A road trip with Michael would include:

•You driving the whole time because he still hasn’t gotten his license (and he wouldn’t want to drive anyways)
•Being stocked up on sour gummy worms and soda
•playing crappy pop and singing along wAy off key
•"You know how you’re moaning right now?“
•"Yeah you should moan like that for me tonight.”
•"I’m just kidding.“
•Lots of arm slapping
•Rolling down his window and sticking his head out like a dog ‘cause he’s punk rock and can do what he wants’
•Going though a McDonalds drive through and getting five cheeseburgers and two larger fires
•three burgers for Michael
•"I was serious about you moaning for me though.“
•"I’ve never had sex in a motel though! It’s something we should experience together!”
•"What do you mean you’ve already had sex in a motel before?“
•"What’s his name I’m gonna kill him.”
•"That’s it Billy dead he ruined our relationship.“
•Rubbing Michael’s thigh teasingly
•"I’m gonna fuck you in that motel tonight princess.”
•Grumpy Michael
•Rubbing the nape of Michael’s neck making him sigh contently
•Fan girling like crazy when she’s kinda hot comes on the radio
•Bags of Cheetos all over the ground
•Facetiming the boys
•"Yeah we’re gonna have sex in the hotel tonight.”
•"Well maybe.“
•Him rubbing the nape of your neck
•"I was just joking about the sex okay babe?”
•"Unless you want to have sex.“
•Him rolling down the window and yelling “BILLY RUINED MY SEXUAL FANTASIES!”

———– Day 1, part 1 MICHAEL Beach Weekend
Signs + Isaac Lahey Quotes
  • I just didn't feel like doing any homework:Cancer, Pisces
  • I came to win:Libra, Leo
  • I guess this is the part where I say something witty:Aquarius, Gemini
  • Well, I'm a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I'm great:Scorpio, Capricorn
  • She's kinda hot:Virgo, Aries
  • Dude, I love Mexican:Sagittarius, Taurus

You left.

Didn’t give me a reason as to why.

It’s as if you don’t exist now…

I don’t even remember what you sound like,

And I guess i should be happy by this

Except it just makes me kinda sad

How you’ve forgotten all about me so easily

And it’s taken me months of sobbing 

Only just to forget your voice

You know how when you’re on a rollercoaster and it’s going fast, your adrenaline shoots through your veins and your heart races and you feel so alive, but after the ride is over and you step back to the ground it all just seems mundane in comparison? Yeah?
Well being with you is kinda like the rollercoaster, and after you leave, life just doesn’t feel the same for a while.
—  I used to never like rollercoasters, but god, do I love you

“you can’t just add a sci-fi word to a car word and expect it to mean something”

“hey morty, remember eight seconds ago when you said, ‘go inside what’, and i said ‘the battery’, and then we were here and i wasn’t like ‘whoa, this is unexpected, this isn’t the battery’”

damn rick is throwing out some serious shade in this episode, i’m kinda digging it lmao

Meeting His Family (Part 2)

-A/N: Okay so here is part two! Hope you guys like it! Also, I know I already posted about this but I hit 100 followers yesterday, and I’m pretty new to the tumblr scene so its kinda a huge deal to me so thank you so, so, so, so, soooo much for following and for all the likes, and the reblogs and even just for reading the first sentence of any of my imagines. It means a lot…xoxo, Ruby

Masterlist || Ask

“Okay, Y/dog/n dropped off at Louis’s?"  


"House dusted, vacuumed, mopped, etc." 


"Brownies in fancy tupperware bowl?" 

"Done. Y/n, stop worrying. We did everything.” Harry looks at you, a concerned look on his face. 

“I’m not worried Harry. I’m just double checking." 

"Baby, you’re shaking." 

"It’s a little cold in here…" 

"You’re wearing a sweater. Y/n, I know you better than that, there’s nothing the worry about. My family will love you and your brownies. Everything will be okay, I promise." 

