- Aedion and Dorian bromance. I want that Aedion apologize to Dorian for being a jerk and I want them sitting by the fire and talking about good old days. And Dorian being like “Damn Aedion, you mocked me for eating like a lady while you looked like an actual girl with that pretty hair of yours. Half of the boys were in love with you.” Aedion would just grin

-Thirteen scaring the shit out of Chaol. He’s left his prejudices down in the Southern continent but he’s still low-key terrified of witches and Asterin likes to hide in dark hallways and when Chaol walks by she just says hello from the dark and Chaol collapses every time

- Nesryn asking Lysandra if she can borrow one of her dresses because she wants to be pretty for Chaol. When she put a dress on she’s anxious and she doesn’t feel herself at all but she’d do it for him. When Chaol sees her he tells her that she’s beautiful but that he likes her better when she’s herself, in her leather fighting gear. She never wear a dress again

- Lorcan teaching Elide how to write and read Feysand style but instead of Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord, he writes Elide is the most beautiful girl Elide is the smartest girl, Elide is the bravest girl… After a month, super nervous Lorcan gives her a paper to read and she wants to snap at him because she’s tired of reading how perfect she is but instead she’s a sobbing mess because it says Elide, will you be my wife?

- Aedion calling Gavriel “dad" for the first time, Aedion telling Gavriel he loves him for the first time. Gavriel’d play it cool but later close himself in a room and cry all night because he’s not worthy

- Gavriel and Aedion bonding time. I want that AEDION IS OBSESSED WITH GAVRIEL. Not the other way. Them going on a trips together, going on the Southern continent, to Wendlyn.. one day Aedion asks Gavriel if he’d tell him how he and his mom met. Gavriel tells him everything and all of their adventures and how she was like, what’d she liked. They’d both cry at the end.

-Manon seeing Aelin’s soap collection for the first time and being like “Aelin you’re disgusting you don’t need all that”. She’d secretly steal one and Dorian would later ask her why she smells like Aelin

- it’s Manon’s birthday tomorrow and Dorian and Abraxos fly all night to get to that place that sells the only cake Manon likes. In the morning when they get back Manon is furious and she wants to cut Dorian’s neck open because no one rides her wyvern but then Dorian shows her the cake. Something obviously got stuck into her eye that’s why she’s crying

- Vaughan and Connall being boyfriends

- Fenrys saying that he’s the fastest wolf alive. Lysandra would chuckle in a background and Fenrys would be like “Lys, you and me, outside, now”. Everyone put their bets on Lysandra, Fenrys is offended, Lysandra wins

- Evangeline being obsessed with Rowan. She wants a story a day. Her favourites are about Fenrys falling off the ship while trying to impress ladies or about Lorcan climbing a tree to get a cat down because this old man couldn’t do it himself

- Aelin is walking in a park in Terrasen and this old lady comes to her and tells her that they always knew she’s alive and that she’ll come back and that whatever she’d done, it doesn’t matter, that her people are proud of her and that they’ll never forget Evalin and Rhoe. In that moment Aelin realizes that it’s all indeed been worth it

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Hi, I just saw Beauty and the Beast last weekend and I loved it, which is why I'm here, but I'm new to this corner of tumblr and I have to ask, were some people not happy with Emma Watson? I thought she did a very good job, even with the singing--she doesn't sound like she could do eight shows a week on Broadway, but she doesn't have to, and I was certainly more pleased with her than with plenty of people in Les Miz (which I still love). Just curious, thanks!

You are right! Despite her own individuality that people seem to disdain too much, most of them complain that her voice isn’t good enough to play Belle. I myself find her Belle-like individuality and personalities more important than her singing when it comes to re-making one of the most Disney beloved stories of all time. It’s very important to find the right “Belle” who can give the old generations nostalgia and be another Disney childhood heroine for the new ones. What’s gonna last in Gen-Z children’s heads isn’t her voice but her entire performance playing being Belle and how morally good she portraits her individuality this role to last in their childhoods. That’s how Disney didn’t cast people who could sing and play perfectly as well as those who did in Les Mis. They didn’t need only such a great performance, but also the right individuality that could last in children’s childhood. They don’t want “You remember Emma Watson who played Belle? Her voice was great!” They want “You remember Emma Watson who played Belle? She’s always been my role model!”

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(To be honest, I can’t find any other actress who could play a fascinated bookworm as naturally and unpretentiously as she did.)

