The Web You Weave

So I gotta say, I like this one. A lot. It is extremely, terribly long though so be prepared for that. Another darker kind of scenario. Honestly these might be my favourite things to write, even if I’m not necessarily the best at them. I hope everyone likes it and I hope that I can write more things like this. I tried to make it the least cheesy as possible because I know how these can sometimes get, but yeah! Enjoy! Xx (: (Gif not mine, but a very accurate depiction of when he wakes up…. also just v sexy in general)


               Hoseok never meant to fall in love, but he did; hard. Love was always a part of the plan, but it was never intended for him. Always the heartbreaker and never the poor miserable soul who suffered from his deviousness, he never dreamed that he would make this fatal mistake. But that was love; unpredictable and all-consuming. The routine had been practiced and performed tens, if not hundreds, of times. So why was it so different with her? Perhaps it was the way her hair flowed down her back, or the curve of her lip, sending butterflies racing around in his stomach with one measly word. Though he tried to down play it to physical attraction, he knew deep down that it was so much more. It was the way she spoke about life. The way she bared open her heart when she had so much to lose. The way she looked up at him, eyes full of naivety and called out his nickname, though he knew what knowledge of the dark parts of the world lay beyond those liner ringed eyes. It was her soul. Though she was clouded by a sinister background, she remained pure in a way he never expected. Held down by strings and threads, she made her bed at the top.  She was a beacon of light, leading the blind through the darkness and into even more. She was the worst kind of villain; the kind that came with a smile. Hoseok wanted so much to hate her, to despise her being to make the reality of what he was tasked to do easier to swallow. Weighing his options over and over, he always came to the same conclusion; he couldn’t take her kingdom away from her.

               It was nothing personal, or at least it wasn’t when the plan was originally hatched. She had something his fellow members wanted. Unfortunately, in this kind of business, the illegal sort that is, it wasn’t a simple game of chess like it was with corporations. His work was messy and almost always left someone quaking in the ashes of their destruction. There was no room for emotion, let alone love, outside of your own gang, which Hoseok knew. Hell, he made a profit from it. An expert at moving, he was usually used as stealth in BTS, often the one weaseling into difficult situations and extracting what they needed. But his other specialty was seduction. He knew how to make a heart swell and swoon for him. Countless times he had bent women to his will, even a few men, to get what he wanted. It was rare that he came across someone he wasn’t able to make fall for him, the only person who could match his work being Jimin. Though Y/N was a formidable foe and had him nervous, drawing her into him had been surprisingly simple.

               By all means, she was no easy character. A web of people, lies, and acts surrounded her, originally being the source of his deployment. BTS was no measly gang. Experts in most things illegal, they knew their way around. At first it was just guns and a few harmless drugs. Then it was debts and cracked ribs. Now, well now it was a world that seemed never endless to them. Sure with expansion meant violence. But with land and money practically seeping out of their pockets, what was a few kills here and there? The turf wars were chaotic and had kept their attention for a while, but now they were bored. Kings of their own land, they seeked more; which had led them to her. After taking Seoul, Jeju Island should have been a piece of cake, already in the midst of absorbing Busan as well. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

               With one step on her turf, they became targets for professionals who treated this like child’s play. They tried their usual tactics, fright and threats packed neatly and presented to their leader who didn’t even bat one of her pretty little eyelashes. Annoyed that they had left her relatively unfazed, they tried stronger tactics only to be met at every attempt. Losing multiple people in their efforts, BTS grew frustrated. It was just an island for god sake, was a vacation place too much to ask for? Jeju was known for being laidback and carefree; who knew it was protected by an unyielding force. Soon enough it became less of a battle for land and more of a battle for their reputation. Surrounding gangs soon became more confident after hearing that the all-powerful BTS couldn’t take one little island for themselves. Challenges from the outlying crews grew more frequent, though swiftly disposed of. Finally, Namjoon gave the order. Sick and tired of being embarrassed by Y/N and her island, he called upon Hoseok and gave him the go ahead to ruin her completely.

               Hoseok thought it was funny before; the way love could completely crumble a person. Witnessing it firsthand never ceased to give him a little rush, knowing that he had been the cause of that person’s demise. Now however, he wasn’t laughing. From the start, she was different. Usually, he would say it took five minutes, maybe ten, to get the target to leave with him. Y/N though, well she asked him. Approaching her at the bar, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Perhaps he thought she would be callous and bedraggled, but she wasn’t. Seeing her was like seeing the sun from Mercury; blinding. Her voice was smooth and velvety, her words cheery and bright. She was beautiful, that was to be sure, with her dress cascading over the chair and exposing a creamy thigh where a slit was strategically placed at the side. They spent a long time talking, nothing personal of course but of multiple things. Several stories, likes, and dislikes; all were passed between them and Hoseok found his self-drinking in her voice, savouring the way it rung in his ears. Soon enough, she asked him to leave with her, not to go to a house for some meaningless sex, but to the beach. He hadn’t thought much of it then, but now when he looked back he supposed he should have known; a person who gazes at the stars that long and speaks about the inner workings of the world like spouting off facts, was not someone who was naïve enough to fall for his kind of trap.

