Anyways I live in Texas and I just want to let you know that for sga/mga and trans kids in much of the South, LGBT groups are some of the only places if not the only places to feel even remotely safe from actual physical violence and verbal harassment that they experience all of the time. So if you think we should allow cishet people into those groups just because they WANT to be in them, you’re trash.

Also: the q slur is still used harmfully against LGBT people here literally all of the time. Don’t try to ‘reclaim’ it if you’re cishet because cishets are still commonly using it as a slur.


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I desperately need to fill my portfolio with more examples of my sequential work… The problem is that I have a regularly updating comic. It’s not that it takes time away from doing other work, it’s that I get bored with one-shots very quickly.

I think part of my problem is that I feel like a one-shot is more of for myself, and not something I feel like people would enjoy. Whereas my long running comic has some readers that I love interacting with and I know they’re expecting another page.

So I guess the point of this is?? I make comics more for other people, so maybe some reassurance would help me be motivated to tell another story from beginning to end. Would anyone be interested in reading a small comic from me? Also are there any particular characters/stories you might be interested in?

this might touch on identity politics but tbh i really really wish more people put their ages in their abouts on this site bc i don’t feel comf following someone that’s really young nor do i feel very comf with someone who’s really young following me, and obvs this also goes for significantly older people as well. like. 

If some of my friends from undergrad could stop posting hourly updates about their activities in grad school, it’d be nice. I just don’t care that you got a hydromassage at the med school gym, or that you’re getting a new backsplash pattern in your apartment before classes start.

the free! starting days animation, holy shit, it’s gorgeous.

What the fuck


what the 

holy shit, the water is gorgeous but then there’s the scenery


and then there’s haru’s eyes

god i’ve missed his eyes. 

you can watch it here but no subtitles yet chumps. 

also here if that gets removed