Ways To Meet: Rebloggable edition~

Would you happen to have creative ways 2+ characters can meet for the first time?

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  • Person 1 needs a dollar for the bus, person 2 loans them one
  • Someone collapses on the street- 1 and 2 rush over to help. They bond while 3 gets medical help.
  • During a gridlocked traffic jam, person 1 has music on with the windows down. Person 2 rolls their window down, and asks them to turn it up. They bond while 2 provides snacks and they sit. 
  • 1 and 2 are neighbors. 2 is a noisy little shit. 1 stops over to complain. 
  • 1 hits 2 in the face with a cabinet door or something. 1 apologizes by treating them to lunch.
  • Friends introduce them. It doesn’t sound creative but how often do you see it in fiction? 
  • 1 and 2’s flight is delayed. They start up a conversation. 
  • 1 draws graffiti. 2 adds something to it. They keep going in this pattern like a game until one day they catch the other while graffitiing. 
  • 1 and 2 have to help 3 catch their rabbits that repeatedly get loose.
  • 1 is on hard times and has no food money. 2 gives them a meal at their restaurant after hours, because leftovers are goodovers. 1 returns sometime later after getting back on their feet. 
  • 1 sits in 2’s place. 2 is not amused. 
  • 1 lives/works nearish 2 and thinks that 2 is pretty cool. So 1 goes over and talks to them. They get to know each other. 
  • One night 1 and 2 are dumped, drunk and sad. They start talking in a bar and get matched tattoos together. They don’t remember each other’s faces- but one day the matching tattoo appears before them. 
  • 1 loans 2 their coat in the rain, telling them to just return it later if they can. Thus begins 2’s epic journey to find 1. 

That good for now?


PS: If you write something to one of these, post it and tag it ‘promptsfromahat’, cause I’d love to read it. 

Honestly i know i follow more paget fans than anybody else, so this could just be from the area of the internet I personally see that’s doing this, but our focus and anger here shouldn’t be ‘paget shouldn’t be bought into this!!!’, it should be addressing the fact that people are being racist as fuck to Adam Rodriguez.

Yeah, I’m pissy people are being pathetic with her, but she can handle it, she’s not the actual victim here. Adam Rodriguez is, he’s being demonised while totally innocent in favour of the white guy who actually committed a crime, and it’s disgusting on a million and one levels, and he’s the one who deserves and should have our open and enthusiastic support right now. 

Let The Water Lead Us Home (Voltron Fic - Keith x Lance)

He’d just wanted a glimpse. It was stupid and childish and selfish, but he’d just wanted one more look out on the ocean, one more peak in the window of his family home, just in case they never made it back to Earth. Just in case he never got another chance.

But this wasn’t the Holo-Deck from Star Trek. And this broken simulator tube wasn’t going to be able to do any of that for him, now was it?

A.K.A - Lance finds himself stuck in a simulation and Keith is determined to get him out.

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Pairing: Keith/Lance - Klance

Words: 12,972

Tags: Psychological Drama, Existential Crisis, Dream vs Reality, Some Inception Level Shit, Basically and inability to tell the difference between real life and a simulation, Lance is homesick, Keith is determined, Blue protects her Paladin bab, Home is something different for everybody

An idea I had after watching Ep. 9, so if you haven’t gotten that far, Massive Spoilers Ahead. You’ve been warned.

Also, it’s probably worth it to note that I headcanon Lance as Cuban (thanks to Veradero Beach) and even though I have my own hispanic heritage to go off of, I don’t know what might be blatantly different between Mexican customs/slang and Cuban. I pulled from personal experiences living in Miami, but if you see anything that is horrendously stereotyped or just wrong wrong wrong, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can change it.

Hope you guys enjoy my first step into the Voltron fandom! I sure as hell enjoyed writing it.

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He knows he’s probably not allowed in here.

After Allura had sacrificed her father’s artificial consciousness for the sake of the castle, and everyone in it, this area had gone unused. Not to say that the Paladins had utilized it much, or at all, before then; it was always meant as an escape for Allura, an opportunity for her to seek advice or relaxation. But Lance had always been curious of it, drawn to the possibility of it. On some level, it reminded him of the Holo-Deck from Star Trek, a room any of them might be able to utilize if given the proper data. A training room or a game room or fantasy room, though that felt wrong somehow. This room held the last memories Allura had of her father; even Lance wasn’t a horn dog enough to jeopardize that.