               Three months was how long it took him to get her to open up, to tell him of her sins. Four months and his members were frustrated with his lack of progress, though he did not dare to admit that he didn’t see her in the same light they did any longer. Five months and Hoseok wondered whether the way she laid with him was planned, whether it was a game for her too. Six and the heavy ‘I love you’s’ were exchanged, pleasing BTS and starting preparations to rifle through the things Y/N would not want exposed. Feigning triumph, Hoseok remained distant, never able to shake the thought of her from his brain and unable to decide whether his own three words were still a lie. Terrified that telling the truth would lead to his own death, he wrapped himself in a cocoon. Torn between Y/N and his gang, he wanted so much to think of her as work. But when his skin touched hers, he knew it was impossible to. She lit him up; like guzzling down worms, her touch wriggled and poked every nerve he had, electric impulses never stopping when she was around. Instead of holding her and calculating the best way to work her up, he found his self just going through the motions. Following his instincts with her and losing his self in them. Seven months and he found his self reveling in her smile and letting his own falter. For the first time, he told someone other than his six brothers of his past, of his fears and hopes. He slowly spit out pieces of his self and left them for her taking. Each piece she cradled, she replaced with a newfound feeling of trust and faith, though her knowledge of his work remained limited. When he thought of his future, he no longer only saw a cold house with a single rocking chair, devoid of love. He saw her and only her, which petrified him.

               BTS knew it was going to take time with Y/N, but what they didn’t know was that Hoseok could’ve finished the job long ago. Each time he was asked, he sputtered out a lie, usually having something to do with her not trusting him enough seeing as trust was a main problem for most people in this business. For a while, they let it slide, taking Busan in the space of time it took for Hoseok to get close to her. But as time wore on, they grew antsy. While Hoseok had been busy with her, they continued on pushing against her forces as they had before, not wanting any suspicion to arise with the sudden appearance of her new love. Tensions ran high as they kept losing people to her until finally time ran out for Hoseok. After spending so much time with Y/N, he nearly forgot how dangerous she was; only reminded after being faced with a list nearly three pages long of everyone that was killed because of his carelessness. Taking in the hard stares of his members, he was reminded that this was just a game; a play for land. Self-aware of just how attached he had become, they worried he was in too deep and though Hoseok insisted he wasn’t, he knew all too well that he was. His true feelings weren’t ones he could share with the rest of BTS for fear that he would be taken out. After all, he posed a threat to them seeing as he knew too much and had the makings for being a rat. Seeing what she had done to his men, his brothers, he knew that it was over; he had to finish this game and put an end to Y/N’s gang. Business is business, no matter if he thought he may feel something more or not.

               The night was long, sun disappearing on the horizon long ago. Hoseok tried his best to act normal, behaving as he usually did and draping his self over her for most of their night out at a swanky charity gala. Admittedly though, the gala had more to do with the distribution of guns for her crew more than anything. So far he had thought that he’d been doing pretty well, taking up his old habits and knowing what to say to get her to take him to her apartment that night. To his knowledge, she had no idea of the way his heart was sputtering in his chest with nerves. Whispering sweet words into her ear, holding her close to his side; it was no surprise to him when she asked him to leave, in fact it was easy. He played her willingness off to the seven months they’d spent together, not questioning the way she quickly agreed. Hiding the way his fingers tapped against his knee, he wondered if he could be successful, considering his condition at the moment. He had never been so nervous for a job, but he supposed it was just the effect she had over him. Never the less, he was determined to succeed as the faces of the men who had lost their lives flashed in his head.

               Leading him into the house, she slipped off her heels in the doorway before spinning to face him. Palms pressed against his chest as she backed him up into the door, leaning into him and placing a kiss on his lips. Struggling not to lose sight of what was important; he slid his hand up to her waist, squeezing lightly. Breasts pressed against him and he could feel every inch of her being pushed into every inch of him. Tongues wound around each other, making his mind fuzzy as his right hand cupped the back of her neck. Catching his lip between her teeth, she gave it a light tug and he let out a choked moan. Lips traced small kisses down into his neck while her hand slid away from his peck to slither to the front of his dress pants. Giving him a light squeeze, lust clouded his head, but his directive remained. Trying to keep his head, he spoke, cutting off the sound of heavy breaths and the material of their clothes sliding up on one another. “I take it tonight went well for you?”

