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will we see more of your russian AU in the future? also, i told you before i didn't have a Tumblr but now that i do, i'm going to like everything i can find on your blog: i love your art that much!

Thank you, cutie q w q!! Welcome to tumblr! ❤️ and O M G YEEES!! That’s my favorite AU actually x’D (I just don’t upload some drawings cuz they “too Russian” and nobody will understand our sense of humor, I guess x"D) And kids even have Russian names which are similar to the original ones :D (I can talk about it all day!!!!💦)

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Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship

Buckle up for some Kellian Beckmann

  • To clear her mind after a particularly difficult techno build, she grabs Kevin for a sandwich break. They walk down the block to a decent sandwich shoppe that they both really enjoy and they talk about the day. Kevin fills her in about Mike Hat and Holtzmann asks the receptionist’s opinion on adopting a hawk for the sole purpose to name it Stephen Hawk-ing. He thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Later, when Erin says not only can she NOT adopt a hawk, but it wouldn’t be sensible to have one, Kevin backs her up. Kevin now doodles adventures of Mike Hat and Stephen Hawk-ing on his note pad and leaves them for Holtzmann at the end of the day. 
  • Without telling the other girls, Holtzmann takes Kevin to the other side of town to test out new ghost gear because he’s so fearless and willing to try. To her surprise, Kevin is actually a decent aim even with the new accurate beam. And he’s got a good arm when it comes to the ghost grenades. Holtzmann introduced him to a new prototype she had been working on; a portable ghost teleport. You throw it at the ghost and it teleports it to a ghost trap back at the HQ. It back fires and a flying piece of metal cut Holtzmann’s forehead. Kevin kisses it better because that’s what you do to boo-boos. You don’t need band-aids. It was then when Holtzmann learned that he has such a gentle and well-mannered soul. 
  • Kevin is quite a bit bigger than Holtzmann. In height and in stature. She tries to sneak up behind him and koala’s his back. He always yells: “Help, I have a Holtz on my back!” And they run through the lab quite dramatically. Abby thinks it’s hilarious. Patty rolls her eyes, but smiles. Erin wants them to stop immediately before any of her favorite blondes get hurt. 
  • Holtzmann has nightmares about what happened when Rowan possessed Abby and threw her out the window. It causes her restless sleep and quite a few sweaty startles. She can’t talk to Abby about it because she doesn’t want her friend to feel any more guilty than she already is, but she talks to Kevin about it. He’s always there for her and sometimes he’ll even come over at 3AM with ice cream if the dream is particularly nasty. He’s able to talk her through it because he’s the only one that really understands what she’s going through (Other than Abby). He talks about what it was like to have Rowan inside his mind– really talks about it. He doesn’t brush it off and make some dumb comment like he does with the other girls. Holtzmann and Keven have a trust built between them.

((I see… so much sadness and hurt on my dashboard today. People hating on others, bloggers just having shitty days or terrible situations. Some even contemplating drastic measures because they just can’t feel the love.

I want to change that, but I’m just one man. So this is a cry for help.

You all know of anon hate. Well, please take a few minutes out of your life to send some anon LOVE. I will be using all 10 of my asks as you read this to send aome anonynous love to my friends and blogs in following. Won’t you join me?

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I’ve been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now
‘Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth 


HONESTLY the new laughing reaper emote just further convinces me that Gabriel is 100% not a serious person and absolutely loves theatrics, and doesn’t really ever expect people to take him seriously whatsoever.

He seems like the kind of person that would pull a prank on someone at the base, and when faced with an angry “WHY?” his only reaction would be to run away with that overly dramatic laugh inbetween fits of unmanly giggling.


Hi I’m Ashley and I’m Super Pan™

(Also my nose is bleeding irl rn so here’s old pics)

That one scene from chapter 6 of The Big Three Alliance(¬ ‿ ¬) 

Jason hovered both his hands near Nico’s cheeks. “May I?”

Nico had no idea what the hands were for, but he nodded anyway.

Jason cupped his cheeks and began to gently wipe Nico’s tears using his thumbs. It surprised Nico, he definitely wasn’t expecting that. Jason’s hands were cold and it made him shudder when their skin made contact. But it was a good kind of cold and Nico decided he liked it. 

You have to understand how beautiful my draft for this piece was. Nikthan and I decided to draw the same scene! So here’s his version

I don’t know if it was done already but how about



It is Keith birthday and Lance had this brilliant (in his opinion) idea to take his friend (they aren’t together) to the strip club as a gift. At first Keith is annoyed with the idea but in the end they have quite a good time. Pidge and Hunk are with them (it is a birthday party after all), they are drinking and laughing and it is really nice.
And finally the biggest star of the club comes on stage and the crowd goes wild cause DAMN SHIRO IS HOT AS HELL. He dances on the stage and his and Keith’s eyes meet and  a moment later Shiro is going to their table and he’s giving Keith the hottest lap dance in history and they are looking into each other eyes and Lance is sitting next to them staring at them drooling a little XD and suddenly Shiro is kissing Keith and Lance is like “damn i might be a little gay” and hearing this Shiro looks at Lance and leans in and kisses him too and Lance is like paralysed he can’t move so Shiro chuckles and takes Lance by his chin and makes him kiss Keith. And after they break the kiss Lance says with the most dreamy voice “ok i am totally gay”. And a moment later Shiro goes back to the stage and Keith and Lance are sitting there not able to move.

And when Shiro finished his performance and boys calmed down (it took them a lot of time)  suddenly the waiter came to their table and left two fancy drinks for Lance and Keith and they were like “hey but we didn’t order  this” and the waiter said that it is from the guy sitting at the bar so they looked in that direction and there was Shiro in black button up shirt with rolled up sleeves and black skinny jeans looking at them while sipping his own drink.
Lance was like “omgomgomg what should we do” and Keith kinda forgot how to breath (especially after Shiro winked at them).
When Pidge saw these two idiots like this they were “ok i am done with your gay shit. I have some computers to hack. Hunk you have to help me, let’s go”. And they left and only a moment later Shiro was sitting at their table with Keith and Lance and it didn’t take much time till they left the club cause Shiro lives not so far away and also Shiro has really nice king sized bed.


a numbers-based critique of racism in the omgcp fandom 💪

(alternate title – holster, dex, and a whole lot of white boys)

i’ve been thinking about racism in the omgcp fandom for a while, or, more specifically, how (mostly unconscious) racism affects fandom’s interactions with characters and ships. two of the most popular non-canon ships are holsom and nurseydex, each of which pairs a white character with a character of color (black in ransom’s case, less certain in nursey’s case). there are a lot of ways to examine how implicit racism affects the way we treat canon, but the issue i have been noticing and want to focus on here is how the race of a character relates to shipping. thus, i used the POWER OF MATH to make the issue a little more specific and a lot more objective. 

i’ll share my data (lmao) and analyze it under the readmore, but the tl;dr is that the omgcp fandom has a measurable pattern of only breaking up holsom and nurseydex in order to ship holster with white characters or to ship dex with white characters. and while i’m not suggesting that any individual is a Bad Person for shipping, for example, holster/bitty or dex/kent, what i AM saying is the overall pattern is based in racism and shouldn’t be ignored.

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