The fox had been asleep at his computer for a while. The lab door was wide open, and the robots were inactive. However, upon hearing a wrench drop onto the stone floor, he shoots up. Rubbing his eyes, he stands and stretches.

“Damn it, I gotta quit falling asleep at the computer…” he mutters, spinning his tails a few times to get them active. Just then, he noticed someone in the lab. “…Look, I know the door’s open, but I don’t recall letting anyone in…” 

"Amazing" Lyrics and Meaning: Foxes Is a Sucker For Love in New Dance Song

British singer Foxes’ new bubbly, dance-pop song “Amazing,” the third single released off her new album All I Need, is all about about wearing your heart on your sleeve and being a sucker for love. Despite its tumultuous meaning, it’ll make you want to have an impromptu solo dance party, hairbrush in hand, in your bedroom.

“‘When I look at you, the drums all start beating,’ Foxes sings on 'Amazing,’ just before she loses control of her wild heart and a swirl of strings, background voices and handclaps carry her skyward,” Rolling Stone’s Joe Levy wrote of the bright dance track off Foxes’ second EP, adding that the song is a strong reflection of the album’s “unabashedly hungry and hurt songs designed for the dance floor and radio.”

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“See, I got a wild heart and I can’t control it It keeps on letting me down,” Foxes sings in the bridge over heavy drums that sound like a racing heart. She co-wrote the heart-on-sleeve song with songwriter James Newman

The full lyrics for “Amazing” are available on Genius. The full album is available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes for $9.99.

Foxes, 26, wrote “Body Talk,” the new album’s first single, while going through a rough time, she told Independent in a January interview. Rather than writing a song about sulking and eating a tub of ice cream to express herself, she wrote about sex. 

“I was a wreck and I wanted to cry and drink alcohol,” she said. “I was really distraught and some friends put me on a train to Wales to do this writing session with the songwriter and producer Jim Eliot and Jim could see I was a bit of a mess. I said to him I can’t even speak I feel like if I do I might start to cry, so I just need to let my body talk and so for the next 10 minutes I sat writing this song that made light of the situation because that was the song I needed at the time.”

Bohemian Bridal Inspiration: Free People's Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses
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Bohemian brides, your dream wedding dresses have arrived! Free People’s latest wedding dress collection is nothing short of dreamy. From light, floaty and tiered gowns to separates sets perfect for the urban free spirit, Free People has nailed the modern hippie bride look, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re still searching for THE ONE (we mean dress, you’ve already got the fianceé!), look no further.

The latest collection for Free People’s bridal line, FP Ever After, is here, and modern brides, you’re in luck. The brand has collaborated with two of our favorites, New York’s Gwen Jones and L.A.-based Stone Cold Fox, to create a bold collection full of 7 dreamy styles that are just waiting to be walked down the aisle.

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Photo: Courtesy of Free People

We know that separates are a trend in bridal this year, but we didn’t know they could come in such gloriously bohemian form. FP Ever After’s Callie, Kari and Moroccan sets, make rocking a crop top to your wedding completely approachable. The quarter-length sleeved Linea set is perfect for an urban bride (the high-low hem is very Whitney Port), while the tiered Claudia set basically belongs at an island destination wedding and the crocheted lace Moroccan set would be right at home at a farm wedding complete with DIY details.

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If angelic and modern is more your speed, the three gown offerings (Linea, Claudia and Mariana) scream understated sophistication, with a bohemian twist. From simple elegance to just a hint of lace detailing, these gowns are destined to be part of a city celebration (Brooklyn warehouse wedding anyone?).

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Photo: Courtesy of Free People

And don’t even get us started on the gorgeous back detailing on the lace Rumania Romper. Who says brides don’t get to be stylish, comfortable and have a lot of sartorial fun?

Oh, and did we mention the dreamy price point too? This collection’s wedding gowns are priced from $975 to $1800. Brides, get thee to Free People, and fast.

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Liquid lipsticks: Nyx liquid suede edition
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Earlier I reblogged a post about the Stone Fox Liquid Suede from @LipstickDreams which brought to my attention that I haven’t posted about them O_O how dare I? These bad boys launched around September of 2015 and when I heard about them I just had to have them ( I own most of them except the purple and orange shades) They dry Matte! but not in the crusty way The Nyx liquid suede cream lipsticks…

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