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t tempted to check it out, though. For other purposes, of course. Probably even more embarrassing purposes, depending on who you asked. God, if Keith ever found out-

After five straight nights of those dreams however, dreams that left his eyes burning and his throat tight, he was finally willing to take that risk.

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Thank you all again. Stay awesome, I love you and your blog and I hope you enjoy mine too. Peace.

I was thinking about it too and all I really want to do this semester is make the work I think needs to exist and like really really make shit I’m proud of I made so much shit I wasn’t invested in last semester just because I was confused and so concerned about being misunderstood and now I realize that the people who don’t want to understand you will actively choose not to no matter what … I just want to live in the studio and treat my body the right way and think for myself and I don’t want to keep asking for opinions so much i don’t want to need people to back me up to feel comfortable doing what I want to I just want to be a more pure and honest version of myself

ok so i just got back from watching sausage party with @blu-bee and it was good! i didn’t really get offended by most of the jokes  but the stereotypes were pretty awful. the part that had me laughing the most was of course the orgy scene. the violence before the orgy was a lil uh,,,,,, much. yes, lots of cussing, innuendos, and just weirdness. some scenes did shock me but i won’t spoil much.

now, let me talk about the villian of this movie. douche. 

I FUCKING HATED DOUCHE. god he was awful and he went around drinking the products, one of them through their crotch and another smashing him open and drinking from the head. and he controls a human BY SHOVING HIMSELF UP HIS ASS AND CONTROLLING THEM BY THEIR BALLS. RATED R RATATOUILLE BASICALLY.

 I. HATE. DOUCHE. steroid-addicted-raping-motherfucker. fuck douche.

one character i loved that i knew i would: firewater. he was joyous and funny. bless him. 

the arguing between sammy and lavash was annoying but eh, it got resolved at the end. if you uh, know what i mean. (disgusting)

ANYWAYS, i wouldn’t see this in theaters again. but, maybe i’ll get the dvd when it comes out. go see the movie if you aren’t easily offended. 


Interviews (OT4 Blurb)

A/N: I got the idea from watching Zoella and Tyler interview One Direction and yes, Tyler in here is played by Tyler Oakley

Masterlist || Ask

Blurb Mondays


“This is actually happening. Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, fuck!” I hyperventilated as I paced the room that someone made Tyler and I wait in.
“You’ll do just fine. Guarantee it…” He paused for a moment, “but if you do end up embarrassing yourself, can I have Calum?”
I glared at Tyler and threw my cards, that had all of my questions on them, at him. “This is no time for jokes, Ty!” Then the realization hit me. “Fuck! I just threw all of my cards at you and now they’re out of order. Shit, this isn’t helping my nervousness and stress right now,” I tell him.
Tyler just laughed at my state of panic. “What if the guys just walked in right now?”
I glared at Tyler as I dropped down onto the floor and began picking up my cards. “Now is not the time for jokes, Tyler.”
There was a moment of silence as I reached for a card that was under his chair.
“I wasn’t joking…” Tyler’s voice slowly murmured.
I looked up at him to see him staring at something that was behind me, so my natural instinct was to turn around - still on my hands and knees picking up my cards.
I was greeted by the sight of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys, whom I was supposed to be interviewing.
I let out a squeal that resembled the sound of a dying animal when I realized that my ass was probably the first thing that they saw when they walked in.
I quickly stood up and brushed off my clothes. “Uh, hi?”
They all gave me warm smiles.
“I believe this is one of your cards,” Calum said as he held out one of the cards to me. “Don’t worry, I didn’t read all of it…” My shoulders sagged in relief. “But to answer the gist of your question, Michael is naked more times than I am.”
I face-palmed as I took the card back from him. “I didn't…I mean…they’re fan submitted questions.” I blushed.
Calum laughed it off. “It’s okay. That wouldn’t be the weirdest question we’ve been asked. That was actually pretty normal.”
I tilted my head to the side. “You consider being asked how many times you’re naked, normal?” I couldn’t help but ask amusedly.
Calum just smirked back at me. “You’d be surprised at the amount of times we’ve been asked, let alone are.”
I could feel my face getting hot at the mention of the boys being naked a lot.
“You might wanna back off on all the naked talk. Y/N might explode from the things her imagination can conjure up,” Tyler spoke up as he stood beside me.
I slapped him with my cards. “Fuck off.”
Tyler only laughed at my embarrassment before turning back to the boys. “So, shall we get this interview started?”

