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Prompt: Bellarke fluffy "Why haven't you kissed me before?"

Whenever things got to be too much, Clarke would bake.  The repetitive measuring and mixing always calmed her down, and she got pretty good at it.  Now her friends would look forward to the worst weeks of med school because it meant they were ensured a constant stream of cupcakes, cookies, and pies.  It indulged both sides of her brain— the precise, exacting medical student and the creative, free flowing artist, working in perfect harmony for once.

She was halfway into a chocolate espresso cheesecake when Bellamy walked in.  “I didn’t know you had a test this week,” he observed, pocketing the key she’d given him after she got sick of having to interrupt whatever she was doing to buzz him in.

“I didn’t.  This is just general life stress,” she said, adding an egg and turning on her mixer.

“What’s wrong?”  Bellamy helped himself to a handful of chocolate chips that she had sitting out.

“Stop it, those are the garnish,” she said, slapping his hand away.  “And it’s…nothing, really.”

Nothing really meant I realized I’m in love with you and you clearly don’t feel the same way but Clarke wasn’t about to say that out loud.  She checked the recipe and tipped her chin towards the ground espresso near his elbow.  Bellamy handed it over and she measured it out before dumping it into her turquoise Kitchenaid.  “Hey, what is it?” Bellamy said gently.  

Of course he would notice.  He notices everything about me except for the one big thing, and the fact that he doesn’t see it tells me everything I need to know.  “Nothing.”  Clarke moved the lever to stir and wiped her hands on her apron.  Bellamy was the one who had given it to her last Christmas along with an old plaid shirt of his, because he felt it was important that she have a smock for painting and an apron for baking, instead of her old method which was “whatever she happened to be wearing at the time, crossed fingers, and a lot of stain remover.”

“Clarke, whatever it is— you can tell me,” he said, and he turned her to face him.

His eyes were soft and searching, and honestly, it hurt.  It hurt to be this close to him and not have him, so Clarke did something insanely reckless.  Something that could jeopardize their friendship; something that would change things between them forever.

She kissed him.

She just rolled up on her toes and planted her mouth on his and then stepped back, bracing for the fallout and the inevitable I’m sorry, I just don’t see you that way.

But instead, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her back.  Clarke groped out blindly and switched off the mixer, letting him press her into the countertop.  She lost track of time, her in her apron and him in his Georgetown hoodie, kissing in her kitchen that smelled like vanilla.

Bellamy’s lips were swollen when they finally came up for air.  “Why haven’t you kissed me before?” he asked with wonder in his voice.

Clarke ran her fingers through his now-rumpled hair and smiled.  “I honestly have no idea.”

Big Bang Reaction to: You Being an Idol Who Other Idols Want to be With

jay park version; here

T.O.P: reveals lots of embarrassing things about you. “ah, s/he may seem perfect on screen but s/he’s a lot more human in real life. (y/n)’s poop stinks so bad, just like everyone elses.” he’s not trying to bring you down or anything, but he doesn’t like ppl treating you as if you weren’t human. you would make a mistake one day, as does everyone, and the fact that you’re “perfect” will make it a scandal so he’s trying to avoid that & protect you, in his own way

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Taeyang: “you can look but not touch!” he’ll joke. he’s so happy that you’re popular and it makes him proud. especially since, out of everyone in the world willing to die for you, you chose him. and that means a lot

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G-Dragon: wears a cool exterior whenever others gush about you with him around. he doesn’t want to show that it bothers him on camera. he’s happy that you’re doing well of course & that people like you. but he gets a bit jealous to see others light up when they talk about you. you’re his at the end of the day, you know?

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Daesung: “ah, that’s true! (y/n) really is amazing!” he’s so happy that people love you. of course they would, you’re great! he absolutely adores you, even more than anyone else. and he’s not sure what made you pick him but he’s so happy you did. and he’ll do anything to keep you

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Seungri: “it’s not surprising really. I’m great, (y/n)’s great. I think it was obvious to everyone that we would end up together. perfect people are drawn together, don’t you know?” *cue intense eye rolling from the other boys*

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Seth (After Raw): After everything this family has been through.

Seth: How could dad do this to me?!?

Seth: *sobs*

Seth: How can you let him break up our family mom!

Stephanie: *identical sobbing*

Stephanie: My sweet perfect son I had no idea this would happen!

Stephanie: Just because he’s my husband.

Stephanie: And we live and travel together.

Stephanie: And I saw detailed plans on his computer titled ‘How to screw Seth over’ doesn’t mean I knew anything about this.

Stephanie: I’m as shocked as you are.

Seth: *looks into the camera like on the office*

So I was in my Thermodynamics class and I kinda started doodling with this neat-o pencil one of my good friends (@kyesbird) got me as a present! It writes i rainbows and I absolutely adore it~

Started off just drawing a random character, but all of a sudden Damien came out. So then I decided why not actually TRY to draw all the brothers instead of just a collection of Matthew doodles everywhere (haha, I might be obsessed???)

