A shout out to nrimpro-dreamer for the idea. This was so much fun to write and I changed a few things but I hope you like it! 

Oliver stopped mid-step just upon entering the glass doors on the top floor of Palmer Technologies, the space that used to be his office once, which was now Felicity’s office as the CEO in Ray’s absence, his eyes narrowing slightly at the sight before him. 

Felicity stood with one hand on her hip, puckering her lips like she loved doing and had done in the million pictures they had taken on their trip, in her very Felicity attire. But it wasn’t that which had him narrowing his eyes. It was the tall, dark, good-looking guy standing way too close to her for his comfort as they faced the camera Thea was holding, grinning way too wide. The guy towered over Felicity’s small frame, leaning so close that his chest almost brushed her back, too into her space for Oliver’s liking.

Who the fuck was this guy? 

Oliver tried to keep his scowl inside and masked it with a blank look he had perfected over the years, striding forward and clearing his throat, seeing the way Digg smirked slightly, knowing exactly what was going on in Oliver’s head. Yeah, well, he just wanted to get this guy a few feet away from her.  

Felicity turned to see him come towards them, the wide smile lighting up her face appeasing him a little as he stepped right in front of the strange guy and raised an eyebrow, looking expectantly at others for introduction. 

“Ollie,” Thea began from beside him, shoving the camera inside the pocket of her too loose pants she had taken to wearing recently. “This is Michael Holt. He was helping us handle the technical aspect of things while you two were off rendezvousing and doing things.”

Oliver frowned, his gaze flickering to Felicity in concern, not understanding how she could be so friendly with the guy who had basically tweaked and used her “babies”, given how protective she was of them. But she appeared very, very comfortable.  

Oliver extended his hand and finally gave the guy a good look. 

Only to find him staring back. 


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Holt,” Oliver spoke politely, and the guy blinked, like coming out from a daze and took his hand, squeezing it a little too enthusiastically. Oliver contained his frown and pulled his hand back and the guy spoke. 

“The only thing I like added in front of the Mister is Terrific.” 

Okay. And what exactly was he supposed to do with that information?

“But call me Michael. Or Mic.”

Oliver glanced at Felicity to see her exchange a small look with Thea while Micheal spoke again.     

“I know this might come off as weird, but boy, the pictures never did you any justice, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver raised his eyebrows, not really knowing how to respond. He heard Diggle cough a laugh and clenched his jaw, forcing a smile. “Thank you.”

The guy just didn’t take the hint. “No,” he began again. “Seriously, that jaw, oh boy! It is such a perfect jaw with the scruff and…”

Oliver blinked, feeling wildly lost on how to respond, so he did the only thing he could. 

He looked at Felicity. 

Only to see her shoulders shaking and her head down. 

“Um,” he muttered, and Felicity looked up at him with laughing blue eyes before completely losing it, bursting out in guffaws over whatever she was finding so funny, and closed the space between them. 

Oliver looked at her, amused at her flushed face but confused and she took a hold of his arms, still shaking from laughter. 

“Oliver,” she began. “Mic and I shared an apartment in college for a month when we both were taking an extra course together.”


Oliver felt a slight weight settle in his chest and his jaw clench, along with his fists, as he glanced at the man in question. Who was surprisingly watching him back with careful eyes. Oliver’s muscles tensed. He didn’t know how Felicity did it everyday with Laurel and earlier with Sara. He couldn’t. He was fucking jealous and even knowing that she was with him now, just seeing her ex made him want to punch his face. He was jealous and he was not proud of it. 

He took a deep breath and looked down at Felicity, to see her grinning up at him. She leaned against his arms and went on her toes, lining up her mouth with his ear and he leaned down, giving her access to say whatever she wanted to. 

She whispered softly, her lips brushing against his lobe, just that small action firing his blood. 

“He is also incredibly gay.”

She went back on her feet, grinning wide and Oliver looked at her in surprise, knowing she had known exactly what he had been thinking, and sighed, letting the knot in his gut loosen. 

Felicity leaned up on her toes again, this time offering her lush mouth, and like every other time, he didn’t decline, just pressing their lips together, closing his eyes and touching that happiness for that brief second, mindful of their audience.

“I am so jealous of you, Felix.”

Michael’s voice made him pull back and he saw Felicity turn, grinning at her friend, but laying a possessive hand on his arm. “No funny business, Mic. My boyfriend is off limits.”

“I wish I had come here sooner. I couldn’t believe when I saw your picture here, Felix,” Michael looked to Felicity. “I almost had a coronary seeing you all dressed up and blonde and….”

Oliver furrowed his brow, feeling Felicity tense slightly and Thea spoke up before he could, “What was she like before?”

Michael whistled, “Damn girl, this one was a wild card. All back and purple and goth and…”

Oliver saw him suddenly see the glare Felicity was directing his face and accordingly shut up. The guy was intelligent, at least.  

Felicity’s eyes were still narrowed as he pulled her closer and nodded to the guy one. 