               “Mhm,” She moaned, lips detaching from him. “It did. Why don’t we celebrate, Hobi?”

               His heart stopped as she gripped his hand, backing away and giving him a flirtatious wink. The voice in his head screamed at him to stop, but his body couldn’t help but gravitate toward her, fully entranced. Truthfully, he knew this would just make everything harder, but what was he to do? Saying no was not an option as her Hobi was not one to turn down sex, so he gave her a sly smirk and drew her into him. Her bottom pressed into his front as he held her to him while they walked forward, kissing her shoulder softly. Leading him through her lavish house, his eyes were drawn to her office, knowing that what he needed was in there, just out of his reach. The door to her bedroom opened and she led him to the bed, pushing him back into it. Crawling on top of him, he realized she wanted control tonight, which he was all too willing to give when his head was in a million places at once. Zeroing in on him, she quickly shed herself of her dress before straddling his waist, grinding down. A guttural moan made its way out of Hoseok’s mouth as his conscience banged around in his head, reminding him that he wasn’t meant to be enjoying this as much as he was. But when his eyes grazed her body, he felt his heart swell like it only ever did around her and he felt like crying out. What is wrong with you? His inner voice scratched away in his head. Y/N’s face began to grow worried as she looked down on him.

               “Are you okay? We can stop.” She asked, concern painting her face as a hand touched his cheek.

               Shaking his head, he placed his hands on her thighs, tracing patterns and muttering. “I’m fine, Jagi. Just tired.”

               “Tired?” She responded, reaching behind her back to unhook her bra, letting her breasts fall free. Her mounds glistened in the soft lighting, making her look like a figure that even Michelangelo wouldn’t have been able to depict in his paintings. Taking his hand in her grip, she led it up her body, letting him caress her beautiful curves until he held her breast in his touch. “Perhaps this will wake you up.”

               Leaning down to kiss him, he melded his lips into hers, squeezing her breast lightly and making her gasp into his mouth. He swallowed her sounds as his left hand drew circles up her thigh, ready to touch her where she wanted him most. Swatting his hand away, she fiddled with the buttons of his shirt, undoing it painfully slow. Pushing the fabric away from his chest, she traced his abs, smiling deviously as they tensed at her will. Drawing himself up, he discarded the clothing, pulling her against him so that she rubbed against his growing erection. Kissing her collarbones, he moved to take one of her breasts in his mouth, fully enjoying the way she arched into him. Hands traveled down to her butt as he kneaded the flesh there, making her cry out as he flicked his tongue over her nipple. Hands wove into his tresses of hair, tugging to drag him away from her breast. Smashing her lips against his, she pushed him down once again, not letting him dominate the situation in any way. Kissing down his chest, she stopped just above his the hem of his boxers before darting her tongue out. Licking a strip along the top of band, she undid the belt he wore, practically tearing open his pants and shimmying them down his legs along with his underwear. Looking up at him sinfully, she took his head into her mouth, licking up the precum. Grunting, Hoseok gripped her head, urging her to take him fully into her mouth. She obliged, the back of his dick hitting the back of her throat as Hoseok writhed and let out a string of curses. She bobbed her head on his length, drawing him nearer and nearer to his end. Just as he felt ready to burst, her lips left him with a resounding pop.

               Rising, she straddled him once again, sliding her clothed center against his pulsing length. Growing frustrated, Hoseok gripped her hips, hard enough to draw forth bruises he was sure, but if this was to be his last time with her, he was going to make it count. He forced her to grind down harder while bucking his hips up to meet her, making both of them cry out. His fingers toyed with the fabric of her panties, tracing circles over her clit so that she had to place her hands on his chest to steady her body. Cupping her, he couldn’t resist temptation as he chuckled darkly. “You’re so wet, Jagi.”

