concept i can’t stop thinking about: jane with one of those cooking/lifestyle blogs with like, full-length autobiographies before all the recipes, but since it’s jane, considering the kind of life story she has, it’s always like: 

  “I recall trying to teach my good friend Dirk how to make this recipe over skype one late September day a few years back. For some reason, it just wouldn’t come out right! That was before I found out he lived in a post-apocalyptic future hundreds of years from the time i knew as the present, of course. It turns out making a good crêpe using seagull eggs is darn near impossible!”

 “This apple pie recipe is an old family tradition! I learned it from my father, who inherited it from my grandfather, and now i’m passing it on to all of you! When I met my grandfather’s teenage alternate-universe duplicate, it turns out his own father taught him the very same recipe, passed down from his grandmother, an alternate-universe duplicate of me! Time travel is a funny thing, huh?”

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not cat related, sorry, but my beautiful betta fish passed away today and i'm really depressed about it. he was about two and a half years old, had a nice big heated 10 gallon all to himself, and i just really really loved him you know? but i feel weird because everyone i've ever known who had fish never got this sad when they died. i feel like such a crybaby. why can't i stop crying. is this normal? does this sadness go away? i feel awful.

It’s perfectly reasonable to feel this way. You gave him such a good life, I’m sure he enjoyed his time with you. I’m so sorry for your loss and, as cliche as it sounds, time does make it easier.

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And that looks like Liam's house in the picture. And those sure look like Liam's footwear. Lovely, just what we need after all this time off, the narrative shoved down our throats when we should be enjoying celebrating Liam's birthday. There goes my good mood. :P

Hi anon,

I know, but picture could be anytime.  Liam may not have even been there.

The implication is there of course but no proof Liam was. 

And we can still celebrate Liam and his birthday, this old stunting with dogs shit does not change that in anyway, its been done to death. 

@ws-scott-h and I just arrived at the Old Bailey and good God, I never knew there could be that much press gathered around Baker Street and Bailey at the same time. It was madness. We even needed the police to get her safely. 

Sherlock made a name for himself since the Reichenbach case and I can honestly say that I don’t like it. Not one bit. It’d be nice for things to calm down again after this so we can enjoy what we have right now. And maybe catch up on that honeymoon.

good morning, y’all. it looks like zoro won, so i’m gonna focus on that after one or two rounds of overwatch and a shower. gotta run some errands today and tell the beautiful ladies at the library that the uni accepted me and that they can expect me to apply for another internship soon. 
and if i still got time to rp once i’ve moved i’m going to also make a pharah, just because i can. thanks to all the people who helped out ♥. lmao someone make me a theme and an icon psd.

Positive Rumbelle: I remember once only wanting fluff and good times, and wondering why so many in the fanbase were so into angst.........

but sometime around Ariel in S3, I had an epiphany. All of a sudden I understood that it was the journey that that would make the destination worth the while, that it was their struggles that would make them stronger and better…..and it’s all true.

Everything that Rumbelle will be dealing with in S6 is important - this isn’t just them being separated yet AGAIN by some new villain or even an old one with a grudge, like Regina; this is them facing real issues - and character based ones. Rumple has to acknowledge his goodness and the fact that he’s more than the DO; Belle has to face her darkness and learn not to put so much pressure on herself. Rumple has to reassure her that she has always been his TL, not power, and Belle has to learn to have faith in him again. There are no two better actors anywhere who are as equipped as Bobby and Em to take us on this emotional journey…..

Hey guys. So I learned something new about myself yesterday, and I feel like making a quick post about it. Hopefully it explains some things to some of you guys that have been following me since I had my old blog.

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.

Without going into it too deeply, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that have stuck with me through good and bad times, through various diagnoses and through medication changes, through everything. You know who you are. Thank you and I love you <3

(this changes nothing about me. it’s just a name for the condition I have. my blog will stay the same, the content and post style will not change, etc. I am still. me. 100% still me, and that’s the most important thing to remember.)

I’ve seen some Discussion recently about how we gotta quit making parent jokes about shiro & allura bc it limits their narrative, which. That’s fair. I mean i love dad/mom jokes as much as the next meme, but IT DOES GET OLD.

And at least with allura, it’s just. Blatantly Incorrect. Like, allura’s not the Mom Friend. She is CLEARLY the Asshole Big Sister Friend and i can say that with confidence bc i’m an asshole big sister. She throws food at u when u piss her off. And like that time when she was trying to bond with pidge over ~girl stuff~, she wants to give good advice, but sort of ends up missing the point sometimes. She will call you a wimp if you can’t keep up with her and she’ll probably put you in a headlock if you touch her stuff. But BY GOD if anyone picks on you besides her, she will beat the shit out of them for u. Big Sister Friend. Trust me on this.

