*(Knowing that the mouse […] fills you with determination.)

If you go back, you can also notice how things have changed and the mouse that so restlessly has tried to fed itself, has finally succeeded it.

This game lets you know that all you do can help others to accomplish their dreams too, and that’s beautiful :)

Except with Papyrus’ spaghetti… I think it’s wiser if you don’t try that. Sorry Paps <3

They had a much harder three or four months on the ground than even the 100 had in season one….Ice Nation is aggressively violent and war has cut his population of people down from 180 to 60 in three months.
—  hey jason rothenberg, remember season 1 of your own show when the 100 went from 102 to 48 in less than a month in season one? please tell me more about how much harder it’s been for pike and his crew and how exactly that explains pike’s one track mind when it comes to grounders

@uchihahotline Because, you’re an angel who deserves the world. And this is my birthday sketch of you, to you’ for being such an important person in my life. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday :’)

anonymous asked:

So if life goddess Toriel and Reaper Sans touched aftertale Sans butt at the same time would he survive it or just have his space violated twice as much when hes reaped


okay so i think you misspelled “but”– which resulted in some pretty weird imagery (combined with the world “violated”)– and im just– BWAHAHA


he’d probably just explode tbh and be lost to the void

//rip AT!Sans

(laughs nah jokes– the combination of opposing powers being channeled through a not-dead-but-supposed-to-be-dead being is very unique thing so the answer is who knows it’s a very weird situation ANYTHING OR NOTHING AT ALL CAN HAPPEN)