Some of these kind of look like younger versions of the character I was trying to draw?? And let it be known that Sam and James have hair that is a bitch to draw! (Matthew came out perfect but I’ve only been drawing him for ever since I discovered Seduce Me, sooooo lol) ((Plus he’s always perfect))

Anyway yeah, crappy drawings of the incubaes in a multi-colored pencils. You didn’t ask for it, but you’re welcome.

It had been a few days since Kai had seen Nikolai and the witches marks still lingered here and there on his skin. He had trouble sitting down still but the fun of the small pains were worth it. They reminded him of what had happened. Of being beat till he came and being carved and everything that was just so perfect about that night. So when the guard came to gather him for Nikolai once more, Malachai was more than happy to follow him.
His heart started to beat faster at the excitement of it all. He was so looking forward to whatever the breaker had in mind for him that Kai all but bounced into the others room. “The most adorable psychopath is here and I am expecting to either bleed or make someone else bleed.” He called into the room when he didn’t see Nikolai right away.



Bree was working on the dinner she promised Tommy and was actually nervous. She never was like this before, but this was her first time cooking for a man who she was actually seeing. He told her what he liked to eat and she was making it with a few things that she liked as well. She wanted it to be perfect for some reason. She wanted to please him in a way.

She had just opened up the oven to see if the pasta was baking when she heard her door. Bree blushed furiously looking down at her attire. “Sorry I look like a mess,” she was wearing a tanktop with sweats, “You came earlier than you said you’d be coming. Not that I’m complaining of course,” she said walking over to him and kissing his cheek.


Here are some shippy little ficlets, for @pirates-progress and @trixystix I don’t usually write pairing fluff, so this isn’t very long.


“What should I wear?” Rue stared at her closet, jampacked with more shades of red than there should be in a closet.

Mytho smiled and fished around on the floor. “This one,” he said as he held up an empty hanger. “I feel like this one would be perfect.”

Rue turned and looked at him with amused disgust. “To a party? No thank you. It’s not that kind of party.”

“We don’t have to go, you know. It could just be you and me tonight. No one else,” he rolled onto his back with a soft smile. “What do you say?”

“I want to, love, but we can’t. Maybe another night.” Rue laid a gentle kiss on Mytho’s lips. “Come on, what should I wear?”


“I wanted to kiss you today, when you rescued that bird.” Ahiru‘s whisper broke the silence after the movie.

“Yeah? Why didn’t you, idiot?” Fakir grabbed the last of the popcorn and fed a piece to Ahiru.

“You,” Ahiru poked Fakir’s shoulder, “are too tall.” She poked him again. “But right now, you are just the right height.”

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hello, it's spy parter sehun anon!! I also had this other dream where I was in between shirtless Sehun and Jongin. I was so confused but I wasn't complaining at all. Sehun and I were also together in that dream. He's was really shy and cute. Whenever I called him out for saying those cheesy things, he'd just deny while looking at cool but I could see that he was clearly blushing. ALSO HE SPOKE ENGLISH! LIKE PERFECT ENGLISH AND IT WAS SO HOT


a few details about the vernon smacking seungkwan’s bum thing
  • vernon chose the question himself
  • he read the question in english so seungkwan didn’t know what was happening

  • seungkwan was being totally cute and naive following vernon who was leading him into sin

  • just moments before the smacking he had a shit eating grin on his face

  • some carat yelled ‘everything’ and it was funny as hell 

  • seungkwan still had no idea even after vernon turned him around

  • seungkwan’s bum is plump, round and perfect (but we already knew that)

  • vernon smacked him well and nice so you can hear it perfectly

  • seungkwan got so flustered he couldn’t even speak properly

  • vernon looked so satisfied with himself fUCK

  • coups fucking high-fived vernon when he took a sit

  • seungkwan’s “wow”

Apparently sitting on each other’s laps is a pretty common thing for hockey boys to do when they’re on the bench sidelines things. (maybe while looking at the replay? idk) Why did no one tell me this, this is perfect fanfic material!!!

  • Ransom and Holster are just always in each other’s laps. BUt they’re in each other’s laps off the ice too so that’s no surprise
  • Nursey sits on Dex often. Dex always pushes him off. Nursey always gazes at Chowder, wishing to sit upon that perfect lap, but he dare not mess with the goalie vibe
  • Shitty is always sitting on people and if he’s not sitting on someone, he’s offering his “throne” to anyone and everyone… including Hall and Murray when they’re having a good game and his joking is more welcome
  • Bitty sitting on Jack’s lap. 
  • Bitty sitting on Jack’s lap
  • Bitty
  • on
  • Jack’s
  • Lap
  • But like, Jack pulling Bitty into his lap and looking all casual about it. And Bitty just writes it off as Jack being “””practical???””” 
  • Bitty perching on Jack’s knee and acting all casual about it and Jack trying hard (hehe) to focus on the game and not on Bitty’s hold-able ass
  • Whiskey sitting on Tango’s lap. Tango asks why. Holster Tango to “let it be, bro. At least he’s not sitting on some LAX bro’s lap!” Tango has many more questions.
TL:DW EXO MV's Edition

What is Love:
K Version. Baeksoo brought the soul. Kai’s SM contract forbade him to dance with a girl so he settled for a shirt. Chanyeol’s hair was awkward and Kris used all of the acting skills he’s ever going to get.