               His remark was met with a hard stare and just as she was opening her mouth to retort, he pushed her underwear aside, diving two fingers into her core. Gasping, she nearly went limp on top of him, barely holding herself upright. He curled his fingers inside her and she let out a quiet scream, grinding down onto his hand. Pumping his fingers, he watched her as he got her off, admiring the way her soft features twisted with pleasure. He could feel her walls begin to tighten around his fingers and he removed them, denying her climax just as she had done with him. Coated with her juices, he brought them to her lips, urging her to take them in her mouth. She did, swirling her tongue around and sucking as she kept her eyes on his. Licking them clean, she released them before hastily reaching past him and pulling a condom out of her drawer. Slipping her underwear off, she rolled the condom down his length and lined him up with her entrance. Impaling herself on him, they both let out a sigh of content. Wanting her to move, Hoseok bucked his hips up, feeling her walls tighten around him. Complying, she moved her hips in small circles while rising up and down, making Hoseok throw his head back. Though the physical pleasure was coursing through him, he couldn’t help but feel distant, as he had with targets before. But he didn’t want that. He didn’t want his last time with her to be just another fuck accompanied by betrayal; he wanted to feel her. Not just physically, but spiritually. Hoseok wanted to feel her in every inch of him, like how he had before his resolution. So in a last ditch effort to stop thinking of her as a target, he flipped so that she was underneath him. Hooking her legs on his arms, he intertwined their hands, looking her in the eye as he took his first thrust. He pounded into her as though if he did hard enough, he could make everything go away. He didn’t want to be part of a world where he had to hurt her. He didn’t want to be reminded of his friends who died because of her whenever he looked into her eyes. He just wanted to live in that moment and stay there, where no one could touch either of them. For the first time ever, he wished he never joined the gang and that he was really just some business man like he had told her. Her cries of pleasure urged him on as he plowed his hips harder with every thrust, burying his face in her neck to hide the way his face was screwed up as though it was torture, because to him it was. But he had made his choices and he had to stick with them. He treasured the people of BTS more than himself and was more loyal to them than his real family. The oath he took was a part of him, and therefore they were as well. As his hips sputtered against her, climax taking both of them, he couldn’t help but let out a half sob, masked by her own cry of release, “I love you so much.”

               Riding out their high, he rolled off her and onto his back, taking the condom off and flinging it into the garbage. She curled into his side, but Hoseok could only stare up into the ceiling, slinging an arm around her waist as an afterthought. Dancing his fingertips across her skin, she puffed out a breath of air in exhaustion, muttering under her breath, “By the way, I love you too, Hobi.”

               His throat constricted and he gulped, covering up his despair. He didn’t dare let her see the internal breakdown that he was feeling as he held her. She held him so close, as though he was another piece of herself, which at this point, he wasn’t sure that he wasn’t. He fucked up; he knew this now. He let himself get so deep that betraying her felt like betraying his self, but he knew that it had to be done. This woman held his heart in her hands, and she always would, but BTS was his family and she had hurt them. Both parties had stolen half of him and there was nothing left for him to salvage for his own well-being. Picking one was earthshattering for him, but there was no way he could continue on as he had. All good things had to come to an end and all great things had to come to an end too; the difference being that great things tore people to shreds in the process. Her breathing grew deep and her body went slack in his arms, falling victim to sleep and soon to fall victim to him. Unweaving his limbs from hers, he rose from the bed, putting on his boxers. Staring down at her sleeping figure, he wanted nothing more than to crawl back into her welcoming touch and drift into sleep. Watching her face as she dreamed of things that he would never know, he wondered how a person like her, pure at heart and with such a small piece of land, could cause so much destruction. Letting out a shuddering breath, he took one last look at her and whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

               Gathering up his clothes, he tiptoed out of the room, careful not to rouse her from her sleep. Slipping each article on, he moved swiftly through the house, knowing that the hard part was over and all that was left was to get the files and go. BTS knew they couldn’t beat her with brute force, so all that was left was to let the trusty police take care of her and set her up to be another con captured by the government. It was a dirty trick, but they were left with limited options, ready to snap up all her connections the moment she fell. Reaching the office that he had caught sight of earlier, he slipped into the room soundlessly. Moving as fast as he could, he rounded the desk and sat in the seat, pulling out the earpiece that had remained hidden in his coat all night.

               “Suga?” Hoseok whispered, turning on the computer.

               “I’m here.” He heard the familiar raspy voice answer in his ear.

               “I’m at her computer.”

               “Okay, good.” Yoongi sounded pleased. “Just plug in the hacking device I gave you and it should give you access. It’ll take a bit so look for files while you wait.”

               Pulling the small dodgy looking usb from his pocket, he inserted it into the port, watching the blue password screen dissolve into code while a little loading bar popped up in the corner. Sighing, he carefully opened one of the drawers, rifling through the papers which so far all looked like junk. Closing the drawer, he moved onto the second one, but just as the first, it held nothing of merit. Just as he was going onto the third, he heard Yoongi speak once again, this time teasingly, “So, did you get any tonight?”

               “This isn’t really the time to chat, Yoongi.”

               “So, you did then.” Yoongi laughed before sighing wistfully, “You’re so lucky, living it up in fucking Jeju while we’re stuck in Seoul.”

               “Well maybe if you left that computer once in a while you’d be able to go out into the field and you’d get laid too.” Hoseok replied, slightly annoyed, opening the last drawer and finding nothing.

