Ichigo depending on Orihime and her repelling that monumental attack is the best part of this week’s installment. She sure has come a long way. She looked determined and so endearing as well while sending her shield. :) 
Like many others I had no idea he was just warming up for “White” and simply thought he was being foolish. He had to ignore her because it’s not like he can reveal this plan in front of an enemy….. one who can even see the future. And when she caught him, she could understand what his plan was from his look; That he had something up his sleeve. She also acknowledged how he stopped just for her. There wasn’t a confession and there certainly won’t be one in the midst of battle. Pretty sure Yhwach isn’t gonna be like- Fuck this fighting, let’s ring the wedding bells. 
That new Hollow form is the strongest there is, and I can tell this IchiOri tagteam alone will be against Yhwach for a long time before any backup comes.

BTW can anyone do a good coloring of all Orihime panels from this chapter? It needs to be done!

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“Does this look silly?” (violentexecutioner)

“You always look silly.” Maria said with a teasing tone. She moved towards him and wrapped her arms around him and kissed Frank gently. “You look just as handsome either way” She laughed softly.



Of course. Of course he got screwed over. Just passing through town, looking out for some agent or another and he is suddenly pinned down. Not just pinned down. Pinned down by a woman that he wished he could say wasn’t catching his eye in the least bit. And fuck. She was a spider. Like literally. A spider. With no heart and eyes that said all hunger. Yes, McCree was in fact cocky enough to say a look of hunger toward him was lust, but in this case he was seriously considering what he remembered about spiders and their mating rituals.

Were spiders the ones that ate the guy after they rolled around in the hay? Or were they the ones that ate him while they rolled around in the hay? Man, why were bugs so fucked up.

“Okay, darlin’, can we just talk this one out?”


Ok here’s what they’ve said so far…it’s alternating between Dax and the other worker, Nicole, and when you see quotation marks it means they’re quoting a fan’s comment:


listen i get the whole privacy thing but when you’re in public on the beach staring at the cameras…..everyone knows when they go down to the beach in mexico everyone gets photographed….literally every celebrity that’s down in mexico…gets photographed.

…there’s a lot to look at. you see the top going off. you see them look at the camera. then you see them just sitting there.

…i don’t think there’s any way they did not see the camera she would have covered up quickly. and she didn’t….it’s for one for him to tweet about privacy…

…i think there’s a game that needs to be played with celebs and paps. paps need celebs. and celebs need paps.

…i think with anyone you want to stay relevant, you want to stay in the media, and paps provide that for people.

…you put yourself in the position to be seen and you can’t complain about that.

…do you remember when paris and nicole were on top of the world. i found it really funny. she went on tyra banks’ show and she sat there and complained about paps following her around and trailing her…what people didn’t know is that she used to take her car…and drive down by where paps were…a lot of celebs will play the poor me role even though they ask for it or want it.

…“uh he isn’t that famous outside the fandom” uh of course he is he’s part of the biggest boyband in teh world…he’s not on the D list at all! what are you talking about…one direction is the biggest band in the world right now.

…i did not say they called the paps do not get me wrong i also said they know the paps are there you see them looking directly there.

…“"simon takes louis to do all these pr stunts to ruin his image because 1d are leaving him”“…

…can we point out one other thing. she is in mexico with her bf who is crazy famous who is crazy rich who brought out the booze…why is she so miserable?

…he doesn’t look super happy either but she looks so sad she looks like she’s about to cry.

…[talking about how it could be resting bitch face but how she looks more mad and sad than anything else so probably not]

…you don’t need to look ecstatic but she looks really sad.

They moved on to Bieber for now.

