom)! 

She’s my soulmate, she’s “the one” for me and she feels the same about me. That’s why we want to marry (as soon as either of our home countries finally decide to allow us). 

But, to be honest with you, things have not always been rosy between us. In fact, we did break up two times and in both cases, it was me who broke up. 

If you asked me at that time why, I would’ve said “We won’t work out anyway. Things are good between us and I love her but I’ll rather break up now than see it all go downhill later because I just know we won’t last anyway”. There were of course some tiny “problems” that I blamed it on but deep down, it was just my utmost belief that it won’t last anyway. It took a few years (and luckily Mrs. Mom is very patient!) for me to truly allow myself to believe in our relationship. 

I believed that we wouldn’t last - and nowadays I see that it wasn’t my belief. I just internalized what I heard others say: that it’s just a phase. 

There was nothing wrong with our relationship or our feelings for each other: I’ve just (subconsciously) been homophobic towards myself and told myself that gay relationships never last. 

I needed to un-learn a lot of crap that society thrilled in my head. 

And now I know that this is not just me being silly or something super uncommon. Homophobia and heteronormativity often hurt us much more than we admit and run much deeper than we even are aware of. 

I hope that by openly talking about this I may save you some head- and heartache. I hope that you grow up knowing you can trust your feelings, knowing that your relationships are not less worthy, are not doomed to fail. 

I hope you know you are not alone.

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

My thoughts to S4

Ok, so, a few days ago I was brushing my teeth one evening and this thought came into my head. I hope my explanations make any sense:

So, I read about some people thinking about the Mind Palace and that you can not control your dreams or things like that with it. That is mostly correct. The Mind Palace is a memory technique. You can remember things but not influence things with it. However, many people, like my father, can control dreams. This has nothing to do with the Mind Palcae but with other techniques I will not explain here because that would take to long. What I want to say is, that Sherlock could control TAB with ease. I have done such things myself (without taking drugs first;)). So, all in all S probably controled TAB with ease.

However, I thing when we look at s4 as a continuing of TAB, we notice, that S thinks, that this is reality and not a dream, so he is not in control at this moment but his subconsciousness, I call it, “the brain“. So, when we see S4 as continuing of TAB, the Fall is the part were it goes over or back (whatever theory you like most) to the reality his brain created (because he is still in a coma from drugs or from the shoot, whatever you like).

Now, I read a few days ago, that there was an ARG in the Sherlock Holmes Fandom, that said, that every character knew he or she was just a character in a novel except of SH himself. Nobody could tell him that this all is not real & it all ended only when SH found out, that this was all not real. Until then it all repeated and repeated or so I understood it. Now I think, that S4 is this ARG created from Sherlocks brain. So every character would know that he or she was created from Sˋs brain excluded S himself and only when he realises that he is captured in his own dream world, that he starts to wake up. Until then it all repeats and repeats, or better said, his brain plays the storys he already lived through with only little changes matching things he still does not understand.

So, now I want to take a look at Eurus, or like I like to call her E = emotions. I already wrote something to her and her meaning, and i wonˋt go into her too much now. Just a little bit, so you can follow my next few thoughts.I think she represents Sˋs emotions, which he has hidden deep in his brain, behind a glas prison in a highly hidden place. As we know, the glas is know away and she moves free in Sˋs dream. Flirts with John & shoots him, is panicked in a plane, has suicidal thoughts and does everything to get an emotion out of people but mostly S. However, more to her in a few more lines, but first…

… imagine S. Just shoot or deep in drugs and he is know in a hospital, in a coma. So, in his brain is everything in red. Panic! We are dying! That is all the brain can think. To calm down and get his job done (healing in any way possible) and not get too much choas and get in shock, the brain starts to create a little dream world of itˋs own.In it he can calm down, get a few answers and all is ok. He starts to recreate the adventures with John, like explained. TST beginns, and all is ok. First, the brain has to follow the previous story, aka TAB and get it a good enough continuing story to be realistic, then he kills of his problems (Mary), who is in his way to get John. Oh, very emotional reaction, donˋt you think? And that is the part were Eurus starts to come.