               “Believe me, I wish I could.” Yoongi complained, while Hoseok continued to search the desk. “This chick has Namjoon going crazy… a lot is riding on this, Y’know.”

               Hoseok sighed, guilt filling his gut for causing his gang so much trouble. “I know.” The screen in front of him blinked just as he was running his hand under the desk, flicking a switch by accident. The sound of something unlatching was heard from behind him. “Wha-?”

               “Are you in?” Yoongi asked only to be met with silence as Hoseok peered into the hidden room. “J-hope?”

               “Ye-yeah, I am but I think I just found something.” Hoseok responded turning around to see the bookcase behind him standing slightly ajar like a door.

               “Look at the computer first; no one keeps physical copies much anymore so that’s what’s important.”

               “Okay.” He replied, moving back to the computer and going through the files on it. Most everything looked normal until he came across a file labeled with a simple ‘C’. Clicking on the file, he was prompted by a password screen, which Yoongi’s device made quick work of. Gaining access, Hoseok grew confused as he looked at the contents. There wasn’t much content in the file, but one thing immediately caught his eye. Clicking it, His eyes widened as he looked down the list of sub-folders, muttering, “Fuck.”

               “What?” Yoongi sounded in his ear, sounding concerned.

               Hoseok paid no mind to his friend, frantically looking down the list of gang names, searching for the only one that mattered to him. His heart thumped heavily in his chest before coming to a complete stop when he saw the three letters he was dreading most. Clicking it twice, multiple files popped up, mostly pictures. Scrolling through them, his stomach dropped, pausing on a picture of himself leaving their headquarters not two weeks ago.  “Fuck— fuck, Yoongi she knows.”

               “She knows what?”

               “Who I am.” Hoseok whispered, frantically exiting out of the files, taking the device out of the port and shutting the computer down. “She had lists of all the gangs in fucking South Korea on there and more.”

               “Shit.” Yoongi replied and Hoseok could hear him standing up and then laboured breath as he ran through the halls, in search of someone.

               “Suga?” Hoseok whispered, remembering the door he had opened and walking cautiously toward it.

               Rushed voices could be heard on the other line and he could tell he was now on speaker. “Hoseok, it’s Namjoon. You have to get out. It’s too dangerous.”

               “She’s known who I was for a long time,” Hoseok reasoned both with Namjoon and with himself. “If she was gonna kill me, she would’ve already done it.”

               “That was before you went through all her shit!” He heard Jimin practically shout.

               “Look, I just want to see what’s in this room and then I’ll leave.” Hoseok stepped further towards the open bookcase, clouded with shadow.

               “Be careful. You hear anything, you leave. Got it?” Namjoon said sternly.

               “Yeah, I got it.” He replied, cracking open the bookcase further so he could slip inside. “There has to be something here…”

               He continued to walk forward until his foot hit something metal, echoing in the room. Catching himself, he paused, listening for sounds of Y/N. After a few seconds, he let out a breath of relief and dug in his pocket for his phone, turning on the flashlight. He was met with filing cabinets standing neatly in a row in front of him, just begging to be opened. “You were wrong, Yoongi. Apparently people do keep things on paper still.”

                Other than that, the room was plain, white in color and barren. Looking at the front label of the small metal containers, each one seemed to be blank with no hint about its contents. Opening the drawer in front of him, his eyes expanded as he saw various folders lining the drawer. Pulling one open, he flicked the first page up. Blood rushed to his ears as he took in the contents in disbelief. It didn’t make sense to him. He knew she had done some horrible things, but never to this level. Each page was like a stab in his heart as he saw what power she had and what she was planning for the future. A part didn’t want to believe it, but as he looked down at various contracts, signed personally by her, he knew that there was no tricking his head out of this one. “Oh my god…”

               “What?” Namjoon asked worriedly.

               “This…” Hoseok trailed off, realizing that they had dived into something that was way over their heads; something that they would never be able to rise from. Panic shot through his veins as he wondered what plans she held for them when she had codes to god knew what and leaders of countries in her pocket. If she found him, there was no chance of survival for their gang, just imminent death. “She’s not what we thought she was.”

               “What do you mean? She’s a gang leader isn’t she?” Jin inquired.

               “Yeah, but it’s more than—“Hoseok cut off when he heard a thump from upstairs, fear paralyzing him.

               “What was that?” Taehyung asked, worry oozing from his voice at his friends sudden silence.

               “She’s up.” Hoseok whispered, quickly shoving the file back into place and closing it. Footsteps echoed from the stairs and J-hope felt fear bursting through him for the first time since he started his career as a gang member. His members shouted in his ear, telling him to get out, but he knew he would be caught if he tried to leave at this point. Hurrying out of the room, he closed the bookcase behind him and raced to the kitchen, quickly stripping off to his boxers and hiding his clothes in a cupboard. His heart slammed against his ribcage as he quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water.

