I need a fic where Baze and Chirrut adopt a baby Jyn & Bodhi.

I need Chirrut to just show up with one of them like “Baze! Darling, look what I found!”
And Baze is internally screaming.

Chirrut is the ‘cool’ dad. Aka, he let’s them stay up 15 minutes past there bedtime. He totally embrasses them too.
Like when he shouted, “YEAH! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!” At Jyn’s baseball game. He can’t see, but he knows she’s doing well.

Or the time when Bodhi graduated kindergarten and Chirrut clapped incredibly loud when his name was announced.

Baze is the ‘strict’ parent. But he’s also fun and loves his kid’s to death. He helps them with there homework. (Why are they teaching fifth graders algebra? Why?) He picks Jyn up from school after she got in another fight. She always gives him a pained smile, tisses shoved up her nose. He just sighs and takes her hand, not even wanting to know who or why she beat someone up.

He’s usually the one to help with injuries too.
Like when Bodhi twisted his ankle and he thought he was dying. (He was six)
He ended up carrying a crying Bodhi inside, trying to calm him as he sobbed that he was dying. After an ice pack and a cookie, he was feeling better.

I need Jyn bringing her first boyfriend home, Cassian, with Baze and Chirrut going into mama bear mood.

“We want you home at eight o'clock sharp, young lady.”

“I know papa.”

Chirrut turned to Cassian. “If you hurt her, I will find you. And I will kill you. Got it?”

“Yes sir.” Cassian gulped, Jyn grabbing his arm.

The two leave, Chirrut turning to his husband. “I like him. He’s a keeper.”

“You just met him.”

“He’s the one!”

I need both Chirrut and Baze walking her down the aisle, and both crying because there baby is all grown up and it’s so cute.

I need them holding there granddaughter for the first time, and lord have mercy she is so tiny and cute. They totally spoil her rotten.

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Do u have any hcs/thoughts about the 2017 gpf banquet??

  • Victor gets super wasted and clings to Yuuri the whole time
    • He’s continually professing his love for him and Yuuri is just kind of patting his shoulder like “ok darling”
    • “Look at our rings,” Victor pleads to quite literally anyone who will make eye contact with him
  • Christophe and Victor have a dance-off and Yurio and Yuuri film it
  • Sara and Mila slow dance together and everyone in the room is so captivated that they turn and watch as Mila slowly spins Sara around and then kisses her on her cheek
  • Yurio sees Victor and Yuuri slow dancing (Victor is drunk and stumbling) and smiles and a few people catch him smiling but nobody says anything
  • JJ and Isabella dance but JJ style it the whole time and it’s sort of ridiculous but they’re just in their own little world
  • Phichit nervously asks Seung-gil to dance with him and is shook when Seung-gil says yes and he takes his hands
  • Victor, as the night is winding down, starts to whisper the extent of his love for Yuuri in Russian
    • Yuuri can’t understand most of what he’s saying
    • Yakov is the only other Russian speaker nearby and he hears all of this, heart filling w/ love because Victor has come so far since he left for Hasetsu and he can tell that he’s so genuinely happy now
  • Yuuri tucks Victor into bed and kisses his forehead
  • Victor is a mess of incoherent giggles and love
  • They’re all in love and they’re all friends and everything is perfect and lovely and ideal

glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥



Love the coat and the guy wearing it

Chris&Eva #2(Skam)

“You couldn’t have picked anyone else?”

“Seriously Chris, why am I even here?” Eva says and gives out an annoyed sigh. “You couldn’t have picked anyone else? I mean, I’m not really an expert in men tuxedos.”

“But you are a girl. And girls love guys in tuxedos. You don’t have to be an expert to tell me, which tuxedo I look the best in. You just have to be yourself, darling.” He says and gives her one of his classic I-know-I-am-handsome-don’t-deny-it smiles.

Eva decided that his ego deserved a little setback and gave let out a dismissive laugh.

