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Regarding that ask about what it was like to have someone, please do elaborate! I love what you had to say and I really want to hear more if you feel like sharing!

I can try to muster up an elaboration sure!

(oh and note: these feelings can apply to platonic relationships as well. I’m just going down a romantic route because that’s my personal experience)

It’s hard to describe what having someone is like now, just as it’s difficult to describe what having someone would be like, if you don’t have them currently, but I’ll do my best to explain my words.

I suppose a decent analogy would be the feeling of being comfortable at home.

Like discovering another half of yourself and feeling whole, if you believe in that.

Having someone in your life can be a common desire, but I personally believe you get something you certainly wouldn’t expect out of it, but of course that differs from person to person.

For myself personally I just wanted a close friend, however what I truly needed ran far deeper than that.

What I needed was to be around someone I could be my true self with. My real attitude my real voice, etc. and after the person got to know the real me, they wouldn’t turn away or leave me alone, even after experiencing all my flaws.  I needed to stop putting up walls and damaging myself. I needed someone to fight with, against, and for me;  for a better future for myself. I needed someone to actually care about me and to make sure I believed they did without a doubt.

I needed to be shoved out of my comfort zone and had to learn that it was ok to smile when I wanted to. And I ended up getting that with Brian, which makes me very lucky, and incredibly thankful to him that he took the time to get through to me, and to be there for me.

Having someone is to be able to help one another grow. And it’s a beautiful thing to experience. And I”m very happy I finally got to do so.

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I wanna cry when I compare Niam hug with Larry hug in the last fan picture. I mean, WHY IS IT LIKE THAT? WHY ARE THEY LIKE THAT? If Niall and Louis were switched it would look different. Harry was trying not to touch Louis so much. :(

harry and louis left that gap for zayn cry with me.