“Now…” Tyler started off once we were all situated comfortably in our chairs. Tyler and I facing the four members. “In an interview you’ve done before, one of which you probably don’t remember, you boys were asked if you were impressed by what you saw when seeing each other naked and Ashton said that he was.”
The boys all let out a laugh at that.
“I remember that!” Michael suddenly yelled.
“Well, we gotta ask…” Tyler continued then looked at me.
I smirked at them. “Are you still impressed?”
I could see Calum choking on his own spit and start coughing while Luke clapped him on the back to help him get his normal breathing back while Ashton and Michael laughed off the question.
“Sorry?” Calum asked once he recovered.
“Ashton, are you still somewhat impressed by what the other members got going on?” I repeated.
“This is so wrong on so many levels,” Luke chuckled.
“Think of the children!” Michael exclaimed while clutching the sides of his head.
Tyler and I busted out laughing. “They wanted to know!”
“So did Y/N…” Tyler added cheekily.
My mouth dropped open and I glared at Tyler. “You’re not supposed to tell them that!” I hit him repeatedly.
“Well, if you planned on marrying one of these boys, I think they have a right to know.” He tells me with a smirk and gives a little flirty wink to the boys.
“You planned on marrying one of us?” Ashton asks in an amusing tone.
I shrugged. I’ve been embarrassed this much, might as well play along now. “I mean, in my head I’ve married each one of you and we have like many kids and stuff…” I pursed my lips. “I sound like an overly obsessive fan, don’t I?”
Tyler only giggled. “Honey, you passed overly obsessive a long time ago.”
“You’re not supposed to agree with me! You’re supposed to tell them that I’m actually very sweet and that they should consider marrying me.”
“I thought that we were already married to you, Y/N?” Ashton asked in a teasing tone.
I hid behind my cards. “You guys are the worse.”
It didn’t help that they all just shrugged, clearly unaffected.
“We’ve been told.”


We got lost in the translation. Or, rather, the transfusion. When blood met blood, they combined to make something contrived and dilute. Shaken together we mixed cocktails and metaphors. In doing so, we forgot the strengths that made us such pillars. Now, we slouch in the shade as wallowing and hollow, wilted stems. Which would be okay if we had blossomed. However, our efforts to pollinate didn’t bring forth any petals, did they? It just made us backpedal fruitlessly. Wide eyed we now look around and cannot figure out what went wrong. We were never right, always left. Left behind, and shit out of luck. We just couldn’t see it until the deed was done. Then, it was too late and we were monochrome disasters with less to show for our efforts than when we started. Hindsight, right? We really messed this one up, hon. Two halves do make a hole, and we’re in a whole lot of trouble now, my fine featureless friend. So, buckle up to the nothingness we’ve created and hold on tight. But, not to me. I am far to faded for that kind of substance.


Appreciation post part 2 💗
So like sorry it’s about to get a lil vegan cheesey, but you have put up with my shit for just a little over 10 months now (counting from the first time we kissed). Eck ew so gross I’m sorry, so cheesey. Anyway that part is over.
I know you haven’t been feeling well and we’ve both been sleeping like shit. I just wanted to take the time to show you how much I appreciate you being in my life and how lucky I am to have you. Also low-key we were talking about which of us has more pictures of each other and it made me think of doing this. I hope you feel better and sleep well soon. I love you 💕✨😘👑✨💕


I’m sure he has a good reason, but it still hurts getting blown off. I’ve done nothing at all today. I had plans, but my friend canceled last night. Then I made plans for tonight, and of course those end up canceled as well. 

Stupid shit gets me upset. I know it hurts. It’s real.

I just really wanted to do something today. Tomorrow I work like all morning. And Sunday I work all afternoon. and then I start classes.

I just want to be social. I need friends. I have friends. But I need to see them, and actually spend time with them.

anonymous asked:

What do you mean tana is obnoxious? I recently started watching her but i dont know anything about her

I watched her back when she had about 17k subs; she’s at 1.4 mil now?? anyway, she used to be really funny, and her stalker story that made her channel blow-up was some legit-shit, but now it’s just like ?? ugh. she’s literally a few months younger than me, and just nasty. like I’m a hoe, but she literally has a video about raving NAKED. like yeah, I’m sure a 17 y/o girl raves naked. ok then.

like leafy calls himself “CLICKBAIT CANCER” but Tana LITERALLY has a video called, “I SMOKED WEED W/ SELENA GOMEZ” and the video is like a q&a about nothing. like goddamn really?? REALLY??? plus in every one of her videos she’s practically screaming at the camera. Like Tana bb…pls.