"I know, Harry, it’s just that they’re your family and I love you and I don’t wanna know what would happen to our relationship if they don’t like me.” You confess.  

“You’re a smart, beautiful, kind, positive down-to-earth person, and if they don’t like that then it’s them that have a problem not you love.” You nod and loosen up a bit. 

“How do you always manage to get me so…calm." 

"It’s a gift, I suppose…” You laugh and grab the brownies. 

“Whatever. Let’s just get going.”  After your eight hour private flight, you guys drive out of London to Cheshire, your nervousness becoming greater and greater with every mile. Still you didn’t let it get the best of you as Harry explains all the landmarks of his hometown.  

“This is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. Reminds me of those cute little towns in Hallmark movies.” He laughs. 

“We’re getting close babe…you ready?" 

"As I’ll ever be.” He takes your hand.  After a 15 minute radio sing-a-long session in the car, you and Harry finally pull up to a quaint little house. There are bright and beautiful flowers surrounding the door. The house is some what comforting as you walk up the stairs to the front door, Harry’s hand grasping your newly sweaty one. Harry takes the door knob and opens it, making you nervous yet oddly relieved at the same time. At least I’ve made it this far…you think.  

“Harry darling is that you?” An older woman’s voice calls. 

“Yeah, it’s me mum…” Soon the source of the voice is standing in front of you, hugging her son tightly, eyes closed. The obvious love that they share is heartwarming. They release each other and Harry’s mom takes a look at you. 

“Oh and you must be y/n! Harry here goes on and on about you for hours on the phone…” Your cheeks heat up and Harry turns red. Harry takes the brownies as you and his mom hug and you say, 

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Twist. Thanks for having me. Your home is lovely.” She’s smiles kindly. 

“Thank you dearest and please, call me Anne…So, I hope you both are hungry, I’ve got some dinner cooking now and there are some snacks in the kitchen. Make yourself at home, y/n.” You and Harry glance at each other as you both follow Anne to the living room and take a seat on the couch. Anne goes to fix something in her kitchen and comes back with a plate of veggies and dip. You take some, just now realizing how hungry you’ve gotten since you left.  

“So, y/n, tell me about yourself. There must be something I don’t know about you, though my son has done a pretty good job at filling me in.” You laugh. 

“Well then you probably know that I recently moved to LA, which is where Harry and I met. I’m in college right now and I’m studying psychology. And pretty much I spend my days studying and interning at a private psychology practice."  

"My, that’s impressive…Harry’s got himself a smart one. I’m sure you’re keeping him in line…” Anne smirks.

 "I can keep myself in line very well thank you.“ Harry says in mock defense. You and Anne look at each other and roll your eyes.  

"So anyways, y/n, where did you grow up since you just moved to LA." 

"Um well I grew up in a small town in y/state/n. My family is originally from Kenya, so I lived there for a few years of my life. But I moved back to the U.S. at a young age, which is why I have a American accent."  

"So do you speak your native language." 

"I can mostly understand Swahili but I’m not that good at actually saying it. I’m actually really good at Spanish, which is kinda funny considering…” As you and Anne continue to discuss your culture, Gemma walks into the living room.  

“Gemma, I didn’t even hear you come in!” Anne says. You and Harry stand up. 

“I was going to try and surprise you but I didn’t realize we had guests.” She say gesturing at you. 

“Gemma,” Harry starts, “this is my girlfriend Y/n." 

"Ah, y/n! I feel like we’ve already met. Harry talks about you all the time, he’s ridiculous.” You smile and turn to look at Harry. 

“So I’ve heard…” Harry blushes and mumbles, 

“I don’t talk about you that much, geez…” Anne gets up to continues fixing dinner. 

“Anyways, welcome and I hope my mum hasn’t smothered you too much." 

"Nah, she’s really cool. Oh! And these are for you.” You hand her the brownies. 

