Mofftiss Explain

“It’s the gayest story on the history of television.”

“We all certainly saw it as a love story.”

“They are absolutely made for each other.”

“I think it’s important that kids watching television see themselves on screen.”

“To hell with deferred pleasure.”

“I don’t know. I’m just in it.”

“It’s groundbreaking.”

“If we pull this off, it’ll be television history!”

“Insane wish fulfillment.”

“Culmination of everything we’ve been working for.”

“Shattering climax.”

“Love conquers all.”

“The real version airs tonight.”


“What do you think, then, Doctor Watson? There’s another bedroom upstairs if you’ll be needing two bedrooms.”

“Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

“Anything on the menu, whatever you want, free. On the house, for you and for your date.”

“Girlfriend? No, not really my area.”

“So you’ve got a boyfriend then?”

“Right. Okay. You’re unattached. Like me. Fine. Good.”

“Actually, I’ve, er, got a date.”

“That’s what I was suggesting.”

“Sherlock’s business seems to be booming since you and he became … pals.”

“He’s not gay. Why d’you have to spoil …? He’s not.”

“With that level of personal grooming?”

“Because he puts a bit of product in his hair? I put product in my hair.”

“If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you. I’ll burn the heart out of you.”

“I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.”

“We both know that’s not quite true.”

“You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.”

“Somebody loves you.”

“I don’t think John knows where to look.”

“No, I think he knows exactly where. I’m not sure about you.”

“Are you jealous?”

“We’re not a couple.”

“Yes you are.”

“I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple, and very destructive.”

“Listen, what I said before, John. I meant it. I don’t have friends. I’ve just got one.”

“I know you’re for real.”

“Your friends will die if you don’t.”


“There’s stuff that you wanted to say … but didn’t say it.”

“Say it now.”

“No. Sorry. I can’t.”

“Yeah. We’re getting married … well, I’m gonna ask, anyway.”

“So soon after Sherlock?”

“Well, yes.”

“What’s his name?”

“It’s a woman.”

“A woman?!”

“Yes, of course it’s a woman.”

“You really have moved on, haven’t you?”

“One Word, Sherlock. That is all I would have needed. One word to let me know that you were alive.”

“Why indeed, John?”

“I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.”

“Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for. If I hadn’t come back, you wouldn’t be standing there and … you’d still have a future … with Mary.”

“She was probably right, really. I remember she left early. I mean, who leaves a wedding early? So sad.”

“No, it is! It is, and I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world.”

“Neither of us were the first, you know.”

“So know this: today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world.”

“Oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair.”

“And of course I have to mention the elephant in the room.”

“Why would he be scared that we’re getting married?”

“No! No! Not you! Not you! You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

“Mr Holmes, you and I are similar, I think.”

“Yes, I think we are.”

“There’s a proper time to die, isn’t there?”

“Of course there is.”

“And one should embrace it when it comes – like a soldier.”

“Of course one should, but not at John’s wedding. We wouldn’t do that, would we – you and me? We would never do that to John Watson.”

“John Watson is definitely in danger.”

“I know what kind of man you are … but we could have been friends.”

“Because you chose her.”

“Th-the clients – that’s all you are now, Mary. You’re a client. This is where you sit and talk … and this is where we sit and listen, then we decide if we want you or not.”

“But look how you care about John Watson. Your damsel in distress.”

“And Sherlock’s pressure point is his best friend, John Watson.”

“John, there’s something … I should say; I-I’ve meant to say always and then never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.”

“We’re not naming our daughter after you.”

“I think it could work.”

“Mrs Hudson, there is a woman in my sitting room! Is it intentional?”

“You have an impish sense of humour which currently you’re deploying to ease a degree of personal anguish. You have recently married a man of a seemingly kindly disposition who has now abandoned you for an unsavoury companion of dubious morals.”

“Holmes, against absolutely no opposition whatsoever, I am your closest friend.”

“Why do you need to be alone?”