Ok no but just imagine 6th year, and Draco and Hermione don’t really know that they like each other, but Hermione notices how haggard Draco looks week after week and she tries to make Harry believe not to believe the worst of him, and Draco sitting in the Great Hall and just catching sight of Hermione on the Gryffindor table and making eye contact with her and finding himself unable to look away even after she does, and Potions where he’s constantly pushing himself to perform better than her and both of them passing each other in the corridor and Draco catching a whiff of her floral perfume and the way the library smelt, for god’s sake (how much time did she spend in the library?!) and Hermione smelling his musky perfume which somehow manages to stay in her senses for DAYS and one day in Potions class Ron manages to knock the cauldron containing Amortentia over and Hermione gets hit by the musky hit so hard its a visceral memory and Draco smelling the floral scent and the way old books smell and they’re both at different ends of the room and their eyes meet and both of them are just like O H S H I T 

Acotar+Acomaf people fashion AU

Feyre: kinda artsy and very particular clothing, comfy yet feminine, always has paint splattered somewhere on her person, ties her hair with pencil and brushes. She has like 3 different salopette(dungarees in english?) and she loves them all, they are so splattered with paint that they became a work of art in their own right. Doesn’t use make up all that much and when she does its always very natural.

Rhysand: elegance, thy name is Rhysand. This dude could look like he came out of a red carpet wearing a bag. Always wears dark and cold colours with the excuse that they bring out his eyes but really never got out of the teen goth fase.Skinny jeans, doc martens that always look like he just bought them and a shirt that fits him in ways that make people walk into poles on the street. Paint smudges that he wears like a gold medal , prove that his girlfriend can’t keep  her hands off of him, and who would blame her.

Elain: pin up goddes from heaven. She looks like she just came out from the fifties and her eyeliner game is something to be in awe of. High waisted jeans and flowery dresses, goes from flat shoes to high heels in the blink of an eye.Rosy cheeks and pink lipstick cupcake.

Lucien: gosh this dude owns every pair of converse ever made. Skinny jeans were basically made form him. He is an hoarder of shirt with stuff like “I’m with stupid” or “Gingers do it better”, he takes great pride in them, basically owns a sarcastic shirt for every occasion(like his own sarcasm wasn’t enough). His favourite is the one with “If lost return to Elain”.

Mor: take all the girls at Coachella and they won’t have a nail of the style this girls has. Dresses like its always summer, owns the kind of wardrobe every girls wants. She looks so dreamy and owns it with a grace that is life goals. Has the super power to find fantastic stuff at H&M.

Azriel: oversized stuff for the win. Is it baggy and several sizes too big? Than you can bet your ass its his.Charartt enthusiast, wears only black, blue and grey. The only coloured stuff he owns are gifts from Mor, he wears them rarely and he is the only one who can wash an take care of them because if somebody ruins them that somebody might lose both hands.

Cassian: bad boy attire. Skinny ripped jeans, leather jacket and shirts without sleeves, hoodies(and chewer of the string) and doc martens that went through too much. Band shirts collector, will judge you on your band tshirt because his are better than yours(started listening to punk instead of only metal for reasons he will not discuss). Red and black are the colours that dominate his wardrobe.

Nesta: punk queen extraordinaire. Will letarally walk on your face with New Rocks at her feet and make it look like she’s barefoot. Half shaved head, black makeup that make her eyes stand out and basically look like she’s judging your very soul.Owns the most beautiful red coat in the history of man. Riot grrl pins and political statement shirts.

Amren: all black everything, “will be wearing black until they invent a darker colour” type, gets very pissed off when people think she’s wearing the same things because really?That shirt is a very different shade of black you fucknugget. She is so elegant and wears stuff that most people will look like shit or ridicolous with and she pulls it off like a Queen. Don’t touch her jewellery if you want to see the light of day again.

Tamlin: Fedora.

Just a farm boy ||closed

@rp-ace He looked over the farm as he parked his truck. Hopping out of the car and shutting the door as he made his way up to the house. A woman with blond hair and bright eyes came out to greet him with a big grin on her face. “You must be James!” She grinned as she introduced herself. “I’m Sarah” she smiled softly. “It’s nice to meet you too… But please call me Bucky” he smiled before looking up a bit to see a man his age come out. “That’s my son, Steve” she said gesturing him to come over. “Steve honey, come introduce yourself”

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The Little Things (1/1)

Summary: In which Emma ~appreciates all the little things that make her wild about Killian Jones. Blowjob smut ahoy.

Rating: M, probably? Yeah.

A/N: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  lalala don’t mind me just dropping this first-and-only smut fic on the table like a goddamned severed head. Hope you guys like. (idkwhatimdoing.gif.)

It’s the little things.

