“Y/n!!!!” You heard someone yell from across the hallway. As it was late at night, you were pretty confused of why someone would be basically begging to get caught. Turning around, you saw the four most famous people at Hogwarts.

“James? Sirius? Peter?” You rolled your eyes as they all stumbled around, passing around a huge bottle of fire whisky between them. Even the Prefect took a sip or 30. “Remus? Really? you too?”

“Why not!” Remus said, a goofy smile on his face. ‘Life’s too short, ya know?”

“You’re a much different drunk than i’d thought you’d be,” You muttered, sighing deeply when you realize that they were beyond getting themselves back to the common room. “Okay, let’s get you to your room, okay?”

“Aye baby, when you go to bed could i Gryffindor?” Sirius very sloppily winked, almost tripping as he nudged your shoulder. 

“I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Slytherin,” You corrected.

“Well Fuck Slytherin!” James screamed. You quickly put your hand to his mouth to shut him up.The last thing you wanted was detention with hung over Marauders. 

Ohmygod you all are so hard to deal with.” 

“Oh we know,” Peter said with a mischivious smirk on his face. The others barked in agreement. You were sure going to be in for it the whole night.

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I think Rebecca is about to see first hand on how Rob gets when people try to come in between him and Aaron. We all know how he reacts from previous situations. Rob gets pretty angry when people try to brake him and Aaron up. Something Rebecca hasn't seen first hand or she would know that taunting Rob is a bad idea. It's like if Chrissie didn't hold a candle to the passion that him and Aaron have,then what makes Rebecca think she'll be any different. She should just leave Robert and Aaron alone.

I think we could definitely see the crazy killer (he’s not a crazy killer….more like 🥔 killer) come out in Robert once more. Rebecca obviously hasn’t see what Robert is capable of at all and part of me kinda hopes she finds out. The only thing that makes me not want him to do anything is because I think Aaron would feel like it was the old Robert coming back and that wouldn’t go down to well.

However I do think she needs to be put in her place. She needs to see how Robert will protect his family no matter what!

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I know you've been asked variations on this but you can take it in any direction you want: could you compare sex with Niall v sex with Bressie? I'd also like to hear from your bressie squad too like @lucyvanpelt78 @squirrely83 @irish-nlessing etc I follow all your guys' updates constantly for writing about them both. 💚

Okay, this is super weird to say, but I actually think they’d be pretty similar in bed. They seem to have the same temperament (super laid back) and sense of humor. I also believe their thick Mullingar accents would get even worse while having sex, so they’d share that. I also think they’re super into how you’re feeling and will go all night to get you off if that’s what it takes (or if you just want to). 

The major difference I can think of, besides size ofc, would be dirty talk. Niall has a sassy damn mouth and you’d better believe that translates to the bedroom. Whereas Bressie is saying sweet things, if anything at all, Niall would be taunting you. 

“Y’like that don’t you? Naughty liddle thing you are.” 

“Look at ya. Takin’ m’ cock so nicely.” 

I also think Bressie would be more adventurous in bed than Niall. Not to say Niall isn’t adventurous, I just get the sense that Bressie wouldn’t say no to pretty much anything you suggest. I think Niall needs to be warmed up to any new thing you might want to introduce in bed, but Bressie will jump in head first. 

I now tag @lucyvanpelt78 @squirrely83 @irish-nlessing and @niallandharrymakemestrong like the anon asked to give their opinions. Please agree or disagree with me. But readers please remember this is just speculation. Unfortunately, we do not have any concrete evidence on this matter between the five of us. Maybe one day… 


They were the cutest little curious playful lambs. The were sucking my thumb, they all wanted to get pet. When I would scratch their chin they would all enjoy it and close their eyes and be cute and all. You know, they’re baby lambs.
I was petting them for over an hour to find out later they were probably going to be slaughtered for their lamb meat. It was so heartbreaking… I honestly felt so helpless… 😔I am already vegetarian. But I feel like if people were to meet their food, things would be different… I don’t believe people can be that indifferent… It didn’t feel good to leave them behind, but there was nothing I could do at that moment. I cried in the car back home.

