hey friends!! i just finished packing away all my stuff because I’M GOING HOME IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!!!!!!

i know i bitched and complained a lot this semester about how depressed i was and how much my life sucked and blah blah blah. i’m sorry for being my not-best self. that being said i decided to not delete and just archive my blog; i’m gonna do this asap when i get back home.

why am i not deleting? well 1) i’m weak and 2) i know a lot of my followers told me how much they love my blog and how my posts made them laugh and i don’t wanna take that joy away from some of you so. my blog will still be here for you to go through and laugh at my dumb posts if you want and if your blog is ever low on hyung line content, that’s what my tags are for.

but i for real am leaving tumblr indefinitely.

quick shoutout to some mutuals of mine that i met irl this semester, thank you for making my time less awful: @eunrocky @jinsasleep and for making my last day in prague today fun!! @flap-monster

and thanks to the mutuals who listened to me cry and complain for months on end. i love and appreciate you a ridiculous amount

to everyone else: feel free to send me a private message or ask if you want my line, whatsapp, kkt, email, snapchat, instagram – whatever! even if we’re not mutuals. also not to plug my insta (@jpgjess) but my feed is looking FIRE rn

otherwise this is the last post from me. bye everyone and take care!!! 💘 thank you for making my time on tumblr as a bts blog for these 5 short months a fun ride 💖

💛Ashley’s Holiday Blog rec💛

So I’ve only been a kpop/yugyeom blog since October, (with a multifandom blog @jooniescoups too) but I’ve already found friends, and settled in and i think i love it a lot? Yugyeom stans in particular have been really sweet sand welcoming and I can’t believe how much nicer this fandom is than my last one… I have also enjoyed dragging my friends out of that fandom and throwing kpop at them and watching them slowly dissolve into this madness with me. I’m just really glad I chose GOT7 because their fans are so sweet and beautiful and I feel so happy to be here everyday.

So now that I’m done being an annoying mush  onto rec’s. These are just some of my favorite blogs, some are friends, mutuals, or just blogs i admire from afar, but they make my dash awesome and i love them all.

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anonymous asked:

two types of people: hau, who loves drawing his suns with sunglasses. gladion, who wants to know who the heck else thinks it’s ridiculous because “it’s the SUN, and it wouldn’t need SUNglasses”

I just want this on my blog forever?