He said those very words to her, once––murmured them, rather, his breath tickling the shell of her ear and his lips, still wet with rum, just dancing across that spot on her neck. They’d been sharing a bottle in a quiet little corner of the Rabbit Hole, and honestly, she couldn’t even remember the twists and turns of conversation that brought them to that moment (something about the way she’d let her fingers slide purposefully along the think curve of his hook, maybe, or a certain look she had unknowingly flashed him—a look which, he’d said, betrayed the most sinful of thoughts), and did it really matter? All she could think about, tucked away in that corner with him, was the tips of his fingers tapping along her leg, the scratch of his beard on her jaw, and the way even the mere whisper of his touch was enough to set her entire body aflame. 

It’s the little things, Swan, that drive a man wild.

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Did you just...?

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“Hello дорогой*” Bucky smiled seeing (y/n) coming into the kitchen, still in her pajama and rubbing one of her eyes.

“Hmm?” She looked up and smiled, waving at him. “Hi there Bucky.”

“Ты выглядишь прекрасно*” She looked at him the same way as she always do when he was speaking Russian to her. He only smiled innocently.

“Yeah, whatever Buck. Do we have coffee? I can smell it, but I don’t see any.” He raised his cup full of the drink. She only groaned, coming further into the kitchen, ready to make herself the said drink. He looked at her with smile on his lips, seeing her standing on her toes to reach can with coffee, which he purposely put on the top shelve, only for her to try to reach it and give up, so she would ask him for help. She huffed with frown on her face and looked in his direction. He was pretending to read newspaper, like if he wasn’t observing her.

“Steve, a little help here?” He looked up in shock seeing his best friend coming into the kitchen and with smile on his face getting can for her. “Thank you Steve! I don’t know who is always putting it there.” Steve looked over his shoulder at Bucky, who hided behind his paper, his checks burning.

“I have no idea. Want some scrambled eggs and bacon?”

“Please.” She smiled at him, kissing his check. When Steve went to fridge to search for ingredients for their breakfast (y/n) put kettle on, making coffee for both of them. “Buck, can you give me sugar?” He looked at her instantly, getting up and giving her full sugar bowl. “Thank you.”

“без проблем малышка.*” She looked at him with raised brow before turning without another word, preparing drinks.


“You will have to finally tell her, you know?” Bucky blocked Steve’s punch, kicking him.

“What are you talking about?” He huffed when Steve throw him over his shoulder, straight to the ground.

“(y/n). You can’t keep putting coffee on the top shelve and speaking to her in Russian. She will finally find her someone, and you will get hurt.” He kicked Steve in the ankle, sending him to the ground too.

“I think it’s my business.”

“Well, you think wrong. Just ask her out. It will not kill you, you know? What happened with James Buchanan Barnes I knew? The one who was dating every pretty girl who catch his eye?”

“H.Y.D.R.A. got him.” Steve just rolled his eyes.

“Just ask her out Buck.” Blonde patted him on the shoulder and stood up, ready to leave the gym. “It’s better to try and get burned, than never trying and feel guilty because of this.” With that he left Winter Solider, sitting on the ground with racing thoughts.


“кукла.*” Bucky greeted (y/n) when she walked into the living room. All Avengers were already here, ready for their movie night. Natasha looked at him with raised eyebrows. Then she smiled deviously, pushing him off the couch, patting his spot for newly arrived (h/c) haired Avenger. Bucky looked at redhead as if he wanted to tear her head off. “отвали* Romanoff.” Female assassin showed him her middle finger, not paying him any further attention. He rolled his eyes and looked at screen. A nightmare on Elm Street playing.


He stood on the balcony next to (y/n), smiling at how stunning she looked in her baggy T-shirt and jeans, with her hair around her face.

They went out to the balcony after first movie. She for smoke, and him to ‘breath’ while watching her.

“я люблю тебя так сильно*”

“я тоже тебя люблю ты придурок*” He chocked on his own breath, hearing her words. She was looking ahead, with cigarette between her lips.

“What… did you just…?”

“я тоже тебя люблю.” She said again, looking at him with smile on her lips.

“You know Russian?” She rolled her eyes at his question.

“My mother was Russian. Of course I know it.”

“So all this time…?” He blushed madly.