“No, those are my words, not yours! That is the version of you that I present to the public: the brain without a heart; the calculating machine. I write all of that, Holmes, and the readers lap it up, but I do not believe it. … You are a living, breathing man. You’ve lived a life; you have a past. … Damn it, Holmes, you are flesh and blood. You have feelings. You have … you must have … impulses.”

“There’s always two of us.”

“Urgh. Why don’t you two just elope, for God’s sake?”

“Perhaps I was being a little fanciful … but perhaps such things could come to pass. In any case, I know I would be very much at home in such a world. … I beg to differ. But then I’ve always known I was a man out of his time.”

“Romantic entanglement would complete you as a human being.”

“The man we both love.”

“I wanted more. I still do.”


A letter to @sherrinfordholmes and all the other queer kids in TJLC

Regardless of what just happened, you were right. You are smart. The analysis you did was incredible, the things you created were worthy of attention, and you are worthy of love and respect. Johnlock and TJLC helped you discover who you are, who we all are, and even if in the end tptb were too scared to change the world, you will not be. You are smart and kind and valid and I love you so much. Even though this adaption proves to be less than what we hoped, that makes them wrong, not you. You will change the world with your thoughts, and you will create a world where Holmes and Watson are finally free, where their relationship is open and honest and true and beautiful. You will bring our ideas to the forefront of the discussion, you will create adaptions where Sherlock and John don’t have to hide how they feel, and someday, even if that day isn’t today, Sherlock Holmes will get to be out and proud.

Like Marcel said, people like us get to be people like Sherlock Holmes. You are going to do amazing things above and beyond this, regardless of what happens. I will be there for you whichever way the east wind takes us. We celebrate together, we mourn together, we rise again together. You will be the light that leads us into a new age, and I’m so proud of you.

The final problem

This bullshit isn’t history. It’s not. IT’S ANOTHER FUCKING EPISODE.
•Nothing changed. Nothing special happened.
•There was no “love conquers all”, because there was no love story. Nothing happened between Sherlock and John. No love confession, no kiss, nothing. Nothing.
•There are so many questions that doesn’t have an answer.
•WHAT THEY DID WAS JUST AWFUL. There’s not a chance that A LOT of people were wrong about Johnlock. They made this on purpose, to get more views from LGBT+ community. And then nothing happened. Not a single thing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would have NEVER expected this from Gatiss. So disappointing.
•The only good thing about this episode was that little Mystrade moment about Greg going to take care of Mycroft.
•How the fuck could we hear the little girl’s voice? It was inside Eurus head. Was she speaking like a little girl or what?
•Eurus killed Sherlock’s friend and made his life impossible and now they are playing violin together? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
•They made the audience think that Moriarty was back and he only was Eurus puppet. Disappointing. WHAT ABOUT IF WE CALL THE SHOW ‘EURUS’? IF IT WAS ALL ABOUT HER, I MEAN.
•The video at the end makes no sense. Like they just put it there so there was a nice ending. Guess what, Mofftiss? IT WAS NOT.

That’s all I can say now, because I’m so fucking mad that I can’t even think.
In conclusion: I didn’t liked it. So many things were wrong that I just can’t deal with it.

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Can I request a top 10 (if you do those ^^;) of HQ who is the most father like or who is the most fun father? ( sorry for my bad English! ) I really like your blog btw!!

Thank you so much and this is fine your english isn’t bad at all dont sweat it!! Also I kind of just did who is going to be really good dads hope that’s a okay

  1. Bokuto, tbh he is just so great with kids and kids always love him to death so I think out of all the characters he is going to be the best father
  2. Sugawara, second best with kids after Bo, kids love his kindness and always just randomly come up to him and will start talking to him, Suga is responsible yet can be firm and I just think he is going to be a really good dad
  3. Ushijima, even though he looks a bit rough and mean kids really seem to like him, they can tell how kind he is and he is always welcome to the idea of going to play with little kids and they all love his smile
  4. Hinata, knows how to take care of kids because of how much he had to watch Natsu, he is kind and light hearted and is going to be a great dad
  5. Kyoutani, despite popular belief he is fucking great with kids, all kids for some reason just really like him and he doesn’t know why, the kids sense his inner worth
  6. Tendou, the fun dad, does everything to spoil his kids and will do anything to make sure that they are happy, probably a single dad and had to raise him/her on his own and he is a really really good parent
  7. Tanaka, loves kids!!!! they love him!!!!, going to be a great dad someday and all of the kids think he is hilarious
  8. Yamaguchi, a very good support system, he is kind and loving and will make sure that his kids are the best they can be without pressuring them
  9. Hanamaki, another one of the fun dad’s, will do anything he can to be there for his kid and will definitely know how to take care of kids and be stern at the same time
  10. Aone, same as Ushijima, kids basically come in waves to him when they get lost because they can sense how kind hearted he is, will be a great dad someday

