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Sebastian's stuck babysitting Glen while Molly's out of town, because the twat can't seem to be trusted to lay off the drugs while she's gone. It's way too late and he won't shut up, rambling on about something Sebastian can't follow and it's driving him absolutely insane, so he grabs Glen by his shirt, yanks him close and kisses him furiously. He releases him and the man slumps back onto the sofa, silenced at last. "Next time I'll deck you one, Glendan. Go the fuck to sleep."

Life is Strange - Consequences of Decisions

I wanted to do this thing a long time ago. I saw one of them on reddit I think, but I gonna do my own (because there is no for episode 4). Well I hope I get everything right. If you wanna add something, just comment it. Gonna add it then. Well, this contains SPOILERs

Edit: I wanted to differ between main choises and other choises. And I added some I found on my choises list in the game. I’ll do a Chloe/Max and Warren/Max choises list later on. And what I think is the right thing to choose.


Main Choises:

You have to choose, whether you report Nathan.
- You report him = Nathan will destroy your photo wall and put a disturbing photo on your bed ; you can improve Luke’s mood by telling him this; and you get disturbing messages
- You don’t report him = You cannot suspend him in epi 3 ; you can get suspended

You have to choose, whether to comfort Victoria
- You comforted her = She will believe you about Nathan in Epi 4; she will thank you
- You didn’t = She won’t believe you; She will demolish your room; she will write you an evil message

What you did, when David harassed Kate
- You intervened = Kate is grateful ; Save Kate becomes easier
- You didn’t = You can blame David in Episode 3; you have evidence to show Mr. Jefferson, when blaming David in Episode 3

Then you can choose, whether you blame Chloe or not for smoking weed
- You can stay hidden = Chloe will blame you; David hits her; You can talk about David with his wife in Episode 3
- You intervened = You blamed her = She will hate you even more
- You intervened = You said it’s yours = David will hate you; could lead to your suspension; will be told the principal in Episode 3; Chloe likes you more (
(picture on her phone)

Minor Choises

You talked to Ms. Grant next to the school
- You signed the petition = there won’t be cameras in the academy
- You didn’t = not enough people signed the petition

You talked to Daniel
- You let him draw your portrait = friendly Daniel ; portrait on your wall
- You didn’t = less friendly Daniel ?

You talked to Brooke
- She lets you fly her drone, if you look up the model in her bag, rewind and tell her the name (if you have a date with Warren, she will not let you fly it in episode 4)

You can also talk to the others, but it has just influence on their relationship with you. But you can get clues about Rachel Amber.

- You watered the plant = It dies in Epi 3 if you water it again in Epi 2
- You did not water the plant
= It dies in Epi 3 if you don’t water it in Epi 2

You can erase the things on Kate’s slate
- Will help to save Kate

You took Dana’s pregnancy test
- She isn’t friendly with Max (better rewind)

You rearranged Victoria’s photos
- She will steal your cookies; photo

You warned Alyssa
- If you warn Alyssa more times, she’ll remember and is grateful.

If you write on the RV you can see your message in the following Episodes.

Chloe will blame you, if you destroy the snow globe in her room.

You can save the bird
- You get two optinonal photos in this and the next episodes and you saved a life

You found the surveillance system
- You can blame David in Episode 4 and Joyce will force him to leave the house

You left evidence
- David maybe comments on it at some point?


Main Choises

You can tell Kate, whether she should go to the police
- If you tell her she should, it makes easier to save her
- If you tell her she shouldn’t, it makes it more difficult to save her

You decide, whether you shoot Frank
- He won’t die either way, but if you try to shoot him, Chloe will have the gun; also it will lead to her changing the picture on her phone
- Maybe it will be more difficult to make him give you the notes about Rachel Amber in Episode 4, if you shoot him because he talks about this decision in Epi 4 (I didn’t try and he commented on it like “you shouldn’t point a gun at people, if you don’t want to shoot them”)

You can answer Kate
- You answer her = Easier to save her
- You don’t = Chloe will be happy

