The funny thing is when I was at the Grammy’s , people were actually texting me and sending me photos of the TV, because when they were on the wide shot , way back in the room and I’m in the front row you could see my hair. “

- Josh about his yellow goodDYEyoung hair on the Grammy’s


- May, what the hell are you doing here? I didn’t request a specialist.
- I go where I’m assigned.

The Adventures of Coulson & May: Some Time Ago 

I took the liberty of cleaning up the sample pics for the [new merch]! 

It’s not great, but it will do until we have proper high res versions. 

Just look at these cuties! ;A; I thought it was supposed to be Haru’s birthday, but we got gifts instead?! 

The Adrien Diaries...

4 Mar 2017

I did it. 

I made it through the rest of the week without anything happening! And on top of that, I found out that Marinette likes anime!

And it get’s better! She actually invited me over to watch some today, and we discovered we both have a passion for Sailor Moon!

Like, that’s even WHY she wears pigtails!
So adorable!

I didn’t know, but they started rebooting the series, so we watched some of the new first season, and Mari showed me all of her official merch!! She has action figures and an original art book, even a functioning locket with lights and sounds!

She said the only thing she really wishes she had was one of the Sailor Moon wands, but they were always too expensive…

…so when I got home I Googled Sailor Moon Wands and found this really pretty glass one that looks just like Chibi-Usa’s Cutie Moon Rod!!! Right on Amazon! 

I went ahead and ordered it, and it should be in within the next two days!!!  (I’m pasting a print-out of the page here for comparison when it arrives).

I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to see her expression when she opens it!

…maybe I should order one for myself too? I thought I saw one that kinda looked like Tukedo-Kamen’s rose…

-Adrien Finally-Got-It-Right Agreste