I AM NOW GONNA WORK MY ASS OFF TO BECOME A SCREEN WRITER. I AM GONNA GET THE BEST GRADES I AM GONNA GET IN TO THE BEST UNI I AM GONNA ENTER ONLINE COMPETITIONS AND WORK IN LIBRARIES AND RADIO STATIONS AND BLOODY ANYWHERE TO GET THIS JOB. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE BETTER. NOT JUST FROM THEM, FROM EVERYONE. We put a lot of faith in ‘them’ but the truth is a lot of other people have let us down too. And I promise not to be one of those people. I swear to god one day I WILL give you something to blog about. And talk about. And show to your kids. I will give you slow burn romance and characters who hook up in the first episode and I swear to god every single character who 'just could’ve been straight’ won’t be. There will be subtext and damn outright love confessions and I promise you that if all I ever manage to do is publish one book I WILL PUT EVERYTHING IN TO IT.

Because we. Deserve. Better.

Maybe that’s the problem

Word count: 2939

Summary: You go to one of philip hamiltons famous parties, and next thing you know, you wake up in his house. shit happens.

Au: Highschool Au

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Warning:  Uh. French, mentions of sex??? but really just. the word, underage drinking/smoking (dont do drugs kids) i think thats it.
Note:good god guys, I really loved writing this. Also, I always think of so much to say in the notes when i’m actually writing, but now i forgot all of it. No proofreading, we die like men. I love Georges, anyone wanna see a georges fic?  AND Want this to be a multipart fic???? And yeah. I listened to Initiation from The Weeknd, so i recommend you do to. Even if it doesn’t have much to do with the story YET.  And georges is sleeping with philip, im sure. (you will understand later) Enjoy. Thats it. Also thanks to @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines for helping me with the name so philips generation. Check her out guys. She hella cool. Done. Oh. @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky wanted to be tagged. okay im out.

“You’ve never been to a Hamilton-Party?!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at your friend Abigail, her eyes were widened in shock. “I’ve already told you a thousand times I’ve never been to any parties, Nabby”, you reminded her, before taking a seat next to the girl. Abigail lifted her shoulders, giving you a shrug. “Yeah, but the ones at Hamiltons’ are different. I didn’t know you meant those too”, she alleged, plunking down into the chair. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, you explained yourself. “I told you my parents are trying to prevent me from underage drinking at all costs. How was I supposed to find a way to go there anyways?” Your words made your friend twist her mouth. “Hmm”, she hummed, hesitating. She seemed to be contemplating something, which made you curious in an instant. “What are you thinking about?”, you asked her, shifting around in your seat. “Oh nothing”, Abigail informed you, as a wide smile began spreading across her face, “I was just wondering what I should borrow you for tonight! We’re gonna pay the Hamilton Estate a visit!” Reluctant, you crossed your arms. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m not even invited. And if my parents would find out…”, you didn’t even bother to finish your sentence. Your parents were horribly strict and it already took you almost a week to persuade them to let you stay overnight at Abigail’s home. “Come on, don’t be such a party pooper! I’ll be with you, and it’ll be fun. Trust me!”, she reassured you, grabbing your shoulder. “Nobody will find out! And you don’t need an invitation! Everybody can go. Okay? Are you with me?” A deep sigh escaped your throat, before you slowly nodded. “I’m not gonna regret this, am I?”, you joked, but all you received was a shrug, before Abigail left the room.