 "Did Harry make these?“  

"No, don’t worry, I did.” You chuckle. 

“Okay good, they’re edible." 

"FYI, I used to work in a bakery…"  

"We know…” You and Gemma say at the same time.  

“Hey Gem, I could use some help in the kitchen.” Anne calls, and you are suddenly whisked away by Gemma. You are welcomed into the kitchen with open arms, as you aid Anne with the cooking and swap embarrassing stories about Harry. 30 minutes later, you feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist and a kiss on your cheek. 

“What are my three favorite ladies talking about in here." 

"Oh, you know, girl stuff…” Anne says laughing. 

“I heard my name, spill…” Harry says unconvinced. After a few seconds of glances at each other, you sigh and say, 

“We were just talking about how on our first movie date you decided it would be a good idea to drink wine and eat popcorn at the same time and then y/dog/n jumped one you, and you spilled butter and wine all over your pants and I thought you were bleeding and I freaked out.” You laugh at the memory.  

“Babe, I rather not relive that, thanks.” You all laugh. 

“Okay you three, dinner’s almost ready and Robin should be here soon. So Harry and y/n if you don’t mind, could you set the table?" 

"Sure thing mum.” You and Harry grab plates and utensils and stroll into the dining room. 

“Okay your mom and sister are the best. They are so cool." 

"You think so? That’s great baby because I think they like you too. Mum has never been so welcoming of any of my other girlfriends before and Gemma’s usually not this nice.” You finish setting the place mat you were at and look up at him. 

“I’m glad. Your family feels like my family, and honestly seeing you with them makes me love you even more.” Harry gives you a squeeze, as Robin comes through the door.  “Hello, Harry. And you must be, y/n. My, you’ve got a pretty one, real pretty."  

"Thank you, Mr. Twist. It’s lovely to meet you."  

"The pleasure is all mine. Now, I think Anne says dinner is ready. Who’s hungry?” You, Harry, Gemma, Anne, and Robin all sit at the table, the constantly changing table talk becoming more and more fun as the night went on. Harry was holding your hand and rubbing his thumb up and down the back of it through the entire meal, and before you know it you were back on the couch eating the brownies you and Harry brought and drinking tea. You didn’t have a brownie since you had eaten so many on the car ride over here. Pretty soon, you drift to sleep, you head resting on Harry’s chest, him stroking your hair.  

“Is she asleep, honey?” Anne asks. 

“Yeah she is.” You feel Harry’s chest vibrate but you don’t stir. 

“She helped out a lot in the kitchen so it’s expected." 

"Yeah..I know she’s been tired a lot lately with school at stuff as well." 

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that you have a special girl, Harry. And you shouldn’t let her go. Take care of her." 

"I know, mum, I know…” Harry says quietly. 

“How is she dealing with all the attention?" 

"She’s amazing really. I don’t know how she does it. Sometimes it is hard to sit back and just watch people hate her for her race and such, but she’s always so graceful about it, and never gets angry." 

"That’s good. She obviously cares about you enough to ignore everyone else’s voices, and that’s real love." 


"Do you think she’s the one, Harry?” He looks up. 

“Yeah, I do. I don’t think I’ve loved any one the way I love her. She bring so much positively and brightness to my life and I see myself with her forever." 

"Oh my baby. I’m so proud of you.” Anne says, choking up, “I love you so much and I love y/n too. She’s family now." 

"Thanks mum. It means a lot.” You start to wake up, momentarily unaware of anything that’s happening around you.  

“Good morning sleep head.” Harry says. 

“How long was I out?"  

"A good hour, love." 

"Man, I was tired…"  

"Well, mum,” Harry says, standing up, “I think we better make our way home. It’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy as well."  

"Okay loves, have a safe trip home and call me when you get there…” Anne says, kissing your cheek. 

“Sure thing mum,” Harry says, kissing his mom. 