“да*” She smiled, throwing her cigarette end out of the balcony and coming inside. “Next time ask me out instead of calling me pet names.” He stood there, still stunned by what he just learned. His blush only darkened when he heard Natasha laughing.


Дорогой (dorogoy) darling

Ты выглядишь прекрасно (Ty vyglyadish’ prekrasno) – you look beautiful

без проблем малышка (bez problem malyshka) – no problem baby girl

кукла (kukla) – doll

отвали (otvali) – fuck off

я люблю тебя так сильно (ya lyublyu tebya tak sil'no) - I love you so much

я тоже тебя люблю ты придурок (ya tozhe tebya lyublyu ty pridurok) – I love you too you moron

да (da) – yes

дерьмо! (der'mo!) - shit!

I was thinking of something and of course now I have to write it down so here I go…

I was thinking of this… of the way he looks at her right when he asks her that question..

The soft way the question is asked, without a demand for answer.  That look that tells her  ‘you can tell me anything..  but only if you want to..“

That is a very important thing guys. He won’t force her to answer it because that is not how it works with them.

The look on her face says she wants to just be able to tell him everything but she can’t right now. She can’t let herself feel it yet.

And she will if she stays around him too long. He has that effect, that ability to bring the honesty and emotion out of her she’s so damn desperate to keep in.

It’s why she has to walk away..

gifs by @hypernovadust

And it why he has to let her. Because she’s not ready to do that yet.

MMB said once that another thing she loves about them is 'the space they give each other'  and it’s another element of their relationship that I love. Because if there was 2 people that need that kind of space its these two.

Two who have throughout their lives been strong-armed, suppressed and forced to bend to others wills, having someone that gives that space is important.  The room to breathe, room to move, the room to make their own mistakes and learn from them , is very important indeed.

To let someone talk, to really open up, and receive comfort but only when they are ready for it. And to know when that time is right, is a very important aspect for their relationship.

In 'Them’ when Carol goes to Daryl to talk to him, she feels him out first before doling out the comfort, and doesn’t push too hard either.

Some gentle touches and words first..

And then she can move to comfort him (and oh that hair thing gaaaaah)

Because its clearly alright with him. A clear understanding of someone mindset and boundaries at a time when they are very much in pain.  No one else could do this with him or even know how to.

Its a unique understanding.

Daryl does the same exact thing in 'The Same Boat' 

Talking to her first .. feeling her out..

"You good?”


And it’s only then that he fully embraces her because he knows its ok to now. Its what she needs at the moment, and is receptive to letting  him do it. 

Daryl is the only one that could done this at this time.  The only one she would allow to.

(and man that  gentle 'come here..’ thing… I could die really)

(gifs by @oohhshiny​)

They just seem to instinctively know when to approach each other, to give each other comfort. When the other is somewhat ready to allow it. .

Which is why even though it pains me to see, it takes so damn long with them. And why it seems like they have to go through all this painful attrition away from each other.

They seem to walk on this painful parallel paths and when those paths intersect, beautiful things happen. As we’ve known for a long time.  And sooner or later their paths will cross again. 

And something lovely will most likely happen.

Because maybe.. just maybe they will both  be ready to feel it at the same time. And space won’t be required anymore .

They will look in each others eyes and that’s why I have hope:)


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Smiles, Laugh and Eyes...

There are many things I always notice about Cait that are missing when Sam isn’t around. These are things that I have never seen elicited by any other man including Tony (at least in the 12 photos we have them together) they are…

  1. Her eye crinkling smile that she seems reserve just for Sam
  2. When she’s watching Sam how her eyes almost bore a hole into him as she hangs onto his every word
  3. Her laugh of complete abandon with just a look from Sam 
  4. Actually touching a man whose personal space she is comfortable invading at any time just as he is comfortable invading hers
  5. Lighting up like a Christmas tree when he looks her way 
  6. Total an utter peace and comfort

And finally how they NEVER make me think of Claire and Jamie outside of the show. 

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what did you think of the kabby moment? i thought it was so intimate and so them

okay, yes, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for meta and I am finding some. To my shocked delight okay let’s have a waffle shall we? 

