*a cackle is heard in the distance*


“I don’t fucking want to be just friends” Jungkook says finally.
And that’s when he kisses him.

insp. by let’s not fall in love by Jungkoojk


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V



so i’ve seen other people do this & it’s time to jump on the train


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  • @ the people that said Bruce Timm should be in charge of the DCEU:don't talk to me or my extended movie universe ever again

└ Beloved OT3~ 

Cr: VS Arashi 21.07.2016

also ppl on the ace side of the discourse really need to stop throwing around terms like “gas lighting” and calling discoursers abusers bc like…not only are u making light of abuse but u also so clearly have no idea what those words mean.

someone asking you for sources isn’t gas lighting u they are making a perfectly reasonable request during a discussion.

also like a lot of discoursers have also expressed discomfort with this due to the fact that they’re actual abuse survivors so like, seriously u guys need to fucking stop it.

Am happily imagining that Benedict can actually feel all the genuine love & admiration of the fans as he interacts with them at Comic Con, and as he takes his place on the panels, participating in Q&A.

No one in the world deserves to be awash in all those good vibrations than this kind, wonderful, talented Man.  💗 💗 💗