Can I just say……I love how 95% of the TAZ fandom draws taako with buck teeth and/or just any kind of imperfections?? By society’s standards? Freckles, buck teeth, eye bags, just all these things, because it is 10000% canon that taako is GORGEOUS, and for everyone to automatically portray him having all these traits that are USUALLY considered flaws, but he’s STILL beautiful, just kills me. I love it. Please keep doing it.

Fixing him up after a fight.

Gang!Jimin  « Fluff » 

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A loud knock at the door interrupted your usual reading by the fireplace, making you groan out loud. Who dares disturb you in your time of leisure?
You sluggishly closed the book and made your way to the door.
“This better be important.” You mumbled before turning the knob.
A gasp escaped your lips as your eyes landed on your bloodied up boyfriend. He gave you a cheesy smile before shivering from the cold.
“What the hell, Jimin?!”
The book that once rested in your hands fell to the ground as you pulled your dark haired boyfriend inside, slamming the door shut.
“Explain.” You grumbled with your arms crossed over your chest as Jimin sat on the counter.
“There was this other gang mem-“
“Okay no! I don’t wanna hear it!” You interrupted. He knew you hated when he got into fights. 
                                                                                                 “You told me to explain!”
                                                                                    “Well now I don’t wanna hear it!”
Walking away for medical supplies, you ran a frustrated hand through your hair and let out a sigh.
Jimin sat with his head hung low on the counter as you placed the first aid kit next to him.
You wished you could say you were used to this but you’d be lying. It would hurt you every time. Seeing him in pain and bloodied up made you worry that one day you might lose him…
Dabbing the alcohol covered cotton ball on his forehead wound made him hiss.
“That’s what you get…” You mumbled.
“Babe…” he tried but you remained silent.
Jimin grabbed your wrist gently, forcing you to stop.
“I’m sorry okay? I just get so angry and well… it happens.”
“Can you at least try to control yourself, Jimin? Do you know how much it pains me to see you like this? To have to clean you up every single time?”
It was his turn to stay quiet as you continued tending his wounds.
He suddenly leaned forward and pecked your lips.
“You’re not getting away with it that easy. I hope you realize that.”
“It was worth a shot.” He smirked.
After wrapping his injured knuckles, you cleaned up your area and walked back to the sofa where you were reading without saying a word to him. 
A few minutes of Jimin staring at you from across the room passed before he finally jumped off the counter.
“Cuddle?” He asked, standing in front of you with his head tilted to the side a bit. He looked like a lost puppy making you wonder how he ended up being one of the most dangerous members in his gang… His short temper got him into a lot of trouble but he was a total sweetheart when it came to you. You were his kryptonite.
You stared at him for a couple of seconds before returning to your book and spoke with a monotonous voice.
“Do you deserve cuddles?”
“I’d like to think so.” He nodded frantically, “Yeah.”
You couldn’t help but crack a smile.
“Babe please look at me.”
You ignored his orders and continued reading.
“I said I was sorry… Please…”
Once again he was met with silence.
“I need your attention, baby girl…” Jimin tried again while cupping your face and caressing your cheek with his thumb. “Don’t do this to me.”
You slowly closed your book and looked up at him. Placing your hand over his, you spoke.
“I worry about you, Jimin. Sure, today was a fight but what if some other day it’s worse? What if something happens to you? What if I lose you?”
“I understand why you’re worried about me, darling, but please trust me when I say you won’t ever lose me. Nothing is going to happen to me, understand? I promise.”
“Jimin, don’t make promises you can’t keep.” You said, getting up from your seat and made your way to the kitchen for a glass of water.
Your boyfriend followed closely behind.
“The guys are with me 24/7. If anyone wants to harm me, they’d have to get passed the other six. We’re there for each other… You know that, Y/N…” he explained as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck and placed a chaste kiss.
“That doesn’t make anything better. I care about you guys.”
He quickly jerked his head back to look at you with furrowed brows.
“You care about me more though, right?”
You laughed at your boyfriend’s jealousy as he waited impatiently for an answer.
“Of course I do. You’re making me lose hair by constantly worrying about you.”
Jimin chuckled softly as he pecked your head.
“Can you forgive me?” he asked in a sincere voice.
“Can you promise to try and control yourself and call me as soon as something like this happens again?”
“Yes.” he smirked, “Anything for you, baby girl. Just please love me again… I miss your kisses… and your cuddles… I miss you.”
“You make it seem like I stopped loving you and left to the other side of the world, Jimin. I ignored you for about 5 minutes.” You laughed.
“It felt like forever.” He whined. “I don’t want you to stop loving me.”
“I don’t think I can, babe.” you said, finally facing him.
“Good.” He said before kissing you passionately. “I’m in way too deep, Y/N. There’s no going back.”

