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This fluffy Wilfred is for @shironumi. Have fun!

Wilfred sighed. The exhaustion of the last days finally took its toll on him. Visiting five kingdoms in three days was tiring after all. And always acting politely and interested wasn’t easy either. Of course Claude stayed always close, making sure that Wilfred had everything he needed - except for a moment to satisfy his biggest need. He just wanted to call his beautiful wife, hear her voice and listen to her day. But whenever Wilfred finally had some time, it was already so late that he didn’t call her after all. He didn’t want to wake her up. Occasional text message had to make up for the lack of actual interaction.
But tonight would be different. Wilfred smiled at the thought of her surprise and he speeded up his pace, the urge to be by her side again making him impatient.
The sounds of his footsteps were muffled by the thick carpet and he was glad about it. Not for the first time in his life. When he reached the door to their bedroom he took a deep breath and opened it. He didn’t bother knocking, it was the middle of the night. He silently entered and stood at her side of the bed for a moment, wondering how a single man, prince or not, could be that lucky. There she lay in her bed, breathing evenly, only illuminated by the pale moonlight. His wife. The future queen of his country, already the queen of his heart. He undressed without making a sound and slid in bed behind her. When he carefully put an arm around her waist she stirred in her sleep.
“Mhh, Wilfred?” she asked drowsily.
“Shh, my love, go back to sleep,” he whispered lovingly.
“I thought you wouldn’t come home for another day,” she mumbled and snuggled closer to him. Both sighed in contentment.
“I managed to get away earlier,” he explained and nuzzled his face into her back. How he had missed her scent! “How are you?” he asked against the skin of the nape of her neck.
She chuckled lightly. “Fine,” she replied. “Both of us.” She smiled and put his hand on her already rounded belly. “But we have missed you.”
“I have missed you more,” he softly said and she turned in his arms to face him. After a gentle kiss he pulled her into a tight embrace and took another deep breath.
“Now I’m home.”

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10: Are you good at hiding your feelings? : For the most part yes, I tend to hide my true feelings for a while till I’m comfortable sharing them, but I always drop hints at them.

12: What is something you want right now?: The past few days have been very stressful and busy and I really just want a hug from a special person in my life, and getting to spend sometime with her would be nice but that will be a while.

32:Are your friends mostly girls or guys?: I would say I have a pretty good mix of both but usually I’m closer with my guy friends, girls tend to make me nervous

49:Where I want to be right now? : I’ve had the biggest urge to go to the beach and be in the water but I want to go the on date, not just with friends.

58: Description of my best friend: I have a ton of best friends but I’m going to choose the one I’ve been closest to for a while now.  Her and I went to high school together but she was a year behind me. We were friends in high school but we were never really close to each other.  After my first semester of college(I still live at home and go to school) we started talking a lot and hanging out some.  After a while I knew I could trust her with anything.  Most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell by just talking to her but she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  She’s got a really cute smile too so I try to make her laugh whenever I can.  I could go on for a while about her but I don’t want to make this too much longer than it already is.

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