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In spite of her voice issue, some people also complain about her facial expressions that are too boring in some certain scene. For example, the transformations scene where she witnesses an actual magic turning the beast into human form. Some bitter people say she should’ve been less 😐 face about that scene. While I think she’s done it right. I mean, she’d seen Winter in June, a beast out of nowhere, those TALKING OBJECTS around the castle that could perform a massive musical on a dining table, a book that could instantly transport her to the place she’d always dream of, a mirror that could show anything she wanted to see. And most important, she’d just seen the one she cared, the beast she wanted to spend the rest of her life with DIED IN FRONT OF HER. If there was a glimpse of magic that could bring him back, of fucking course SHE WOULD HOPE THAT MAGIC BETTER BRING HIM BACK AND WOULD MAKE THAT EXPECTATION FACE INSTEAD OF EXCITING FOR FCUKING MAGI C.


If anyone has any doubts about her performance, feel free to inbox me because i’ma fight you till my last breathe.

Sometimes I miss the old days of fandom when there were no centralised archives of fic or social media places and you had to hunt down individual websites for each writer, and then every now and then you’d stumble across a website that had a huge new selection of fics on it and it would be amazing. It was like being the Indiana Jones of the internet.

Sometimes you’d find hidden treasure, sometimes you’d find the same stuff you’d found before. But you never knew what else was out there to find.

Stay- Daryl Dixon Imagine

Request:  Can you write a Daryl imagine where the reader and him got married before the apocalypse, and now after, they are in Alexandria, they have a 6 months old daughter and spend all morning in bed with her, just having a good time?

Authors note: I honestly feel like my imagines have been super slacking whenever I post. I feel so bad that they’re not what I want them to be. And I’m so sorry it’s short

You were lucky to find Alexandria when you did. At first, everyone in the group was skeptical but with the possibility of going into labor at anytime it’s not something that could be passed up. But gladly, this wasn’t like anywhere else you’ve been, it was safe. For once.

“Hey Y/N!” you looked up from your spot in the garden.
“Yes Mags?”
“Daryl asked for you.”
“Is everything okay?” you asked, getting up and brushing the dirt off your hands.
“He just sent for you.”
“Is it okay if I take off?”
“Of course, I’ll get someone to take your place.”
“Thank you.”

“Daryl?” you called, walking into your house.
“Ssh,” he whispered as he turned the corner. “Y/D/N’s asleep.”
“If she’s okay why did you send for me?”
“Just wanted to spend time with you.”
“Daryl we spent all day together yesterday.”
“I know but right now,” he pulled you to him. “We need all the time together we can get.”
“I can’t keep missing days, they put me on garden work so I can be at home more but I haven’t been doing that either.”
“Then just sit back and relax.”
“Sitting back and relaxing will get us all killed.”
“Just today baby please?”
You groaned, “Alright fine.”
He grinned, pulling you into a kiss which was quickly interrupted by the sound of shrill cries, “Perfect timing.”
You giggled, “Let’s go get her.”
“After you,” Daryl said as we walked towards the stairs.

Y/D/N cooed as she laid between you and Daryl. Her fingers were wrapped around your pointer finger as she happily kicked and squealed.
“She’s getting more beautiful everyday.”
“She’s starting to look a lot like her mother.”
“More like you I think. Look at her eyes, they’re blue like yours.”
“She’s got your nose.”
“How can you tell, it’s so tiny.”
“I just can.”
Daryl’s arm moved to my waist, “How did I get so lucky?”
“I should be the one asking that.”
We stayed like this for a few minutes, the room quiet as Y/D/N finally fell asleep, “Hey Y/N/N?” Daryl whispered.
“We should do this again tomorrow.”
You giggled, “Shut up Dixon.”

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Thank you for your edits of these great Leo pics :) I agree with you about the fandom (and people in general) being harsh on his looks. I'm not going to pretend he never has those days where he looks bloated or unattractive, but he can clean up well when he wants to and he generally looks good in movies.

Thanks love! I agree, just a few months ago I saw someone comment on one of my Leo posts that he’s so ugly now, I lost my shit at that woman, I’m so tired of it. The drag fest that was going on about his looks during the time he was rumored to be dating Rihanna turned me off. I don’t know if people realize it but they’re gonna get old too, and their looks will start to fade as well, would they like it if people constantly told them they didn’t look as good as they use to, as if their only value was their looks? I see why Leo hates the focus on his looks so much. It’s dehumanizing. To be honest, I never understood it until I was in the same position as him. People act like he ripped his entire face off, or lit his face on fire. All he has to do is lose a little weight, not slick his hair back, and put a smile on his face, and he’ll look fine. 