“Bye Gemma, bye Robin.” You yell to Gemma and Robin doing dishes in the kitchen. 

“Bye, y/n, nice meeting you.” Gemma calls back, “I’ll text you about shopping later this week."  

"Alright, Gem."  You and Harry make your way to the car and you’re sad because you have to go, but happy to go back home to bed. 

"Well, that went amazing!” Harry says happily, placing his hand on your thigh.  

“Yeah it did.” You smile. 

“Well,” Harry says as you take one last glance at the house, “Welcome to the family, love." 

cheekylilspaff asked:

Hello! I kinda just wanted to know if you had any theories about why Haku tells Chihiro not to look back when she's leaving? I always wondered why he told her that, and what the repercussions would be if she did look back, so I wanted to know if you had any ideas as to why he said that, and what would happen to her if she did look back. I'm not sure if Miyazaki confirmed anything, I just saw the quote on one of your recent gif edits and it made me think about it! I absolutely love your blog! :D

okay, so i’m really sleepy and can’t think but i’m publishing this so maybe someone can answer you. does anyone have any info or ideas on this?

christy-bear asked:

Your reply (about babies lol) reminded me of how around christmas I had sent a few of Jensen's pictures with JJ to my mom (cos hot guy plus tiny baby is somehow awesome idk?! Also JJ is just ridiculously cute...) but my mom replied "you really want a baby don't you?" I almost died... I'm pretty sure I actually screamed NO!! That's not what I meant! But yeah anyway I am loving your pregnant!dean blog!! It's really funny and sounds just like him and how he would react!

Hahaha omg I feel that so hard. Babies are cute…from a distance. XD Kids actually kinda terrify me, so I’m definitely not having any anytime soon, either!

Speaking of showing Jensen’s picture to moms, I had somehow gotten on the topic of how I was (begrudgingly) admitting to my mom that I think Jensen is gorgeous, but when she saw a picture of him, she legit just said, "Oh, he’s okay-looking.”

(I don’t think she finds the pretty boys as appealing but still it’s like she doesn’t even have eyes.)

Although I have to say that Jensen did not in fact seem hotter to me in person. He was basically what I expected. Which is already the ultimate hotness level so there’s no way he could have exceeded that, anyway. ;)

But thank you! Dean’s a super fun character to write in general (unless it has to do with a BM scene lol), and throwing him into something as zany as getting knocked up just makes it even more fun to experiment and play around with him. :3

Tagged by Louvette. Woo, thanks! :D 

1. How tall are you?
5'7" (or 170 cm). Pretty good height. Not too tall, not too short. (Legs are kinda long though.)

2. What colour and style is your hair?
My hair color can best be described as “dead corn field”. Currently, my hair is medium-length because I’m growing it out, so it’s at that awkward middle stage where it can’t really go into an actual ponytail yet but just barely.

3. What colour are your eyes?
Grey, like a…grey thing. Maybe cement. Or…pavement…that is grey-colored. Y’know, a kinda….gravel color. 

4. Do you wear glasses/contacts?
I wear glasses when I’m at the computer for a long time because I get migraines from looking at bright screens (which is less than awesome because that’s literally my job, haha).

5. Do you wear braces?
Not currently, but I have quite an orthodontion rapsheet, man. Retainer, bionater WITH HEAD GEAR at night, braces, and I actually still have a metal wire in my mouth glued to the backside of my bottom row of teeth. I honestly don’t remember when or why that got put in. Could be a control rod or radio transmitter for all I know.

6. What is your fashion style?
At work, I always just wear a black shirt, jeans, and black leather boots. At home, my style could be described as “penniless jogger” due to it just being me in an old worn out shirt and some even older athletic shorts.