Then you can save Kate
- You save her = She is grateful; You are a hero; Everybody thinks you are awesome; Chloe will comment on it and Warren will comment on it; She will send you a message thanking you; Special Scene in episode 4 ; in Max journal the page of Kate changes for the better
- You can’t save her = She dies; her father will send you a grateful message; everybody will try to comfort you; Max feels guilty; the page of Kate changes in the journal for the worse

You can blame three people after the scene with Kate
- Nathan = he gets suspended, if principal believes you (told on him in episode 1) (David will comment on the weed!); he is angry at you and angry at the world; again you will get messages with threats, but he stayes mostly harmless
- Mr. Jefferson = he isn’t going with the winner of the contest (Maybe you can save Victoria with this!!); this evil f*cker, I’m so regretting not having reported him
- David = you need the photo; why should you do this? he isn’t evil anyway plus he leaves the house in the next episode and quits his job, if you choose right

Minor Choises

You erased the link to Kate’s video on the mirror
- Helps you to save Kate

You helped Alyssa
- She will be grateful and more friendlier; If you helped her before she will remember it

You can talk with Taylor
- Say you know about her mother = she will be more friendly

You can accept Warren’s Invitation
- It could lead to a Warren/Max ending; Warren will talk about it 24/7; Brooke will be angry bc she wanted to meet him first

I copied this: You seemingly can write a message on the wall next to ‘Rachel was here’ and ‘Chloe was here’. The message is “Max was here”

You can tamper with the railtracks
- The train will go to another destination

You can let add your name to the Vortex list by Courtney
- Well, you can be friendly with Courtney , so she adds your name (it’s important for episode 4!! it will make it easier to get into the VIP section)

You can make Warren’s grade in the chemistry test better
- If you helped him, it’ll be a A- (you need to ask Ms. Grant, how to do the experiment after failing both times and rewinding, then you need to rewind and tell Warren the answer)

You can talk with Mr. Jefferson
- You can talk about David = If you have a photo, he will believe you; if you blame him later on and have talked with him without having proof, he will tell this the principal, if you accuse him for Kate’s death or suicide attempt


Main Choises

You can decide, whether to steal the money
- You steal it = Chloe can pay the money to Frank (3 of those: if you take the blame, do not take Kate’s call, steal the money, try to shoot Frank and Chloe changes the picture on her phone)
- You don’t steal it = In episode 4 you will learn that this is the money to pay the dorm fees (better not steal it *laughs*)

You can kiss Chloe
- If you kiss her, Chloe/Max
- If you don’t, Warren will send you a message later and you give him hope / Warren/Max

Anyway Chloe and David will have a fight
- You side with David  = well, you don’t have any bonuses for that (he will not even thank you, this evil man) and plus Chloe will be totally mad at you
- You side with Chloe = if you know about the surveillance system, David gets kicked out by Joyce and tells you: “You destroyed my family

Then you can kill the dog (you need to throw the meat on the street)
- If you do, Well, I think Frank will be somehow sad about it;
- If you don’t ,the dog can attack you in episode 4 (you can stop the attack, if you let Chloe throw the gun away and tell Frank to lock the door)

You can give Chloe the gun back (It’s in the RV)
- You need to let her throw it away, when you talk with Frank in Episode 4, otherwise she will harm him; it will not help her to get killed by Jefferson in episode 4

Minor Choises

You can make Warren’s grade better and erase names from the Vortex list.
It results that maybe people can’t get into the VIP section in episode 4. Also you can add your name! (makes it easier to get into the VIP, but could be difficult because the girl at the party doesn’t want to let you in and you need to talk to Courtney and she will know, whether she added your name or not!)

You can erase the message on the phone (and no, not after Joyce heard it)
- David will get a letter later, so he’ll know, but at first it may help you, when you side with Chloe

You can help Alyssa again. The reactions are the same

You can warn the homeless woman
- You warn her = she is grateful; episode 5 will show?

You can take a photo in the past
- I think it doesn’t do anything for now

You can leave a mark on the fireplace
- It will stay there in episode 4, but go away after Max changes the timeline


Main Choises

You can kill Chloe or don’t kill her
- Chloe is grateful if you do it and then you can rewind either way with the photo, so I think the choise has no consequences?

