Ways To Meet: Rebloggable edition~

Would you happen to have creative ways 2+ characters can meet for the first time?


  • Person 1 needs a dollar for the bus, person 2 loans them one
  • Someone collapses on the street- 1 and 2 rush over to help. They bond while 3 gets medical help.
  • During a gridlocked traffic jam, person 1 has music on with the windows down. Person 2 rolls their window down, and asks them to turn it up. They bond while 2 provides snacks and they sit. 
  • 1 and 2 are neighbors. 2 is a noisy little shit. 1 stops over to complain. 
  • 1 hits 2 in the face with a cabinet door or something. 1 apologizes by treating them to lunch.
  • Friends introduce them. It doesn’t sound creative but how often do you see it in fiction? 
  • 1 and 2’s flight is delayed. They start up a conversation. 
  • 1 draws graffiti. 2 adds something to it. They keep going in this pattern like a game until one day they catch the other while graffitiing. 
  • 1 and 2 have to help 3 catch their rabbits that repeatedly get loose.
  • 1 is on hard times and has no food money. 2 gives them a meal at their restaurant after hours, because leftovers are goodovers. 1 returns sometime later after getting back on their feet. 
  • 1 sits in 2’s place. 2 is not amused. 
  • 1 lives/works nearish 2 and thinks that 2 is pretty cool. So 1 goes over and talks to them. They get to know each other. 
  • One night 1 and 2 are dumped, drunk and sad. They start talking in a bar and get matched tattoos together. They don’t remember each other’s faces- but one day the matching tattoo appears before them. 
  • 1 loans 2 their coat in the rain, telling them to just return it later if they can. Thus begins 2’s epic journey to find 1. 

That good for now?


PS: If you write something to one of these, post it and tag it ‘promptsfromahat’, cause I’d love to read it. 

Y'all need to stop with the “another pasty white Peter Parker” shit. Peter Parker is a white dude no matter how made you get it won’t change that. He doesnt need to be another race, he just needs to be funny and a nerd. Im pissed he’s in high school but of course im gonna still see it, just like you all are. Instead of getting mad that a white character is white how about you bring awareness to other minority heroes. Shit I was blogging about black panther for years and now like 9k people know a bit more about him. Message studios, never shut up about Blade,do something but dead all that getting mad that Spider-Man is white shit.

Acting like y'all didn’t fuck with Spider-Man when it was just Peter


to start this off, i apologize muchly for the graphic. okay now that that’s out of the way, WOW, thank you so much for following me ?? and interacting with me ?? and being so kind to me, like really, i feel so at HOME on this blog and in indie rp in general and i hope this continues for a long ass time, even just as a part-time hobby. so, i’m just going to name off a few people i really have to thank, and give some love to ‘cause i’m usually i little shit to them but it’s out of love, ALWAYS, out of love.

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Its clearly shown I put about 0% amount of effort into that edit and its beyond shit but oh well :)

Okay so here goes… When I first made this account, I didn’t expect that I’d keep it for that long. In fact, I thought I would of given up on it by now. But as I kept on using it I began to find out that there are some truly amazing blogs and people on here that make me happy every single day. I said to myself that I’d do a follow forever when I hit 1000 followers which I have. Thank you all for everything and just being yourselves. 

There’s just a few special mention’s I want to say :)

grimshawlowe : Where do I even being?! Lou, you were one of the the first people I ever spoke to on here and I’m so glad I did! In a way you also made me more confident to post and to talk to more people on here. You’re such a nice lovely person and there has never been a time when you’ve messaged me and I haven’t smiled at what you’ve put. I can remember one of our first conversations were about one of Louis’ football matches and it basically consisted of us freaking out about how good he looked :’) Good luck on Wednesday! 

thecurls-loves-thefringe : I love talking to you and again you were one of the first people who I talked to on here! You’re so cute and seem such a nice person. I can also remember it was one of the first times we spoke and it was when you replied to my message (which I didn’t think you’d reply) and I was so happy when you did :) I’d love to get to know you more and I just want to say thank you for messaging me back :’)

sweetharold : I’m literally in love with your blog and you were actually one of the first people to actually follow me and I was really happy you did! One thing that sticks out the most was when we talked about the time my Dad was at the same ski resort at the same time as Louis (I’m still never going to forgive him for not taking me :’)) 

So here are some amazing blogs who have made me love tumblr so much more!

