A little Lu in the middle of a hunter exam from this morning’s phone doodles spree~

Idea for Boueibu Season 3?

I can’t be the only one who wants more of the classy Student Council, and is mildly annoyed by the fact that they were so easily brushed offed in the last episode after such a grand entrance. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a season 3 in which the Student Council actually fought their own monsters while abroad? I think the Defence Club has gotten enough screen time.

If that can’t be done, how about an episode from the SC’s point of view, like in the seifubuku manga?

I just want my babies to have more screentime okay. They all don’t get enough.

Warning: Miscarriage


-Tony, in front of the bedroom door.-

“Steve… baby… please come out. You don’t have to deal with this alone.”

“…Just leave me.”

“Baby, we’ll get through this, I promise…”

“…Just go away, Tony.”



Mallory: I’m just so excited that we’re finally having a baby! I just can’t believe it.

Melody: I am too, I can’t wait to start a family together.

Mallory: Speaking of that, what do you think about getting married? I mean, we’ve been living together for a while, and now we’re having a baby.

Melody beamed.

Melody: Of course, I’d love to marry you. I think maybe it should be soon, though. I’d like to get married before the baby comes, and if we wait too long, it’s going to be hard to find a dress.

Mallory: I agree, the sooner the better. A new baby and plans for a wedding, this is the best day ever!

Melody couldn’t help but agree. Her dreams were finally coming true.

What’s up with the shirts? I love how we can tell when they get new clothes.

I’d like to know how they came up with Wax Paper Dogz.

Oh gosh…Link mentioning Jersey Mike’s always has me like :D Jersey Mike’s ftw! The visual of being cut in half like a ham has me like D:

Rhett’s so proud of himself for getting Link to basically give away the correct answers.

Penis Flytrap?! jfc people where is your chill

Listen Rhett, I don’t listen to nerdcore much (unless Miracle of Sound counts), but they have way cooler names than that XD

Me when they say biscuit: WHAT ABOUT THE EAR KIND

Rhett: If you tie the tubes in London, the whole city shuts down. You tie the tubes in America, just one woman doesn’t have any more babies.
Put that on a t-shirt amirite

LINK that is not what honky means…..

How many recorders does Link own?? I still have one from my teaching days in a blue zippered case just like that brown one he has.

What was that expression of Rhett’s when Link explained what the cleaning rod was XD I live for his subtle expressions, man.

Ugh the sound of simultaneous recorder playing is giving me flashbacks to my teaching year where I was trying to teach 36 third graders how to play a B while the rest of them blow squeaky notes into each other’s faces and meanwhile I’m screaming inside and wishing I was at home hiding under the covers. Or the other class where the kids liked fussing about whether or not they should advance in recorder karate and someone was frequently crying or frustrated because they couldn’t figure out how to play a note properly. (shudders) Not a good time, lemme tell you.

Hey when are we gonna be introduced to what Feldman’s normal face looks like? I guess I could look for him on Twitter or whatever, but I don’t have the energy lol

“Their tongues are like 16 inches long and they go down into the thing.” gosh speaking of subtle expressions Rhett

When Buddy System comes out, I hope we get stories and pictures about just how awkward beardless Rhett was.

“You stand by my side and you pat me on the shoulder when I have a hurt in my heart.” GOSH I know the song was supposed to be funny and all, but that was unexpectedly moving. Comedic security blanket amirite. Now my heart hurts… :’)

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I'm really hoping that TST is gonna be an episode that flashes back to the case taking place during ASIB. I'm just imaging John having this new life with Mary and the baby but constantly having flashbacks to the time when it was just him and Sherlock in Baker Street! So the case reference is really just an excuse for more sad nostalgia and chair pining! XD

Hah hah, Nonny as lovely as that sounds, I don’t want that baby anywhere near anyone for longer than they have to be. Seriously, the baby wasn’t talked about ONCE during the weekend, AND Sue explicitly said “If we are filming spoilers, we film it in studio.” So… Yeah, Baby is a Plot Device™. 

I honestly don’t believe the baby is John’s, or Mary’s for that matter, but that’s a whole other meta.

Anyway, John WILL be pining for his old life with Sherlock. Of that I am truly certain. And Sherlock will want to give it to him again. So bad. But YES, ASIB is definitely being called back to  AGAIN this upcoming season, since the blog post was in ASiB.

S4 is going to hurt so much, loves. 

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"Nothing to get worked up about. Whatever the truth is, your personal belief about it doesn’t make a shit’s bit of difference to any of them." That's my outlook on the whole thing, too. They're pretty to look at and they radiate something that makes us all go like a moth to a flame. Granted we're all half dead, beaten up moths by now. Perhaps if one day S/C magically come out, get married and have babies, we will all just die in ecstasy, burned alive in their light. The end...

The end. Ha! 😂

There is no end! Aye, there’s the rub.

Also I totally only remember the good parts like all I think about is having a baby fall asleep on my chest while I read my book and not their older siblings jumping on me and screaming to wake the baby up for attention and the fevers and teething and diapers and how scary a breast pump looks…….. I just want to have friends with babies

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What are White Rose's favourite things about Leon though?

Leon is quick, efficient, and doesn’t complain. He fully trusts White Rose and she jokingly thinks that she should have just adopted an army of babies because no one trusts her the way Leon does. Leon can multitask and he saves time which she also loves. He always saves her time “you need tea, nah moms I got it,” and he’s full of like seriously good plans. The jail thing was his idea and White Rose was hesitant at first so when Elliot tells White Rose Leon did good she’s like I knew he would

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Honestly, my deepest desire is for my husband and I to become pregnant. It's going to sound crazy but I touch my stomach all the time and just HOPE it finally happens.

i hope you have a wonderful, healthy baby! good luck to you

Simply put, she's for me.

When Dom/sub becomes more than just Dom/sub hope you have a gal like my @collaredleashedloved . Baby I love that I’m falling in love with you more every day, you said today that I complete you and it’s the same on this side. As I sit here tonight with you at home I can’t help but miss you terribly and wish that you were here cuddled against my side with your head on my chest. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I’ll fight to make sure you’re by my side through whatever it is. ❤️