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a message to old & new members !!

buckle ur seatbelts, kids, this might be a long and bumpy ride,,,

first of all, i want to say that i love each and every single one of you with my whole entire heart. honestly, i just feel so much fondness and warmth. i don’t know what i did to deserve members as creative and wonderful as you all, but whatever it was, i’m damn happy i did. i don’t feel worthy of all of your talent!! i’m constantly in awe and you guys never cease to amaze me. i know that i haven’t been here since mi was created, but i still love this place more than you could ever imagine. though, maybe you can imagine! after all, i suppose you all see how much work and effort i put forth, because i just… i love it. i know you’re all coming to me and saying how proud you are of me, and you’re commending me for all of my hard work since i had to handle this unexpected workload practically on my own (until admin woo saved me and stepped in and assisted me in finishing up), but it doesn’t feel like work. not any sort of work that i would dread doing, anyway. it’s work that i welcome with open arms.

i have so much more to say, but i’m going to put this under a read more to spare you all, but i encourage you to read on because i do have things i’d like everyone to know. at the same time, you don’t have to! you can ignore lil ol’ me. but, yEAH, ANYWAYS,,

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MOM!!!!! Let me just tell you I love you and your art! It makes sometimes makes my day tbh... ANYWHO I just recently watched the sound of music with my family and I thought... Hey what about a Jamilton sound of music Au with Jefferson as Maria and Alex as the captain being strict with his children after pip dies

Fam Jefferson would so be the captain whose all strict with his six fucking kids or whatever and Alex is the willful nanny what just come from the little jewish orphanage

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. and now i have to face my homophobic family thats gonna belittle me for loving something so much and having it not come true. i dont think i can ever get this attached to a show again. im not even kidding is it possible to be legitimately traumatized by something like this? im gonna be honest here this has just sent me swooping down into my self destructive depression once again. i hope something horrible to moftiss, and for that matter, ben and martin, too.

i don’t know what to say to you, i’m so sorry it has to be like this. i know we’re all overly invested in this but it was for good reason, right? my head is all over the place.

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I like to imagine that Charlie had a better idea of what was going on than he let on. He was maybe even trying to convince himself he was wrong, and it was all just in his head, telling himself something like "Bells can't possibly be involved in something that weird, you've been a cop for too long, Charlie."

Yeah I’m here for Charlie sort of knowing.  Like, I just don’t see the point of making him a) a cop and b) close friend of the Quileutes if he’s never supposed to figure it out. His profession + his friendship with the Qs are like the perfect set up to him getting a clue. 

I love the idea that he figured it out along the way, but since Edward can’t read his mind clearly, he missed that, and the Cullens are going through all these lengths to set up cover stories and Charlie’s just like “so he finally bit you, huh? And what’s with the kid, some sort of supernatural speed-growth thing? Billy and Harry never told me anything about THAT…” 

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pls do the new day


Big E:

  • Head game real strong
  • gotta eat the booty like groceries
  • definitely into spanking
  • loves to just lift and move you as he pleases (which let’s face it he can because he’s heckin’ strong)
  • I just imagine having that kinda sex where yall are like talking and giggling and shit but it’s still bomb

Kofi Kingson:

  • a total tease all the time but especially when he knows you can’t immediately do anything about it
  • he’s forever putting you in positions that should be weird in theory but are actually 🔥🔥
  • Quieter than you might think
  • likes having his hair pulled but will never admit it

Xavier Woods:

  • more dominant than you might expect
  • definitely kinkier than that cute smile lets on
  • loves having his hair pulled and will freely admit it
  • he can get super loud
  • loves sexting you when he’s on the road and is really good at it
  • loves using pet names in bed 

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ʚ♡⃛ɞ Relationship status: single
ʚ♡⃛ɞ Favorite color: baby blue, pastel pink
ʚ♡⃛ɞ Pets: don’t have any atm :c
ʚ♡⃛ɞ Last song I listened to: illusion is mine by ling tosite sigure 
ʚ♡⃛ɞ Favorite tv show: hmm I don’t have a favourite but I really love the walking dead and mr robot

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Silver: I’m not so sure if i feel the same. Maybe Chloe was right.