(My mom took the picture, her horse is at the same farm)

I just really felt the need to share this because it made such an impact on me.

What if life had a rewind button...

There are some choices i made earlier in my life that i have always wanted to take back, go down a different path, or just erase completely. You know the things in your past that you cringe at when you remember it? or you are drawn to think about what would be different if you didn’t make that decision. 

Until recently this was me constantly, particularly in regard to past relationships and how they flow on to other areas of my life. Sometimes i felt like the past relationships i was in brought far more negativity into my life than they did positive. And maybe that some of the choices i made when i was looking for love in all the wrong places and the damage that caused me would limit my potential in future relationships in terms of trust, the walls i had put up and me not being able to give myself entirely to a new relationship. 

I was holding the opinion that if i could, i would take back those ‘mistakes’ as to make me a better person now. But, that is not how life works and it’s not how God works. 

God has recently given me a new perspective, i suppose you could call it a bit of a silver lining. The fact is, God has the ability to make something good out of something that appears so terrible at first glance.

Those relationships, that i cringed at when i looked back at them did hold moments with God’s hand upon them. The boy in my first relationship lost his mum in the lead up to it and i honestly believe that God was able to use me, despite the relationship being less than ideal in numerous ways, to be a support for him during such an awful time. The following relationship, i rushed into on a whim, but God has drawn me to see how it forced me to figure out the strength of my morals under intense pressure. I’m glad to say that God had His hand upon me and i was able to stand true and hopefully was a good influence on the boy during that relationship. But what i really hated to look back on, was the fact that i went out with two non-christian boys in a row knowing that it was incompatible and that i wouldn’t be able to share with them the biggest part of my life and journey together. I knew this, but i still entered into the relationships. 

But i am learning to look through God’s lens, which is not of disappointment at my ‘mistakes’ but instead of Grace and opportunity which he used to make the most of what i always looked back on as a bad situation. 

God is showing me that there is nothing i could ever do that would remove His love from me, nor alter my potential as His child. My weaknesses are made perfect in His greatness. I am forgiven and i have been looked after through the whole thing. 

Slowly i’m learning to accept my past with no regrets, handle my present with confidence from God and look forward to the future without fear. It’s honestly requiring an entirely new mindset, and i am having to let God renew my mind to do so. But i so encourage all you you to have a look at moments in your past that cause you to cringe and ask God to give you His lens to reveal to you that His hand was upon you the whole time. 

I say all of this, because it is time for us to stop wishing for a rewind button and start trusting that God has made a way. 

-31women (Gabi)

you ever go back and reread your old fanfics and just

kind of get mad at yourself for how you portrayed the characters back then

like now that i’ve been in the ml fandom for a while, i know these characters so much better than i used to. i used to portray them so… differently, in not so much of a good way

i’m going back and editing my first fanfic and i’m just- kind of appalled at how i wrote marinette? as some type of insecure girl who couldn’t believe adrien could possibly love her back? what the fuck @me??? that’s not marinette’s character at all! marinette is very confident and i would even say cocky at times. she knows she’s cute and isn’t insecure about herself—the only thing that’s kind of anything near insecurity would be her doubting herself because of anxiety—but she’s not insecure about herself or about whether or not a boy could love her back?? why would i ever write that

rambling but anyways, the personalities of characters and keeping them in character is very important to me now, and there are some things i used to write in about adrien or marinette or even nino or alya that i just. can’t stand now. and can’t believe i had ever thought those characters were like that

  • Barney Calhoun: *gets shot*
  • Barney Calhoun: haha well if thats the combine's plan at least we can say its FULL OF HOLES hahaha am I right
  • Barney Calhoun: *Gets tortured by the Combine*
  • Barney Calhoun: im so glad im out of there!!!!!! now we gotta go back to work. Yeah im fine its fine im cool come on we gotta catch up!!!!!!
  • Barney Calhoun: *Runs out of beer*
  • Barney Calhoun: This is it. This is the end. You know, I'd never would have thought that it would end this way. Life is so full of twists that we could never expect, I guess you just have to come to accept the end as you are. Goodbye, cruel world. Go on without me, you guys. I'll be fine knowing I made a difference after all

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What's one thing you wish you could take back and do all over again?

