Jess and Garrus - Mass Effect 2

Garrus: You still like to blow things up with your biotics, I see. Heh, just like old times.

Jessica: Hell yeah, and I still need to pull your fine ass out of the fire, huh, Vakarian. Good to see somethings never change. 

Garrus: Ha, good to see you didn’t change. 

Jessica: I missed you too, Big Guy. 

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How does post SD Chara feel about sans and toriel being a thing thang

Surprisingly, they’re actually supportive of it. They naturally pretend not to be when Sans is around because annoying him is one of their greatest pleasures in life, but secretly, it makes them happy to see both him and their mom happy. Knowing how much those two mean to each other is one of the reasons Chara chose to run away in the first place, instead of just telling everyone what was going on. They didn’t want to ruin all the good things that happened to their family and friends in their own absence. They thought it would be better for everyone if they just removed themself from everyone’s lives as peacefully as they possibly could.

Sans is actually the one who gets the “is this even allowed” feeling from the whole dating-your-old-arch-enemy’s-mom deal, he feels like there’s something seriously shady going on there, and a couple years down the line, Chara actually has to initiate Real Talk Time for a moment just to tell him they genuinely do not care, they’re just messing around, chill out dude

Most likely, none of the monsters will ever truly understand the huge difference between Chara’s actions and their feelings. Even though they have very different relationships with everyone, they care about all of them immensely, and deep down, the only thing they want for their friends and family is for everyone to have a happy ending. They still doubt whether or not they themself really belong in that happy ending or not, but now they know just how torn up the ones who love them would be if they disappeared. If they want everyone to be happy, they have no choice but to stay.

There’s a small, selfish and very human part of them that’s secretly kind of relieved and happy about this. Everyone wins.

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Fanfic: Can we get Maggie having a young sister who Alex is forced to baby sit and Maggie falling further in love with her?

As you have wished it, so shall it be and I deeply apologize for this being so late.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, let the record show that Alexandra Danvers is shockingly good with children, yet horrible at planning.

In theory though, it seemed like it would be far too easy. Maggie’s 11-year old sister Alyssa comes to town for a weekend, Alex has some time off that she far more than deserved and it’d be smooth sailing if she let her see the sights that National City had to offer, Alex even had time to plan in advance just because that was how rigid she was when it came to planning events in-advance, a habit of her’s since her younger years; unfortunately for Alex she seems to forget one thing, it’s called Murphy’s Law and it loves to give a massive middle finger to Alex Danvers for some reason.

The first thing to go wrong wasn’t even Alyssa’s arrival, hell it wasn’t even the abnormal amount of baggage that was in the back of the cab she arrived in. The first thing to go to hell during this time happened to be an attraction that had been destroyed, accidentally by some rampaging Rhinoceros-like alien just the day before Alyssa was going to arrive in town, though it was shrugged off as just shit happening when shit shouldn’t. No big deal, just one small setback.

The next was the forecast for the next week, when Alex first overheard the words that were uttered by the city weatherman she dreaded it, and hoped he was wrong; no way in hell he was right, it’s happened before and maybe, just maybe he’d be wrong once again so at least part of her plan something.

And in spectacular fashion, Alex Danvers was proven wrong once again. Almost as if some external force was trying to chill her the hell out before she burned herself out but of course that force has never met Alex Danvers and the fact she sometimes seemingly desires to burn herself out, especially if it’s trying to be amicable with Maggie’s relatives, Alex had barely ever met any of them and even then she still wanted to make the best possible impression that she could, even if it were in the smallest form imaginable.

So in the end, here she was…the downpour was insane and stuck with Maggie’s sibling for most of the day, though not all of it was bad since occasionally Kara would at least call and see how everything was going…and asking when she’d get to meet them, and conversely when Kara would be done with her duties for the day, the obvious answer was that it all depended on whether some more alien freaks had decided to go wild in the city streets, and of course it did just like the snap of fingers although it was not too bad only about one or two and no damage was said to have been done to the city in the confrontations; Alex had to however, ask herself why any aliens would be wreaking havoc in crap conditions like today,

Fortunately it was without incident, simply watching movies together and maybe enjoying the odd game or two. It was all that there was to pass the day by, and pass by it did, before Alex knew the next thing it was already beginning to get dark, thinking she could put this awful day aside and maybe…things would pick up, she’d have to figure out how to make up for what went wrong the next day.

“Hey you two, I’m home.” Maggie said as she walked in through the door, drenched in rain from the walk to the parking lot and into the apartment. Witnessing the sight of Alyssa out cold on the couch with a blanket covered over her, turning to see Alex exit the kitchen with what seemed to be the look of disappointment on her face.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Maggie asked as she pulled off her coat, tossing it on the coathanger so it could dry.

Alex gave a long face “I just, y'know it’s not like I didn’t try but-”


“But it looked like nature had other plans…so…I wasn’t able to get anything done today.”

“And you think I’m mad or something?” Maggie said, raising her eyebrow “Danvers, you’re a weird one if you think that something out of your control would make me mad.”

“Maggie, you sort of, slightly know my bad habits alright? You know I’m some try hard perfectionist.”

“And there’s your problem, you believe there’s a such thing as perfect in the first place when there’s no such thing, it’s more like as much as your capable of.”

“I know you mean well with that but I just…wanna make things work, with everyone, or at least attempt to.”

“And you are.” The detective said as she planted a kiss on Alex’s forehead “It’s all new I get it but there’s that saying about Rome and whatnot.”

