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6 ;)

Five facts about your best friend. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

i tried to write just 5 facts about just 1 person but i got ahead of myself. here are 9 facts about people who make my days brighter. 

  1. my friend kayla has no sense of smell (5 years of friendship an i still often ask her to smell things). she’s just fallen for one direction and it’s cute.
  2. my friend david makes AMAZING quesadillas (i talk about them so much that when i say “my friend david” people usually say “the quesadilla guy). david is my wild child friend with a heart of gold who will keep me young forever.
  3. my friend emma and i went to the same high school and took the same bus and were in a class together but we never really talked. then we started working together and now we could fill a novel with inside jokes
  4. my friend julia is a dedicated to the PNW and a true inspiration and has the most wondeful dog xena. mouthlikeawolf
  5. my friend di is a full on galaxy and really loves broccoli (same tbh). together we make narry and we fit! nawbabe
  6. my friend syar took the same train as me in switzerland but a few years apart. she also lights up rooms with her smile. theroadverytravelled
  7. my friends jenn and jamie (who i include together not because i don’t love them as individuals but in my head they exist as a pnw sitcom duo and i don’t like to break that up) are even better in real life and have great taste in brunch. also i will visit them. drownedindeniall feelingshulk
  8. my friend chris always has the coolest hair and such a great accent and has been to school in more than one country. johnnykaratevevo 
  9. my friend tina is my past, my present, my future. my sun and my moon. my favourite beach and a total peach and she  has a cat called benji.

ok guys but fr, today is 3 years of fifth harmony. i would’ve never guessed that five girls would have such an impact on me, 3 years ago…. normally i don’t even like bands for some reason, fifth harmony is the first band ive ever really liked. and man do i love them. they’ve pulled me out of so many dark places, shitty moments, and bad moods. i just get SO happy and so excited for them, when i see all the things that they’re doing. they deserve to get as big as 1D or something bc they’re honestly the most genuine, sweet celebrities ive ever seen in my life. i love these girls so much. sometimes it feels weird idolizing girls that are my age/around my age & also just loving 5 celebrity girls this much, but it’s hard not too. they’re my idols and i really fucking love them.


Lillian Gish and Joseph Schildkraut in Orphans of the Storm 

:V fuck ‘love (as in romance) is the most valuable thing in the world’. Love comes in so many forms and you don’t get to decide which one is the best for me.

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I'm wondering if you or any other black woman has experienced seeing a black man in public with most often a white girlfriend and he will look at me as if I'm going to curse at him and his girlfriend and ask why they're together. It's like he will give me a look like "is this annoying you?" This probably sounds like I'm extremely paranoid, but l am in full support of interracial relationships based on love, I've just noticed this too much recently

Yes. They expect a reaction. When you don’t give them one, they go out of their way being extra. They want black women to feel inferior and sad, it boosts their egos.

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Sam's Town Brandon was my favorite Brandon, he looked to cute and dorky with his hair and mustache

Oh my god FOR REAL THOUGH. Step into my office. Sam’s Town Brandon is bae. I just love him so much and the moustache is my favourite thing about him. But it’s even better when he has a little bit of scruff as well like I want to be all up in that x100. And his hairrrr how it’s quite short and it tapers into a Dracula point in the front-middle hahaha it’s just TOO CUTE. And then the way he danced on stage during that era it was just more awkward than ever but so adorable. And also the way his hands shake in the music video for Read My Mind omg. And the gold suit from Glasto 07. 11/10 all the way. And pls, the glasses and the raybans??!! Y E S. Also: booty on fleek. I just love Sam’s Town Brandon too much anybody who knows me in the slightest will tell u this I am all for that moustachioed dorkfest of a man.

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Why do you love sharks so much? I do too I'm just curious

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i think theyre deeply misunderstood
also theyre really beautiful creatures and everyone is scared of them cause they could destroy u and i aspire to be that way as well


sunshine bear

I have the headcanon that if Dean stumbled across the Mirror of Erised, he wouldn’t see his reflection or any kind of perfect life for himself.

Sam would be there, yes, and Cas, both of them looking happy and content. But there would be an empty space where Dean should be.

Because even in Dean’s ‘dream life’ provided by the djinn, he was an alcoholic and him and Sam hardly spoke because he was no good. Dean wants the people he loves to be happy. But he also is determined to believe that they would be happiest if he wasn’t there. So his deepest desire is that Sam and Cas could be happy, without him being around to screw things up by being the other vessel that kicks off the Apocalypse or by persuading Cas to leave Heaven.

“Did you know?” 

“No, I… I didn’t know. I hoped. I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly.” 

Finally got around to drawing some fanart for bigspoonnoya’s ridiculously sweet and adorable You’ve Got Mail AU, butterfly in the subway. It’s really, really cute, and I adore it way too much!