First, the place Mary dies is in an aquarium, a place full of water, and I read somewhere, that Water means emotions. And emotions means Eurus. So here is already Eurus. Not really noticable, but when you know that Eurus is emotions, this means, here is the point E starts to come out of her long time prison. Also, there are sharks. We know sharks represents CAM. CAM = evil (Mirror to M.) And for S, Emotions are evil. They influence his thinking and are not helpfull, so… it would match that his brain would kill Mary in an aquarium full of sharks. However, sharks could also represent Mary in this moment, which the brain conects with Evil. (And I think sharks were easier for Mofftis to get to than spiders in an aquarium ;))

Then there is E who meets J in a bus and later texts with him. She is the flirter part of S. She does what he does not dare. And J responses, a hope S has. He hopes that J will react positive to his flirting and hates life with Mary.

Then we have TLD with dear Faith. this episode is the brains solution to Johnˋs reaction. After killing Mary of, the brain came to the conclusion, that John would probably not be too happy about it. So a solution has to be created. What helped in the past? Get S into danger! And this is what happens. I also think that the change of Culvertonˋs killing technique (from poisoning to suffocation) is a sudden move, so I think, S had an attack in real life and the brain symbolised it to this. Also we have dear Faith here. The Frist time we meet Eurus, and she is suicidal. Of course, I mean, who wouldnˋt be, when you are very emotional and your love of your life does not want you!

However, S stops her (very rational) and they go out together. During that time we see that those two understand each other very good. They could work together (the brain and the heart). She only vanishes as S tells here that suicide is not the sollution and he has an attack. This attack can be seen as an emotional overflow and so he breaks down, or he has an attack in real life and has to be very drugged after that, so his brain creates something it knows. The tipical world of too much drugs.

Also, did you notice that nobody but S sees Faith, even through she stands right next to him. She is not hidden but nobody sees her. Emotions of S are not visible.
Now we come to TFP! Yay! So, TFP is all about Eurus aka emotions. You could say that she thinks that after everything is ok with J, Eurus has enough of playing the little parts and wants to have all the attention now. Or how I also like to see it, S canˋt handle his emotions anymore, now that the glas is away.

It all starts with Eurus the Therapist shooting John. This is the first sign of Sˋs emotions going crazy. Like a dream does the scenery of TFP start in Mycrofts home and we get an easy explanation for the shoot. There are many possibilities why the brain makes it that simple. Maybe it did not want to get too emotional (get Eurus back into her prison) or it was his best idea. After that we have many such jumps. Maybe to test S if he would notice or to show him (and us) that something is wrong. Eurus is, during her game, all about testing everyone and mostly S of his emotional state and so maybe is the brain about logic.

A little though I came up with at this point, was that maybe the little girl on the plane is maybe Sˋs brain who does not know how to handle everything that happens. S is dying and the brain, his emotions, he himself does not know how to handle everything and he canˋt contact his surrounding world, the real world. But that was just me, thinking a little bit too much.

One thing I came also up to was that Mycroft told S about the East Wind in such a bad way that as a child S was of course scared of it. Also we know that Mycroft is the one to tell S all the time to control his emotions („itˋs not an advantage“). Maybe Mycroft told S these stories and later made fun of S because of his emotional behaviour. That would explain, why S calls his emotions Eurus and why he hit them in the first place, and why he has to revisite his childhood home to find Eurus and accept her (hug her). After that he can handle J and Rosie better and Lestradeˋs „good man“ comment is the brains way of saying that that (combination of emotions and Sˋs logic) is the best way. Now he can be a good man.