Dialogue Prompts: Angst No.2
  1. “Just say you love me… please…”
    “I’m sorry, I can’t…”
  2. “I never loved you.”
  3. “You’re the reason why my whole life as been a lie…”
  4. “I can’t count on you even if my life depended on it and right now it does…”
  5. “Kill Me… I don’t care… It’s better than being stuck with you.”
  6. “Can you just stay? Please…”
    “I think it’ll be better if I go…”
  7. “I-It Wasn’t… I DIDN’T MEAN TO…”
    “You never “mean to” but it just happens… right?”
  8. “You were never mine… I never had that right…”
    “I’m sorry…”
    “Yeah… I am too…”
  9. “You can’t keep coming back and expect me to welcome you with open arms… It doesn’t work like that…”
  10. “What could you possibly want now (G/N)?
  11. “Would you just li–”
    “Why should I?! So you can lie to me again??”
  12. “I l–”
    “Please… Don’t…”
  13. “I need to go… get out of here…”
  14. “In what world did you think that would possibly be okay?!”
  15. “This is what you were after all along… You never loved me… You loved the idea of owning me…”
  16. “What do you want me to do??”
  17. “Why do you keep picking on me?!”
  18. “Why can’t I let you go…”
    “I did… but apparently, it’s not enough…”
On The Run

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Request:   If you’re still taking requests, I would like a Tony Stark x Reader where reader (around same age as Tony) is running away from a bad guy, and even though she believes Tony hates her when he actually loves her, she calls and tells him that she loves him no matter what, not realizing that Tony is already on his way (thanks to JARVIS) and he saves her?

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader

Summary: You’re on the run from hydra and you want to hear your lover say he loves you one last time before you give up.

Words Count: 1,483

Genre: angsty fluff

Notes: I’m sorry this took so long to write! For some reason inspiration for this fic took longer to find than others, but I like how it turned out and I hope you do too!

The sounds of rumbling engines as you awoke in your dingy hotel room were the first thing that alerted you to just how much danger you were in. You had once been an avenger, so it wasn’t hard to grab what you needed from the room and get away from the building before he gunfire started. Being chased by HYDRA was easily one of the most exhausting experiences you had ever been though, and you were in the mission in Budapest with Nat and Clint. You didn’t understand how Bucky lasted so long, you were running for a little over a month and you were already a paranoid mess. You tripped over your feet as you ran down the backstreets, trying to avoid all people as you delve further into the large cityscape of Los Angeles. When you think you had finally shaken the HYDRA agents, you grab your phone and start dialing the familiar number of your former partner.

You and Tony had been made partners since his addition to the Avengers. Like Clint and Natasha, you were originally just a SHIELD agent but you had exceptional technological skill which meant that as soon as Tony became an avenger you two were instantly paired up as the technological geniuses.You had helped make many of his suits as well as saved his ass on many missions by your skill set alone. Spending practically every day together gave you two a special bond, a bond that would eventually turn into a relationship as time went on. You two were the sarcastic badasses that the team relied on, and you two relied on each other. That is, until the fall of SHIELD.

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Dark fairy prompts???

“If you love, just me go. Please.”

“You are light,” the fairy crooned, “in a world long since gone dark. Warmth in coldness.” They caressed their prize - humanity as delicate as a candle easily pinched and snuffed out. “How could I not keep you?” And, if light and warmth came to the Winter Court to wither and die, then flowers had short shelf lives and more could always be found to brighten the fairy’s home for a while. 

Things Fall Apart (The Center Cannot Hold) 1/1

Rating: M

Summary: Learning each other’s strengths is easy. Learning each other’s weaknesses? Infinitely hard. Also, title credit to Yeats 

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

To be fair, most things that ended with Killian and sex tended to be good ideas.

(And led to orgasming until her fucking eyeballs popped.)

They weren’t shy with each other. While Emma may have the emotional maturity of a maple tree, she had never been afraid of her body. After her first fumblings in the back of the bug with Neal, she had gone through the works.

There had been the bartender in Miami with the huge dick and big dissapointment when it turned out he had no idea what to do with it other than insert tab a into tab b.

The mechanic somewhere bumfuck between Portland and Boston who went hard and fast against the wall until she had hissed a warning against leaving marks.

A beautiful brunette with endless curls, doe-eyes, and a mischievous red smile who ate her out until Emma went from suspecting to 100% sure she was a prostitute. She never asked.