Roja: Chloe? What did she say?

Silver: She made a comment about us having another kid too soon when we clearly wasn’t ready. After we almost lost Crofton. But I was so optimistic about the whole thing. But now with this situation with Nitro…maybe we aren’t cut out to be parents after all. We keep making mistakes after mistakes. Are we really ready to bring in two more kids into the world? I remember your concerns when you first was pregnant with Crofton and I think you may be right. Just because i love kids doesn’t mean I’m parent material.

Roja: What the hell are you talking about? Of course it means that! If you didn’t like kids we’d We wouldn’t have kept Nitro or Crofton. Yeah, we made mistakes. But we’re still learning. That’s what parenthood is all about, remember?

Silver: Yeah but,

Roja: No buts! You are a terrific mother. Way better then me by far. Our kids love you. They love us! All of this is part of the adventures of raising a child. You can get discouraged every time something goes awry. You can’t give up these kids, Silver. They need you. And I need you too.

Silver: *smiles* Thank you Roja, I needed to hear that.

Roja: No problem. Now i don’t want to hear you say any crap like that ever again, got it?

Silver: Got it.

Roja: Good. Now we need to talk about the conversation ealier.

Silver: I’m still trying to figure out where could he have learned that word. I mean the only time it was said is you were screaming it the other night when we was in bed and…wait a sec. You don’t think they heard us from our room, do you?

Roja: I…I don’t think so.

Silver: Phew.

Roja: Aaaactually…when we was done I found Nitro outside our room. I figured he must have escaped and didn’t think much about it. OMG Silver. do you think he heard me!?!?

Silver: If he heard that i wonder what else he could’ve heard. i was saying some really nasty things that night. *sighs* What are we going to do?

Roja: I’ve been thinking and-

Silver: I already said we’re not hitting our son.

Roja: No not that. But I think I’ve come up with an idea that we both can agree on.

Silver: Ok I’m listening.

Idk about you guys but like…my end goal is a partner who’s gonna be in it for life like I am looking to start a family (kids or dogs or whatever but a home and a loving partner etc) and like….I always thought like if I just found The One all my shit would be solved like I wouldn’t doubt myself constantly and feel Depressed all the time and my skin would be clear and I’d have ton of money etc..

and the other day I was reading like all these testimonials about people who’ve been married for life and like idk it just seemed as if BOTH partners were like ok with themselves…and I’m not gonna lie I’ve always hated myself and relied on the opinions of others for comfort but IMO that’s just incredibly unfair to like put that on my partner. Idk about you guys and I also definitely don’t know if I’ll ever come over my mental illnesses and mental traumas but I’m making a conscious decision to like…not get romantically involved with anyone until I’m able to love myself and recognize I don’t need another person to be able to recover. Basically I’m not gonna let myself get Caught til I realize how good of a Catch I am to my partner if that makes sense. Could take a month could take never but I’ve never really thought how important it is for me to get a handle on myself until I’ve seriously considered how much I want a life partner. And again, this could be entirely different for you, but I think it’s really important for all of us to realize that mental illness is a strain on ourselves and idk about you guys but I want my wife or husband to be absolutely secure in their relationship with me and I really don’t want to have them live in constant fear that I could just go over the edge at any point…

So like idk…I know a lotta people here want it in with someone but I also know a lotta people here are suffering and I do want everyone here to find The One but I also want you guys to realize you gotta have a handle on your problems because they are YOUR problems and like yeah having a partner there to support you is cool but it’s not the solution all the time…like just imagine relying so heavily on your partner for support that they can’t give all the time…it’s just not fair. You gotta really know that to make it easier for your partner sometimes you just gotta help yourself and like idk. I guess at the end of it all you guys really just gotta make sure you can handle yourself and ou can be happy with yourself. Like if you recognize that you can live alone with yourself and be content, I think that’s really when I’d be ready for a serious lifelong relationship because it is a choice to stay with someone, and if I have this mindset that I’m worthless without my partner then that will not only be incredibly strainful on them but also just set me up for real disaster on me if we ever split which is always a possibility if we are being honest. I gotta learn to like not fear that possibility because even if I am left alone I’ll realize i got enough love for me you know?