I know everyones typical response is “I regret nothing!” and Im sure Ive said that at some point in my life but honestly, if I could go back and just redo a few years in middle school with a different mind set, I would. I just hated myself so much and was so hard on myself and I wish I could undo that. U kno?

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Ace' wiki page says "he died without knowing his other brother was alive"*cries* But if ace & sabo would'v met it would be trears everywhere & they will fight over who is oldest of them and sabo will totally go with "i am taller so i am older" ;_;_;

RIGHT it’s the saddest thing and i still think about it every goddamn day.  we could’ve had it all.

i find it hard to even imagine what their meeting would have been like had oda written it tho….i can see it going several different ways, but all ways involve tears.  luffy didn’t and wouldn’t obviously, despite sabo’s fears, but i can totally see ace being the one to have punched sabo upon meeting him again- and just when sabo’s kinda sad and resolved to the fact that ace is pissed at him, ace breaks down crying and hugs him <3 <3 ;u; 

ahaha i don’t headcanon ace and sabo as actually caring who is older if i’m honest but they’d totally jokingly argue about it and about their heights and i can see ace being so offended and disbelieving that sabo is taller than him like “wtf that’s not allowed” and forcing sabo to take his boots off and stand back to back with him to prove it. (cue luffy having to announce “he really is taller than you ace, just accept it”)

I’m normally fully behind Rick & Co when they try to get out of whatever bad situation they’re in but how they approached Oceanside was COMPLETELY jacked. They could have said they were the Saviors and those women would have believed them because what’s the difference from how they were acting?? Holding little girls at gunpoint like that?? They quickly vomited a plan to kill Negan and the Saviors with no in depth info, nothing that would give them reason to join them other than, “You gotta”, and literally only gave them 3 minutes to make a life-altering decision. Like they were supposed to be like “heck yeah fam let’s ride out”. Like they were going to commit their livelihood to a group they’ve never seen before! Not knowing if they’re good or just as bad as the Saviors!

If they were smart about this and really wanted a way to make Oceanside join their fight, all they had to do is bring Tara back and another woman who looks harmless and trusting like Maggie to talk to the Grandma and Cyndie. Let them lay out a full detailed blueprint about their idea, saying they too have lost things to the saviors and they don’t want to rule under their thumb in fear. Play that sympathy card hard. Then explain how they’ve communicated with these groups and have made a pact to protect each other. Something that gives them an idea of what they’re getting into. Yeah, the grandma is hard to break but with Cyndie, she can help persuade the others like she did in the episode. Most importantly, don’t give them 5 minutes to dedicated their lives to you.

If the shoes were reversed and a group rolled up on Rick & Co telling them to join or they’re taking everything, they would have NOT bowed as easily (probably tried to kill them tbh) so why should they expect these women to so themselves???? lmao look i am PUMPED for All Out War and can’t wait for this to pop off but they really went full on stoopid with how they did this

BSM: You Find Out You Have Two Older Brothers (Part One)

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BSM #2

*Same father, different mother*

When my mother died three months ago, all she left me was a couple thousand dollars and a letter. In the letter she explained where I could find my father. I had met him a few times before when I was younger, but he had stopped coming when I was around 12. I was 22 now and had just graduated from college when my mother passed away from her 6 year battle with cancer.

John Winchester and I were never exactly close when I was little, but that could be due to the fact that he only came around twice a year. He would take me to a baseball game or go bowling with me, but when he stopped coming it wasn’t exactly a huge deal. But now that my mother was gone, I didn’t have anyone else. Sure I had friends from school and back home, but I wanted my father to know what had happened to my mom and I wanted to know why he stopped coming.

So when I came across the address in the letter she gave me, you can imagine that I made my way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota as soon as I could. I pulled into town around noon time and drove into the lot of Singer Auto.

