Hey! You all know that one bike comic i did for Pokemon Go?

Well the bike actually looks like this

And it was stolen recently!

If you live on or near the University of Utah campus and see a bike that looks just like this, please let me know! Because I didn’t register the bike beforehand/write down the serial number, it’s gonna be so much harder to find without some serious help!

Tag 10 People You Want To Know Better!

Okies, so I got tagged by @takara-kaede-chan & @taracelica

I did this a lil while back, and that post is here.

But!  I will come up with some other stuffs.  =3

Favorite Anime/Manga: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (this was a glaring omission for me.  I can’t believe I forgot it the other day.  >_<), Akira, Attack on Titan, Knights of Sidonia, Wolfs Rain, Psycho-Pass, Record of Lodoss War… gonna stop there ‘cause this list could just keep growing.

Favorite Video Games: That list was actually fairly complete.  I suppose I could add the Warcraft series of RTS games which I played the fool out of back in the day.

Favorite Books: Really, anything by Heinlein, and anything by William Gibson.

Favorite TV Shows: I forgot The Expanse!  I am pissed that we will have waited a whole year for season 2 though.  >_<  I really don’t watch much TV anymore.

Last Song I Listened to: Cloudland - In Japan by Patrick O’Hearn

Edit because oops!

Favorite pastimes: Video games, table top roleplaying games, reading, writing (some)

Favorite drinks: Tea (iced or hot), fruit juices, water, 

Favorite colors: Green, blue, silver

Zodiac sign: Leo!  Mew!  ;p

Smoke: Never.

Alcohol: On occasion I enjoy a good beer, margaritas and other mixed drinks

Favorite music genres: I don’t really have a favorite.  I listen to some of everything from Classical, to 40′s Jazz, to classic Rock, modern Pop, EDM, Electronica, Techno…  umm…  eclectic is the word here.  ;3

Edit finished!

Thanks for tagging me!  ♥


drew my favourite kids. i also happen to headcanon the both of them as pan & trans so the pride versions are included

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“Ming loves Chris Hemsworth and was just basically running around the carpet trying to take pictures of him from behind him and it was very funny to watch her run around. She was fangirling out and me and Elizabeth [Henstridge] were just cracking up the entire time watching.” (Chloe Bennet)




I’ll show that I can save you  [full res]

There’s something deeply refreshing about trying to draw in the style of this show…. I’d really like to do more of these after this one.


How to make your LINE experience 1000x more fun : Haikyuu!! sticker set

aka 40 stickers of babies that will bring you happiness (」 ・ิ∀・ิ.)」 ❤


You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle

kise better run ‘cause he’s gon get his ass whooped

based on this post over at incorrectknb [x]

i am so sick and tired of bighit working bts to the brink of injury and not letting them have any time off. for the entire year of 2015 all theyve done is work their asses off so bighit can get more and more money and for what? for them to get no time to rest, no time to eat, and always have to worry about the fans and not be able to put themselves first for once in their lives. they have families, people they care about in their personal lives. im not saying that they dont care about fans but they need a break, theyre going to burn out. bighit are putting so much pressure on them to be the best that they can be and keep going out to do more and more comebacks and concerts, its too much for them to handle. even today when tae and yoongi had to go to the hospital, they blamed it on ‘nausea due to large movement during concerts’, its stress, its overworking, its them not being able to get a minute of time to themselves. i dont even know what im trying to accomplish with this post but i know that they cant keep working like this and bighit need to realize that just because bts is their hot ticket, that doesnt give them an excuse to not treat them like human beings.