I just saw the hbo’s ‘looking’ movie and I found it deeply moving. The depiction of this totally ordinary characters is at its best in the final chapter. Maybe they grew up, maybe I did. I’m just putting this online cuz I use to have I friend I could talk about this shit but now he has a boyfriend and also I made out with his flatmate. Way too many feels. The blog without followers. The fear of not being enough. The constante hesitate about doing the best in every moment. The need to move on. The runaways. The inability to stop yourself doing something bad. The dark side of being alone or being with someone you don’t love. The love of your friends. In this chapter, truthfully, I’ve been able to feel and connect with every character. 

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Wow you follow and reblog fyeahbangtaned but you also reblogged that post shading her. Pathetic. Ya'll are freaking rude all the time. Satire doesn't warrant that. What's with the hypocrisy?

I just don’t like reposters and I don’t like hate, I’ve stood up for her before when she got hate but now her army is attacking other people that but sent me a shit ton of screenshots full of posts she has made with 0 credit to the op.
I don’t have a problem with her at all as long as she starts putting credit to the people that spent hours making gifs and videos and translations. Stealing their work is an incredibly shady thing to do and you blindly just attacking anyone that has a problem with it isn’t going to make anything better 😘 -L

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I just ate 5 bags of chips today and I feel like hell.I font why the hell I ate that shit.I'm trying to lose weight and here I go and eat that.I want to vomit it all out.I had made progress in my weight loss journey and now I fell off the wagon.

It’s just one day babe. Move on. You can’t change what already happened, but you can learn from it. Keep your head up :) it won’t make you all of a sudden gain 10 pounds. I promise. You didn’t fall off any wagon

Tell Me About It || Winter & Thomas

Thomas stared at the cocker spaniel puppy soaked from head to toe in toilet water from where he sat on the white leather couch. Every time he got close to the damn dog, it ran away from him. And now, it was just sitting there. Staring at him. Mocking him. Thomas hadn’t even had the chance to name the young thing, but he was seriously considering naming him Fucker at this point. 

The bong was packed with purple haze which had cost him 25 a gram. It wasn’t the most expensive shit he’d ever spent on, but it was good enough to get him seriously fucked up. He’d already made an order for Chinese food, far more food than the two of them would need because he just had to prepare for the munchies in case they struck. 

“Why do you hate me?” he scowled at the puppy as the words came out just as he heard the doorbell ringing. He stood up and the door immediately made a run for it. Sighing, Thomas approached the door and opened it to let Winter in, holding out his arms at his sides, “My child hates me, Wint. I am not cut out for parenthood.”

My only gripe with Metal Gear survive is that Zombie-esque games and media are just so oversaturated right now. But at the same time, it seems kinda neat.

I just sorta wished they made it new IP instead, but I can see why it might be more beneficial to rustle some feathers and attract fans of the series by means of getting everyone all riled up and annoyed enough to try it. And it’s easier to hide behind an established title rather than launch something unique.

But, I dunno, the premise doesn’t seem too out of line for a Metal Gear game anyway. Weird shit happens. Idk. Zombie alien lookin stuff. Why not?

I’m disappointed that Konami is doing stuff to the series without Kojima. I wish they wouldn’t. But who knows? Could be a fun game.

@bryophytae replied to your post “like do yall think im overreacting??? i think i might be but i cant…”

i dont think youre overacting at all

@glowfae replied to your post “like do yall think im overreacting??? i think i might be but i cant…”

not at all, a similar thing happened to me last year and it made me feel like shit. if i was in ur place i would feel the same way

it just makes me feel shitty bc i know half these people making fun of me would prob love it if they had the full context but they dont this person just took one fucking line from it and posted it with no context and now everyones blowing it out of proportion and im just like….what the fuck…………

its just like my worst nightmare bc nothing fucks me up more than ppl saying shit about me when i dont know so now like. theres over 1000 ppl making fun of me and i just found out about it like a couple hours ago and its just fucking me up so bad lmao

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and yeah I know Im over it but why am I sending these? Its cause I never really got to give you a piece of my mind or really get closure even after your breakthrough apology. You made me feel crazy growing up around you in highschool I just dont think you get it dude and then you did the same shit again a few months ago over nothing that concerned you but now I know whats going on. Now im done being a punching bag for you.

ok you’re obviously not over it + you were literally being racist and I made a vague post that wasn’t even specific to you but justify anything you want like I don’t fucking care just leave my ass alone

when he says

“don’t worry, i’m really okay now, damn”

i feel such a sense of relief i can’t help but break into a smile because, shit, he’s one of the ones who made it to the other side and that’s just so important to remember.

“my fans, keep your head up high with pride because who can stop me, uh?”