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Dead Like Me sentence starters
  • “I excel at not giving a shit.”
  • “Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not that interesting.”
  • “Sir, I’m gonna say this as politely as possible…I will fuck you up.”
  • “I just wanted to save her.”
  • “You can’t save any of them.”
  • “I’ve never seen such violence over such small potatoes.”
  • “I’m gonna kill that fucking baby.”
  • “Who’s been making grilled cheese sandwiches with the defibrillator paddles?”
  • “Now you made me mad! Now we can never be friends!”
  • “You’re a constipator, [name]. You disturb my shit and that’s annoying.”
  • “If Romeo had just masturbated a couple times a week he could have saved both those nice families a whole heap of trouble.”
  • “If I see someone running, I just assume they’re a loser.”
  • “I like knowing that the space between my ears is immeasurable.”
  • “I felt something I had never felt before - a hand on my ass.”
  • “I do not say this phrase lightly in this hallowed place: This is fucking inedible.”
  • “Call me a ‘little thing’ again and I’ll put this fucking dart right between your twinkling eyes.”
  • “Oh [name], this is nothing. You should have seen the tattoos I’ve had to have removed.”
  • “I don’t wanna fit in. I just don’t wanna stand out.”
  • “Human beings are simple, predictable clichés.”
  • “Speakin’ of death, let’s get to work.”
  • “Sometimes off-color language is the best way to convey an idea. As in ‘get the fuck away from my cubicle’.”
  • “I’d bore myself to death if I weren’t already dead.”
FUCK this upd8

Not because I ship MeenVris, cuz I don’t.

And it was nice to have some acknowledgement that Meenah is a shitty person.

But like,


Its so hard to explain why but I just HATE every time the new vriska exists in this comic.

She is no help at all

why couldn’t we have just

brought regular vriska back

not punk vriska or whatever

the vriska she was before that

this one

the developed one that was bad but still good.

the way she was before she magically became a punk bitch who was a huge cry8a8y

cuz last time we saw her she wasn’t like that

she was still cool

she still had the potential to do awesome shit

and now suddenly shes just this weakling

its like alpha vriska just showed up and sucked out everything that made her awesome

and I HATE her for that

Does anyone get what im saying?

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That PA gif looks like Bucky recovering from the aftermath of being the winter soldier (can imagine the necklace around his neck is his old dog tags) with his hair cut short and he's just now letting Steve back in his life and Steve is saying some sappy shit and telling Bucky he's never going to be alone and all that and Bucky is having the hardest time trying to conceal his grin even though you can see the happiness in his eyes. And I just made myself sad but it's the easiest thing to see

i just saw a video that fucked me up and i’m going to cry and the fact that it was captioned “if you haven’t yet seen this show, this clip should convince you to” made it even worse

SHIT i’m crying now ??? aaaaaaaaa

i mean it was very well done. well executed. i can understand why it would convince someone else to watch that show. but it just got to me a little too hard and now i’m crying. there’s certain kinds of joke that just make me feel sad and this one hit the nail on the head a little too hard

anonymous asked:

I get that suholiday user has made some trashy posts but literally everyone is ganging up on here now and it's pretty childish, all anyone's doing is giving her more views and attention instead of ignoring it. She's still a person anyways, people just need to get over shit.

Yeah she’s been called out already, going over to constantly harass her and harass her into deleting isn’t gonna do any good but like I said ppl on here like to eradicate rather than educate. They just want her presence gone, they don’t want to have to acknowledge that the mentality is there and it’s on this website, they don’t really want to enact change, they just want to erase, eradicate, delete delete just make them go away, they don’t care about them being a person, in their eyes all a blogger or celebrity becomes is that negative mentality, and they have a physical presence of that mentality / ideology that they can finally take their rage on! So they do! But that’s not how you handle things! lmao!