That finale was…Weird. I still haven’t sorted out most of my feelings about it yet but I think “Go to him” was my favourite line in that episode and one of my favourite lines this season.

 I love that Clarke can see Abby and Marcus’ relationship, how it’s evolved, how it’s grown, how much she cares for him. the look on her face in that scene as she watches him shatter under the weight of what he’s done; what he just tried to do (neatly paralleling the way she shattered for the same reasons at the very beginning of this episode after Clarke woke her up) contains about a thousand spoken lines of dialogue that are never needed. One look and that’s it, Clarke knows, the audience knows just how deeply she cares for this man. 

And I really do love Clarke’s line. Because we’ve all had a bit of a debate about how Clarke would react to the whole Kabby thing. She loved Jake so fiercely and there’s so much complicated and confused history with Jake between mother and daughter (which still hasn’t adequately been teased out and resolved as far as I’m concerned) but I sort of think, for me, this little scene was perfect for showing how Clarke feels about Abby moving on after her father. 

I expect more reaction to their relationship in the next season (surely we’ll get some more reaction? Though at this point I’m not saying surely anything with this show) but in that moment I think that was a beat of this episode that played out perfectly. Clarke - who just watched the woman she loved walk away from her and die again can empathise with her mother’s need to be with Marcus right now and she lets her go. 

I don’t think it’s quite ‘giving her permission’ that sounds a little more controlling than what I’m trying to go for here but I think it’s acceptance, really. Clarke accepts her mother’s choices, her mother’s need to be loved and to love. Abby is brimming over with love, she is so full of it and she needs someone to give it to, she needs someone to cherish and comfort and hold and be with and Clarke understands that.

 So this is a gentle moment amidst the chaos of what’s happened and it’s just something that Clarke can do for Abby after all Abby has done for her. It’s Clarke’s way of saying I know how you feel and it’s okay. It’s less permission and more of a blessing; not just to go to him in this moment but to stay with him. If he gives her hope, if he gives her back the love she lost and the happiness she deserves Clarke’s okay with that. 

And I think that moment and all of the weight behind those few words is so important to Abby? Because I think Clarke is one of the only things that would make her consider her relationship with Marcus. That’s the reason that she doesn’t go to him immediately after she sees him break down, both literally and figuratively it’s Clarke. Wanting to make sure Clarke is physically recovering but also not wanting to push this on her until she’s ready and this is Clarke telling her that she’s ready; that it’s okay; she’s fine (figuratively and literally - she feels fine physically and she’s fine with what’s taking shape between Abby and Marcus) so yes I have a lot of feelings about “Go to him” 

Then there’s the way the actual going to him is written and played and I think you’re right nonnie, I think it’s absolutely, perfectly them. I think it contrasts quite nicely to the Murphy/Emori hug/reunion of a few minutes ago. I think it could have played out like that, calling each other’s names, the dramatic running to each other and sweeping each other up in their arms but I like this better. It’s gentle, it’s tender, it’s empathetic and understated and them. 

I got similar vibes and talked about similar things with the reunion scene in 2x08. I didn’t want the fanfare and the dramatics because it’s just not them. What we got was perfect then and what they gave us here was perfect again. 

I love, love, love the gentle hand on his shoulder. The thought that Marcus might not want her there with him is almost unthinkable after everything they’ve been through (and the reason he took the damn chip in the first place) but in light of what’s happened I think it’s incredibly important that that first touch, that first person that approaches him, her, does so in this way. 

It’s questioning. It’s tentative. It gives him the ability to pull back, to withdraw, to ask for time to himself, it gives him agency. It gives him choice. It reminds him that he has choices again after the City of Light because from the moment Jaha held that gun to her head all of his choices were stripped away. 

So for paralleling and contrasting I think it’s incredibly important that she’s the one that returns them to him; reminds him that he can choose now. And I think it also reminds him that he didn’t have choices before, when he climbed the tower, when he attacked and killed but he has them now, he can reject her if he wishes, he can pull away if he wishes, he can choose. 

There’s absolutely no dialogue between them in this scene (and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there was any dialogue between them at all in that episode) and you know, circumstances dictated most of it but not that scene, that scene the complete lack of dialogue was deliberate and I’m in love with it. These two have been through so much together; they have so much history and I think this scene reminds you of that. 