               “What are you doing?” Her soft voice called and he turned to faced her, steeling his nerves. Voices fell silent in his ear and he cursed himself for not remembering to take the earpiece out. Slanting his head, he did his best to hide the small piece of technology. Her hair was ruffled and her face puffy from sleeping. Hoseok felt his heart soften a little at the at the sight, one of his spare shirts slung over her curves, but images of what she had done to people in that file came to mind and all tender feelings disappeared in an instant.

               “Just getting a glass of water.” He replied in the calmest voice he could manage.

               She eyed him suspiciously. “Where did your clothes go? They’re not in my room.”

               Hoseok’s stomach fell as his mind raced to think of an excuse when a quiet voice muttered in his ear, “Dirty.”

               “Ah, I hope you don’t mind, Jagi. When I went to throw the condom out it didn’t exactly make it and it landed on my clothes so I just threw them in the washing machine.” He replied, hands growing tighter on his glass with anxiety.

               “I don’t hear it running.” She said glancing over to where the washing room was; which was right beside her office. He saw her eyes pause and he glanced over, horror striking him as he realized he had left the sliding door a few centimeters open.

               Hoseok cleared his throat, drawing her attention back to him. “I didn’t want to wake you, babe. You looked so cute sleeping.”

               Eyes raked over him like an inspection and she tilted her head, gazing intently at his ear. It was over; she knew. Hoseok expected anger, but her face formed itself into the cheery look she often gave him and she responded happily, “Okay. Come up though?”

               It was a challenge and Hoseok knew it but he did his best to feign innocence as a last ditch effort. “I’ll be up in a minute, okay?”

               She hesitated for a moment, smile faltering a little before brightening again as she nodded. Spinning on her heel, she trudged up the stairs, leaving him in the wake of his failed façade. As soon as she was out of sight, Hoseok began to rifle through the drawers of the kitchen, looking for anything he could use as a weapon. “Fuck. Why the hell didn’t I bring my fucking gun?!”

               “Leave, Hoseok.” Namjoon ordered. “Now.”

               “I can’t Namjoon.” Hoseok struggled to remain calm, flustered as he searched for the knife cupboard. “She knows I looked through her stuff. If I leave, she’ll kill us before we can even make a fucking plan. If I take her out now, then we might have a chance.”

               “Her people will just come and kill you anyway!” Suga yelled, frustrated with his dongsaengs idiotic plan.

               Finding the longest and sharpest knife he could, Hoseok took a deep breath, staring at the stairs leading to her room. He knew what he had to do, and if he didn’t do it now, he knew they wouldn’t have a chance again. “You guys don’t get it. You didn’t see what I saw. Just let me do my job.”

               Protests flooded his ears but he shut them out, taking his first step. He walked up the stairs; heart pounding heavily in his chest as he inched to what he very well knew could be his death. Expertly, he ignored his friends talking in his ear and stepped carefully, moving his body so he wouldn’t make a sound. Her door came into view and he could see it cracked him open like in a bad horror movie. Moving toward it, he stopped just in front of it, his mind reverting into his work self, not thinking about anything besides what he had to do. Tightening his hand around the hilt of the knife, he stepped through the door only to feel a metal barrel being placed on his temple.

               “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Her voice no longer sounded sweet and nice to him, but sinister and cold-hearted, though he knew it was coming from the same person. “Drop the knife.”

               Knowing he had lost, he let the weapon fall from his grip, clattering against the wood floor. He didn’t dare move, knowing she would put a bullet in his head if he did. He felt something sharp pierce the skin of his neck and release a fluid under his skin. Taking the needle out of his neck, he felt his eyes growing tired instantly, falling to the floor unceremoniously. Voices shouted in his ear, but he found himself unable to respond, watching as Y/N stepped toward him and crouched, gun still clutched in her hand comfortably.

               “Why did you have to betray me, Hoseok?” She sighed, reaching to take the earpiece out. Holding it in her delicate fingers, she held the piece to her mouth, setting her gun on the floor and smoothing Hoseoks hair away from his face. He tried to fight whatever drug she had put in him, but it was proving too strong, his sight drifting in and out. The world begun to fade out into blackness, the last thing he heard being the voice he loved so much speaking tauntingly into the earpiece. “Hello, boys.”