Sunday // 08 - 28 - 2016 // Re-writing my astronomy notes from the first day of lecture. I’ve only written a page and already my hands are cramping.

Also, I used the Muji notebook for the first time in that lecture and I don’t like them. Which is sucky because I had to buy 5 of them, but they were only .70 cents a pop so I don’t feel to bad. The pro’s about those notebooks though is they’re very light, which is awesome since my bag can really drag me down sometimes. Also I had to rip a page out of it to take a in class quiz and honestly I think I better just stick with good old faithful notebook.

However I’m loving the two pens I got, I feel so classy.


I remember the good old day when backgrounds were a pain in my butt. Where did those days go? Idk, but here have a scene from the drabble I wrote for myself (that I probably won’t share at this time). I just really love space, and learning how to paint it was the best thing ever.

edit: I forgot the close up.


Oli is me around friends in relationships being all lovey dovey.

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I've been listening to Hamilton nonstop for a week and the line "why do you write like you're running out of time?" seems like it would fit you perfectly. But in a much more positive and not self-destructive kind of way. Just an interesting fact that popped into my head.

I have always written, and worked, and documented like I was running out of time, because deep down, I have always believed that I was.

Childhood onset OCD is often co-morbid with suicidal ideation, as is adult onset OCD.  For me, this meant that the serious contemplation of killing myself–the view of suicide as something that might not be good, might not be ideal, but was in some ways inevitable–began when I was nine years old.  Nine, and I was standing on freeway overpasses and thinking about jumping; I was stealing sleeping pills and going down to the creek and thinking about drowning.  This is…not a good place to be, but it’s where I was.

I got lucky.  My grandmother saw what I was doing, realized what it meant, and helped me to cope.  She helped me find anchors to hold me to the world.  But that doesn’t change my brain chemistry, or the fact that even when I am at my happiest, I sometimes lie awake and think “my heart could stop, if it were a voluntary muscle I could stop it, I wish it were a voluntary muscle.”  Gotta love those brains.


One of my primary anchoring techniques is stories.  As long as I’m working, as long as I’m writing, I have value, and I deserve to endure.  And I can’t die with something half-finished.  I’m not allowed.  So why do I write like I’m running out of time?

Because I am.  Because everyone is.  Because I have so much to write before I go, and time is so short, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Have you gotten a plus size commission yet? Or made a plus size OC?

Yes~ ^^ Right now my homegirl is Adora (on the left) but this did remind me of an old OC I had back in middle school (right). I used to daydream about animating a video with her to one of the songs in August Rush. Good times. I should revive her, cause I still really like her design.

And I always have time for my favorite creampuff.

and amethyst just cause.

So yeah, my full figures tend to have lotsa swoop, as per the norm. Hopefully this helps answer your question! 

1. Little scared babbu seeking Mommy’s protection.

2. I’ve been debating making the third child inherit not only some freckles from Luna but also susceptibility to depression. There’s no really good way I know of to convey that empty numbness.

3. The bat pony boy had been already a few years old when he was adopted so when Eventide came along, it was Luna’s harsh reintroduction to messy babies.

4. Twilight learned that she REALLY likes windy days.

5. Comfy time in bed, just enjoying a gentle brushing.

I like Mercy/Roadhog because they’re just. So tired. So tired of everyone’s shit. All the time. They just want a quiet afternoon with a good book and some tea without Junkrat shooting himself across the base or Mccree getting his head stuck somewhere because D.va convinced him to do a YouTube challenge. They discuss retirement as the Ultimate Goal. Small house, quiet neighborhood, lovely garden. (“And of course a soundproof room over the garage where Jamison can grow old.”), Like

Let them rest pls they deserve it.

I had deep tissue massage today (everything hurts and I’m dying, but in a good way) and they managed to make an adjustment to my spine while I was on the table and this is the first time in months that both of my shoulders are lying flat against the mattress and my neck doesn’t feel like it’s grinding against my skull.

And I’m just laying here in the dark like   。・:*:・゚☆ \(●v ●✿)/  。・:*:・゚★,

But also like  (ಠ_ಠ✿); because why the fuck am I still awake.

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Have you drawn anything besides FE? I was wondering what other content you have ah.

haha, yeah! I just draw my OCs sometimess, my beloved children….

hmm i also used to have an animal crossing blog, like 2 years ago. Haha, i found these doodles that are terrible but still make me smile. (dont you just love looking at old drawings, tho) :v