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Have you talked about Quiets outfit? Idk how I feel about it. I mean I think it's uselessly sexual and i know the actor said it makes sense but is it that hard to make it make sense just because Kojima wanted her outfit to be sexual?

this is Metal Gear, where Shirtless and even sometimes Nude Males have appeared in each game since MGS1 in 1998.

MGSV (2015) the first time since MGS3 (2004) where we’ve seen a girl without a shirt and people are flipping out. over the SAME TRAILER containing CHILD SOLDIERS, WATERBOARDING, DISMEMBERMENT, MURDERING OF BLINDED P.O.W.s, MURDERING OF MULTIPLE CAGED CHILD SOLDIERS  The series has also contained Shirtless Male Torture in 4 out of 5 past canonical games, one of which was COMPLETELY nude. but yeah, MAYBE Quiet wearing a bikini is too out of line, right?

I thought not judging people by what they wore is supposed to be progressive?

Whoops, decided to try and do a thing where I merge a bunch of Mileena’s old outfit styles together just for funsies ;u;

Boots from MK9, Top from MK:D, and the hairstyle and trim of the top from her alternate in Deception and Armageddon hgfjd

Think I should’ve done something better for the bottom, but oh well~ Maybe I’ll fix it later gfjhdf

Also, totally planned on shading it, but didn’t feel up for it today :/

Might try this again later on paper so I can work it out a bit better but this’ll do for now :>

I don’t know why the blacks turned out as opaque as they did, since that layer didn’t have any sort of setting on it… to be fair, all you’re missing out on is a semi-obscure pattern on her knees ;u;

Old Friends Meet

Mayweather knew that Hiccup loved searching for new dragons, but she didn’t know he’s go through great lengths to make a new place for himself and the gang. She had her dragon still, and he, like Mayweather, grew. Mayweather was still the same person she was 3 years ago, but with some differences. She had short hair just beneath her earlobe, her outfit had changed, and her dragon… very much.

He had doubled in size, the size of his eyeball equivalent to Mayweather’s whole body. He was like a large eagle sort of dragon, but she loved him still. They had searched for Hiccup’s Dragon Edge as Gobber explain, that being a 34 hour journey. She frowned but enjoyed the sites as she flew with her dragon. She had then spotted an island.

It was definitely Dragon’s Edge.


Did a quick sketch of Narla since I seem to be getting back into the you in rf meme!
I modified her hair style a little as well, her streak in her hair is in her right braid now.