Knife and Flamethrower Part 2

[Part 1 is here]

Henry Bowers x Reader x Patrick Hockstetter

General Idea: Reader is dating Henry but sleeping with Patrick on the side

Warning: Violence, bad language, some sexual situations, NSFW

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Me ^^ because I want Isaac to come back even if it’s just a glimpse of him. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! 😢😭 just look at him

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OKAY, I know everyone is talking about Freddie (which they should) BUT has anyone noticed sassy younger Mitch in that photo. I mean, just look at him.... He is perfect, and I love him. That is all I have to say at the moment....

mitch has always been a small angry boy

  • 'Is Hoseok single?' Yoongi jerked his head up in surprise.
  • 'As far as I know. You interested?' Yoongi asked sarcastically, looking over the other idol from head to toe. It was nonsense-- the notion that an idol was crushing on Yoongi’s group mate.
  • 'Actually, between you and me...' the guy muttered. Yoongi nearly dropped his draw. He composed himself quickly, a current of anger and jealousy running through him with a vengeance. Yoongi gulped, looking across the room at Hoseok, who, oblivious to the conversation happening across the room, was mingling with the Vice President of MNET. five idol groups and a handful of actors had been invited to the elite gathering, but Yoongi applauded Hoseok’s ability to socialize with such ease. Earlier in the night, Yoongi and the other members had been sitting together and eating the meal; Hoseok munching cutely on all the dinner rolls while listening intently to the president’s speech. They were sitting next to each other, Hoseok thigh constantly grazing Yoongi’s-- sending strange little shocks throughout Yoongi’s entire body. He'd always ignored these touches; a forbidden feeling fighting its way into his mind. Off limits, he always reminded himself. And besides, Hoseok was the unattainable tease. Yoongi was more curious than ever to get inside that man's brain.
  • Yoongi looked at the idol in front of him, and then glanced to hoseok.
  • 'I won't tell.' He said cooly, sipping his drink and looking around the room. It was suddenly a bit awkward.
  • 'You don't think- he'd be into me?' The idol asked. Yoongi glanced over him. Shaggy black hair, a cute dimple, nice jaw. He'd be able to get any girl he wanted. Why hoseok? Yoongi huffed.
  • 'Hoseok is quite picky. He doesn't talk about his dating life much.' Yoongi said, his tone slightly more clipped. The idol nodded.
  • 'Just look at him. He's perfect, isn't he?' The idol smiled. Yoongi looked to hoseok, their eyes meeting suddenly. Hoseok smiled softly, Yoongi's heart in a rampage.
  • 'He is.' Yoongi said thoughtlessly. The idol looked at him with surprise.
  • 'Speaking of his talents, of course!' Yoongi laughed.
  • He tried to get out of this conversation and back to the members table quickly. He scurried over with a plate of desserts, sitting next to namjoon with relief.
  • 'You alright?' Namjoon asked. He was scrolling through Instagram and people watching.
  • 'Can we do something tonight? After this is over?' Yoongi asked. Namjoon closed his phone in surprise.
  • 'You actually want to hangout with us?' Namjoon asked, eyes wide. It was something like that. Or rather, as long as Hoseok would be there, too.
  • 'Let's drink or something.' Yoongi offered.
  • 'Let's poll the group when they come back. But I think if they know you suggested the idea, they'll all be interested' he said. Slowly, the members sat down with their dessert. Yoongi waited eagerly for hoseok to sit, glancing at him impatiently, saving his last piece of cake so he could give a bite to his favorite guy.
  • Twenty minutes passed. But no Hoseok.
  • 'Where's Hobi?' Jungkook asked.
  • 'I saw him pulled over by Sehun in the corner.' Jimin said, an irritation in his voice. Yoongi scanned and saw the two of them giggling and touching one another's shoulders with ease.
  • 'Yoongi, tell them your idea!' Namjoon offered. Yoongi suddenly didn't feel too excited by the thought. A smitten and distracted hoseok? There was nothing that irritated Min Yoongi more.
  • 'Scratch that plan.' Yoongi grumbled, shoving his fork sharply into his last piece of cake-- the best piece.
  • Hoseok came back to the table some time later, setting down the exact piece of cake Yoongi had wanted to offer him to share.
  • 'Hyung, I know you like this cake. I got it for us to share.' Hoseok smiled, laying his hand behind yoongis neck and massaging sweetly. Yoongi closed his eyes and suppressed a light moan. Instead, he could feel the bitterness creeping in.
  • 'I already ate.' Yoongi said, the other members noticing his irritated tone. Everyone was aware of the close bond between Yoongi and Hoseok-- it's just that no one knew of their true inner feelings.
  • 'Oh.' Hoseok said, his mood lowering. He ate the cake quietly, Yoongi feeling a pain at his chest. He hated making hoseok feel bad .
  • 'But thank you.' Yoongi whispered. Hoseok looked at him with curious and questioning eyes. What was wrong with his favorite hyung?
  • After a long event, the members took their car back to the dorms. Hoseok was sitting in the back
  • With V and jin, while Yoongi sat with the others. He was working up the courage to ask hoseok to go for a walk once they got home. He just didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Hoseok was his coworker. He needed to get over this, and get over it quickly. He'd suppressed his feelings for so many years, it had barely phased him.
