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fuck you

I don’t want to offend anyone I just want to rant and say: from as early as I can remember I never thought there was a God or higher being, and I find it hard to even humor the idea that that’s possible. As a kid I really wanted to go to church, and I would attend with my neighbors but it was all foreign to me. I always wonder what it would feel like to have a spiritual or existential connection to a higher figure of some sort

Bit of an overdue notice maybe.
Mothtrap’s my primary and personal blog, and even though it’s been almost entirely Fallout focused in the last year, that’s because I originally created it for that purpose. I’ve been on Tumblr before (back in 2008), but this marked my proper return to the blog’o’sphere.

I still love the game and the characters to bits and will continue reblogging and posting art, but I’ll also start including other stuff as well, hopefully things that are related. I’ve already been doing that to a degree, but I’m just making it a bit more official.

Stay tuned for more sci-fi, robots and detectives. 👍👍👍

i am very sorry it is 12 am and i have disgraced myself with giving too many spoilers i suggest watching all of yuri on ice before looking at my dash please and thank

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Are you guys kidding me?! We just went over this issue two days ago! Where are all of you coming from? You’re multiplying like rabbits! We’ve passed the Spartans!

Three hundred they were. All gathered in one place, shoulder to shoulder, back to back, wands drawn, ready to defend and attack.

The situation they found themselves in was dire at best, and hopeless at worst. Surrounded by Grindelwald’s supporters, an even larger, hostile crowd. Maybe this venture to Europe had been a bit too daring, the attempt to free Percival Graves, whom they assumed to be still held captive by the dark wizard, too hasty. Granted, they had assembled in a rush. They were keen for any news on the whereabouts of the Head of Security, desperate to know him alive and safe.

But to end up in this kind of quandary was unexpected. And now they were about to face their probable doom. A tall figure in a dark cloak emerged from the sea of masked wizards, strode forward confidently to face the cornered group. Ash blond hair stood up from his head in spikes, a smug grin tugging at his lips.Dramatically, he came to a halt and examined the people in front of him leisurely.

“Well, well, well,” he drawled, complacence oozing from his voice, “It looks like a couple of children thought they could come play with the adults. Don’t think I am being merciful to naivety.”

“But apparently you’re merciful to bad taste,” someone from the crowd yelled to the high amusement of the others, “In your place I would have cursed your hair stylist ages ago!”

A laughter rippled through the 300.

“Silence!” Grindelwald bellowed, his eyebrows drawn together and his smugness changing into annoyance.

“Oi, bleached pineapple head!” someone else addressed him loudly, making everyone around them guffaw, “Don’t mistake us for inapt! We are united by a cause!” Affirming yells spread through the group, making their restlessness grow.

“We refuse to bow down any longer!” one of them exclaimed, throwing back Grindelwald’s own words in his face, “We won’t stand for this!”

The wands were still raised, the people continued to yell here and there, until Grindelwald flicked his wand to elict a thundering crack that made everyone shut up. He opened his mouth, eyes now full of cold fury. Before he could say a word, one of the cornered people, a young woman, barely reaching to his chin, stepped forward. He was so surprised that he closed his mouth again. She looked a bit frightened at her own courage, the dark wizard noted with delight and simply raised his eyebrows, waiting for what she had to say.

She had to clear her throat and the hand holding her wand trembled, but her voice was steady when she finally spoke. “Mister Grindelwald, you and I may disagree on nearly every line of your ideologies and I think it is high time someone stopped you. But I can also see that you are one of the most powerful wizards alive, and I can respect that. I think you are a very intelligent person, so I am willing to try to solve this with words. We don’t stand a chance against you, magically. But we are not here to put an end to your power trip. It would probably be best for all, but we have another interest at heart.”

“And what interest might that be?” he asked. He was very amused by all of this. If the girl thought, she was getting out of this alive, it would be too good a chance to pass up on to crush her spirit.

“We want to know where Percival Graves is.”

Grindelwald stopped in his track, blinked a couple of times and looked at her again. “What?”

“We want to know where Percival Graves is!”

Now he was actually confused. “Who?”

The girl huffed in irritation. “Percival. Graves,” she repeated, this time very slowly and very punctuated, “Y’know, about your height, same hairdo but pulls it off a million times better. Head of American Magical Security. You impersonated him with polyjuice potion for some time. Fought bravely before you took him down.”

“We wanted Gucci but got the Walmart brand now!” someone else shouted from the group, which made no sense at all.

But at least Grindelwald knew who they meant now. How quaint. All these people, so ready to meet their end, just to rescue a single wizard. This loyalty was nearly inspiring. He prefered the word stupid.

“And what makes you think that he is still alive?” Grindelwald purred, enjoying himself immensely.

“A couple of things,” the girl answered vaguely, “You see, hope is mostly what keeps us going. Hope, coffein and fanatism. That’s a pretty dangerous combination, actually.” She gives him a smile, wide and not showing any teeth, but somehow it seems more shark like than any other smile Grindelwald has ever seen.

“Then you are even stupider than I thought,” he scoffs in an attempt to brush that odd feeling off, “Hope is not a good motivation if you have nothing to back it up. This is madness.”

“This is not madness!” the girl responded hotly, raising her wand to the sky, “THIS! IS! …” Suddenly she turned to the crowd behind her. “What exactly is this, anyway?” she asked lowly, “I can’t exactly say Sparta, we have a cause we are fighting for.”

“Memes are stupid,” a voice grumbled in the back.

“Go to the corner and think about your mistakes!” another one yelled at the former speaker.

“We’re in a circle,” a third one butted in, “One does not simply walk into a corner.”

“What did a corner ever do to you?” someone inquired, “Did a corner kill your family?!”

“I don’t have anything against corners! But I have common sense!”

“Well, I have an army!”

“We have a Hulk!”

“I got a jar of di-irt!”

Gellert Grindelwald stared at the crowd in front of him, disbelievingly shaking his head as he saw the proud smile on the girl’s face. What a bunch of craziness.

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