“Hello?” I called out as I knocked on the front door of the house.

“Can I help you?” a rough, deep voice asked me through the screen door.

“Um, yes actually,” I said as I rocked back and forth on my toes. “I’m looking for John Winchester. My mother sent me here. She said he might be here…”

“John Winchester is dead,” he asked more roughly than before and my heart dropped.

“Oh,” I muttered as my eyes watered a bit. “Um… I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’ll just be going now.”

I was halfway back to my car before the man stopped me.

“Did you know John?” he asked and I turned back to look at him.

“Yeah… he was my father.”


“He was my dad. He only stopped by a few times a year and never stuck around for long, but my mother is dead now and I just… I wanted to know why he stopped coming all those years ago and she said I might find him here.” I told him tearfully.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you come inside and we can talk for a bit. John might be dead, but there’s some more people you can meet.”

“What do you mean?”

“You weren’t John’s only kid. He had two sons too.

Time of the Month - Shield Mates Series

Imagine its that time of the month for you again. Usually around this time, you exhibit the same symptoms, but this time, your symptoms have changed just a little. The guys have to sit back and watch as they don’t know what to do to help.

Special request by an Anonymous follower

I may be making this into another small series, but I don’t know. We’ll see. :)

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The funny thing (which in reality is so not funny at all) is that … if BONNIE hadn’t left Kai in 1903 , he wouldn’t have crashed Jo & Alaric’s wedding , Elena would NOT be in a sleeping curse (tho I think that had more to do with Nina leaving , but anyways) and the series would’ve looked SO DIFFERENT … yeah , maybe Kai was going to snap back at some point but … after watching that deleted scene from 6x15 and when he talked to Caroline in 8x14 about his childhood … He actually had a chance to be good , to change… 
Even in 1994 , you could see that he cared. Maybe in a little twisted way but he did. 
ALSO something else I keep thinking about … you know , even if the chains bounding Kai to that chair were spelled , at some point he’d be able to focus and siphon the magic from them (he managed to siphon the traveller’s spell , remember) and get free , change that song …. xD
Clearly the new Ascendant came from the Armoury and as Kai said “Magic is LITERALLY IN the walls.” there … Let’s not forget he is highly intelligent … maybe he doesn’t need a celestial even’t to draw from. MAYBE .. just maybe , this will all be enough for him to get out. Maybe the magic contained in the Armoury is enough for him to get free , get back to reality too.

han solo not actually being han’s name could possibly ruin star wars for me. or the canon part of it, anyway. we’ve known han for 40 years. i think the brilliance of the best films is that you never quite know enough about the characters. the mysterious parts of their personalities are something you, as a fan, can determine in your own mind. it’s different when there’s a backstory laid out for you. it’s more….restricted.

i’d like to give this film a chance, i really would. but han solo—my han solo—isn’t defined by some non-harrison ford, bizarre back story disney thought of just to keep the whole “one movie a year” thing going. that’s somewhat a disgrace to the character and the fandom, even if it does turn out to be alright.

it’s different with comics and books and all that. most people either take them or leave them. but the films are, predominantly, what define star wars for a lot of people. it’s not just about the hardcore fans like myself, who do decide to read the comics and the books and the wookieepedia pages just to learn as much about it as we can. it’s about the casual fans, the new fans, the young fans, the fans who only saw one movie and yet are still entirely and truly obsessed.

star wars is, in fact, a family. a family that includes the characters and the places and the stories, too.

please don’t break the family apart, disney. han solo is ours.

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Nice racism you got there! Does it come in other colors?

I’m not wrong in stating that an underdeveloped character who’s only on screen for 3 minutes wouldn’t be as popular if he’d been played by anyone who wasn’t white. Thems be the facts Deborah. You wouldn’t spare him a single thought, much less write thousands of fics and headcanons based of 3 minutes of screen time. Maybe take a look at yourself and your fandom and figure out why the hell so many of you passed over the main trio (a black man, a latinix, and a white woman) in order to develop a white man who could be replaced by a lamp and no one would know the difference, instead of coming into my inbox and accusing me of racism.