From this point onwards we can witness how S learns to handle his emotions (plays with her in harmony). Also, S is called grown up, compared to Mycroft, after he accepts his emotions. It is a siblings way to show of when you do something better and your parents tell you that infront of your sibling. So if Mycroft really is the reason that S hids his emotions, then being called grown up infront of Mycroft after he accepts his emotions is „show of“ from the brains part. (Right now I see S doing a little victory dance) However, the brain is not all mean to M. We can see that in the scene, were S and E play violin together and his parents and M are there. Sˋs mother touches Mˋs knee. A sign for many things but also for encouragement. Maybe encouragement to start to learn and accept his own emotions?

Also, during TFP we see M very vulnerable. He shows many emotions. I think it is the brains way of mocking M but also of learning himself. If the person who taught you not to feel, shows emotions,then you can accept your own emotions better. S can accept his own problems, emotions and errors better, if M has them too and shows them too.

Now, I told you at the beginning, that I think this whole season is an adaptation of the ARG. So, what happens, if you told the whole story? You have to start again. And here I take a short look at the twitter accounts. For the twitter accounts TFP never happened, so maybe TST and TLD never happenend, too. I donˋt know and I have to say, that one big counter point for this is, that Rosie lives with John and S and Mary is dead. However, maybe the brain just started from the end of TLD anew? I have to say, Iˋm not sure myself, that the accounts are real or not, so I canˋt go there very deep.

However, if they are real, I think, they mean, that S is still in a coma, because Rosie is mostly forgotten. I mean, which parent gives his child away for 24/7? They have holidays or go on cases and never once do they take her with them. She is always with someone else. And I also think that is a sign for being in Sˋs dream and not so much in Jˋs, because a father would include his child in things or mention here more and someone who never was a father and is not so much interested in children like S would totally forget a child. So, this is what I have to say to twitter, for now (oooh, threat).

And now, for the end, I want to tell you all, what I think will happen in TLS! YAY!

So, I think that at the beginning we get something disturbing like in S4. And after time it gets worse, so that at some point S notices that something is wrong. Maybe he also starts to hear voices from the real world, which doesnˋt make sense for him. Then he will maybe talk to J about it all, and because S has noticed it, J as the brain tells him the truth and together they find a way so he can wake up, like jumping again or so. And after he wakes, the real J is there for him. And they hunt down Mary. For those who think the whole sh.t started as Mary has shot him, can imagine, that S tells J the truth. Or S has to stop Mary from killing J and after that, at the end, we get a kiss, or hug or whatever you guys prefer!

Now I am at the end of my thoughts and I hope you could follow me and understand this whole mountain of sh.t. Probably everyone has now noticed that English is not my native language, so donˋt hit me for it. If someone wrote that already, please tell me. I really would love to read more.
Now, I will tack a few people who may be interested to read this, but of course everyone is allowed to tell me what they think!

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How old am I? | ¿Qué edad tengo?


Since my birthday is coming up, I’m curious to see what you guys think my age is.

Consider it a silly little game; I’ll reveal the answer on my birthday.

C’mon, humor me!


Dado que dentro de poco es mi cumpleaños, siento curiosidad por saber qué edad creéis que tengo.

Consideradlo un pequeño jueguecito sin importancia; revelaré la respuesta el día de mi cumpleaños.

¡Venga, seguidme el rollo!

I’m actually wondering if it’s just a stylistic choice or if there’s a reason why characters like Kaneki , Touka , Eto and Kanae/Karen (x) (x) are drawn with red apples and Furuta with a green one (x). The apple symbolism usually stands for knowledge, temptation,love/sexuality (associated with Venus), the fall of man and sin (Garden of Eden). 

The only thing I found is that red might represent affairs of the heart while green represent matters of the mind. I wonder if more people will join the apple squad

My list of anime couples, and how they stand as of right now:

Canon: IchiHime, RenRuki, VegeBul, EdWin, NaruHina, Gajevy, Gruvia (I guess they’re together now…), Elfgreen, 

Ambiguous: NaLu, SeiSao, Jerza, Royai, 

Non-canon: L/Misa.

Welp, looks like my heart actually made a lot of right choices. I wish my decision of who to ship in TV shows were that accurate as well, eh.