((this turned into a bit of a rant so like… read more if you want))

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over 100k notes on that stupid “why teen titans was cancelled” post just. if yall frequent the internet please just. google search things to see whether or not theyre true before spreading misinformation around. it takes less than ten seconds to see if shit is fake and yall dont even wanna do that and now that op has made a shitton of people righteously angry over something that aint true and its so fucking annoying

look shit up!!!! do not believe anything you read if there are no sources and CLICK the sources when there are! people lie about literally everything okay this is a tame example but in general just form your own opinions do your own research you have the entire internet at your disposal dont take shit at face value never believe hearsay without proof okay im annoyed and iiiim done

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I feel like I have good reason to be hesitant though, this thing that used to make me so happy doesn't now because it feels like the people I really wanted to write with ignore me or dance around the subject to avoid giving me a hard no. And it's like, I don't know /why/. That fucks a person up and it's even worse than a no because it sparks a little bit of hope for interaction when there really wasn't any to begin with. And now I've made this all about me and I feel bad so I'm just gonna stop.

     defrosted;     HEY DON’T DO THAT. it’s fine to reach out to people. it’s fine to just unwind to someone. shit happens man, and keeping that crap bottled up is just gonna make you feel worse. coming off anon and talking to me would probably be better but even through anon it’s cool. 

well, some people DO have trouble with saying no. sure, it probably makes situations worse but when someone doesn’t want to say no, it’s probably because a) they DO want to rp but are too swamped/busy/forgot or b) don’t want to say no because, well, feelings are SO EASILY HURT ON THIS WEBSITE. 

and if someone does that, i say move on, nonnie. no sense in wasting time waiting for someone who either doesn’t want to rp or is too busy TO DO SO. 

keep your chin up, son.

i’m weeping all over perfectedrobin today it’s almost pathetic

excuse me while i be emotional because i haven’t slept or eaten much in the past 3 days

Welcome to the War Zone!  This Fucking Blog Is A Cesspool.

I went out after work last night and never checked in here.  I just made it into the office and log in to find another fucking mess.  I’ve spent 15 minutes cleaning it to fuck up.  I sent out a post that I was deleting the board because of the racist, hating fucks but now I am just so pissed that I’m taking that back.  

This is what they do, arrive en masse, troll the shit out of you, insult, make threats and force people to disappear just for a little peace of mind.  This is the kind of people that inhabit the right wing of America’s government.  If you don’t think like they do, you must be beaten and silenced.

Fuck Them.  Fuck every last one of them.  

This is MY FUCKING BLOG.  I didn’t go take a fucking shit in their living room but they sure as hell have in mine.  They’re the lowest of the low, bullies and cowards.  If they didn’t come in mobs they wouldn’t dare come at all.  

They are the village idiots, the internet has just made them a community.

This isn’t about anything recent or anything, but if someone makes plans with me and wants to cancel I am literally the most understanding person.

Like you were feeling it when we made plans but now you’re not? It’s cool, I get that all the time, we’ll reschedule. Shit came up with your family or work and you need some down time on your own? I feel that man, do what you need to do.

But all that being said, give me a fucking heads up. Just phone me or something and tell me you need to cancel, I guarantee I will be cool about it. But if you don’t let me know and just bail on our plans then there’s a 100% chance that I’m sitting by my phone in full makeup with my hair all fixed up wearing a cute outfit an waiting for you to call and tell me you’re on your way. Just be courteous enough to let me know you’re not coming, that’s all I ask.

Servant playmate AU - if Anna summoned Alexander the Great

So here’s a thing I quickly did while I was bored for a couple of days on vacation. Skimped out on the hands, but…eh. This is also the first time I’ve drawn directly in PaintTool SAI since I usually just have a sketch, scan it, clean it up, and then color it. 

I also just recently discovered the Stabilization drop down menu in SAI, WHICH MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH EASIER HOLY SHIT

Bonus with Elsa: 

Don’t have an actual watermark/logo/signature yet for art stuff, so…this is it for now.