  • But recently, something had changed. The way they looked at each other. The way hoseok smiled at him/- knew his every
  • Mood. The way they stayed up through the night and talked without a second of uncomfort. Hoseok knew more about Yoongi than Yoongi did-- he sometimes thought.
  • And tonight, Yoongi had learned just how desirable his Hoseok was to others. He felt oddly territorial. Yoongi was more curious than ever. Who else was interested in his precious hoseok?
  • He waited for hoseok to get out of the van and lingered back.
  • 'Hey.' He said quietly, scurrying next to him.
  • 'Hey.' Hoseok yawned. Shit, he was tired.
  • 'Ah,
  • Never mind.' Yoongi said.
  • 'You're acting strange: what's up?' Hoseok asked.
  • 'Can we walk for a bit?' Yoongi asked.
  • 'Of course!' Hoseok said effortlessly.
  • 'Guys, we'll be up a bit later.' Yoongi called, veering hoseok down the street.
  • 'Can I join?' v called back. Yoongi groaned.
  • 'Nope; sorry.' Yoongi said, causing the other members to giggle a bit.
  • 'I see how it is!' V exclaimed.
  • Yoongi and hoseok walked for a
  • Few minutes in silence, growing further and further away from the dorm. They sometimes took walks like this- venting out frustrations and relieving stress.
  • Hoseok sat down in the grassy patch and laid down. He had stripped off his nice coat, and was sprawled out in his black dress pants and a silky blue dress shirt. He looked even more handsome than usual-- just looking up at Yoongi so comfortably.
  • 'Okay, talk to me.' Hoseok demanded, offering his hand to Yoongi. Yoongi took it and let himself be pulled next to hoseok, their hands warm and interlocked.
  • Hoseok released but Yoongi wished he hadn't.
  • 'You don't like anyone, do you?' Yoongi asked, his palms sweating nervously. Hoseok eyed him suspiciously.
  • 'What are you up to??' He asked.
  • 'I'm just curious.'
  • 'I, uh-- I don't really have an answer.' Hoseok looked down nervously.
  • 'Who is it?' Yoongi pressed.
  • 'Yoongi-- ' hoseok pleaded, sitting up.
  • 'I... I know someone who likes you. I'm inquiring for them.' Yoongi stuttered.
  • 'Yoongi... you know that even if I did like someone, I couldn't act on that interest. You know better than anyone!' Hoseok exclaimed.
  • ' I do.' Yoongi glanced at his crush with longing eyes. He really did know.
  • 'I'm flattered that someone is interested. I'm sure they'll find someone suitable in no time.' Hoseok offered, eliminating himself as an option. Yoongi laughed lightly. That was a hoseok response. Removing himself from the equation.
  • 'I have another question.' Yoongi felt more comfortable now, just being there with hoseok-- all alone. Just the two of them, what he liked best.
  • 'Oh here we go.' Hoseok joked. Yoongi twisted his fingers with jitters all through his body.
  • 'Have you ever... liked one of the members?' Yoongi asked. Hoseok nearly choked at the question.
  • 'Yoongi, why are you doing this?? You know that these kinds of questions are really crazy, right? What if I said yes?? It's completely against the rules. And If I did, what would it matter?? It wouldn't be reciprocated. And if I did, all it would do is lead to more problems!' Hoseok spewed off angrily.
  • 'I-- I...' Yoongi started.
  • 'What, hyung?' Hoseok asked.
  • 'I...'
  • Yoongi looked at Hoseok and Hoseok looked at Yoongi. Min Yoongi had never seen such a beautiful person in his entire life. He'd never wanted to lay his own lips on another's with this much passion.
  • And then suddenly, he had.
  • He was kissing Jung Hoseok.
  • Hoseoks initial reaction was shock. He pulled back, looking at
  • Yoongi with wide eyes.
  • 'Yoongi...' he breathed. Yoongi didn't give him another minute to pull away, looking like once more. The way Hoseok moved his lips against Yoongi’s-- Yoongi had never felt this before. A warmth spread throughout his whole body. His skin was on fire. The feeling of hoseoks fingers brushing his cheek was enough to send him into another dimension. This kiss was mutual, Hoseok could feel it too. He wanted more. He wanted this so badly. But something inside him was signaling to stop. This is bad for business, his mind reminded him. But it feels so right; he thought again. Stop. Stop. He argued with himself until finally he pulled away from Yoongi, who had placed his hand sweetly around Hoseok’s lower back.
  • 'We can't.' Hoseok said gruffly.
  • 'I know.' Yoongi opened his eyes and exhaled. Hoseok had never seen yoongis face so flushed and pink. He looked nice with a bit of color. He always looked nice.
  • 'This never happened.' Hoseok offered. Yoongis heart dropped into his chest. The dejected feeling hit him immediately.
  • 'Hoseok...'
  • 'No. it never happened.' Hoseok said, standing up. It was the last thing hoseok wanted to do-- he wanted to lay with Min Yoongi until the sun rose in a few hours. He wanted to kiss his soft lips and talk for hours about anything and everything.
  • But Hoseok had gone through too much to let love change anything.
  • He couldn't let his emotions get the best of him. He couldn't let Yoongi ruin his career either.
  • 'It really meant nothing to you?' Hoseok could hear the hurt in yoongis voice.
  • He crouched down and took Yoongi’s hand, kissing it lightly.
  • 'It meant everything to me.' He whispered, darting off towards the dorms.
  • Min Yoongi had never felt so conflicted in his entire life.