They’ve transcended words in that moment, they don’t need them to know each other, to understand each other, to comfort and love each other and it’s just beautifully framed and played (Paige and Ian do so fucking much with relatively so little in that scene, the emotion, the relief, the comfort, the reassurance, the intimacy that they manage to convey in that moment is utterly staggering) 

From the moment her hand touches his shoulder the world dissolves around them. The camera focuses only on them, the people in the background become little more than blurred out shapes; this is their moment, their time and I think it reflects the feeling that’s inspired in both of them. Most of the scenes like this between them, even way back in season 1, these little beats between them are almost always shot like this: to the exclusion of everyone else but them. 

Those people around them don’t matter right now; the other people reuniting and celebrating, the things they’ve done, the things they were forced to do, the death, the chaos, the end of the world, it all fades away, becomes a blurred shape in the background. In that moment all that matters is them. They have each other again; everything they went through was worth it; they’re here, they’re found, they’re safe, it’s over, they’re home. 

I love the gentleness in this scene. I love that that’s the way they chose to play this, that that’s what they chose to emphasise here in this moment: tenderness, the comfort and strength of a gentle touch. This episode was full of a lot of life-changing violence for both of them: Marcus tried to kill Bellamy (and likely harmed several other people climbing the tower and in that final assault) and Abby shot another human being dead to protect her daughter. Both of these things will haunt and shape and change them both.

And so as a counter to that; as a striking contrast I’m so grateful that they played out this reunion scene that way? This isn’t a time for dramatic, rough declarations of love and commitment (as the kiss was in 3x09: that was a moment that called for heat and passion and rough hands and thoughtless, raw emotion; it worked beautifully as a culmination of that episode arc and also a culmination of their relationship to that point) but it wouldn’t have worked in that reunion scene.

I’m glad they got that tender moment. I’m glad it was filled with gentle touch and choice and intimacy. After the violence they’ve experienced and perpetrated in that episode, this final closing moment being so full of gentleness is important I think; really important, and hopefully frames their recovery arc for next season (but I’m not holding my breath) Even when Marcus’ accepts her and they embrace, their hands, those hands that are both now blood-stained, both marred with violence, remain so gentle on one another’s bodies and I think that’s why I love the deliberate tenderness of that scene: because when they have the choice this is how they are and it makes a striking contrast to the things that were forced upon them in this episode.

Going back a little bit to what I said about the shoulder touch being super important for reasons of choice and agency as a reminder from her to Marcus that he has those again I love the way the rest of the scene plays out. Even when he turns to her she doesn’t immediately pull him into her arms, she lets him see her, lets him take her in, lets him understand that she’s all right, a little battered and broken but she’s okay, she got out and she’s still here with him.  

She lets him process his emotions and I’m probably moving onto the point of the meta where I inevitably start ‘Lauren you’re reading too much into this’ but this is important to me and I don’t fucking care. Marcus Kane is introduced to us as an incredibly cold, closed off character. He does what needs to be done when it needs to be done and he makes decisions based on logic and reason, there’s no room for feelings, no room for mercy, no room for friendship. There is only the very black and white mentality of right vs wrong; needs done vs doesn’t need done, that’s about it.

And this is something that’s built into the core of his character and the core of his arc (which I have talked about way too much already, we will not rehash that here) but the point I’m driving at is that we realise, as those layers are peeled away, that Marcus feels everything incredibly deeply. That feeling, that emotion is what’s driven his character arc: the need to make amends, the need to be better, the need to change, the need to grow, the need to help and heal.

But it’s something that the narrative around him resisted because the characters around him (largely Jaha though I’m not blaming him entirely) used that unfeeling mask to their advantage. “You are not weakened by sentiment” is along the lines of what Jaha says to him early on; I have faith that you can do what needs to be done because you’re not weakened by feelings. Weakened. That’s an important word here because Marcus’ mask was for so long something he perceived as a strength, it enabled him to do what needed to be done and a big chunk of his arc was overcoming that mentality, that mask.