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Hey do you mind explaining what this post is about? I'm new to the TW fandom and confused... /post/122377602174/in-other-news-the-sterek-stans-are-still-riding

Some extreme Sterek shippers, those that think that show is about the “love” Stiles and Derek share, are saying Tyler Posey shouldn’t be allowed to attend the Trailblazer Honors event because he doesn’t like the ship. And now they’re saying he’s made gay jokes, which just them trying to cover their asses now.

Honestly, these people go around saying Posey is homophobic or misogynistic or some other bullshit every couple of weeks. I wouldn’t put any stock into what they say. You should just ignore them. All they do is rile you up and then play the victim when you call them out on the shit they pull.

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Agents of SHIELD for the fandom thing

  • Favorite Male Character - Coulson or Fitz make me pick
  • Favorite Female Character - MELINDA MAY 
  • Least Favorite Character - Grant fucking Ward
  • Favorite Ship - Huntingbird
  • Favorite Friendship - Fitz/Skye also Philinda is the shit!
  • Favorite Quote - “there’s nothing wrong with you. you’re just different now and that’s ok.” (donno the exact quote but this is my favorite scene in the whole show)
  • Worst Character Death (if any) - Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment - FITZ KICKING ASS IN THE FINALE (have we talked about my love for leo fitz?)
  • Saddest Moment - just the entire Melinda episode like that fucked me up
  • Favorite Location - the bus

Give me a fandom 

Love bites


“Lucas Robert Hemmings, get your butt here right now” you yelled from the bathroom, your eyes staying focused on the reflection of the purple/scarlet mark that was on your neck just above your collarbone. “Shit shit shit” you cursed. “What the hell am I going to do with this Hemmings?” you said to your boyfriend who was now standing just behind you in the bathroom, “do with what?” Luke says before his confused face turns into an amused grin. “Oh you mean this? Luke questioned, gesturing to the mark that was on your neck which only made you roll your eyes. "yes I mean this” you replied, slightly frantic, “you know we have to meet up with the rest of the boys and you knowthat we will never here the end of it” you stressed, trying to cover up the mark with whatever make up you could get your hands on. “(Y/N), stop” Luke laughed biting down on his lip and placing his hands on your waist, turning you around so you were facing him. “Luke, this is serious! What are we going to do” you whined, “well I know what we’re not going to do” Luke said, his voice slightly dropping in volume as he pulled you in closer, “we aren’t meeting up with the boys, we’re going to stay here so I can give you a few more of these love bites” he continued, pushing you up against the wall, “because they look so damn hot on you” he said against your lips before leaning in and trailing kisses down your neck. I think it was safe to say that you weren’t going to be meeting up with the boys today and now you had more than just one love bite to worry about.


“Mikey, is that a love bite?” Luke blurts as you two make your way through the door of his apartment which instantly makes you freeze in your spot, you were sure you hadn’t left any marks from the night before. “Ouch mate, that one looks painful” Ashton ads, which only makes mike giggle but you couldn’t help but blush furiously. “I have a love bite?” Mikey frowns, “I swear I will kill you both if you’re lying” “no babe, they aren’t” you interrupt. “Well shit” he curses. “ooooooo Mikey got some” Luke cooed, “shit she’s quite the rough one isn’t she mate?” Ashton added in giving Michael a pat on the back. At this point you were both beyond the point of embarrassed, you had been caught by the boys for doing the dead- it doesn’t really get much worse. “Oh shut up both of you, you’re just jealous you don’t get any” Michael said- a hint of playfulness in his tone, but he could tell just how uncomfortable you were becoming by the minute. Intertwining his fingers with yours he lead you back towards the door that you hand only entered not only five minutes ago, “Sorry guys, but me and (Y/N) are going to go back home so I can pay her back with a few love bites of her own” Mikey announced which resulted in all the boys making gagging sounds as you closed the door behind you. As soon as the door was shut Michael pulled you close and whispered in your ear “no seriously babe, I’m going to get you back”.