“Michael, we’ll see you soon.”

He nodded back. “Mr. Queen.” 

He looked at the new guy, who he was liking for the simple reason that Felicity obviously liked him (and knowing from past experience, that was a huge character certificate in itself) and also because Digg had let him take over temporarily for Felicity (which he would never have done if he didn’t trust the guy). 

Oliver smiled, putting his arm around Felicity’s waist. “Call me Oliver.”

The guy grinned, his smile actually quite nice but Oliver was more interested in seeing the inside of the elevator at the moment. And it was the lunch hour. 

He cleared his throat, pulling Felicity towards the elevator banks, just waving to other people as she flushed but followed him, bidding everyone a rushed goodbye, knowing exactly what he had in mind. 

“Where are they going?” Oliver heard Michael ask in confusion. 

He heard Thea groan a  “don’t ask” and Digg scoff a  “I am taking the stairs for today.”

Oliver felt his mouth tug up. He was incorrigible and she was insatiable and everyone knew it. The elevator doors opened, and Oliver pulled her in, just waiting for the doors to close and to stop it, before attacking her mouth. 

The idea of goth Felicity was strangely arousing.

“Don’t ask him about the goth phase,” she muttered against his mouth.

He smiled. “I wouldn’t dare.”

He was going to ask her. Tonight. In bed. 

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About Vendetta

Wow, in case you live in a cave, Vendetta sort of lashed out at his biological family.

I will openly admit that I did not see that coming. I don’t think many of us actually did either. 

I will say that at first I actually didn’t think too much of Vendetta. I thought that maybe the reasons he was so…..calm? Was that he was a character made for deadpan humour. Where he would be absolutely laid back in any situation to the point it is slightly amusing. When his biological family came into the scene, I actually, sort of got the vibe that he was either jealous or just generally holding something against his family. I just shrugged it off as it seemed that way but actually wasn’t that way. In my opinion, I had troubles understanding Ven, because he was such an odd bloke in my eyes. However, I still saw things that I could understand. Such as, him being very comfortable with Mahogany but very distant towards everyone else. I have tendencies to that myself, I blame that on my trust issues and anxiety.

I could have seen Vendan arguing with his family, but I never thought of him getting physical about it. 

I think my friend said it best:

“He was a trained assassin, made to attack terrorists that threaten us, but in that moment, he was the terrorist, threatening his own people.”

Even worse, I was even more surprised about the fact that he lied to Mahogany’s face. That moment, I thought he was being pretty lowly and pathetic. 

I’m not going to pick any sides though, I can kind of see how everyone in the argument was at fault of something. Vangel was probably the one with little fault in this.

I’m not going to absolutely judge Vendetta right now. He already had enough pent up anger against his family (more so his father) before that thing ever went down. I’d have to see more of him before I can judge anything. Everyone has pent up anger, but I think Vendetta should find a way to let it out, safely. I have a lot of pent up anger over my own father too, however, I can let a lot of it out by either creating vent art or just going outside to play with my pet goats. It helps. 

Just a theory, Ven strikes me as the guy that doesn’t quite listen very well. He strikes me as very hard-headed and stubborn. I might be wrong, as he listens to Miss Mahogany very well, but I’ve learned that it can be deceiving as he acts totally different with other people. 

I’m sure you guys did not want to hear me waffle over a character. I’ll admit that this post is a bloody mess!


Shipping thoughts

You know….even though I’m a devout SouRin fan…I have to say that SouMako is growing even more on me for crack purposes and it’s SO CONFUSING. Because Rin and Sousuke are so perfect for each other and definitely the endgame couple for me, but I find Sousuke and Makoto absolutely HILARIOUS (and maybe a bit sad…) together. You can’t tell me that they don’t become bros and have girl talk. YOU KNOW THEY DO.

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where u get all ur money for buying stuff??? (sry if this is a weird question i'm just jealous of all the cool stuff you buy)


haha naw, but, currently, I get paid to take care of my little sister, though due to recent events I only get paid whenever there’s money to spare, so I save up over time so I can buy stuff I really want. I also take art commissions and some of my money comes from that.

Previously, I’ve worked retail and such, which gave me money to buy stuff.

   ❀     ‘Isn’t she adorable?’  A kitten had sneaked it’s way into the home, and was quickly found by the small blonde. Being that it was hard times for her for the past couple of weeks, tired, fatigued , hungry.. 

      This little creature had brought her just the purest joy imaginable. 

      Turning to face the vampire, she held the kitten in her arms, giggling and smiling uncontrollably at the way her nuzzled her face against her’s, purring at the humans affection. 

                       ‘Oh - sweetheart. I wish you could stay with me.’

    ‘But, you should go home to your mother-’ A stray - but it didn’t bother her to press her lips over the top of the kittens head as she was just captivated by the beauty of the kitten. 


jealous liam imagine where you two are dating and you are a natural flirt and you flirt with basically everyone unintentionally and he just gets jealous and possesive and is afraid to leave your side?