I’m suppose to believe that this is ugly? (5 years ago)

This too? (2 years ago)

^^^^ I’m suppose to be convinced that that is ugly? Leo is inconsistent (and heavier) but he’s not ugly (average at worst). 

And how are people going to post good pics of him when he was in his twenties and then post a bad pic of him recently and try to compare the two? That like me posting this pic 

and then this pic 

and say that current Leo is better looking than past Leo. Leo looks good when he feels like it. I would love for him to lose weight, but I can live with the way he looks, I’m mainly interested in his acting.

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ൠ and hux! (cause i never get enough of your hux headcanons!)

me neither my dude!!!!  god do i love analyzing my fav!!!  thank you for the ask!!


ൠ Random Headcanon : this is a headcanon I’ve used before, but I haven’t talked about since last summer, but I love thinking about how Hux would work in a physical engineering manner, like in a hands on, roll your sleeves up, get engine grease all over myself kind of way.  And my fav thing I came up with is that Hux, in trying to save time, will do things most people would assign to a droid or something, just so he can be more efficient.  

What this translates to in my mind is that Hux is really, really good at doing mechanical work in uncomfortable positions.  Crawl underneath a TIE cockpit seat?  He can do it, he can squish.  What if he needs to work on the old Imperial Fighters (my Star Wars equivalent for the F-16 fighter jets and such)?  Hux knows every foothold, where to step on the wing, how to sit on the nose and especially how to flip upside down, hanging from the sheer force of his leg strength, so someone can hand him a tool rather than him climbing down the ship all over again or him jumping down and breaking his ankles (bc it’s about a 7 ft drop from the nose of an F-16 like!!!  don’t do that!!) 

Hux is a dangerously efficient person, but only in terms of himself; with his crew, he’s a bit more ‘please stand back from the walkway we don’t have handrails for some FUCKING reason’ but then ten minutes later Hux will be hanging from the same walkway to fix a squeaky beam, supported only by some random passing officer or stormtrooper anchoring his legs.  

Hux is just a weird fucking person in general he’s fantastic.  

I hold my nephew in my arms for the first time
when he’s nine days old.

He stirs awake for a moment as he’s passed to me,
but just as quickly goes back to sleep.
I don’t know what a newborn’s dreams look like
but I can only assume they’re preferable
to the worst-case scenario highlight reel in my head,
to the worm in my ear that asks me what the hell I think I’m doing,
what makes me think I can be trusted with breakables.
He doesn’t understand my fear
of ruining good things with my clumsy hands,
my well-earned terror of chilling or breaking or turning to ash
everything that I touch.

While he dozes, ignorant of my silent crisis,
I sing him “Graceland” with half the words missing
and try to decide which of his parents he looks like.
I recognize his disparate parts even small and pink and nine days new:
father’s long limbs, mother’s eyes.
He’ll grow into them, like we all do,
fed and watered with love and magic and music,
a patchwork sewn by all the hands
that have held him in quiet moments like this one.

Not just his mother’s face
but her stubborn resilience,
always falling upward;
not just his father’s feet
but his silliness, his sense of humor,
Peter Pan in the flesh.

If he takes anything of mine
I hope it’s softness:
for better or worse,
a refusal to let this world make me hard,
allow it passage into my cracks and tender places.
If I can teach him anything
I hope it’s that sweet doesn’t mean weak,
that spidersilk only looks delicate.

But I’m getting ahead of myself -
always rushing, running,
one eye toward the horizon
(and that’s a trait I’ll be happy
to see him go without).
There will be time,
quiet moments like this one
to take out and unfold
when the noise around me gets to be too much again.
No reason yet to weigh him down
with expectations,
to place lessons he hasn’t learned
in his pockets like stones, or
cut him with the sharp edge of potential.
For now, he holds faith with his eyes closed,
trusting. He’s unafraid of my unreliable hands,
of the gulf between what’s said and what’s meant,
of spells of distance that I wasn’t always sure eight years’ friendship could weather.

When his mother takes him back
I check him for lingering signs of my touch:
for spiderweb cracks, the black of dust,
the beginnings of frostbite.
But there are none,
and absent now his warm body
I take relief into my arms instead
where it yawns and settles in close to sleep.