The cold wind blew harder against you as you made your way down crowded streets of London, hand in hand with your boyfriend Ashton, making you snuggle in closer towards him. Pushing his way past a few people huddled around the entrance to the small café you had been trekking too, he pulled you in to the warm and cosy café. “Here we are babe; we made it without getting frost bite!” Ashton quietly cheered, grabbing your hands in his in attempt to warm them up. “Yay coffee!” you giggled, as you both walked over to the long coffee line. “Just the usual caramelised late darling?” Ashton question, leaning in and placing a soft peck on your cheek which instantly made you smile. “Yes please babe” you replied, leaning in and returning a soft peck on his lips before resting your head against your shoulder. Just as you were about to start talking to ash again, you were interrupted by the soft squeals and fast chatter of what sounded like younger girls. Hearing the mention of both yours and Ashton’s names as well as a hushed “omg they’re so flippin’ cute”, you knew straight away that a few fans had spotted you. Not only one minute after, the giggling stopped and you watched as a two girls who were about 14 or 15 walked over, approaching Ashton and yourself. “Hey girls, how are you both?” Ashton greeted politely, you doing the same before Ashton quickly started a conversation with them, which you of course didn’t mind because you loved how happy the fans made him. After getting both yours and Ashton’s coffees you walked back over to where the girls were standing with your boyfriend, only to notice that their conversation came to a complete stop when you arrived. “OMG” one of the girls gasped, “is that a love bite omg that is totally a love bite” she continued. Automatically, your hand went to your neck, adjusting the scarf that had obviously slipped and revealed the hickey that Ashton had left on your neck the night before. Your cheeks automatically reddened, as did Ashtons and both girls started giggling. “Wow what did you two get up to last night huh?” the other girl said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. You found yourself lost for words as you looked towards Ashton, who looked absolutely horrified. “We ah… we b-baked cookies last night and now we have to go, it was lovely meeting you b-bye” Ashton stuttered before tightly grabbing your hand and quickly pulling you out of the coffee shop. As soon as you were both a safe distance away from the coffee shop you both burst out laughing, “We were totally just busted for doing the hanky panky, wow I love you” Ashton managed to get out between giggles. Although, when it was trending later that night on twitter it wasn’t quite as funny but it didn’t stop Ash from giving you a few more.


Soft giggles escaped your lips as Calum trailed his lips down your neck, peppering it with kisses as your hands roamed all over his body. You were currently in your room at home, with your Brother Ashton, yes Ashton Irwin, right next door which was why you were trying to be as quiet as you could. You and Cal had found yourself in this position after he snuck in to your room through your window, if Ashton found out he was here or even worse, that you two had secretly been seeing each other, he was basically dead. Calum’s hands made their way up your body slowly removing his shirt, as yours did the same to him and it seemed that your playful innocent kisses had now turned into a full on steamy make-out session. You felt Calum nipping slightly on your neck which instantly made you moan in response, earning a chuckle from him because he knew exactly what he was doing. A knock on the door soon enough made you both pull away from each other so fast; you both tugged your shirts back on before shoving Calum into your closet knowing exactly that it was Ashton who was at the door. Smoothing out your bed sheets you quickly grabbed a random book and tried your best to ‘act normal’ before answering, “yeah ash, come in”. “Hey y/n, I was just coming to see what you wanted for- OMG Y/N IRWIN IS THAT A LOVE BITE ON YOUR NECK” Ashton basically screamed and you automatically felt your heart speed up, “I -uh- I n-no” you stuttered, your hand flying up to your neck. “Y/N THAT WASN’T THERE LIKE AN HOUR AGO I SWEAR TO GOD, Calum mate get the fuck out of my sisters closet you fuck” Ashton screamed even louder this time, the vein popping out of his neck as Calum shamefully came out of the closet with his head bowed, “Ash mate I-” Calum tried to explain, “No mate I don’t even want to hear what you have to say, I’m just so disappointed and I think it’s best if you leave” Ashton interrupted, following Calum out and slamming the door behind him. What the hell just happened and how did he know it was Cal?