“So, where did you get those pretty eyes?” You leaned against the lockers and stared at Theo. You knew that Liam didn’t trust him. You also knew that Stiles didn’t trust him, but since he had started talking to you, it was only polite to talk back, right?
“I think I got them from my mother.” He smiled and closed his locker, his books under his arms. 
“And that smile?” You smiled back at him. You weren’t sure, but it seemed he was blushing a little. 
“O here you are!” Liam pecked your cheek and nodded at Theo. You couldn’t see the look on his face, but you could hear the fake excitement in his voice. Great. He was jealous again. 
“Is she your girlfriend?” Theo raised his eyebrows and Liam nodded, his fingers entwining themselves with yours. Normally he was never leaving your side, especially because he knew that you couldn’t help flirting with every cute guy you met.
“Yes, we’re together for 2 months and 3 days now.” He seemed proud to remember it, to remember the exact date he had asked you to be his and you had said yes. “Did she compliment you on your eyes and smile?” Liam shrugged his shoulders and you saw how Theo started to blush even more. “She does that to everyone, right?” He stared at you and you bent your head, staring at your feet. 
“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. When I like something, I want to say it. That doesn’t need to mean something.” You shrugged your shoulders and squeezed Liam’s hand to calm him down. It was true. It didn’t mean something. Theo just had pretty eyes and a lovely smile. It wasn’t a crime to tell him about it, was it? “But I love Liam, I really do.” You pecked Liam’s cheek and you saw how he smiled, a little bit proud that he was the one who could call you his girlfriend. 

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GoM catches their s/o fangirling/boying over Levi Ackerman?

Kuroko wouldn’t be impressed. Not in slightness. He would try to avert his partner’s attention elsewhere before he would turn off their computer/TV and make them pay him attention.

Kise would be jealous as heck. He would definitely check up who this Levi Ackerman is and by next time he would hear his partner talking about him, he would use his every skill, even his voice if that meant gaining his partner’s attention back.

Midorima wouldn’t admit so easily but he would also be jealous. Just like Kuroko, he would try to get his partner’s attention in different way.

Aomine would be annoyed as hell. Hearing the name Levi would make him lean closer to his partner and whisper something in like: “If I hear his name one more time all you will think of for the next week is me.”

Murasakibara wouldn’t mind much. Indeed he would wonder who that Levi guy is that makes his partner fangirl/fanboy, but would soon go back on doing what he was doing before. Though eventually he would get annoyed because of the constant mumbling/squealing/tapping their foot the ground/clapping/etc

Akashi would only raise an eyebrow in surprise that there was someone with similar voice to his. He would be a bit confused as he wouldn’t know if he should take it as a compliment that his partner is going head over heels for the voice or be jealous because of the guy, who is known as Levi. He indeed would step between and ask his partner how dare they look after other guys behind his back.

Just think about all the cute imagines and fanfics you’ve read about Thomas and put it all together and that is probably his daily life with his girlfriend, but if you think about it there are also stories where the girl gets hates and rude comments from fans just because they’re jealous of their relationship and I just came across that photo today so IMAGINE BEING CALLED ALL THOSE STUPID THINGS LIKE SLUT, WHORE, BITCH JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY LIKE WHAT???? AND IT’S NOT JUST THEM, EVERY CELEBRITY’S GIRLFRIEND’BOYFRIEND ARE GETTING HATES BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER???? LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE A PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIP LIKE WHERE DID YOU PEOPLE’S RESPECT GONE TO.

sorry for ranting


Them Villagers got cheek! Hiding our black roses like that… Whatever, they’re just jealous we’re only a perfect town rating and a golden watering can away from GOLD ROSES. Sah blingin’!

the thing that’s upsetting me the most about everything going on right now is all the people messaging the fresh accounts saying “don’t listen to them fresh :)))) they’re just a bunch of greedy homosexuals :)))) im a true fan who would never yell at you :))))) never stop making TD sweaty :)))))) those queers are just jealous :)))))))))))))))”

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Idek what it is , but i feel so down when i go on tumblr , i think its all the girl and things i see !!! Like looking at certain things get me jealous or just wishing to be like them , i am a msuslim and its hard you know ?

Oooo maaann please just say mashaAllah, tabarakAllah, AllahumaBarak because you don’t want to accidentally give someone the evil eyes. But on the real note, try not to compare yourself with other people like I find myself doing that alloott but Allah blesses us all with something so Alhamduilah.

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To whoever said those horrible things about yourself your skin: yo Christian ass is just jealous that this BEAUTIFUL girl is SLAYING yo pathetic ass. Malak is a GODDESSES get your peasant ass outta here.

Was it necessary to say

my phone is filled with so many selfies and i feel like it has to come with a disclaimer of ‘oh no i’m not a raging narcissist i’m just combatting self-esteem issues i swear’ and then i also feel like FUK XOU HEALTHY NARCISSISM IS A THING AND UR JUST JEALOUS OF MY ANGLES…mysterious generic critical person!!!