Alex smiled as she heard those words of encouragement from her girlfriend, it was easy for her to stress, to worry, to overwork herself to try to please people around her even if they had not asked her to. It was the flaw of Alex Danvers, but at least along the way there were those in her life to pull her back from these tendencies; whether it be Kara or Maggie or even J'onn.

As for Maggie, she was actually amazed to see Alex push herself as much as she did in the last week if not be extremely concerned when it seemed to consume whatever time that she had, including her work with the DEO and Maggie’s work on the NCPD…in the end, Maggie loved seeing that dedication, that drive in Alex. it was what attracted her to the older Danvers sister in the first place.

Note: If anyone is interested, I’m taking prompts whether it be Sanvers, Supercorp, Kalex, SuperCanary.

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I mean, I really just wonder how much of this is them actually having fun mocking about classism and pizza and how much of it is larries being upset that Briana maybe flying Freddie to London is another thing they all had on their lists of "this would never ever happen in a million years" like the signed BC and Briana posting a pregnant belly pic. I think this is more a tantrum over her being there at all as opposed to them having a good old time.

Ohhhh it’s definitely a tantrum, but like all their tantrums it’s full of so many revealing projections from them.

Like when they obsess over Briana’s body, sexual behaviors, family, friends, etc, they’re all telling us what they really think about women and mothers.

Same with when the way they talk about Louis being gay.

It wouldn’t occur to me to throw a tantrum laughing over a woman eating at non fancy places but they think it’s so funny a woman would eat somewhere like that.

They’ve shown SO much classism in their handling of Louis and Harry too, in the way they love Harry and his designer clothes and A list friends, and how they constantly have to pretend that in private Louis is just like that and that it’s all a smear campaign that he likes ordinary hometown friends, fast food, cigarettes, normal coffee and sweatpants and things. They have SUCH an issue with working class people and lifestyles. It’s really consistent about them.

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Samuel Winchester,the current reigning Boy King of Hell, was bored out of his mind. No matter what he did, it wasn’t enough. He tortured,raped, sacrificed. Hell he even counted all the bones making up his throne and it didn’t do any good.

The 15 year old sighed and flipped through the book his advisor Crowley gave him before his eyes landed on an interesting looking demon. Why, it looked just like him! He let out a dark chuckle as summoned a few demons and ordered them to get some ingredients and to set up a room for a summoning. The teen stretched and stood up before bounding out of the throne room.

He reached the room and immediately got to work setting up the circle,humming to himself. A short time later the circle was done and Sammy stood outside the intricate circle and started chanting.

“From the 4 corners,he called him.
The North,South,East and West
Come together as one and lend me your power
Oh great one,come to me to provide companionship
And in return, I offer you my blood to bind us as one!!”

He opens his eyes as the circle begins to glow then he takes the chalice full of his blood and pours it directly on the edge of the circle,watching as the red slowly colored the lines and glowed a sickly red. “Come forth oh Great One!”

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Hey bud I've been following you for a long time (started w when paradia first began) and I just wanna say I'm astounded by how amazingly you've developed as an artist like DAMN the quality jump from then to now is just incredible and I hope this doesn't sound weird but I'm really proud of you and only wish the best for you in the future you're a good egg (sorry I'm on anon, it's an anxiety thing x_x)


Pokemon Go Teams Be Like
  • Team Mystic: [pushes up glasses] you have miscalculated and that is your grave mistake for I am the superior trainer you peasant here to educate you on the unpleasant truths of this world Mystic is clearly above you and only the naive couldn't see that-
  • Team Instinct: hey pal lets just have a jolly good time please dont hurt me i work at walgreens
  • Team Valor: [muffled sound of 'Gasolina' playing in the distance] I HAVENT SLEPT IN FORTY HOURS I CANT FEEL MY LEGS AND I DROVE DIRECTLY INTO AN OLD NAVY FOR A SQUIRTLE

Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


my favorite thing is how post-redemption Zuko is so wryly sarcastic ok like omg

Firebending Masters: My great-grandfather Sozin happened
Firebending Masters when Aang makes them dance: This better teach us some really good fire bending.
When they’re stuck: Think about our place in the universe‌?

The Boiling Rock: How are you gonna get there? On Appa? Last time I checked, prisons don’t have Bison Daycares. 

The Southern Raiders: If you really want it to feel like old times, I could, uh … chase you around a while and try to capture you. 

To Aang when he dismisses Katara’s anger: That’s cute, but this isn’t air temple preschool. It’s the real world.

The best of all:

“I know! We can show him all his baby pictures, and all the happy memories will make him good again!” 

And, there’s more omfg– no wonder him and Sokka clicked, once Zuko loosened up he’s just as savagely sarcastic as Sokka, except Zuko’s is a lot more wry and Sokka’s is really jesting, but still. That’s why the two of them are #bros4lyfe on the Old Friends Poster. 


#hello i’m having mulan feels bye


If you give them toys during the interview, these two giant 8-year-olds are just gonna play with them the whole time and not answering any questions..
(for my lovely @tsundereslasher​ ♥︎)


#chill boy #she’s only wearing pjs 

Old Homeworld Team!

Last month i kinda only drew sketches and played Robocraft, so yeah… i haven’t posted anything here for a while. But now i’m back! Hopefully…

Didn’t really planned to draw something SU-related, but due to huge pause i made between posts, i thought it will be a good idea to draw this. Because, you know, probably like 97% of people who watch this blog do it because of my SU fan arts, so…

Ugh, anyway. I drew Jasper and Peri just because i kinda miss the times when they were actual threat for the “good guys” and were spooky and mysterious.

I hope CN will bring some new villains in next Steven Bomb. Preferably not dumb rubies this time :P