There were blondes men and punk women and everything in between until Emma knew to simply flip them on their back, take what she needed, and make a clean getaway before the word ‘breakfast’ could be uttered.

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harmless speculation on zuko’s choices in “the crossroads of destiny”

So. This has mostly been spurned on by @peacockarehot​‘s analysis. They talk a lot about how they believe that the script for “The Crossroads of Destiny” has been altered after the film deal for “The Last Airbender” had been made, and the cancellation of a possible Book 4 (most relevantly for this text: here, here and here). They make a lot of really interesting and sensible points, and I agree with most of them.

This meta, however, is about one I don’t agree with.

Mainly, one of their points was that Zuko was supposed to side with Aang and Katara, be captured and still return to the Fire Nation as crown prince.

I always found that as far too much of a stretch, in no small reason because it makes absolutely no sense for Azula to do that. If Zuko, Iroh in tow, had sided with Aang and Katara, and assuming Aang still got shot, and Katara still managed to make off with Aang’s body, Azula could’ve still pinned any potential failure on Zuko. Especially if he were rotting in jail as a traitor.

In this situation, it makes no sense at all for her to allow him to walk around free. No sense whatsoever. Azula’s not stupid, if Zuko had sided with them, then he had sided with them. Why on earth would she let him roam around free? In the palace? Where he has access to Ozai, to battle plans, to who knows what else that a known traitor really shouldn’t be allowed access to.

Azula wouldn’t allow that.

So, with that in mind, my harmless speculation on how the episode was changed after the selling of the rights is:

Zuko was always going to chose to join Azula in Ba Sing Se. But it was supposed to be a false choice.

(and the fact that it wasn’t lies entirely in Michael DiMartino’s direction)

How, and why I think this makes far more sense, under the cut.

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Zodiac + Crushes

Aries: Oh my god, how can one person be so hot??? I would rock their world.

Taurus: *sweats nervously* Okay I need some liquid courage *chugs whole bottle*

Gemini: I’m just going to go talk to that gorgeous creature over there

Cancer: Can they just read my mind, so I don’t have to keep staring at them???

Leo: Hot damn, guess there is a god cause he made an angel. *stares at them like anime character in love*

Virgo: *sighs* Why must I feel attraction to others??? It takes a toll on my mental stability.


Scorpio: That’s marriage material right there.

Sagittarius: *bashes eyelashes* I’m gonna go see what their favorite band is and see if their worth my time

Capricorn: Oh god they looked at me *sweats, blushes 10 shades red*

Aquarius: La la oh look guess that means I’ll get major emotions over someone Time to get wired hell yeah


         GO HOME, child.      you have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.   you have a noble father who must surely LOVE you.      consider his grief if you should never return.      perhaps they will bring your SWORD AND SHIELD to him, after you have fallen.      perhaps he will even hang them in his hall and look on them with pride…      but if you were to ask him, i know he would tell you that he would sooner have a LIVING DAUGHTER than a shattered shield.

Not Meant To Be pt. 2

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Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word count: 2.1k



“If only we had a second chance.” You mumbled quietly, knowing you’d never have that chance anymore. The sparkle in his eyes when he looked at her, the care in his voice, and the way he held her like she was so fragile, and how he grinned at her, was something you didn’t and would never receive in the time to come.

It also reminded you that he wasn’t yours anymore, and the two of you just weren’t meant to be.

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So I’m in the process of planning a modern save story thing and while I make a lot of sims myself, I’d love it if you could make some sims for me to use as well! This project is a LONG way off, hoping to start it sometime by the end of the year.  I’m going to try exploring different things with this and some things might be a little darker, but I want to give it a try.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Any family given to me must have at least on sim child or teen.  They are the stars of this project. 
  • Let me know which world you picture them living in. (except magnolia promenade and granite falls)
  • Feel free to write up a little bio for the kids or the family in general.
  • CC is welcome, but please only mm hairstyles.  (I love alpha, it just doesn’t love me)
  • Human’s only please.
  • And lastly, I just ask that I be allowed to edit any sims so that they fit my game style.  (ie.  I kinda use mostly large eyes on my sims, so being able to adjust eye size or something simple like that)

I’m making this announcement really early I know, but I want time to be able to decorate their houses to fit their styles but to also make some specific recolors for them, including family photos.

I’m not expecting any families right away, but I will probably reblog this twice a week(timezone reblogs) until I announce that I’m not longer taking anymore. You can send me families as tray files or add them to the gallery with #edensstar,  but please message me on here so I know to take a look if you post to the gallery. 

:)  Happy sim making!