You know you coulda just blocked me and kept it moving if my disliking H*x bothered you so much. But instead of doing that, you decided to hop into my inbox and darken my screen like a fucking goblin. Good day.


So I was thinking up of reasons for people to watch The Librarians and one of them is “it’s magic; Anything is possible.” And then from the back of my mind, a tiny voice whispered, “what if Harry Potter is real… and JKRow just wrote a biography of Harry Potter…?”

AND THEN MY MIND STARTED THINKING WHAT IF ARTICLES APPEARED IN THE CLIPPINGS BOOK… BUT THEY’RE NOT REGULAR ARTICLES? Like instead of having normal pictures, the pictures were MOVING and it wrote about wizards and muggles.

Eve would just brush it off as nothing by shrugging and going, “well this is different.”

Flynn would then look up from his pile of books and reply, “what is?”
“The pictures in the articles are moving. Didn’t know they could do that.”

“Printed pictures don’t move.”

“Well, these do.”

Flynn will then fly from behind his books, scattering them just to see the articles and speed read through them. “No way,” he exclaims.

“What?” Eve and Jenkins ask at the same time.


“Hogwarts? Harry Potter Hogwarts?” Eve asks, raising an eyebrow in doubt.

“Yes,” Jenkins replied boredly. “Of course it’s real.”

Cassandra will come running through the backdoor connected to the Library because she heard the scream, followed closely with Stone and Ezekiel. “Did someone say Hogwarts is real? Like the school of magic and wizardry, Hogwarts?” she asks excitedly.

“Like in Harry Potter? That Hogwarts?” Ezekiel asks confusedly.

“Yes, yes,” Jenkins says impatiently. “Hogwarts is real. Harry Potter is real… well the real Harry Potter doesn’t have such an outlandish name but he’s real.”

“But Harry Potter is a fictional character,” Stone rebuts.

“And the Library is a myth!” Jenkins throws back.

“So if Hogwarts is real, why haven’t I gotten my acceptance letter?” Ezekiel asks, crossing his arms. “I’m definitely not a muggle.”

“I haven’t gotten mine either,” Cassandra adds. “Maybe it got lost.”

“Or maybe you people don’t have enough magical blood to be a wizard, or a witch,” Jenkins says, shaking his head. “Most people don’t.”

“Wait. So if Hogwarts is real and the clippings book is showing us articles from the wizarding world… does this mean the wizarding world is in some kind of trouble?” Eve asks as she glances at the book again. “Some of these are in Dutch, Italian, French and German…”

“Well, we might not be magical enough to be wizards or witches,” Flynn says, grinning as he collected his satchel from his table. “But we’re definitely magicked enough to be Librarians.”

Eve grabs her gun and cellphone from her desk and places them in her holster and pants. “So, where are we going?”

Cassandra closes the backdoor and squeals in delight. “We’re going to Hogwarts!”

Flynn places the pointer on the globe and spins it. “Well, technically Hogsmeade.”

“Close enough!” she exclaims.

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I think I sent this in before so feel free to ignore it but do you ever wish you could go back to like 2006? I feel like early 00's were prime Kelly years, now she's not so popular. I mean, I totally believe that everyone is a Kelly fan even if they don't admit it but I just wish we could go back to when she was super popular and in the news and stuff. I hope you get what I'm saying. I love Kelly so I'm not trying to offend.

No I totally get what you’re saying. It does suck sometimes when people say she’s not that relevant now but the music business is SO different than it was 11 years ago. She’s still quite popular but in a different way. She’s older and more mature and so her music probably doesn’t appeal to all the younger folks. But who knows, maybe this album will! Tbh I wouldn’t want 2006 type popularity but a 2012 level would be nice. What’s cool about Kelly’s career is that she has longevity. Being around for 15 years and still making albums and breaking records is still so impressive :) - C

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twelve (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

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All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twelve

That breathless feeling was back again. Every time it returned, you learned to love it even more, especially when it was fueled by the sparks that leapt from the point where your skin connected with his. In a different life you would embrace these feelings you were feeling with open arms, but even now, with your parents behind you and the gap between you and them growing bigger every second, you still couldn’t let go and just be. You never felt free to just be the girl running away from her problems with a boy who had no intentions of helping her solve them.