So like
It just hit me that Skyward Sword is almost FIVE YEARS OLD
Like wtf time really flies 
Twilight Princess is like ELEVEN years old too

like fuck i know i’m not old yet but this shit really makes me feel like it

seriously tho SS is 5? wtf world

It’s a Bonkai parody of one of Kat’s songs 😂😂😂

Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh

You love me when I’m wild and even when I’m crazy
But ain’t that the way it’s supposed to be
And even when you’re mad and just a little cranky, yeah
Boy, you still get the best of me

If you want it, give it on up
And if you need it, give it on up
You gotta have it, give it on up
Just say, “Give it to me, baby”
Come on

I can’t give up, we’ll never be over
Every break up only brings us closer, boy
Old school lovin’ like we’re from 1994
Take it back so much, we’re back in 1994

I’ll give you all my time and even all my money (all my money)
As long as you stay good to me (to me, to me, to me)
Cause even when your boys are acting kinda funny, yeah
You know you can still come home to me

If you want it, give it on up
And if you need it, give it on up
You gotta have it, give it on up
Just say, “Give it to me, baby”
Come on

I can’t give up, we’ll never be over
Every break up only brings us closer, boy
Old school lovin’ like we’re from 1994
Take it back so much, we’re back in 1994

I give you all my love and yes, I give it all the time
Everyone I know knows that the boy is mine, yeah
Ain’t no question his heart’s in my hands
If you can’t tell take a look at his pants
I’ve been around the block ain’t no other like
This make up sex so good I go, yeah
Can’t let go girls, he’s the one
I take him back like 1994

I can’t give up, we’ll never be over
Every break up only brings us closer, boy
Old school lovin’ like we’re from 1994
Take it back so much, we’re back in 1994

I can’t give up, we’ll never be over
Every break up only brings us closer, boy
Old school lovin’ like we’re from 1994
Take it back so much, we’re back in 1994


(Inspired by a YouTube comment)

So we’ve decided that the dazatsu blog will be accepting members! (I’m coding the page rn, rip) so if you’re interested, be ready for that! It’ll just be to help fans find new dazatsu blogs to follow and look through. For old times sakes, would anyone want the skype group to start up again?


If you give them toys during the interview, these two giant 8-year-olds are just gonna play with them the whole time and not answering any questions..
(for my lovely @tsundereslasher​ ♥︎)


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


i’ve collected some headcanons my 12yr old sister has about Voltron:

  • Pidge has participated in many video games competitions. And won first place every time. she’s a beast.
  • Hunk tried to teach Lance to cook but Lance thought he could just “go with the flow” and ended up burning a hug pot of pasta
  • Lance can dance, swim, and sing like an angel (Cubanly yells AZÚCAR when dancing to anything) [edit: this is a reference to Celia Cruz for some of you who are being ignorant
  • Keith doesn’t know when people are flirting with him 
  • Hunk taught Pidge how to bake bread
    • Pidge really understands the science behind it and actually makes better bread than him.
  • Shiro has amazing rhythm (reasoning: he had to tap out the sentries pattern)
  • Keith is lactose intolerant ((*I swear I didn’t tell her about this being a thing))
  • Shiro KNOWS that’s he’s really beautiful. but he never is obnoxious about it. he’s a cool guy. beautiful and cool. 
    •  He’s also very aware they everyone (literally everyone) has a crush on him. 
  • Pidge and Hunk have a secret handshake
  • Lance is a high-five kind of guy
  • Once Lance said “cool beans” to Coran and now he says it all the time

Honestly? I’m tired of seeing people justify Yurio’s behavior by saying “Oh, he’s fifteen.”

Yes, he’s fifteen and you’re literally reducing his character to nothing but his age.

You’re making it sound like he doesn’t have a personality, doesn’t have motivations, doesn’t have a history, like his entire character is just being fifteen years old.

As though Yurio is nothing but hormones and pubescent rage. If that’s truly the case, I don’t think that makes for a very good character?

But it isn’t because see, that’s the point - being smol and angry and completely and utterly rude is Yurio’s personality (at least at this stage of his life). It’s time to stop waving it off as his being fifteen and accept that that’s what he is.

And yeah, let’s say it altogether: Yurio has been acting like a complete brat recently. It’s time to stop running away from that fact and pretending that everything is fine because the anime is making this pretty clear. I like him but I’m honestly growing sick of his attitude.

Disrespecting his elders, superiors, his fans, his rivals, his rivals’ fans, insulting people left and right, kicking people, rubbing his success in other’s faces - they’re all things that he does and do you really want to wave that off as an “age thing”. “Oh, he’s a kid, he doesn’t understand.” Really, now? I mean, I’m sure that there are 15-year-olds out there like that and who can relate to that, but 90% of them also realize what they’re doing and do it on purpose.