“Honestly, Chris. That tuxedo would have to be made out of pure gold to make you look even the slightest bit handsome. Don’t flatter yourself.”  She said and immediately regretted  the last sentence. There was a thin line between teasing and offending someone,and she might have done just that had it not have been Chris Schistad she was talking to. Chris ,who was the  most self-sufficient person she knew. (Besides Sana, of course. )

Chris just gave out a soft chuckle and shook his head. Then he turned away from the mirror he had been standing in front of and turned to face her. And in this second she couldn’t been more glad that he had asked her to come with him to pick out a tuxedo. He looked…wow. One of the most annoying and at the same things kind of fascinating things about Chris was his ability to look like he just stepped out of a Men’s fashion catalogue. It wasn’t a secret that Chris was one of the most handsome guys to ever go to Nissen, but it wasn’t just his too-handsome -for-his-own-good face, but also it was also his ability look amazing wearing just a plain dark gray V-neck, navy blue slim fit jeans and pair of  Converse. He had confidence oozing out of him and, honestly, it was both intimidating and hot at the same time.

“I can’t figure out if your staring is because I look good and you are contemplating  if it’s a good idea to take me into dressing room to hook up, which I think it  is , or you are imagining what’s underneath the tuxedo.” He says and raises an eyebrow. “I can show you ,of course ,because I am a very generous guy, but I think we should go back to my place for that.”

Thank God, Eva wasn’t prone to blushing because if she was there wouldn’t be shade red enough to match her flaming cheeks. Eva gathered all of her remaining dignity, flipped a strand of hair over her shoulder and leaned back into the chair.

“Wow, Chris. I feel like we are going to be here for  a while.” She says in fake sadness. ”When did you let yourself go?”

 “Your attempts to cover your attraction to me with mockery are hilarious.” Chris says with an impish grin on his face. “Don’t worry, babe. It’s mutual.” Chris says and gives her one of his cheeky winks. Did he get taught to do it in some Penetrator class, or something?

“And here I was thinking that you only needed me for my  impeccable taste in tuxedos. If you wanted to confess your  crush for me, you should have just said so. There was no need to drag me out tuxedo shopping.”  Eva says with a laugh, whilst gathering her belongings. It has been fun hanging out with Chris. It always was, but their conversations were starting to steer into direction she wasn’t ready for them to steer into. That’s when she knew she needed to flee.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asks turning around to face her. In his eyes she can read the question he really wants to ask. Instead he says “We haven’t even picked out anything.”

“Well, I am sure any girl here would gladly take my spot as your fashion consultant. Few guys as well. But I have places to go, things to do and people to see. Bye, Chris.” She says the last part almost halfway through the door.

“Bye, pretty girl.” She hears him call behind, his voice lacking his usual buoyancy. It almost sounded disappointed. But that would imply that Chris cared for Eva being there, which he didn’t. Chris didn’t seem to care for many people other than his family and William. And he certainly had no reason to care about Eva. And she didn’t have any reason to care about him.



Hello to everyone who is reading this right now! Thank you for reading and liking my previous work. It honestly means a lot to me. And to the lovely person who commented on it - your feedback honestly inspired me to write this. It really does take one good comment to make someones day. Yours really made mine.

Hope you will like this one as well! And if you want to request that I write something specific, don’t be shy to ask!

- B

Darkness | Pt. 6

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1819

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“Where is he?!”

Furiously, you walked from side to side, ready to explode any minute because of the anger that was eating you up inside. It was the next day after Jimin came to visit you, and you were standing in front of his mother, trying to find out where his son was in order to ask him what his plan was. 

“Y-Y/N, darling, calm down please..” his mother mumbled nervously, standing up from the sofa the minute she saw your glare. 

“How shall I be calm? Is he insane?! How can he come to ‘visit’ me when he knows that my fiancé is at home?!” You shouted angrily, making sure that you emphasized the word visit sarcastically. 