Maybe in another life you would just be a girl and Suga would just be a boy and you could be free to fall in love and fall apart as you wished. It was nice to think that way from time to time, but the searing pain in your feet from the threateningly high heels you had been forced into kept drawing you back to your unwanted reality and the situation before you.

Like always, you slowed down once the familiar train tracks came into view and saw Rap Monster waiting for you— his cell phone pressed aggressively to his ear and a somewhat panicked look on his face.

As you clutched at the stitch in your side and tried your best to steady your breathing, you listened closely to the leader’s one-sided conversation. “What do you mean you can’t find him? It’s not like he dropped off the face of the earth.” Out of the corner of your eye you saw Suga tense a little bit at his leader’s frustrated tone. “I don’t care what it takes— you have to find him. We’re almost out and we can’t lose our buyers now that we’re officially separated from Whalien. We need all of the resources we can get.” And then he ended the call without waiting for a response from the other end.

“What the hell was that about?” Suga huffed out, still struggling to catch his breath. Sleeping was his thing, not so much running.

“Mac is missing, they said his apartment’s clean, they can’t find any trace of him.” Rap Monster told him angrily, frustration causing him to smash his phone against the nearest railroad car. It shattered into a million pieces just like the chandelier in your house and you couldn’t help but flinch a little bit at the memory. “God damn it! Why does this have to happen now?”

Suga just let his leader be and started walking to the railroad car. “We’ll find him, man, nobody has been able to hide from us yet.”

You gulped and forced your eyes shut in an attempt to not look too guilty. Mac—that was the name you had given to your father a few nights ago in an attempt to appease him.

“I’m going over to the base to try and figure this shit out and tell the others.” Rap Monster sighed, suddenly very tired.

“Okay, I’m gonna get Y/N set up in the car since she can’t go home tonight and then I’ll come over.” Suga spoke matter-of-factly, on the verge of sounding bored and you couldn’t help but look down as he said the words, feeling somewhat like a burden.

“Don’t be long.” Was all Rap Monster replied as he walked away, not bothering to acknowledge you before he went. His expressions and actions were making you nervous. You could tell by the way he was treating you that he was beginning to suspect something was going on.

The only sound between you and Suga was like the kicked up gravel and the steady breaths you both periodically released. You quietly blew on your hands in an effort to warm them in the frigid temperatures. Practical clothing was not in your mother’s dictionary it seemed.

When you reached the car, Suga gave you a boost up like before, even though he knew you didn’t need it. Still, it was nice to have the reassuring warmth of his hand guiding you protectively and holding onto you like you were quite possibly the most precious thing in the world.

You had never seen this place so quiet and empty, and it threw you off a little bit. Without the warmth of BTS, it seemed too cold and dead, like a skeleton without a heart. Uneasy, you turned to the only other person to be found, who was shrugging out of his suit jacket and staring at the wall.

“‘I run and run, but I’m not getting anywhere’. Where is it you’re trying to get to, Y/N?” Suga wondered aloud, and your chest froze up, unsure of what to say. Tugging at the hem of your dress, you kept your face even.

“Somewhere better.” You offered, looking up to find him staring at you with an equally blank look on his face. You were testing one another, both of you waiting for the other to crack first.

“That sounds nice.” Suga agreed, stepping closer and throwing his suit jacket over your shoulders that you hadn’t noticed had been shaking from the chill.


He didn’t bother to reply as he took a seat on the old, stained sofa and curled up slightly, his eyes heavy with sleep. You knew he wasn’t done with you and you knew this wouldn’t be easy, so instead of sitting next to him where he could easily catch every emotion that flashed onto your face, you opted to sit on the ground just a few inches away from him, leaning your back against the front of the couch. It was only a matter of time before he broke the silence, but you tried your best to enjoy it before it left.