               It was hot. That was the first thing Hoseok thought; the second being that he needed to throw up. Drearily, he opened his eyes, finding himself in a chair and strapped to a pole. The room was musty and dark; the only light being the small bulb that hung a few feet in front of him. His head hung low, still groggy from the drug and adjusting. A pounding began to beat at his skull, remembering the way his head had cracked against the floor when he fell. His mouth felt dry; like he hadn’t had a drink in days. Forcing his head up, he rested it against the pole and looked down at his hands. His heart sped up as he realized they were cuffed, leaving him completely stuck. Despite this, he tugged. Sweat clung to his skin, making the cuffs slippery, so when tugging didn’t work he tried forcing a hand out, only to find that that didn’t work well either. Grunting with frustration he finally looked in front of him, bile rising at the sight of six people in a similar position.

               “G-Guys?” His voice came out hoarse and it hurt to speak. Each of them raised their head weakly, filling Hoseok with guilt as he took in their current state. Bloodied and bruised, they looked as though they had been beaten to a pulp, which undoubtedly they had.

               “Oh, good.” A female voice disrupted his thoughts. “You’re finally up.”

               Walking into the middle of the group, all lined up in a neat circle for her, she glanced around at each boy obviously pleased with her handiwork. Her eyes finally landed on Hoseok, who glared at her from his seat, struggling against his restraints and wanting nothing more than to wipe away that smirk on her face.

               “Now, now. There’s no point in struggling Hoseok, it’s not gonna help you anyway.” She chastised him, only for him to struggle even more, the edges of the cuffs biting into his skin. “Kinda funny how this worked out, isn’t it? Who knew seven was the magic number!” She giggled, commenting on the perfect amount of restraints that held his members captive in the room. Seeing that he wasn’t letting up against his cuffs, she tsked, “You don’t listen very well.”

               “Fuck you.” He spat and she frowned, snapping her fingers once.

               A bulky man strode into the room, coming face to face with Hoseok. Placing a blow on his jaw, Hoseoks head flung to the side. The metallic taste of blood rose in his mouth and he spat, red splattering against the dirt floor.

               “That was rude, Hoseok. Being rude won’t get you any favors.” Hoseok remained silent, tensing his jaw as anger boiled inside of him. Striding up to him, she ran a finger along his jaw almost lovingly before jerking his head up by his hair. She smiled softly down at him and he cursed himself as his heart thumped at the sight of her.

               “You’re a monster.” He said, venom lacing through his voice.

               “Thank you,” she laughed, not even flinching at his insult. “But I prefer tyrant.”

               “You disgust me either way.”

               “Oh c’mon, Hoseok.” She waved a hand in the air flippantly. “Like you’ve never killed anyone before?”

               “We don’t kill innocent people, Y/N.”

               “Right, you just crush their hearts, obliterate their lives and hope for the best.” She rolled her eyes, dismissing his attempt to guilt trip her. “The amount of scumbags I’ve put down far outweighs the amount of innocents who’ve been cause in the crossfire.”

               “That doesn’t matter; I saw what you do to people.”

               “Would you quit playing the hero? I’ve seen what you’ve done too Hoseok. You might deem them as criminals who already had it come to deserve it but like it or not, you bloodied your hands with people who were innocent to someone. Co-operate with me and this doesn’t have to get any worse than it is.”

               “What, are you gonna chop me into little pieces like you did those other people? Or maybe bomb my hometown to get your point across? Or better yet, you can use one of those presidents that you blackmail to put me away for life?” Hoseok scoffed. “What do you even need all that power for anyway?”

               “Revolution.” She responded swiftly. “Chaos starts revolutions, and a revolution is what I provide. I am merely the bringer of chaos. Despite what all those articles say about government holding power, it’s people like me who tug the strings because we’re willing to do what they can’t. Need to rebel? We’re there. Need to put an end to a rebellion? We’re also there. We guide the future, provide balance if you will, while profiting from it at the same time.”

               “So this is like a cult then?”

               She barked out a laugh in response. “No. I could show you that I’m not what you think I am, but I need you to not try to kill me first.”

               “But I was so close the first time.” Hoseok smirked as he saw irritation flicker beneath her irises.

               “Were you? Is that why you’re here?” She questioned, mocking him. “Tell me, did you really think you could take me down? Did you really think I wouldn’t know?”

               “You knew from the start, didn’t you?”

               “I did.” She replied, almost dejectedly. “You didn’t know though, did you? You had no clue what you were getting into.”

               Glancing around the room, he looked at his bloodied friends, knowing that her words rung true. They had no idea she ran something of this scale and never would’ve gotten involved if they knew she did. Shaking his head, he looked desperately into her eyes. He saw a flicker of despair beneath them and felt his heart squeeze. Despite the monster she was, he wanted to believe in her. He wanted to believe she wasn’t just some criminal who had gotten power drunk and that all those things she said about the fragility of life weren’t lies. He wanted the woman he fell in love with, but he no longer knew if she was still there or if she was and just trapped in something that was much bigger than her. Taking a leap of faith, he spoke so only she could hear, “You said you loved me.”

