just imagine for a minute how much relief ghirahim would probably feel having link as his master 

like it’s quite clear that demise didn’t give a shit about ghirahim or his well being and i think just having link as his master, a master that actually cares, and acknowledges him, would just make him incredibly elated

which is why ghirahim holds link especially tight in bed, it’s kind of his way of saying “thank you for actually treating me like a living thingthank you for saving me

most of my dreams are nightmares

I’m not saying that to be edgy, let me clarify:

they aren’t nightmares, so much as they are extended scenes that inspire a vague but intense sense of unease, discomfort and paranoia

typically, they seem to take place in worlds that are just one step removed from our own. everything seems normal at first, but there will be some detail revealed later on that makes it radically different (I remember there was one dream where I went to work and everyone was speaking a language I couldn’t understand)

I think the scariest dream I’ve ever had (aka, one that actually had me wake up in terror) was one that started off pretty normal. I was leaving my apartment to do something (take out the trash, I think?), and I heard some weird noises outside. So I quickly go back into the apartment, and I see Stefanie standing there, and I guess it took dream-me a minute to realize that she was some kind of

silent hill, jacob’s ladder-type fucked up pale-ass body horror extravaganza with a twitchy-ass head

bru h I woke up with a start and looked over at Stefanie with what she describes as a look of distrust

(I’m still not entirely convinced she’s NOT a silent hill monster who’s just biding her time, but we’ll see)

“Go to sleep, Sam.”

“I tried. I can’t.”

The little boy twisted his tiny body dramatically in the scratchy sheets.

“Course you can’t. Your eyes are open,” Dean teased as he patted his brother between his shoulder blades.


“Do you want me to read you another story?”


“Turn on the radio?”


“Turn off the tv? Turn on the light?”


Exasperated, Dean sighed and closed his eyes as he asked one more question.

“Well, what do you want?”

The reply was mumbled into the mattress.

“What? I didn’t catch that.”

“Stay. Please. Don’t go.” Sam’s little voice sounded even smaller than usual. “Don’t leave me by myself.”

“Dude, I am sitting on the bed next to you. I’m not going anywhere,” he laughed affectionately. “So, just relax kiddo.”

“You’ll be here?”

“The whole time. Just close your eyes, Sammy. I’m not going anywhere.”

I really hope Dirk being part of the fight means he’s going to employ the help of his robots against Lord Jack. I don’t know about Squarewave, but Sawtooth definitely packs a punch. He may even send him to help with one of the other fights.

But I also hope they use Zillywave and Sawhoo.

Given that they’re made with the same cherub magic that made the other legendary cherub weapons and Lord Jack is arguably infused with cherub power, they may have an advantage over him. 

And I also hope Dirk finally uses his fancysantakind strife specibus.

And makes use of all the Zilly Santas they made too.

He could weaponize his entire sylladex with these things and just rap them out at LJ one after the other, like a silly zilly machine gun.