Sure enough, “Ouch, you can’t even stand to sit next to me?” You could hear the hint of a smile in his voice.

“Glad you figured it out for yourself.” You mumbled, trying your best to make your tone cold, but even you could hear that you couldn’t seem to make the words bite the way you wanted them to.

“Back to being cold I see? And here I was thinking maybe I was different from the others.” There was hidden cynicism to his chuckle, and it made you want to correct him—to assure him that he was different. But you knew you couldn’t do that. Before you could say anything he continued. “Wasted youth, what has made you so cold?”

“I could ask you the same question.” You bit back, suddenly annoyed.

“Ah I see. This one of those, you show me your scars and I’ll show you mind type of situations.” Suga replied and you didn’t say anything wondering if he could hear how loudly your heart was beating. “Okay, where should I start?” He seemed to think it over, and you didn’t dare to look at him. “I have a little brother.”

Your head snapped up at that unintentionally. Out of all of the things he could have possibly said, this was the last thing you had expected, and probably the best. Against your better judgement, you turned to look at him, suddenly eager to listen. You had always wanted siblings. “What’s his name?”

He smiled a little bit at your reaction. “Jae. He’s six and the cutest little monster you’ll ever meet.” You watched the way his eyes lit up as he talked about his brother and it made your heart warm up a little bit, some of the iciness melting away.

“Can I meet him?” You asked a little too eagerly, and Suga looked at you weirdly, pulling slightly on the green ends of his hair.

“Careful, you’re starting to act like a human being.” He chucked and you watched as some of the coldness left his eyes. You couldn’t help but smile.

“I’ve always wanted a sibling.” You reasoned, a dark look suddenly crossing your face as you thought of something. “But in a way I’m glad I never got one. I wouldn’t want them to have to live this life too.” You told him truthfully, turning back around as you said it so he couldn’t see the emotions that couldn’t stop their way from flicking across your face.

At first, Suga didn’t say anything, and you wondered whether he was going to drop it or if he was just looking for the right words to say. This silence wasn’t comfortable, in fact you were pretty sure it was the definition of deafening. It was so loud that you just wanted to scream in an attempt to break it. But he beat you to it.

“I think the same thing about Jae all the time.” He took a deep breath and you held yours, not wanting to miss anything he said. “He’s probably the most important thing in the world to me, but sometimes I wish he didn’t have to be a part of my fucked up world. He deserves a better family than the shitty one he had.”

“If he has you, how shitty can it be?” You wondered aloud, knowing there was so much more than just Suga and his little brother.

Suga scoffed and stood suddenly, wandering the room in circles. “No kid should have to watch his father try and beat the shit out of his older brother.”

The blood in your veins suddenly ran cold, and you couldn’t breathe. For once in a very long time, you were unconcerned about whether or not someone could see how you were feeling and know too much about you. For once you let all of the walls fall as you stared at his back, unsure of what to say. “Suga—“ You began, but were cut off.

“And you know what’s even more fucked up than that?” Suga’s voice was raising in volume and he laughed but it wasn’t the laugh you had learned to love. “I can’t even fight back because God knows, ha, God knows that I could take that man, easily. But anytime I try, he threatens Jae. What kind of sick person even thinks of hurting a six year old? A six year old who is their own kid? He’s just waiting for the second I finish school and move out and there’s nothing I can do about it, he’ll end up just like me. Fucked up and scared and alone.” Suga was exclaiming now, and unknowingly, you stood up on your shaking legs and moved closer. He wasn’t looking at you and for a second you were going to put an unsteady hand on his unsteady arm, but you thought better of it.