His mother averted her eyes slowly, not being able to look into your eyes. "Darling, he just wanted to talk to you-“ 

You looked at her in disbelief. "Talk?! What would have happened if Jungkook had recognized him? What would I tell him then?! 'Oh, Jungkook, look. This is my ex fiancé Jimin and he came back after pretending to be death for two years. Now he wants me back but since I’m engaged to you, he’s pretending to be Jaehwa in order to meet up with me in front of you, Ah, in case you want to know, you’re not carrying his heart.’ Did he lost his mind in those two years?!" 

Jimin’s mother took a deep breath and run her fingers through her short, silky hair. "Y/N, please. You don’t understand. He has gone through a lot.." 

Deeply, you looked into her saddened eyes. "I don’t care what he went through! I don’t care! He came after two years like nothing happened! Okay, I’m glad that he’s alive and that he came back but I can’t ignore those two years, Mother! I want to forgive him. I want to forget but I can’t! It’s too late!" 

You were breathing heavily now, the hot tears already forming in your eyes. "Two years, Mother.. Do you know what I went through in those two years? No, you don’t know because you didn’t see me suffering-" 

"And you didn’t see him.” 

After hearing her words, your head shot up and you looked at her unreadable face. “W-what?" 

She took another deep breath and looked sadly down. "You didn’t see what he went through, Y/N-ah.." 

You gulped down the big lump that formed in your throat and asked hesitantly. "Was it b-bad for him t-too?" 

A sarcastic laugh escaped her mouth. "With the pain that Jimin went through, the whole neighborhood would die, Y/N.." 

Confused, you asked again. "W-What do you mean?" 

Jimin’s mother walked slowly toward you, grabbed your hands and lead you to the sofa, making sure that she was sitting close to you. "Look, Y/N.. Jimin made me promise to keep this to myself but I don’t want to see the people that I love and cherish the most to get hurt anymore. Jimin was threatened.." 

You felt at a loss. What was she trying to say? "Mother, I don’t understand. Who threatened him?" 

"Your father’s enemy..”

Your mouth fell open and you looked at her, shocked. “W-What?”

Her grip around your hands got tighter and she gulped down nervously. “Your parents didn’t die in a car accident, Y/N-ah.. T-They were killed..”

You froze the minute you heard what she said. Her words were echoing in your head and your whole body started shaking. “W-What does this have to do with Jimin?”

“You’re father borrowed money from that man. Since your father lost his job, he couldn’t pay the money back. We tried to help him but the man wanted the money back within a week. We only had half of the money on the last day of the week.. We all tried to talk to him and begged him to give us one more week b-but he didn’t listen and k-killed your mother and father..” 

She too was crying now. When she realized that you weren’t answering, she continued. “Two months after Jimin proposed to you, he got a call from that man, saying that Jimin needed to pay the money back. He threatened Jimin with you. It was either you or the money, Y/N.. Since Jimin couldn’t find the money, the man wanted to hurt you with the only thing you had and that was Jimin..”

Slowly, everything was making sense for you. “W-What did they do to him..?”

“He was very ill, Y/N.. They made him starve and punched him everywhere.. but he survived, for you.. He said that the only thing he could think about was meeting you again. Being able to hug you, kiss you. He thought you’d be together again but when he found out that you were engaged to someone else, his whole world crashed down on him.. He’s still in love with you, Y/N-ah..”

You were sobbing at this moment. He did everything for you. He tried to save you, he protected you. And you moved on, like an idiot..

You were standing in front of Jimin’s apartment, ready to face the reality that you were trying to ignore for this whole time. You wanted to talk to him, you wanted to see him and the most important; you missed him. A lot..

Lifting your arm hesitantly, you knocked on the door. Your heart was beating fast, making it hard for you to think properly. Even though you knew you were standing there for at least two minutes, it felt like you were waiting there for hours. The door was opened slowly and in front of you was standing the man that made your heart beat faster the moment you saw him. Jimin looked at you with wide eyes, shocked to see you in front of his apartment. “Y-Y/N..?”

“H-Hey.. Can I come in?”