I think we can hold him responsible for those things at the very least? He’s in full control of his actions, even if he’s young. And see, I’m not saying that you can’t like him - I think he can be very likable. But it’s time to stop pretending like he’s an innocent little angel who never does anything wrong when he’s badmouthing someone literally every episode (usually for no good reason). It’s time to accept how violent and rude he can be and how flawed he essentially is.

And see, here you could say “That’s because he had a difficult past!”. To be honest though…? We don’t know. Maybe he did! Maybe he didn’t. ‘Maybe’s don’t get us anywhere though, so we can drop that argument. We just don’t know.

And then I’m sure some people are willing to say “But he still deserves to win the Grand Prix because he worked hard for it!”. Oh, he did, didn’t he? Just like

you know


literally every other skater in this show?

There is not a single person in the six who qualified to the Grand Prix Finale that did not work hard. Maybe we don’t see it, but JJ wasn’t born with his skills either, Chris spent at least ten years perfecting his skills, we know how hard Phichit worked to get his performance across to people and similar can be said for Otabek. And Yuuri? We know just how much Yuuri had to go through to get there - not just physically (although he practiced a lot as well) but mentally.

Literally all of them deserve that gold medal in similar amounts.

Sure, Yurio worked harder this season, that’s true. But it’s not like his work is not paying off? He got two silver medals and for a debut that’s good. It was also mentioned that he got gold in a different competition (Guang Hong was there too). And he broke a world record for God’s sake. And he still has the European championships ahead of him. Not to mention, like another ten years of competing in the Grand Prix Final. He has plenty of time to see his work pay off. It’s not time for him to win yet. Certainly not with that attitude.

And then some people go “It’s a competition judging your skills, not judging your personality!” Yes, that’s true. But this competition exists within an anime which is created by real life people which decide who wins and who loses. And do you really think they will let the brat get away with what he does just because he ‘worked hard’? Nah, mate. I can already see his fall during the Free Skate. It will be painful and glorious.

But that’s a good thing! Because that’s what will make Yurio grow! Maybe even help him grow out of his violent tendencies and into a more humble skater who can win with grace. Think of Victor. How did he act when he won? Certainly not like this, and we all know that Victor knows he’s amazing, but that doesn’t mean that he shows it like an arrogant ass at every step of the way. That’s where Yurio’s character needs to go - in the direction of humility and modesty. Because what’s a victory worth if it will simply fuel his ego and his unacceptable behavior?

At the end of the day, being fifteen isn’t an excuse and narratively speaking, it’s time for Yurio to learn a lesson.

Losing to “that pig” Yuuri would certainly be a good opportunity for that.

I love Yurio but it’s high time for some character development. We’ll love him all the more when he grows as a person.


#hello i’m having mulan feels bye

Why Yuri is Great (and not just because it’s gay)

1. The story is really good.  You’re seeing a character (Yuri) who is really struggling with self worth, confidence and skill in the first episode and to overcome this and attempt a comeback within one season of Figure Skating competition. It is compelling. Both my 63 year old father and 7 year old kid are sold on this story just as much as my 32 year old self.

2. The characters are really good All the characters have depth. Yuri especially has great character development but Victor does as well and so does Yuri’s main Rival (also named Yuri) who I thought I would hate but I love him. Even though I want Main character Yuri to win in the end I still really like other Yuri as well. That is I think a great accomplishment.

3. The animation is really good Now it’s not perfect and there are certainly times when I think it could be a bit better but on the whole I think the quality is high. Even down to the reflection in the ice when they skate.  It feels like a lot of time was put into it.

4. The music is really good Seriously the music adds so much to the show. 

5. It’s gay as hell By this I mean it’s not like Yaoi. The relationship between the two main characters isn’t exploitative or for purely for titillation. It’s a real romance.  The moments that have the fanbase screaming about how beautifully gay it is are grounded in genuine moments of character development and story building. These are human, romantic moments between the characters. Yes there is fanservice naked butt shots but it’s not all the time. 

There isn’t really any jokes about it either (other then the fact that even the background characters are clearly going “These guys are in a relationship”) 

Yuri on Ice is un-apologetically and openly gay. It is one of the gayest things I have ever seen and so far it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to die and it’s so awesomely open about it. 

You should watch it because it’s awesome