You can either let Warren beat up Nathan or stop him
- You let him beat him up = Nathan is crying and has not the gun (maybe influences on episode 5); Max is a little bit scarred of Warren
- You stop him = Warren will be grateful ; Nathan has a gun and is angry

Later on you have to deal with Frank
- You kill Frank = Chloe will feel evil okay?
- You shoot him = Frank is pissed, but not dead
- You don’t harm him = He will later write you a nice message; you have gained a bro

You can warn Victoria
- She will believe you, if you comforted her in Episode 1
Otherwise she won’t believe. Or you didn’t warn her.

Minor Choises

You can find out David’s code or not, when searching for David’s files.

You can save the bird (again?)
- You get a photo I think and you saved a life

If you move away the wood to shoot the photo, better rewind or you will kill the eggs in the bird’s nest (Joyce will send you a photo).

Then there is the Kate scene:
- You can let her inform you about Nathan’s room number = makes it easier for you later

You can guess Nathan’s pin or simply write the PUK (His PIN is his birthday, geez, I needed google for that one, Nathan you’re such a weirdo)

You can write on Warren’s slate
- Do it for the Warren/Max

At the party you can talk with various people about Nathan. But the main things are:

If you were and are friendly with Courtney, she will let you go into the VIP section.

You can talk with Brooke
- You can make her forgive you (Maybe she gets into Grahamfield?)


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Hey guys, do you love KogKag? We sure as heck do. 

Well now here’s a blog for all your KogKag shipping needs. 

We’re just starting up so the theme and stuff might jump around a bit, but we look forward to providing you with all the KogKag goodness you could ever want

mini headcanon that’s hella import: Rhodey will defend and fight with/for Tony till the end of time. But he’s not delusional. He knows Tony has screwed up royally on numerous occasions. The thing is, he doesn’t think mistakes should negate contributions. There’s no denying the advances (technological and otherwise) that are a direct result of Tony. And when Tony was still a weapons manufacturer, Rhodey saw first hand, every day, the lives that Stark Industries tech saved. Yes, those same weapons took lives, but there would’ve been more bloodshed on both sides without Stark at the military’s back. So if you ask Rhodey? Yeah, Tony’s fucked up on a grand scale, but that’s not all he’s done. Take the whole of his actions, accomplishments, and mistakes into account before you condemn him for anything. Because in Rhodey’s opinion, the good outweighs the bad.

Matt’s Life as a Human

((Just so I’ll stop getting asks about it–

please bear through my bad storytelling skills

I’ll probably make a page and add on to it as i figure out more about them

TW: Drugs mention, abuse, suicide, death

Louis- Matt’s father

Marianne- Matt’s mother

Allen- Matt’s friend/boyfriend/husband (Changes throughout the story)

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(´v`ʃƪ) im so excited to play it and take my time, instead of getting rushed through the areas


Inception W.I.P.

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Why do you hate 5sos? They aren't bad people. They have also helped people with depression and they make people happy, and not just with their music. It makes really upset when I see them /always/ getting hated on

they’ve said and done some pretty shitty sexist, homophobic and racist stuff over their time in the light, i don’t forgive all that easily when it comes to them projecting that shit on to a young audience. their music is so pre-teen it makes me laugh, they’ve ripped off FOB shit and laughed at / ignored fans because of their weight.

 people compare them to the greats of pete wentz, billie joel armstrong and blink 182 and its gross because these are some greasy, barely talented teenage boys who are riding on the coat-tails of 1D (not ‘punk rock’ at all), who i would actually prefer to listen to. their lyrics are vapid and empty, and quite frankly i find the fandom scary and they seriously freak me out sometimes (someone on twitter called ‘callum’s cum is yum’ followed me at one point and seriously i wanted to shut down my computer and run).

however if it makes you happy, fine. i really don’t care about them, i just find the text posts about them funny / informative on their fuck-ups. dance around in your bedroom to them and let no one get you down - its your music choice, fuck whoever shits on it.