The moment Jimin heard those words, he opened his eyes even wider -if that was possible- and started blinking multiple times. “Y-Yes, ehm, o-of course, come in.”

Taking your shoes of, you walked in and waited for him to come near you in order to guide you the way. He guided you to his cozy living room and sat on the floor. You, on the other hand, were standing there, fiddling nervously with your fingers while he was doing something on the floor.

Hesitantly, you took a few steps toward him and joined him on the floor. The moment you saw what he was holding in his hands, your heart broke into little pieces. It was a picture of you that he took on the day of his proposal.

Suddenly, a little giggle left his mouth. “Look what I found.”

He reached the picture toward you and you took it from his hand, ignoring the fact that he brushed his fingers with yours. “Who is this?”

Jimin looked into your eyes and tilted his head a little bit. “My ex fiancé..”

You nodded slowly and smiled a little bit. “She’s beautiful.”

Copying your movements, he looked at your face lovingly. “Yes, she is..”

Your smile vanished away and you looked down at your own picture. “Did she hurt you a lot?”

Yes, you are hurting him, you dumbhead!

You heard Jimin gulp down loudly. “Yes, she did and she still does..”

Sadly, you looked into his eyes. “I want to see them, Jimin.”

Jimin averted his teary eyes and asked silently. “See what?”

“Your injuries..”

“Nevermind, Y/N..”

Ignoring his words, you stood up and walked behind him, trying to lift his shirt in order to see his injuries. He tried to stop you but you pushed his hands away. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You weren’t sure if you could handle the things you were going to see in seconds.

With shaking hands, you lifted his shirt up and the moment you say the injuries, your breath hitched and you started sobbing. His whole chest and back was covered by burn marks and you could see they lashed him very hardly on his back. 

Slowly, you touched the ‘recovered’ injuries and sobbed loudly. “H-How did they do this to you?”

“I-I think I ate something wrong. That is why they appeared on my body.”

He still was trying to change the subject in order not to make you sad.

He took a deep breath and started talking again. “You know, these injuries are not that important. Even though they are healed now, I’m still hurting.”

You closed your eyes and leaned your forehead on his shoulder. “I-I’m the one who is hurting you, right?”

Slowly, Jimin turned around and took your head in his hands. “For two years, I thought about you, Y/N. I went to that hell, hoping I would see you someday again. I insisted. I tried to survive because I knew that you were hurting because of me. And I did it. I survived. But the moment I saw his ring on you finger, I wished to be dead, Y/N.. Right now, it feels even more worse than what I went through in that hell..”

You closed your eyes and held tightly on his hands. He too, was crying now. “I-I’m so sorry Jimin..”

“When did you forget me?”

You opened your eyes widely and started shaking your head while you were sobbing. “J-Jimin, stop..”

Jimin, on the other hand, didn’t look away and asked again. “When did he fill my place? He replaced me, right?”

“Jimin, please, stop..”

“Don’t be scared, tell me. You loved him too, right? Or maybe you’re still in love with him. Are you happy with him? Does he make you feel special like I did?”

“Jimin! Stop, pleas-”

Jimin held your face harshly and connected your eyes. “Answer me, Y/N! Do you love him?

Slapping his hands away, you shouted angrily at him. “What would change if I’d say no?!”

You took a deep breath and tried to calm down a little bit before looking sadly into his eyes. “If I’d say ‘hold my hand’, could you do it, Jimin?” you asked while shaking your head from side to side. “You couldn’t, Jimin.. If you’d say ‘come to me’, I can’t do it.. So please stop-”

Jimin interrupted your words by wiping your tears away and placing a soft kiss on your forehead. He leaned down to your ear and whispered the words that made your breath hitch and your heart beat faster.

“Run away with me, Y/N.”

Author’s Note: Finally, Part 6 is here! Ahh, I don’t even know anymore what I should think about this scenario.. I still hope you like it.~ Let me know what you think about this part. Should Y/N stay with Jungkook or run away with Jimin?