No one will ever convince me that Eriol and Tomoyo didn’t plan this shit out. 

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Imma hunt that person's ass whoever it is reported your comic is2g

You know I kinda understand why they do that though, nothing I can do about it… I mean just look at this smug face they will surely hate it haizzaaaaa

Day 1 of @alistairappreciationweek is all about Alistair as a Warden. Here’s just a drabble about him just hanging out in camp, making dinner for everyone with the help of my Amell’s mabari Aoife.

Alistair lifts the large spoon from the pot of stew and takes a cautious sip. It’s hot enough to make him wince, but the taste isn’t that bad. He puts the spoon back in and stirs so it won’t burn on the bottom and smiles when he hears Leliana and Sophie burst into laughter across the camp.

He looks over to where they’re grouped together with Zevran–the elf has a smug smile on his face, and when he sees Alistair looking at them, he winks.

Alistair blushes hotly and looks back at the stew, ignoring the fresh wave of laughter that follows. He’s used to this teasing by now, though it’s still hard to convince his face not to turn red. Six months ago when Zevran joined their little party he would have had to excuse himself. Now, though…

He smiles. He stirs the stew. Aoife, Sophie’s mabari, leaves her napping spot near Sten to nuzzle against Alistair’s side, gazing up at him with wide eyes.

“Hungry?” he asks, and Aoife gives an affirmative borf back at him. “It’s almost ready.”

Aoife sits down and puts her paw on his knee, waiting. He wraps an arm around her shoulders and kisses the top of her head between her hears, earning himself a lick across the face with her broad tongue.

He pulls back with a laugh and wipes at his face with his sleeve, clearing the drool dropping off the end of his nose. He looks at Aoife with raised eyebrows and she just looks back at him, smugness oozing from face as she lets her tongue loll from her mouth.

“Thanks for that,” he says, and she blinks at him. Smug little bastard.

He goes back to stirring and lets his gaze wander over the rest of the camp. It’s a quiet night here, halfway along the trail from Redcliffe to Denerim. The Landsmeet is in a week, the darkspawn haven’t attacked them in a few days, and things feel… peaceful.


Like everything will be okay.

Like they’ll be able to make it to the Landsmeet, remove Loghain from power, and slay the archdemon.

He pulls the pot away from the fire and his eyes find Sophie, still sitting next to Leliana, their arms wrapped around each other against the evening chill. She must feel his gaze on her, or maybe she can hear him thinking – is that even something mages can do? Probably not… – and she smiles at him. He blushes but smiles back.

Everything’s going to be okay.


Because of the latest installment of BATIM and Cuphead, quite literally releasing within a day of each other, instead of the cliched “Devil’s Lil Helper” fighting Cuphead for attention?

What if he helps them just to spite a certain gambling demon?  Well, that and the casino is only meant to attract the attention of sinners.  Cup and Mug aren’t bad kids at all, they are children and often get in trouble from their pranks and playing.  So, when they both see the casino, they react much like the boys on Pleasure Island from Pinocchio.  They just wanted a single day where they can be as naughty as they both want with no repercussions, or so they thought.  The demon we so lovingly called “Jerry The Jerkwad Demon” gave these boys loaded dice with assistance from King Dice (because just look at his stupid smug face) and have of course a few days to get the needed contracts that owe a debt.  Basically, having the boys do his dirty work for him where he can claw up to the ranks and get a promotion.  

Bendy maybe a soul stealing demon, but kids don’t deserve this fate.   He offers a helping hand to them and basically introduces himself fully after comforting these scared babies back at his own pub, and with the help of Alice Angel (because SCREW YOU I STILL SHIP IT) create the special X X X Apple Cider.  The boys wanted moonshine but Alice said no.  It serves as basically power juice!  

BONUS: Bendy’s canon height as a toon is 2′2.  Cuphead and Mugman are the size of actual cups.  Everything is too big for them.  So Bendy carries them and has sorta kinda adopted these rascals much to Alice’s dismay.  She loves tea cups and these kids are adorable BUT KIDNAPPING IS *WRONG* BENDY  

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ok but when Louis comes out from behind Harry in thw DMD mv, you can see Harry standing unstable but trying not to move, and you can say he was hella stubborn about doing this scene that way because even if it's hard to stay in that pose (he's swinging on his feet and heels), he's like "no way motherf*ckers I'mma do it, Louis, let's do it again", and just look at his smug & proud face. this lil shit.

i bet it was take 28 when they finally got it perfect because the universe just works out that way

Who From Ace Attorney Should You Fight?

Phoenix Wright who wins: probably Phoenix

Phoenix’s body is probably made out of frickin iron or something this guy has  chewed and swallowed a necklace, been physically assaulted by a murderer, hit over the head with a fire extinguisher with temporary amnesia as the only consequence, was thrown head first into a telephone pole but walked away with only frickin sprained ankle, and fell from a bridge on fiRE INTO A FREEZING RIVER WITH ONLY A FEVER.  If you can catch him off guard and are extremely skilled in martial arts, you might be able to win but otherwise Nick will probably fuck you up only because his body is probably invincible to harm.


WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU FIGHTING THE ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT IS MAYA FEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH????  If for some sick reason this thought has appeared in your brain, however, she’s pretty small and probably couldn’t withstand more than one or two blows…although she’s probably agile as shit and might have learned a thing or two from the Steel Samurai.  But also dO NOT FIGHT MAYA FEY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DO YOU HATE HAPPINESS

Miles Edgeworth who wins: Edgeworth

Yeah, you’re not gonna win this one…just look at that smug little face.  He knows infinitely more than you do, and even if you wanted to fight him you would probably regret it.  Definitely would do anything necessary to win, so have fun when you’re suffocated by his cravat.  Sorry.

The Judge who wins: you

I don’t think the judge is super ripped underneath his robes, so you can win this one…also the judge is gullible as shit, too.  That helps.

Mia Fey: who wins: probably not you

If you have a statue of “The Thinker” you might have a chance (I am a piECE OF GARBAGE)…but otherwise she will send your ass to frickin demon hell.  Don’t fight Mia Fey.

Dick Gumshoe who wins: it’s 50-50

Is he huge?  Yeah.  Is he a detective and therefore most likely trained in some sort of self defense?  Yeah.  Is he also a weenie?  Yeah.  I think you could probably win if you went for his face and fought quickly, although Gumshoe is fiercely protective of people he cares about and would probably cut a bitch if you insulted Edgeworth.  But also what did poor Gumshoe do to deserve this?? Why do you feel the need to fight him he will probably use a year’s paycheck to cover his medical expenses???  

Larry Butz who wins: you

Yeah you’ll win but at what cost???  Why do you feel the need to do this???

Wendy Oldbag who wins: hopefully you

Don’t fight Oldbag unless you are certain you can win–then PLEASE fight Oldbag I’m sorry but she just needs to stop

Manfred von Karma who wins: r u fo real

No move is too dirty for von Karma; his attacks range from whipping out a taser to fabricating evidence to frame you of murder.  You won’t win this one, buddy.

Marvin Grossberg who wins: probably you

While he’s got a lot “cushion” to take some damage, just steal his glasses because you can bet your bottom dollar that he is batshit blind without them and then punch him in the nose–he won’t see that coming!! (I am literally trash)

Winston Payne who wins: definitely you

There is like a 95% chance you will win this fight, and honestly fight Winston Payne.  He needs to be forcefully pushed off his high horse for frick’s sake he basically has the word pain in his name please do it do it for me  

Pearl Fey who wins: N O

what the FUCK is wrong with you go reevaluate your life choices you piece of garbage

Franziska von Karma who wins: probably her

Yeah, I know most of you think that she could probably hand anyone’s ass back to them howeVER if you can catch her whip somehow you can definitely absolutely stand a chance.  The sheer shock of losing her most powerful weapon will give you a pretty big opening, so I think winning is possible against Franziska.  I still don’t recommend it, though.

Morgan Fey who wins: Morgan

As much as I want you to punch Morgan Fey in the face, don’t.  You may win the battle but you will probably never, ever win the war she will plot the most convoluted revenge plot imaginable so frickin watch yourself around Morgan don’t fight her it’s for your own good

Matt Engarde who wins: you


Dahlia Hawthorne who wins: she literally almost killed someone even though she was DEAD do you actually think this is a good idea??

Do you KNOW who Dahlia Hawthorne is?  You’re not going to win a fight–she’ll bite, scratch, pinch, scream in your face or piss on you if that’s what it takes for her to win.  

Godot: who do you frickin think dipshit

If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow I really want to fight Godot!!!” then you should definitely fight Godot so that he can wipe your miserable ass off the face of the earth I will not be coming to your funeral son

Charley who wins: haha loser you’re fighting a plant

Look at this little shit. That’s an “I told you so” look if I’ve ever seen one. That look tells me that he and Cas have talked about his relationship with the Impala. It’s now my head canon that he and Cas have had many discussions about her. 

Cas didn’t used to understand Dean’s connection to a car. It’s just a car, he would tell Dean. It’s an inanimate object that serves a simple purpose and there are millions of them around. But I bet he sat shotgun as Dean rattled off facts about her speed, size, and power while Cas sat patiently listening (and not really caring) but just happy to be spending time with Dean. I bet Dean told Cas what a chick-magnet his car is (just look at that smug face). And I bet he told Cas stories about her, how many times she saved their lives, how many times he has had to clean blood and monster goo out of her seats, how many nights she was their only roof. And you know Cas read everyone one of Chuck’s books so he finally got it when he read Swan Song. 

So when Dean looks back at Cas with that look that conveys that they’ve talked about this, I just love tiny bits of silent communication between Dean and Cas that remind us how much more there is to their relationship that just what we see. 

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alternative theory here: kunikida is taking his ribbon off to throw down. he’s gonna strangle dazai with it bc they’re about to go on stage and dazai lost his damn hat (just look at his smug face he’s so proud), and having one of them without their hat is not ideal. kenji is contemplating if he should get rid of his hat too for it to make more sense, while atsushi looks on in uncomfortable confusion. ranpo is ranpo