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I rly hate it when my friends ask 'are u sure ur gay' whenever I say a male actor or character is hot like.... for example, i would lay down my life for the beauty of Sebastian stan but would i want to date him? no.

i feel that !! ew tho whoever’s saying that to you is super lame….u can find someone attractive w/o being attracted to them. ur identity is urs, dawg

I left my apartment (and Roman Holiday) to hang at my friend’s place but she’s still at this bar and I’d go into the bar except I was an idiot AND LEFT MY WALLET AT HOME SO I DONT HAVE MY ID. I LEFT GREGORY PECK TO STAND OUTSIDE A BAR LIKE A FUCKING UNDERAGE FOOL!!!

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hey it's the same anon. I like him, but I don't think a relationship with him would be healthy? we were at a Halloween festival volunteering with our school and I guess I scared him but he grabbed my fucking throat and it left a couple of bruises and like he's not apologized but nothing like that's happened since. idk, I'm just worried bc I don't want to come off as a bitch? I don't even think i'm straight, i'm still working stuff out. I'm sorry and thank you for your time this is it.

woah that definitely changes things! what he did was definitely not okay, especially since he didn’t apologize. from the sound of it he doesn’t seem like the best guy and you deserve so much better tbh. people will call any girl who respects herself a ‘bitch’, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway. also you have your whole life to figure out your sexuality and identity, so no pressure! but definitely don’t feel obligated to date a guy who hurt you, even if he’s showing interest. it’s your call though, just stay safe! (no worries btw, feel free to talk any time!)

t’challa and sam though

t’challa respecting sam bc sam wasn’t all “your highness” he just straight up starts pullin shit with him, all “so you like cats”

t’challa and sam meeting up whenever t’challa gets some time off so sam can vent abt his dumb golden retriever and said retriever’s bf and t’challa just nods and at one point says “i’ll admit, i prefer birds” and sam just gapes, all are you- did you just- did you flirt with me?

t’challa teaching sam little things about wakandan ways of life, just little things at first. “who’s that?” sam asks, pointing at a statue, and t’challa always explains with patience and respect for a man that wants to learn. then bigger things, ideas and methods and rituals, because though he knows sam isn’t wakandan and never will be, he knows sam will respect their ways, and if he knows he will do his best to accept them and not judge.

t’challa going to sam for advice, sam just putting out this calming vibe that t’challa likes, that helps t’challa get through a really long day dealing with diplomatic bullshit

“you said you never liked the whole diplomacy thing, you’re doing well my man” sam reassures him whenever t’challa seems like he’s about to snap

t’challa and sam training together. it’s full of sam yelling and sniping at t’challa and t’challa is silent apart from “your flank is undefended” or “you would have caught that punch had you not been distracted by your own voice” but he’s exuding this air of amusement.

sam calling t’challa “kitty” as a friendly jab and t’challa deadpanning “birdie” right back at him

sam kissing t’challa’s cheek one day, then getting flustered and being all that’s what friends do in the united states but t’challa just shuts him up by pulling him into a real kiss

sam wilson accidentally becoming prince consort of wakanda and all his friends are like “????? how????” and sam just shrugs and says “oops”

Your Fave Is Problematic: Phil Lester

-innuendos every five seconds
-can (and will) flare his nostrils
-comforts people by offering them food
-killed his badger children in Shelter
-actual YouTube dinosaur
-once called a bowl “big daddy”
-drops things a lot
-has cheekbones that could cut a man
-steals cereal (specifically dan’s)
-doesn’t wear his glasses nearly as often as he should
-joked about falling off a stage then actually did it
-snapped a stress mushroom (definitely not a dildo what)
-still doesn’t understand the concept of the sound barrier?
-once bought grass sandals?? and it wasn’t a joke???
-has driven over a poor, defenseless flowerbed
-leaves socks literally everywhere

someone stop this man before its too late

so does bones go through lockers on the regular???? is it everyone or just chekov???? jim clearly knew this was a thing so like do they have movie nights where the snacks are whatever bones found in someone’s locker???

bones definitely goes into spock’s locker and moves everything one inch to the left every time