Just thinking about how earnestly Jared cares for Richard. Look at how soft his eyes become when he notices that Richard might be walking away from Gavin’s money.

This screenshot does not do this scene justice. I wish I could make gifs, you can actually see Jared smirk really quickly afterwards. To me, this is when he knew that Richard is truly special.

                Have I yet been cursed? To see a version of myself from another realm, yet taller? What unholy secrets has he unearthed to have gained such heights! 

jediannabeth  asked:

Em, I feel you about the tattoos. I want some so bad, but like I'm afraid of the pain (even though I know it won't hurt me too bad???) and I'm broke af. What other tats would you want? Watercolored ones are like the most gorgeous ones ever like my heart can't handle them.

i think i found an artist right in nyc who can do them!!!!! i think that what i’ll do is give her my ideas and make her design something and then just save up once she gives me the price (which works out because then i also have time to make sure i really want it)

(to be honest i’d KILL for a tattoo by amanda wachob and she’s also right in nyc but she’s like world famous and she’s not even bothering to take appnts anymore so maybe some day….. also like????? if i had the money i’d pay just for a megan massacre tattoo from ny ink she’s just so cool i want her art on my body just because she’s cool)

i want a whole bunch of things but the only one i’m like really attached to is the rainbow triangle and the lil cat..and the constellation….wow i’m fucked i’m gonna end up with a sleeve on accident lmao

anonymous asked:

"If I could fly I'd be coming right back home to u I think I might give up everything just ask me to pay attention I hope that u listen cause I let my guard down right now I'm completely defenseless" SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T BELIEVE HE WROTE THAT SONG

don’t do this rn fkjhdlfjsglk

rain-on-me  asked:

natsu? bickslow? zeref?

Natsu: How do yiu motivate yourself not to give up?
Most of the times I almost give up on life.I am terribly optimistic ( my optimism scares my mom XD) so I whenever I lose hope and feel bad I just think that this moment would soon become my past, six months later, this moment won’t be a bother. I always think about how sad my uncle ( I love my uncle a lot, he is my everything) would be if I give up. I remember about my best friend, how boring her life would be without me XD . I just, somehow not give up ^^

Bickslow: What is your eye color
My eye is chocolate brown coloured

Zeref: Would you live forever if you could?

Nope. I really wouldnt want to live forever. I want a short life, but full of happiness and joy where I can make everyone I meet happy and laugh atleast once ^^

Thank you for your asks!! You’re an amazing person😘😘😘

Multi-chapter fics need love

Attention everyone.

The more chapters a fic has, the MORE YOU NEED TO COMMENT. 

I’m looking at all these fics with lots of kudos, lots of hits, lots of subscriptions I’m sure, and then *crickets* at an update. IF THERE ARE SAY 100 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBED, WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO COMMENTS?? Let’s say only 10% of the people still read it. That’s ten comments that should be there. 

Too shy or worried or blah to comment? Here’s some copypastes for you:

  • I love this chapter so much.
  • I love reading this fic.
  • I think about this fic a lot.
  • It makes me happy when I see there is an update. 
  • This story is so intense and well-written.
  • I’ve been following since the beginning and it’s better than I imagined.
  • I’ve fallen in love with your characterization.
  • *quote your favorite part* This is my favorite! 
  • This fic made me think about a lot of things. 
  • I’ve learned some things about myself reading this story.
  • This is my favorite fic of all time. 
  • I reread this all the time. 
  • *incoherent screaming*
  • This is absolutely delectable and I love it. 

Use one! Use all! There are endless possibilities! Don’t feel pressured to write an essay. Just say that you are still here and you’re happy! 

It would be preferable for you not to say 

  • Can’t wait for the next chapter!

It’s ok when combined with other things, but if that’s all you say…..? We’re looking for love on the hard work we just posted

When you post your first chapter/oneshot, you worry: “Is anyone reading it? Does anyone like it? PLease someone, anyone!?” and you wait for people to come into your space. 

When you post your Xth chapter, you already know that people are reading it, there’s already a crowd gathered. Even if it’s only a few people, you know that they are there. “Does no one like it? What’s going on? What happened? Everyone loved it before?? I thought?? Did I mess up?”


Love your author. They need it. 

There are different kinds of people when it comes to naming instruments
  • Those who give their instruments 'human' names:i.e. Thomas, John, Clark, Max
  • The ones who are obviously huge nerds:i.e. Xavier, Aristotle, Dante, Draco
  • The ones who just aren't creative:(or just like keeping it simple) i.e. Al the Alto Saxophone, Gibson the Guitar, ect.
  • The ironic ones:i.e. Soprano the Tuba, Bass the Flute, Viola the Violin
  • And Finally:
  • The ones who shouldn't ever be allowed to name anything:(even though they're probably right) i.e. Satan, Lucifer, Trashophone, Idiot

I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T