Miss Rosie Diva Pants today! Sorry that I haven’t been very active recently, I have been super busy with boring things such as exams and school. However, Roo has been an absolute bomb this week! 4th in dressage on Sunday, 1 point off joint 2nd and 3 points off first, so very pleased with her! My mum rode her on Wednesday, she hasn’t ridden in 3 years and was not an experienced or confident rider before! Rosie was brilliant and behaved like a perfect schoolmistress, my mum even had a little canter! Right afterwards, I got on her and had a blast round XC at home, she jumped everything like a pro! We have an ODE on the 22nd, so hopefully we will do well there! Not had much chance for photos either. We SJ'ed up to 1m/1.05m, which is a big thing for her, because she often panics over bigger fences due to being taught to jump badly. She is feeling so fantastic at the moment! Ok, enough of me talking, just look at my sexy beast!