M Version. Chen and Luhan were perfect. Old clips from the teasers that were synced badly and looked cheap because SM doesn’t care.

K Version. The baggy pants dance song. Kai sung through his teeth. Yixing had fierce hand poses. Hard to decide if their fashion was futuristic or just a trainwreck.

M Version. Xiumin used all the hair gel. Kris looked really good. Luhan’s wardrobe hinted at his fetishes and Tao’s shirt came from the Kanye West collection of ripped and hole filled clothes.

K Version. Boring English intro that everyone skips. Druid costumes and poor English lyrics. The money for effects came out of M’s paychecks. Someone actually okay’d Kai’s screaming with lame tattoos on his face and neck as a credible scene.

M Version. Yixing owned this dance. Tao fought rose petals. Baekhyun and Chen do the same exact hand movements when they sing and Kai somehow was included in their dance break.

Miracles in December:
K&M Version. 12 guys were jerks to a girl and now they want her back, but she loves herself too much to give the time of a day. So Tao turns back time, but she still leaves because sad Christmas songs are lame.

K Version. The reason you hesitate when people ask what Kpop is. Somehow no one quit during the filming. Xiumin had black finger nails. Sehun was a rainbow. Kyungsoo had ruffled sleeves and Chanyeol’s bandana hat did NOT start a new fashion trend.

M Version. It’s just as bad.

K&M 1st Version. A one shot masterpiece that showed a simple schoolboy concept could be a winner. Tao and Luhan were sleeveless. Tao did his iconic dance. Sehun taught us how to spell and Yixing got his only solo dance spot in a Korean vid.

K&M Version. Korea’s Next Top Maze Runner. SM finally hired a stylist. Kris’ bucket hat warned us of his future baldness. Luhan had a man bun and Kai got struck by electricity.

Call Me Baby:
K&M Version. Cool cars that they were rented out using M’s paychecks. Everyone was pelvic thrusting. Sehun’s iconic line was uttered. Krishan was gone and Yixing was blonde.

Love Me Right:
K&M Version. Beautiful scenes that make no sense and connect no dots. Kai completely enjoyed himself. Chanyeol’s hair stylist wasn’t fired. SHAWTY IMA PARTY TIL THE SUNDOWN and watch the Chinese version for complete Yixing appreciation.

Let’s make one of our best songs but only use 3 members in the MV andddd not even play the whole song. Let’s even end it on a cliffhanger because everyone loves a good mystery.

Sing For You:
K&M Versions. More sad Christmas songs. D.O. carpooling to nowhere. Suho and Channie’s “acting”. Kai destroyed a room and there was a giant whale in space.

Lucky One:
K&M Versions. 9 men wearing a college tuitions amount of makeup on, dance, pass out flowers, and drink water, because we all know that’s how you escape your captors.

K&M Versions. Made bruises look sexy. Suho got a dance solo without ever having a verse solo. Kai and Yixing buddied up. Baekhyun ripped his piercings out. Chen got to say “Shawty” and they continued their mysterious story line that’s only barely understandable.

K&M Versions. Everyone’s confidence was on 10. Sehun got a dance solo and actually danced well. Baekhyun teased us with his hot bod. Suho proved he’s more dad now than mom. Kyungsoo let his inner demons out and Chanyeol killed us all with his smirk and shoulders.

you know what? niall is quite little and not very built compared to other men, but really hes so confident in who he is and that exudes out of every part of him and just makes him so fucking hot and sexy and good looking and every other word you can come up with to describe a handsome man and it doesnt matter that his legs are a bit skinny or his arms arent that thick, hes SO perfect the way he is and HE likes who he is and seriously i love every single bit of him and his body and the way he carries himself and THAT is what makes him the most gorgeous man alive to me

‘Intimacy’ painted for 1A by @tinzelda for the Stucky Big Bang 2016

Steve and Bucky are together before the war. Kind of. Bucky sure wants to be—he knows how he feels about Steve. Steve, however, hates that Bucky has to take care of him, so he can’t give himself over to the relationship. Steve desperately wants to enlist, but when he finally gets that 1A stamp, it isn’t the validation he thought it would be. When Bucky sees Steve transformed, he thinks he’s lost him for good, but Steve needs Bucky to look after him more than ever. He drives himself hard to feel worthy of being Captain America and keeps just enough distance between them to drive Bucky crazy. In other words, Steve still has something to prove, and Bucky has the patience of a saint. 

Please go read the beautiful story and get really frustrated by these two idiots just being perfect for each other, Steeb’s stupidly righteous heart and Bucky’s  awfully complex love for him.

I can’t help but to imagine Ichigo holding Kazui for the first time, just after Orihime has given birth, looking at his face and finding two big, tender, maroon, and familiar eyes, how overwhelmed he must have felt when in his hands was the almost exact replica of him, almost, because he also carried other characteristics, little things that were given to him from the woman he loved, the perfect mixture of both of them right in front of him in this little human being and I cant just- I CANT </3