I’ve been thinking about a Taekwondo bokuaka au (it was bound to happen), in which they only ever meet at tournaments. Bo is obviously a natural and unbeaten at the fighting part (though he may have once or twice taken a hit because he got distracted by Akaashi’s face). Akaashi has perfect technique and always gets first place in the patterns (hyong) and oh boy, tiny smug smile Akaashi standing on the podium looking down at #2 Bokuto. Bo starts bulking up and they end up in different weight classes, so only the hyong part remains and Bo starts getting super competitive but he’s up against Akaashi “once got an 8.5 score″ (10 is practically never given and 9 basically unheard of) Keiji and he just can’t win. Bo ends up taking the black belt exam a lot earlier than Akaashi and when they see each other, Akaashi is a little disappointed they won’t compete anymore. He congratulates Bo and goes “I’m gonna miss seeing your face” and Bo’s like WHAT DID HE JUST SAY omfg i’m?? “you know, the one you make when you lose” and that’s it, Bo drags him into a changing room and goes “AKAASHI that was the last straw!!!! …go out with me.”

I overheard an argument in the bookstore today.
  • I was looking at Neil Gaiman’s books and on the next shelf over were a bunch of Stephen King novels. A couple was arguing as they made their way towards where I was standing.
  • Girl: What do you mean you don’t like any books?
  • Guy: I’ve just never read anything any good, it’s all been crap.
  • Girl: Are you fucking kidding me, all books are crap? is that what you’re saying?
  • Guy: Yep, all of them. I hate all books ever written.
  • (now they’re standing next to me, in front of the Stephen King books)
  • Girl: Isn’t ‘It’ your favorite movie?
  • Guy: OMG YES, it’s the best movie I’ve...
  • Girl: *hits him in the face with a copy of it* IT WAS A FUCKING BOOK FIRST YOU DOUCHEBAG.
  • Me: *dies laughing*

season 1 dean winchester is so fun to draw

ok but consider this: marauders era practicing patronus in defense against the dark arts and sirius is one of the first to make a fully fledged one and its a fucking werewolf an d sirius starts blushing furiously and the teacher is just like "is-is that a werewolf? t-thats a rather unsual patronus" and james has this fucking smug look on his face and remus has some dorky smile all day

what namjoon did @ ISAC: 

  • he’s bored asf
  • when isac started he was playing with army bombs and one fell on the ground
  • he’s cheering with his wife (kim seokjin) 
  • he was kneeling on a plastic chair cheering with army bombs the fans were worried that it’ll break
  • he kept playing around with an army bomb
  • he laughed bc jackson missed his shot
  • sungjae shot a 10 and had a smug look on his face so namjoon was cacklin
  • but really,
  • everyone else was focused on the other members bc they’re actually competing and he’s just there.
  • bored monster
  • he used the selfie stick to play golf
  • he used it to scratch his back
  • then he was rolling on the floor
  • he waved the selfie stick around until hoseok took it fr him
  • and then he was playing with his water bottle throwing it randomly
  • he cute tho so it’s ok

…Good Morning.

I was at a con recently. And while looking at some of the art, I made a comment to a guy who had a collection of cat avengers prints that he was missing the best avenger. So he goes, ‘oh and who is that’ and I just kinda look sideways at him and say 'hawkeye, the only one you don’t have’. To wich he of course smirks and says 'is he really the best or is it just cause of jeremy renner?’

First of all… Jeremy Renner is a gorgeous human being and he is more than enough reason for Hawkeye to be awesome, so why the hell you got that smug look on your face like I’m just some random ass fangirl who don’t know shit about comics. I was fuckin dressed like Captain Marvel, 100% comic accurate costume thank you very much.

So my dad starts laughing cause he can see I got my 'fight me’ face on. And I proceed to list each and every reason why I have loved Hawkeye since waaaaay before the movies and why he gets even better with new movies and comics.

NUMBER ONE, he is the only fully human Avenger in every single story line.

To which of course I get 'well what about Black Widow’ well sir you must not know your comics very well because in the Earth-616 universe she has the Red Room version of the super soldier serum which gives her enhanced physical abilities as well as a very long lifespan.

Then comes the 'well Scott Lang is human’ well yeah but he’s got a mother FuCkiNG SUPER SUIT. What does Hawkeye have? Spandex or leather, not quite the same thing. And you take away that super suit, is Scott still a super hero? No he is in jail for being a thief. You take away Hawkeye ’ super sui… oh wait that’s right HE DON’T GOT ONE.

'But what about Black Panther he is human right?’ Do you know anything about comics dude? The dude eats a magical plant and is gifted his powers by the Wakandan Panther God and has enhanced speed, strength, agility, healing, reflexes, stamina, etc. NOT FULLY HUMAN he also is proclaimed King of the Dead and is granted the power and knowledge of past Black Panthers and gains the ability to control the dead… so awesome but still not human.

Hawkeye is 100% human 100% of the time (except a very brief moment when he borrowed pym particles just to help out on a mission) and still manages to keep up with super humans, gods and guys with fancy super suits.

NUMBER TWO, he is deaf, canononically.

'Well Daredevil is blind’ his accident enhanced his other senses… and not an Avenger… so your argument is not even relevant.

NUMBER THREE, he shoots a bow, usually a recurve, in battle with people that have magic and laser guns and other shit and he can shoot it with out even looking!

'But he has trick arrows’ wich are guaranteed to be weighted terribly and that weight changes depending on which arrow it is. So he not only has to compensate for the strange weight but he has to do it on the fly in the heat of battle for each individual arrow. Not to mention when he shoots multiple at once.

And come on, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice patients and skill. Especially to get as good as him.

NUMBER FOUR, I mean have you read the guys backstory? If you looked up tragic backstory in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Clint Barton. He was orphaned after his abusive father got into a car accident that killed his mother as well. Was sent to a children’s home, ran away to the circus, was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot who were not the best mentors, was betrayed and abandoned by Swordsman and his brother and left for dead, ended up severely injuring his brother, had to leave Trickshot, when he tried to do the hero thing he was mistaken for a criminal, was manipulated into trying to kill Iron Man, kept falling in love with women who didn’t love him back, left the Avengers at one point believing he was unwanted, was passed over because he was not super human, watched his brother die, was forced to leave the Avengers, had a bounty put on his right arm, lost former mentor Trickshot to cancer, split with his wife then watched her die saving him, sacrificed himself and came back, was almost assasinated, went to prison so the rest of his team could go free, was shot and conducted a suicide mission that saved the planet but killed him, lost his memory, was vanished into nothingness, doubted he was himself or even alive, faked his death, and that’s just the short list.

NUMBER FIVE, he ran the West Coast branch of the Avengers, as well as other treams.

NUMBER SIX, he took on the mantle of Captain America for a short time.

NUMBER SEVEN, Caw Caw Mother Fucker.

So yeah, suffice to say that I left the guy speechless surounded by his friends who were nodding along and adding in their own bits of info and laughing hysterically at him. I turned to walk away after that mic drop and heard him mumble, 'well I guess I’m making a cat hawkeye’

The Reaction of Zodiac Signs When Getting A Surprised Exam

Aquarius Zodiac Sign - will sit back with a smug look on their face and enjoy the panic of everyone else because an emotional reaction from an Aquarian is something you won’t often see.

Pisces Zodiac Sign – will send everyone an “it’s ok email…you will be fine”…just take a big breath and

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