So you spoke instead. “You need to get Jae out of there, Sug—“

“I know! I fucking know Y/N, but what happens when they pull him out of there? Sure our ‘father’ will be in jail, but I can’t bring Jae into my world either, especially now. It’s not safe for him with us, to be anywhere near us now. But if I don’t take him he’ll end up at a foster home or orphanage or some shit. And I can’t, I won’t do that. This is why I needed more time. I begged that son of a bitch for some more time, but all he wanted was to separate himself from his Dad, he didn’t even consider Jae.” Suga had asked Rap Monster to hold off? And Rap Monster hadn’t even considered it. So much for not being like his Dad.

You felt sternest rise up in you. “Suga he’ll be safe in a foster home. I know you don’t want that but they’ll let you come and visit until you’re ready to take care of him properly—“

“No!” He yelled suddenly. “I won’t do that to him. He’s the only real family I have.” his deep voice cracked a little bit at the end, and you felt your heart wrench at the sound.

Slowly, you walked around him to be able to see his face, mentally preparing yourself with every step, and you were glad you did. Etched into his face was just pure pain, like he had endured so much for so long. Your arms ached to reach out to him, but you stopped yourself. Somehow, you found your voice. “And your Mom?”

He answered instantly, “Killed herself three years ago while she was home alone with Jae.”

Pity was fighting its way into your vision, but you did your best to fight it, knowing better than anyone else that what Suga needed was not pity, but justification for these things that had taken place.

You didn’t know what else to do or in what way to express how you were feeling, so without thinking, you just pushed yourself into his arms. Every part of you screamed to move away, to build up the wall, but your heart screamed to hold on as tight as you could.

Suga stiffened at your touch, but after a minute, he began to relax into your embrace. Everywhere that your skin touched his was charged with electricity and you got this notion that you never wanted to let go, like for once you were totally safe.

Whispering against his shirt so that it was barely audible you said, “It might not be right now. In fact, it probably won’t for a while, but everything is going to be okay. I swear. You’re not alone anymore.”

You and Suga might be the same, but he had always been a lot more trusting with you than you were with him; a lot more willing to break down the walls. That’s why you weren’t all that surprised when he sunk down into your shoulders, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he pulled you even closer, gripping onto you like a lifeline. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you, but the drops that kept falling on your neck spoke volumes. His scent filled your nose, all peppermint and the slightest hint of tobacco, but you still became intoxicated by it.

“Can I see pictures of Jae now?” You asked after a few minutes of the two of you standing like that, trying to lighten up the mood and he let out an exasperated chuckle. Pulling back, he got lost in your eyes. His were rimmed with the palest red, but you were glad, glad that he had gotten it all out.

“Sure Idiot Girl, come over here.” He dragged you to the couch, wiping his eyes when he thought you weren’t looking. He pulled you into his lap without a second thought, and, deciding there was no going back now, you snuggled in close as he pulled up the photos on his phone. For a while, the two of you stayed like that as Suga scrolled through the hundreds of pictures and videos he had of his little brother, laughing together and when you fell asleep in the middle of one of Suga’s stories, he just pulled you closer, enveloping himself in your warmth, afraid to let go. It was like the most addicting drug he had ever encountered and he had no interest in quitting anytime soon.

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My crack at a female Saitama from OPM In my head, she really wouldn’t be different from her male counterpart, even having the same costume (even though I know some artists like to draw a female version with a costume that shows some more skin, I figured she really wouldn’t care and just go with the more comfortable option). 

 What I particularly love about the idea of a female Saitama, is that if everyone else’s gender stayed the same as in the canonical story, then she’d probably be even more underestimated as a hero due to being a woman in a male dominated field, and would just be all the more impressive when she showed that she could totally wreck everyone’s shit. (Plus she’d have to deal with misogynistic bullshit like, “Hey, you should dress cuter!” “Please! As if a woman could defeat me!” “You should stay back and let some REAL heroes show you how it’s done!” “There’s no way a WOMAN could do that! She has to be cheating!” and it would be amazing to just watch her make them eat their words) 

 P.S* I drew the butt chin kid as a girl just for the hell of it, plus I thought it’d look pretty funny 

 P.S.S* a lot of the dialogue and some poses are from the manga 

 P.S.S.S* muscles are hard to draw ^_^;