7. What is your name?
Alicia. I think that’s a fairly obvious one. No nicknames though please, just Alicia.

8. When were you born?
I was actually born on Christmas Day, to which people almost always respond, “Christmas DAY?!” Yes, Christmas Day. I was a present to the world from my mom. (Because people usually ask: Yes, sometimes I do get twice the amount of presents but not always. Distant relatives almost always sent “Merry Birthday” cards and always acted like they were the first people to have ever said that ever. Christmases at home would go like this: unwrap Christmas shit in the morning, big ass breakfast, digest big ass breakfast, unwrap my birthday presents, cake for lunch, then back to Christmas shit like Christmas dinner and all that. I’ve only ever had one birthday party, which was celebrated in the middle of Summer when I was like ten, haha.)

9. How old are you?
I am 25. Woop, woop. Cannot believe I’m 25 though, man. Cannot believe it.

10. Where are you from/live now?
Welp, I was born in Washington state, then my family moved down to Texas, where I stayed for twelve years until I graduated high school, then I came back up to Washington for college, and here I am still, ‘cause it’s where nerds go to do nerd jobs. I live near Seattle, and I love it.

11. Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have two. Older brother and a younger sister. We’re all nerds.

12. What school/college do you go to?
I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2012.

12.1. What is your major/course in college? / Or what do you plan to study?
I got a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. Spent 6 months as a game designer before getting laid off, so now I do testing work for Samsung, and I actually make a lot more money doing that than game design, hah. Gotta afford them video games somehow, man.

13. What kind of student are you?
I was the kind that would start on assignments the day they were assigned and would have stuff in on time. Basically, a huge dork. I was always getting pushed into AP/advanced shit. (Then, I went to a college of genius people, so I was like the dumbest person there. Lol. But hey, I successfully made it through on time and everything!)

14. Do you even like school?
Sure, I liked school. I kind of wish I had the time to take some language courses or something. I’ve always wanted to fully learn another language.

15. What are your favourite school subjects?
In high school, I always liked math and English. I liked math because you just follow set formulas and rules of logic; it’s quite nice. Then, I liked English because I was always good with English, grammar, spelling, writing, all that, so I would use that as my time to screw around. I remember we used to have to do these journal entries and write thoughtful analyses about shows, movies, books, etc. I once made up an entire show and analyzed it just because I was bored. I made up a lot of things in that class. (Oh, and any computer classes, of course.)

16. What are your favourite shows?
Some of my favorites are The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Nightly Show, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Twin Peaks. I’m currently going through all of Xena Warrior Princess, which I haven’t watched before, and I love it. I just really, really like women with weapons. That is my thing, man.

17. What are your favourite movies?
Well, I love the old Disney movies, of course. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, all of those. Cabaret, The Mummy, and Mad Max: Fury Road are three other of my absolute favorites.

18. What are your favourite books?
My two favorite books hands down are John Dies at the End and This Book Is Full of Spiders, both by David Wong. They are hilarious and creepy, and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a sense of humor.

19. What is your favourite way to pass the time?
Video games and then more fucking video games. I just want to hear a good story. Maybe see some sexy people occasionally, but, y’know, sexy people with good stories.

20. Do you have any regrets?
I can’t really say I actually regret anything. Even stupid shit I did that led to bad situations taught me how to deal with shitty situations, so that’s useful.

21. What is your dream job?
I honestly don’t know anymore. I mean, I know my current job isn’t my dream job, but I get to work with technology everyday, which is rad. I’m not sure what I want to do in the future or where I want to go. I just hope it’ll be something with some good people and something that will make me happy. Anything else, I dunno, scripting, writing, designing, testing, some or all of the above, whatever!

22. Would you like to get married one day and where?
Marriage has never been important to me personally. I would be willing to get married, but I don’t personally have a particularly strong desire to get married. If I did and got to choose the location, I’d probably want a private ceremony somewhere pretty, like a waterfall or surrounded by cherry trees or in the middle of a massive field. (How amazing would that wedding picture be?)

23. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy?
Haha, I don’t know what “regular” girl means. I used to live on a 200-acre ranch in Texas and took care of our horses, so I guess you could say I used to be a “tomboy” sort of girl back then. Now, I’m just an indoorsy nerd.

24. Do you like shopping?
I like shopping for things for my projects or if I’m buying myself some “treat yo self” kinda things, like candles or games or something. I hate shopping for clothes or groceries.

25. What countries have you visited so far?
I’m very sad to admit that I have not traveled outside the United States. :<
I would love to visit Canada or Norway or just any random European country with crazy old, isolated mountain castles or something.

26. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had so far? 
The dreams I have that scare me the most are ones where I’m either driving a car with brakes that don’t work or I’m pregnant. Man, I hate those dreams. I just wake up and stare blankly like, “Nope, nope, nope.” (The dreams I have where I’m like running from zombies or something entertain me. I wake up pumped, haha.) 

27. (Huh. #27 doesn’t exist?)
12 kinda snuck in two parts, so maybe 27 disguised itself and crept off to go hang with 12. I’m onto you, bastard. You think you’re so clever. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d scroll up and type you a piece of my mind.

28. Who are your best friends?
Hmm, I don’t have really have any “best” friends these days, so…everyone I’ve ever forced to tag along with me on my adventures, I guess, haha. 

29. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?
Yep, I have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for over 6 years now. He puts up with me…being me. Thankfully, we’re both big Mass Effect fans, so we have that to argue about. It keeps things spicy–and nerdy as hell, which is how I like it. 

And I lived happily ever after. The end! 

Starting a question thing here :)

Billy at crosstimberlake messaged me with an idea that I really liked. He suggested that I  start doing a question of the week (or more often) on this blog. : ) We can do it as often as you guys want to and if anyone has an idea for a question or challenge, just message me, okay? : )

I’m going to quote Billy because it’s his idea and he explains it much better than I can. : ) Hope you don’t mind, Billy. 

“ Something just to keep all of us involved, and we can just reply to the post with answers. Kinda like the “tagged for 5 things I like” stuff but easier if we don’t have to post our own answers. Like “how many photos do you take a week” “what’s the last book you read” etc. you can also toggle the allow photo replies on your post and ask for pictures. Like reply with a selfie or a specific photo challenge (like the blue moon). Just a thought, cause you have a really interesting core of followers and it’d be neat to hear from them in one place about silly or interesting things.”

Love this idea! First I need to allow photo replies and then decide the first question. : ) Fun!

Popcorn, Laughs, and Ridiculousness

-A/N: So I don’t remember exactly where I got this idea from…it either came from a movie, a tv show, a book, a dream, or something someone told me IRL…Anyways, I just kinda thought of this on the spot, so excuse the length. Enjoy, lovelies! xoxo, Ruby

Masterlist || Ask

“Okay, no offense babe, but I really don’t see the appeal of mixing Raisinets and popcorn together.“ 

"It’s like the perfect mixture of salty and sweet…" 

"Wouldn’t the salt overpower the sweet because there’s more popcorn than Raisinets?” Harry retorts. 

“Harry, are we really debating about this right now?” You chuckle. Harry has been at your house for almost 6 hours now. What was supposed to be a quick movie night with maybe two movies, tops, has turned into a late night viewing of every Nicolas Sparks movie and discussion about, well, everything. You are both seated close together, covered in a white fleece blanket, the only thing on your lap a bowl of popcorn. You have persuaded Harry to let you pour a box of Raisinets into your freshly popped popcorn, though he is anything but happy about it. 

“Yes we are talking about this because if we are going to watch movies together more often, these things need to be sorted out right away” says Harry matter-of-factly. 

“Didn’t realize watching movies together required such an ordeal,” you quip, “Maybe we should sort out the fact that you don’t know how to be quiet during movies…"  

"Wow, y/n, didn’t realize it was such in issue…see what your Raisinets have done? They’ve opened up a whole world full of problems.” Though you both try to keep a straight face while teasing each other, you can’t help but burst out in laughter. After finally settling down, you turn back to the movie. You sighed, 



"We’re ridiculous, aren’t we?"  

