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hey could I get some blog recs ??

yea why not

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it wasn’t supposed to be this long rip n i def forgot a lot of people sorry !!

i love luke a lot he makes my heart so warm like the first sips of hot tea and the content of mornings with no alarm, just laying in bed basking in warmth and comfort and i hope he’s so happy i hope the stars never leave his eyes and the smile never leaves his face :-(

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I need you to know that when I first started reading your latest Mollyhall Story I misread the beginning and briefly thought I was in for a tale where you PERSONALLY had to land a plane because your brother had become incapacitated from doing so. Idek.

Don’t Worry Folks I Have Seen Snakes On A Plane Six Times So We Are All Gonna Be Just Fine

@ all of yinz reblogging that “what if nursey/dex were on the couch???!?!?!?” post and also reblogging the “don’t out people before they’re ready” posts at the same time: the second posts are talking about the first. put yourself in jack and bitty’s situation. if i were bringing my secret girlfriend into the house and i didn’t realize that someone could over hear everything i was saying, i’d be mortified. i’d be so stressed out when i found out. i’d be so paranoid about saying/doing anything again when i thought we were alone. even if jack and bitty do come out to the people in the haus in the next update, having someone on the couch find out before they were ready is not cool or cute and i can’t see ngozi doing that to us. 

my dash is dead so im gonna follow like 40 more people. reblog or like this and ill look at your tumblr. (if you reblog it write in the tags about you or your content pls)

if you seem cool or like the stuff I do there’s a bigger chance I’ll follow you so here’s some things I’m into:
•rick and morty
•stranger things
•trans or lgbt stuff
•science and nerd stuff
•adventure time
•tbh most cartoons
•dumpster diving
•people who are personal in general
•nude modeling
•don’t starve

DONT follow if:
•you’re homophobic racist transphobic or an asshole like that
•you’re otherkin/fictionkin
•you only post one thing ex: homestuck, fandom, aesthetic

i’ve  had  this  blog  for  nearly  TWO  YEARS  now  and  i  have  no  memory  of  ever  making  a  follow  forever  for  it   –   so  here  we  go  !      this  isn’t  for  any  milestone  or  special  occasion     -     just  a  shoutout  to  those  who  have  made  my  experience  on  brooke  a  great  one.      i  don’t   think  i  would  be  going  so  strongly  with  this  muse  if  it  hadn’t  been  for  a  lot  of  you,      which  is  strange,      because  i  can’t  imagine  not  writing  her.       so  thanks  to  all  of  you  who  gave  me  a  chance  and  decided  my  blog  was  worth  a  follow  !      10  /  10  would  recommend  checking  all  of  these  blogs  out.   

@lockwoodspecial  /   @mcplastics,    @explcsive  /  @rarerthangold,    @capablehands  /  @gravelessheart,   @galaxialveined  /  @feathertrick,   @asceticvalor,   @swordriven,   @forgedleader,   @gutsygrifter  /  @lovedharder,   @knifetwisted  /  @soulhcart,   @gravedanger,   @halfhell,   @intxrcisus,   @poilineacht,  @hopebrought,   @asphotel,   @drowngrief,   @titstm,   @lostlovethrice,   @starhaze,   @frayedbabe,   @leksakom,   @burgledthem,   @shelazarus,   @omenbrought,   @parkerwitch,   @harvalle,   @leftoverfear,   @clarkkes,   @zctanna  /  @berserkerage,   @osaelligr,   @swordgiven,   @huntality,   @bloodthirstygod  /  @kalofhouseel,   @citystarlet,   @affinityforsecrets,   @nxmphe,   @aintashes

Sign the ESC fandom on Tumblr is dead:

Justs has a new song with TWO versions, in Latvian and in English, and has a music video for each version… and I haven’t read anything about it here. (To be fair, it’s only been 24 hours, but considering how quick most people tend to be about this stuff, it’s still weird.)



i meant to post something for the fact that four-hundred and fifty people follow me. But I ended up taking this nap, and I’m totally exhausted from work so I’m going go just go back to bed and the wake up for my next shift. But just going to drop this here.  These are just a few of the people that made me remember why I started writing to begin with. 

  listed below are some really good friends of mine or just people that i talk to on a almost normal basis that have vastly impacted the way i write bucky or see him. and not to say i dont love everyone i follow, these are just the people i talk to on a normal day to day basis and are amazing okay. give them some love . love you all very very much even if you aren’t listed.  <3

double trouble
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