Natsu Dragneel
Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark Arts

“Think of it this way! If this doesn’t work, we’ll be too dead to care”

you've got me


This is basically what I would of hoped what happened when Finn comes around Rae’s to say that he and Olivia had broken up and to say that he’s moving to Leeds. 

“Because I’ve got no other reason to stay, have I?”

“Yeah you do!” Finn’s eyebrows raised and disappeared beneath this fringe.

“And what’s that then?” he was hoping she was going to say ‘me’.

“Well, lots of reasons, you got the gang, Archie! And your dad.” She lowered her head. She knew that wasn’t the reason why he should stay. She wanted him more than anything. She thought that she didn’t matter. She thought that she didn’t even make it close to the list of things why he should stay. She had broken him.

“They know why I don’t want to stay. I’ve spoken to them about it and they say that I should do what I want and do what I need to do. Rae…- I need a real reason.” He looked up at her. Her face unreadable. That was one of the faults in their relationship. She didn’t let him in, she was very secluded and kept herself to herself. He didn’t know how to read her, he never knew what to do when something was wrong. He was lying to her as well – he hadn’t spoken to his dad and Archie about it and knew for definite, that they would both make him stay.

“Well..” she looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. She had always been good with talking, she was always talking about something. But when it came to things that mean the world, she choked. She couldn’t muster up the words to tell him. He deserved more.

“Well, you’ve got me?” she said in the faintest whisper, it was a surprise Finn had heard her.

“You don’t want anything to do with me. You made that very clear when you dumped me” Finn was gutted about the break up. He really loved Rae, he never told her because he was scared – he had never felt this way about anyone before.

“I did it for you!” Rae yelled

“What an earth are you on about Rae?” he really didn’t understand, he never did when it came to Rae.

“I broke up with you, because I was embarrassed you for you to be seen with me! I wa embarrassed for you Finn! You can’t tell me that you didn’t notice the looks, the sniggers and pointing and laughing. Yeah, they never said it to our face, but I know they were thinking it.”

“And you actually care what other people think about our relationship Rae? It was me and you! Not me and you and the rest of college! You should give a shit what those people thought, I knew I didn’t” Finn was speaking in a much lower tone than Rae. He was trying to solve this trying to make this better. He didn’t want to leave, he just couldn’t be around Rae and not BE with her. It killed him.

Rae just looked at him. He was so perfect. He deserved so much more.

“I think you need to leave” Rae said, tears brimming her eyes.

“No. No, im not leaving! Rae I need an answer!” he swallowed hard, “why did you break up with me?”