               Her face faltered, and for a second she it looked as though she was holding back something. She spoke softly back, “So did you.”

               She was right. He did exactly what she did, but both of them fell further than planned and she was the one who came out on top. For a moment he thought that maybe she had the same wishes as him; wishes of a better life. But he knew that that could never happen for her and that he could never think of her the same way again after what she’d done.

               “I like you, Hobi.” She said quietly, still avoiding the ears of others.

               “Don’t call me that.” He snapped, the bitter taste of blood still lingering in his mouth.

               “Hoseok,” She responded, hurt evident in her voice. “You once said that people carry different weights in different parts of themselves, that each part lives a different life. You met my true self, and now you’re meeting my work self.” She walked behind him and held her lips close enough to his ear that he could feel the puffs of air escaping her mouth and fanning against the back of his neck. “I never lied to you. About anything.” She spoke softly, squeezing his shoulder and urging him to catch the double meaning in her words.

               Hoseok didn’t want to hear it, didn’t want to hear anything really. He wanted to shut down, so he did, asking coldly, “Why don’t you just kill me? You know I saw too much.”

                “Because I don’t want to.” She sighed in his ear, staying silent for a minute before finishing. “Because I can’t.”

               “What do you want?” He asked.

               “I want to give you a choice.” She rose from his side, moving to stand in the middle of them once more. “I like you, Hoseok, so I’m giving you a choice that I don’t ever offer to anybody; life.”

               “What do I have to give you?”

               “Nothing much. I want you all to work for me. You’re good and I’ll even let you have Jeju, though technically it’ll still be mine. I’ll let you carry on with your petty fights, as long as you follow my orders and never breathe a word of what you saw.”

               “Or?” Hoseok prepared himself to be threatened with death, to have his life taken away from him because he knew he could never choose to work for her over his life.

               “Or I’ll kill them.” She motioned to the rest of BTS and Hoseoks eyes widened as he pushed forward against the cuffs, making his wrists bleed.

               “You wouldn’t.”

               “I don’t have a choice.” She said definitively. “I can’t bring myself to kill you, but I don’t know any of them. A person like me can’t just let people like you go.”

               Hoseok’s mind raced but he knew the inevitable conclusion. It was one thing to sentence himself to death but he could never do that to them. They hadn’t seen what he saw, but it was a perfect example of how volatile love could be. Love had swept him up and left him to drown with the threat of his family being taken away. By falling in love with her, he had inadvertently pushed the consequences that should be his onto his members and given himself immunity, though it didn’t mean much when you’re entire world would come crashing down anyway. He saw now, the kind of woman she was. She had spun her web, and had spun it well. Her strings were strong, stronger than he had ever thought and she remained a shadow in the middle, pulling them every which way. She caught everyone in her net, and Hoseok knew he had finally met someone better at the game than he was. She had seen the stars and captured their brightness in every side of herself, each one shining brightly and excelling. Hoseok realized he hadn’t spun his own web strong enough and he was merely a fruit fly to her work self, not even big enough for her to have to tug on any string; all she had to do was watch him die. But to her other self, he was the Sun; lighting her mercury self-up and enveloping her in his warmth. As much as he hated what she had done, that was reality. There was no such thing as perfection, and the words she spoke were true. He had done terrible things, so maybe he could be terrible with her and live a lie, believing she was still just some mob boss and ignore everything else. Failure was inevitable if he did otherwise and despite it all, his heart still thudded in his chest for her, still quickened at the sight of her standing in front of him. Perhaps, he thought, it wouldn’t be so bad to be a fruit fly when you could still be a Sun at the same time.

               “Okay.” His mind made itself up, though the decision was clear from the beginning. “We’ll do it.”

A real conversation
  • Me: I've never really been into Star Wars, but I kind want to watch that Clone Wars cartoon just for sexy General Grievous.
  • My brother: What does General Grievous look like?
  • Me: He's like... an alien cyborg I think? He looks like a robot-skeleton-bug, but he's got organic parts like organs and scaly skin around his eyes which have slit pupils. I was watching this clip on Youtube from the cartoon where he pops out two extra arms and crawls up a wall like a spider.
  • My brother: Woah, that IS sexy.

thedasiian replied to your post


          ( HE IS SO PRICKLY BUT OMG FENRIS. his voice kills me tho. like buttahhhhh omg. i almost pursued a romance with him JUST because of that. and the ears. and the markings. and just the general sexy, elfy, broody, sharp-tongued-ness of it all. )