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I hc trans!enjolras looking like Gaby Dunn with short and bleached hair tbh



Enjolras??? is that you???

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I can't believe they are bumping Maggie back down to just a recurring character for season 3. She was so good in season 2 as a regular. Why are they doing this? I'm guessing this means their not getting married

Honestly, Floriana said that Maggie was only planned for one season.

Which means maybe they didn’t know Sanvers would be loved so much and have so much impact on people.

Now this … She wants to continue playing Maggie so much.

She loves the fans.

And this keeps going (just look at her liked page on twitter !)

So .. getting back to the 1 season thing. She didn’t think she would be back maybe, so she might have taken other projects. Fact is, Sanvers made so much noise that they kept her for an other season. WE MADE THAT HAPPEN. Now, I believe if we make enough noise and keep supporting Sanvers, we could get her back as a regular for season 4. The LGBTQ family is BIG !

Know that she feels the same about her lack of screentime as us. (in her liked tweets)

Wich means this isn’t her fault, she wants more screentime, she wants more Sanvers and I believe she wants more background.

For those of you who watch OITNB, Laura Prepon was a regular in S1 then became a reccurent in S2 … But in S 3,4,5 she’s a regular again (sorry it’s in French ^^)

So I have faith. We can have Flo back as regular if we make noise !

Her being a reccurent doesn’t mean they aren’t gonna get married ! Now I can’t be sure 100% I agree. (saw a great thing they could make (can’t remember where) : The president asks a science division task force led by Maggie somewhere else than National city) But Katie was a reccurent and look at the time she got ! Yes, we may have less screentime but I don’t think having less than 30 sec every two eps was great too. Her not being a regular just means she will be in less episodes not that she will competely be forgotten and that Sanvers is over. #NotOverYet #SanversLivesOn


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Just out of curiosity why does the supergirl fandom realize that floriana is problematic but they won't acknowledge how islamophobic melissa is? I mean her role in patriots day and just her being in that movie is fucked up but everyone stills stans her like she's some flawless bean?

the difference is that melissa’s problematic because of a role (which she originally didn’t even audition for but the casting directors assigned her that role instead, and at least the woman was white in real life) while in real life she supports muslims 100% (just look at her twitter) so that’s borderline forgivable, while floriana keeps stealing poc roles (apparently she has a history) and defended an actual rapist on twitter so guess who’s worse

i’m not saying melissa is unproblematic but there are worlds between her and floriana

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Melly is a Harry girl and Larry shipper. I don't trust her. Just look through her tumblr and twitter.

the larries are so hardcore they’re sending in undercover spies 

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Does it annoy you how much camila is put above the rest of the girls? It's basically camila cabello and those other girls. It's really annoying me.

YES. this honestly pisses me off more than anything. the media basically makes fifth harmony “Camila Cabello ft. her backup singers” i mean

front covers of magazines

full page articles

and over 3 million search results online

(the next one pisses me off so much)

“Camila Cabello AND fifth harmony"…."Camila Cabello and the other 4”

(its clearly been worse in the last few months because of this whole “Camaustin” thing.)

and management isnt helping by putting her in the center of the ep cover and the center of every photo shoot.

But its not just that either. Look at her twitter and instagram etc. she has way more followers than any of the other girls which means a lot of people just follow her and not the rest of the group because of all this attention she gets. people only see her as just Camila Cabello and not 1/5 of a girl group.

and im not saying its her fault i mean Camilas that pretty girl who has the cutesy, fun personality that attracts people and draws everyones attention towards her and it really sucks for the other girls because they get shoved behind her spotlight and no one gets to see how amazing the rest of fifth harmony is.

ALMOST every dance moms girl has done things out of taste/rude/hateful online, but can we talk about nia? not once has nia made a rude comment online. not once has nia done anything that could hurt anyone else. yet we act completely oblivious to that. nia actually motivates fans; just take one look at her twitter. i say that we put nia in the spotlight for once. she deserves it.