“You deserved better. I can’t be the one that drags you down because I’m still ill Finn. I’m not better.”

“wha’?! You said you were better?” Finn couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he hated how much Rae hated herself.

“I thought I was. I thought that having a boyfriend would solve all of my problems. That if I found someone who loved me, then maybe I would start liking myself more.” Rae was starting to cry

“So it was my fault? I made you ill again?” Finn couldn’t bare the thought of it. He was beginning to run through a list of things in his head where he could have fucked up – where he went wrong.

“No! no Finn you were perfect  - too perfect” Rae said dropping her head

“I’m not perfect Rae. Nobody is”

“It’s all my fault.. I’ve fucked everything up. I was such a terrible girlfriend!”

“hey, hey, hey! Don’t say that. You were pretty great” Finn said smiling, as he shuffled up closer to Rae and put an arm around her shoulders. He looked her deep in the eyes. This was the closest they has been since they had broken up. It was only now he realised that he had missed her so much.

“What kind of girlfriend feels it is necessary to pour half a bottle of vodka down her boyfriend’s throat because she is too afraid to take her clothes off in front of him?” he finally looked at him. His face was a puzzle, she could read him. “If you can’t already tell, I hate myself quite a lot. I couldn’t even take my clothes off in front of you!”

The sudden realisation hit him. “Did I pressure you into do doing stuff? Did I Rae, because if I did I am so sorry! I didn’t know what t-“

“No Finn, no. Trust me! I wanted to I really, really did but I couldn’t. I didn’t want you viewing me as how view myself. That would break me” the tears had stopped, but they were threating to break.

“Rae” Finn said smiling “I know you don’t look like those girls in the magazines and in the movies. I know that. That why I like ya. You’re different to any other girl I’ve ever met! You’re cool, always talking about something, killer taste in music and quite an impressive rack” he gushed glancing down to her chest proudly and Rae giggled slightly.

“And Rae, I’ve got a vague idea of what ya body looks like. And I like it.” He smiled at her sincerely.

“Rae you’re beautiful” he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and stared lovingly into her eyes. Rae just stared back, she had no idea what to say.


He looked at her confused. She took a deep breath.

“I’m your reason Finn. Stay because of me.” Finn grinned ear to ear and crashed his lips against hers. She happily returned this kiss, slowly sliding her tongue into his mouth. This kiss deepened and soon got pretty heated. She was lying down on her bed with Finn on top of her.

“Finn. I want you”

“Rae, are.. are ya sure? I mean-“

“yeah I’m sure” she smiled small

He took his shirt off and threw it on the floor. He raised his eyebrows at Rae asking for permission to take hers off too and she nodded. He whipped her shirt off in a flash and reached around her to undo her bra. He skilfully unclasped the hook and that joined the rest of her clothes on the floor.

They were both lying on the bed with their legs intertwined.

“Rae, what you thinkin’ about” finn asked

“We just had sex” Rae said, she couldn’t believe she had finally done it! And it was with Finn fucking Nelson!

Finn sniggered slightly “yeah I know” he couldn’t believe it either, he had finally had sex with Rachel Earl! Mind blowing sex!

Finn continued to stroke her hair with a goofy smile on his face

“ey! What you smiling at?!” rae said and hit him lightly on his bare chest.

“I got me girl back” he said, his grin widening, if that was possible.

“yeah you do” she said smiling, stuffing her face into the crook of his neck “so you’ll stay?” she asked hopeful

“You’re never going to get rid of me now! I’m here..” he pointed at her heart “to stay.” And smiled at her. She pulled him tighter to him. “Rae..”

“yeah” she mumbled

“I love you” her head sprung up and looked at him.

“really?” she asked

“REALLY REALLY!” he said grin still prominent.

“good, because I love you.”

It felt like Finn’s stomach just fell out of his butt. He rolled over to her and pressed his forehead to hers.

“hmm.. Round two?”

All Rae did was giggle as he attacked her neck with kisses.

I can literally just imagine Dan and Phil watching Free! And Dan being there like “pHIL LOOK AT HIM.” And Phil being there like “daN NO.” And Dan being like “DAN YES.” And then Phil’s like “DONT FALL IN LO-“ And then Dan goes “I LOVE HARU. LOOK AT HIM. JUST LOOK AT HIM, HE IS PERFECT HE IS THE MOST PERFECT CINNAMON ROLL THERE HE iS PHIL JUST, PHIL LOOOOOK.”