"Just a bit babe…" 

"Well, I like being ridiculous." 

"Me too.” Harry turns to look into your dark brown eyes and kisses you deeply, both of you caught up in the moment. He breaks away and looks at you before saying,  “Your lips taste like, a really good mixture of sweet and salty.” Harry smiles at you.  

“I told you so babe,” you say as you wrap your arms around him and cuddle deeper into his chest, “I told you so…" 

I’m not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs, 
I kinda feel like everybody expects motherhood to completely change me as a writer and as an artist. I feel like it just adds another wonderful dimension, 

It’s really important to me to stay true to who I was before, but now I just have this other piece of my life,

Of course when you get married or when you fall in love or when you have a baby or whatever giant life moments happen, it’s going to work its way into things that you do creatively and me as an artist.

—  Carrie Underwood 

otakunekomiko asked:

Is there a particular Dangan Ronpa quote you find especially memorable?

“Please, don’t forget… From the bottom of my heart…I am truly in love with the hope that sleeps inside you.” from komaeda to hinata

and everyone following this blog might think that i have a komahina problem (which i do, but that’s not the point) but this quote is literally the saddest thing i’ve ever seen because komaeda had STRONG FEELINGS for hinata but he couldn’t express them and it’s like “JUST DO IT” all shia labeouf style but he couldn’t. and it’s probably the most tragically romantic thing i’ve read in a while and i don’t think it’s a good idea to have a whole rant about komahina (unless someone wants me to do it)

tl;dr: mod junko gets sad when gay white haired boys can’t tell their ahoge-boy crushes that they love them.

💕 mod junko

silentdrifting asked:

Hey guys, I just saw a post on my dash that said that cidgendered heteroromantic aces weren't allowed to be included in mogai spaces because we're cis het. Quote: "in either case, why is it that if you don’t feel like you belong with other cis hets… there’s this automatic assumption and expectation that we will change the focus of our politics to give you a place to “belong”?" I was wondering your thoughts, because this kinda destroyed how okay I was feeling with being ace. Thanks.

Hi, I just sent an ask, for background, the post is about cis het aces that want somewhere to belong, and the whole post is saying that they dont belong in any mogai spaces. If needed, send me an ask and ill get the whole post, I copied and pasted the text into a draft because I did not want to reblog the post.

Welcome to the unfortunate oppression that asexuals continue to face.

This isn’t the first time this topic has been brought to us, unfortunately, but know that you aren’t alone in how you feel - hurt, confused, angry, whatever that may be. And know that we here support you and all aces who feel this way when confronted with exclusion from the greater MOGAI community.

Unfortunately, whenever we make new posts about why that mentality is wrong and hurtful to asexuals, we invariably receive a lot of drama and hate. So, rather than rehash this, I’m going to direct you to our oppression and identity policing tags, which contain the posts where we have previously discussed this. I’m also going to include the link to our “on the use of queer” tag, as it is very similar.

In short, know that heteroromantic asexuals, or anyone on the asexual spectrum, is not cis het, because asexual is not heterosexual, and therefore, you belong.

- Di

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we were going to lynch this asshole invest and I kinda said "one of us" and that was all the dead chat said for the rest of the game. they just spammed it and kinda scared the medium a lil

aw it sounds like the dead’s ur cute little ghost children that are excited by everything u say

- mod mafioso (i should start signing as “modioso”) ((actually nevermind that looks dumb)) 


“Hi you must be Francis right? I heard you’re a Kasari, you guys are pretty into science in general right? That’s kind of my thing so I hope you’re into that sort of stuff too.”

“No really honestly, at least not like my dad but I do like cool tech a lot. Just most of my other siblings are kinda smarter than I am. "