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Dude, you are so creative! I love your drawings they totally inspire me, I've just been liking all your mysme art, ( I especially love the rfa kids❤️) Your other art works are seriously rad, like dude i just found ur page, I srsly wish I found it sooner. Your drawings have filled me with childish giggles and unimaginable happiness, thanks. Keep it up :):):)

Yes. You should had found me sooner. I’m disappointed in you. Lol jk.

Thank you so much~ your words make my day.

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Sitting on the couch with Luke watching friends all snuggled up in a blanket and you're practically on top of each other and ur doing funny filters on snapchat and then he gets distracted by ur face and he kisses u really softly and gently and when he pulls away he keeps his forehead against yours and tells you how much he loves you and how much he will love you everyday of his life. And then he starts talking about your future like your wedding and future kids and stuff & it's just a happy time

um I’m going to tag this as the best thing ever what a Dream honestly I’m crying this is so pure, maybe we’d be engaged and spend a lot of time together - obv not every single second, we have our own careers and lives - but we live at home together and we’re saving up for a new family home for when we get married and Luke already has so many ideas and so much love for me and omg I want a Luke family I want a briar rose or a Finn in my asks☹️

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I'm a Christian,but I'm not like most of the Christian women I know..I'm not girly at all (I'm a tomboy),I don't want kids,I don't want to marry,I don't want to live the typical Apple Pie life that many Christians live..And I just feel like God is so disappointed in me for being this way..I feel never loved by him...I just feel he's upset with me for being this way..I try to fit in,but it makes me depressed..I feel I can't be myself without feeling like I've disappointed God..Any Advice?:(

Hey there, anon. I promise, you’re doing fine – God does not call us to squeeze ourselves into a mold, to be exactly like everyone else. God created and rejoices in diversity! 

As to not marrying, there is plenty of biblical support for not getting married – Jesus himself was not married, nor was Paul! Wander through our marriage tag for some more on how some are not called to marriage. See this post in particular for examples of Bible passages about not getting married (the post is about asexuality but the passages fit your needs too). 

The fact that you feel depressed when you try to fit in is to me a sign that you were not called to fitting in. We are not all called to the same things – there is one Spirit, but many gifts (1 Cor. 12). I pray that you feel God’s love as you seek the self God made you to be – not one that conforms to the norms of human beings, not one that squeezes into boxes that don’t fit, but a free and grace-filled self made to be unique! 

So there’s these two married women that come with their kids to my cafe all the time and they’re always so happy and obviously in love and their children are wonderful and happy and healthy and it makes me choke up so much every time because I’ve always feared I would never get to have that myself, but seeing two women so happily married like that with a beautiful family gives me so much hope for my future. So thank you to all those sapphic couples happily married, for just existing and making my day.

The Final Problem and Johnlock

To everyone hating on the episode bc of johnlock: I get it, I really do. I ship johnlock tio.
But did you all forgot that Mary. just. fucking. died?!?!?!
And that Sherlock blames himself for that.
And that John felt like shit bc he had been TEXTING someone else.
It would just have been unrealistic if they had gotten together now. Let them grieve and then they will get together.
They are raising a kid together for the love of God!

Date #2

What do you know?

    Isn’t it strange how little we know about the unknown?  I mean, people have not known things for thousands of years and yet still we have this base fear of that what we don’t understand.  The future, darkness, deep waters and the creatures hiding below its surface, different cultures and ideals.  What should peak curiosity and learning instead sparks fear and disdain.

As a kid, I was always told to be wary of strangers, you can’t trust just anyone after all.  People are dangerous! They kidnap, murder, steal, listen to talk radio, and put pineapple on their pizza.  So imagine how concerned my mother was when I told her I was going on a date with a complete stranger.  

    It’s true that some strangers still remain ax murdering psychopaths, but the majority of them are misunderstood creatures.  They are more often than not found to be kind and loving, full of new ideas and questions.  I’ve always said that an interesting stranger has more to teach me about myself than anyone else ever could by offering a brand new perspective.