So this scene is incredibly important to me because Abby here validates and empathises with his emotions. Abby has been one of the big driving forces behind Marcus’ character development because she challenged those ideals, right from the beginning she challenged him to become the man that deep down he’s always been. She has always been the one to draw a more vulnerable, emotional side from him, she has always been the one to welcome his emotions and this scene I think hammers it home.

I can’t remember ever seeing Marcus breaking like this. I can’t remember Marcus ever leaning on someone for support as much as he does with Abby here. Marcus completely breaks down in her arms in this scene and it’s a stunning moment for his character arc but also for their relationship development. His emotions are valid, they are validated by her, by her presence, by her comfort, by her hesitation, every second she spends here offers him choices and empathy something he’s had too little of since his arc began.

Marcus shouldered the weight of impossible choices; choices that no-one else would make so that compelled him to do so. Choices that mirrored the one he made when he took the chip for Abby when Jaha held a gun to his head, choices that weren’t really choices at all. And to make those choices bearable he stripped himself bare, stripped himself of every emotion, every feeling, every bit of humanity he had.

This scene is about Abby returning and validating both of those things for him. The hesitation, the gentle touch to let him know she’s there; he’s not alone, and the choice of whether to accept her or not. She lets him see her, lets him process then slowly sinks down beside him and only then, only when he’s been given ample choice to pull away and instead leans into her does she fold him into her arms and allow him to break down. This scene makes it so clear how important his agency is to her and it also makes it clear that he isn’t alone.

He doesn’t have to go through everything alone anymore, he doesn’t have to suffer in silence, he doesn’t have to withdraw and shut himself away for the greater good. She’s here; she’s here and she will love him, she will support him through whatever comes for them and however he reacts to it. She will be his pillar of support as he has been hers and their entire peoples’ for so long, she will let him be less than strong, she will let him have that ‘weakness’, those emotions he kept hidden for so long, she will let him shatter and tell him that’s okay and help him pick up the pieces afterwards because she knows he needs this.

As another beat in their character and relationship development I think this is so important for them to have (because he performs the same role for her) Both of them at the beginning of this series are isolated; both of them are reckless and self-destructive; both of them are largely alone by choice; both of them are shockingly independent (Abby in particular, I need to make a proper post on this) they have a very ‘if you want something done right you do it yourself’ mentality; they don’t let other people in; they don’t let other people help them.

This moment then, this bit of empathy and acceptance is so incredibly important for both of them. They have someone that they can rely on, someone who will help them, someone who will shelter and protect them so they don’t have to be strong, someone they can trust who will support them so they don’t have to do everything themselves. Someone who will love them and care for them and defend them until the end of this world and beyond. They have someone they can let their walls down with, someone they don’t always have to be incredibly, impossibly strong for all the time.

They have a partner.

That’s how they end this season. As equals. As partners. As two halves of one whole the supports and completes and heals and helps the other. The first season they ended as allies, a tentative truce based on the things they needed and shared goals. The first season they ended as friends; a unit, ready to work together and support one another. This season they end as partners – as lovers, as support, as everything to each other.

Gender Identities

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When Bucky first told Wanda, she didn’t actually get a single word out of him. He’d sat down on the side of her bed, looked down, just telling her to look into his thoughts. Never once had Bucky said a thing as he’d been there, but with the way Wanda had patiently showed him how to apply foundation and concealer, then eyeliner and eye shadows, and so much more, he’d lit up visibly, a little of the sadness vanishing from his gaze.

With Sam it was a lot harder. He was happy to have him around, to know he had his support. He was happy to call him his boyfriend, but … He couldn’t tell him that. He couldn’t. Whenever they were out and something nice sprung into his eyes, he had to force himself to look away as to avoid Sam to notice. He stuffed the few skirts he’d bought for himself into the closet, the very back, where Sam wouldn’t look, and hid the makeup there as well.

Ever since he’d found back to some kind of normalcy, Bucky had questioned everything about himself, even his gender. And to find himself so comfortable in women’s clothes was so confusing, so wrong, but it felt so comforting, so right, like a warm hug from his mother.

That morning, he had forced himself to get up before Sam came back from his morning run, gathered every bit of makeup he had and hid it in one of the skirts. It was all rolled up to a ball, and he waited impatiently for the other to come home. He had to tell him.