     I wonder what you have to teach me?

Tea With the White Crescent Moon

    First and foremost,  when a random guy- who you have never had any contact with before- messages you asking for a date, saying no is probably the wise decision.  Fortunately for me, Ms. Abigail Porter needed no convincing and was eager to make more footsteps with me.  

    Still cold.  Why does my body always shake like that when I’m cold?  

Fort Collins glistens with a silver tint, the frost creepily crawls up lamp posts and across no parking signs looking for fingers to bite at. Even in this cold people refuse to throw away their Saturday night; cars line the streets safeguarding their parking spots, eager for their owners to return to them.  Resigned to walk, my boots make their way downtown passing new age bars and antique shops.  White Christmas lights continue to dangle from the trees serving as a quiet guide down College Ave.  The night is dark but the moon walks beside me, casting a soft glow on my face and covering my shadow.  We walk together until finding Ku Cha Tea House where she waits for me outside.

    The tea house is warm and welcoming, the walls are lined with Yixing pottery and what seems like an endless variety of tea leaves.  Their aromas form a cocoon around me and immediately I feel at peace.  Any fear I had of meeting a stranger was replaced by curiosity.  What kind of tea will she like? How do I pronounce Puerh? You can take a tea bath? How much does that cost? Can I have some?  

    I love asking questions.  

    I hate getting answers.

   Questions are good, they make life mysterious. Where does the moon go when its light?  How high can I count?  Do penguins have knees? Are we alone? Is there a God?  Recently I’ve found comfort in not knowing the answers.  Everyone loves a mystery and life is better lived when each day is a surprise.  Crazy right?  People today feel they need answers.  Our entire society is built on the idea that knowledge is power.  The smarter I am the stronger I am.  The more I know the more money I can make.  So information must mean success.  Right?

    Maybe. I don’t have any answers.

    I live life one day at a time. Be kind today, take care of yourself and work when you can.  When you’re responsible and stay out of trouble tomorrow will always seem to work out. Maybe it’s karma.  Maybe it’s God.  Maybe it’s the Moon.  Does it matter?


   My dates here.  Abby steps into Ku Cha’s warmth, the store bells grab my attention and remind me why I’m here.  We greet each other with smiles, apparently unaware that it’s our first time doing so.  Abby can immediately laugh and enjoy herself; she’s just like the teas on the walls, casting a calming effect on the environment around her.  Without a care to be found we pick the most aesthetically pleasing table we can find and talk about funny words like Oolong and Moffat.  

Our cameras do battle with each other, taking pot shots across the table in a hunt for the best Instagram photo.  Lost in stories about London and Space we’ve already spent half an hour without even ordering.

     Reminded of our treat we order a white puerh tea that is appropriately named, White Crescent Moon.  The steam from our pot gingerly reaches up with its long wispy fingers to tickle my nose. It smells sweet and tastes like bubbles and cake.  The tea is elegantly simple, fun, but not excessive.  After all, you can’t just take a stranger on too crazy of an adventure, that’s considered kidnapping.  Sitting on the floor and sipping from our tiny cups we are reminded of the smaller things in life, the moments and trinkets that gift the biggest smiles.  Pizza, abandoned corridors and no trespassing signs, Candy stores and Connect 4, new friends, old pals, good television and better musicals. 

     Once you stop looking for answers you realize you can get by without them.  Life itself is beautifully simple, you can find breathtaking artwork in the cracking of pottery and carefully crafted melodies in the echos of your footsteps.  

    Enjoy today and leave tomorrows problems to tomorrows you. Sip your tea and talk to the Moon.  Trust that she’ll guide you through the night when you lose yourself in the stars.

Abby Porter is a stunningly beautiful lady with a charming personality.  She has a fire Instagram page and enjoys dancing with snakes in her  lead role in the upcoming musical Children of Eden.  One day she’d love to make a career out of acting and make footprints of her own.  She’s young, scrappy, and hungry and is not going to throw away her shot. I give this date a 10/10.