Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Inspired by Day6′s cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and the fact that Youngk is my favourite subject to make suffer idk i swear im not a youngk stan okay

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Do you think Mikasa is going to attack Levi ? To me it looks like she doesn't even look at Levi her eyes look to the side, where Erwin and Armin's bodies are at

Mikasa is one of my favorite characters in this series. While a lot of people think she is just single-minded and flat, I personally find her rich and complex.

Every time the life of someone she loves has been threatened Mikasa has had a very strong, determined reaction. She’s been fierce. 

I’ll never forget when she found out Eren had “died.”

I thought to myself… “Oh shit, she’s going to break down.”

She didn’t. Not immediately. She confidently said she would do what had to be done, said she was strong, called everyone else cowards, and went for the kills.

Yes, it was reckless and she was in that denial stage of grief. And yes, she did give into the absolute heartbreak of losing Eren, very briefly, before choosing to live. She realized there was no better way to honor Eren and what he taught her than to live and fight. Her Ackerman kicked in and I will forever have millions of headcanons as to what she would have done had Titan Eren not come around the corner. I swear she would have been fine.

Mikasa is a fucking survivor in spite of everything.

That protective side of her has never left, but she slowly began to trust those in her team, as well as her superiors. In this very battle, we see how she chose to trust Eren and Armin and complete her mission: to take down Reiner. I want to believe Isayama showed us that for a reason. 

So then she goes up to Eren.

She didn’t go immediately after taking down Reiner either. 

She patched up Jean, she waited for Hanji to give the green light for her to check up on Eren and Armin, and she finds that one of her friends is dead. 

Not just dead, but burned alive. 

She can’t even recognize him. If not for Eren calling him Armin, she wouldn’t have believed it was him. This is her family. This is little fucking Armin Arlert whom she has protected and loved since they were tiny beans burned alive.

This is someone precious to her. 

Someone she saw as part of the life she wondered if they could ever go back to. This is family, this is someone she swore she would protect too. Yes, she isn’t just about Eren; she is also about Armin. Whoever can’t see that, well, I don’t know if we’ve been reading the same manga. The point is…

I don’t even think she’s thinking about killing anyone, anon.

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idk if this helps but its basically just flat out said that the dance was strictly platonic. the only time they blushed during the entire dance is when steven said "you both love me, and i love both of you", because hes right, they both love steven. plus, its confirmed that pearl loved rose, so at least noone can argue that pearl is straight. grearl shippers are just being ignorant and stupid tbh

bless ur heart..😚😚😚

since i haven’t posted on here for a long time, here’s an update on what’s been happening in my life. i:

  • sat all of my exams and everything turned out even better than i hoped it would
  • finished my first year of uni with a perfect GPA!!
  • heard lots of nice things, even from the professor everyone was so afraid of (”your German is almost perfect”)
  • have been told that nobody scored higher than me in the german exam compared to all the exams they ever marked?! 
  • managed to get a job as an au pair in Vienna, which means i’m moving there in August already!
  • also filled out all of the Erasmus forms just in time 
  • moved out of my flat in poznań and then back in with my parents
  • am now helping my mum with household stuff, reading and preparing for Vienna!

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Jade would've most likely swept aside a large part of the issues if she wasn't shoved to the side. Hussie said she was too powerful, so I think that's part of it. But tbh I would've preferred her sweeping away everyone's issues than this ending :/

Yeah, Jade’s p op. Although I’d argue pretty much all the kids are, and creative use of their abilities would allow them to sweep the board of enemies in no time flat, if they didn’t just go with smashing their way through bosses. (I mean, John could probably suffocate anyone in his way. And even if you pulled Jade’s powers down several notches, simple messing with velocity and density could pack a punch. And of course if Jake had ever been spared abuse by the narrative for more than 5 seconds and gotten his true powers under control, he’d be unstoppable.)

However, imo, if you have an op character or set of characters, you should find a way around that. The Green Sun got taken out. Presumably that took her down a few power levels - why not do that sooner? Alternatively, why not allow her to be awake and active, but merely in situations where her powerset isn’t as useful? Heck, let her have a real battle with similarly powered enemies like Jack Noir instead of her getting decked. Or hell, have her swear off her powers like Dave did for some reason, such as associating them too much with grimbark mode. 

Basically, he wrote himself into that one, and I feel like he could’ve written himself out in a better way than screwing Jade over for three years. 

A men’s shirt was accidentally in the women’s section of Goodwill and I could get it without my parents being suspicious.

hey look I drew my inquisitor for the first time. I know it’s not that good but I’m pretty proud of it for a first time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Furqan’s First Flat Top

Author & Illustrator: Robert C. Liu-Trujillo 

Furqan Moreno wakes up and decides that today he wants his hair cut for the first time. His dad has just the style: a flat top fade! He wants his new haircut to be cool but when they get to the barbershop, he’s a bit nervous about his decision. He begins to worry that his hair will look funny, imagining all the flat objects in his day to day life. Before he knows it, his haircut is done and he realizes that his dad was right-Furqan’s first flat top is the freshest!

Interview with Robert Liu-Trujillo by Zetta Elliott

who wanna fund my driving lessons

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Not trying to be like the other people sending you asks, but was just curious as to what you expected from MP100 before going into it. Did you see excitement from other people which perhaps hyped things up too much, or perhaps expected it to be mostly comedy-based after seeing OPM? It's usually best to discover a series without prior knowledge so it can be judged a least a little more objectively, after all.

Well, even though I did enjoy OPM I tried not to have unrealistic expectations for Mob but it still really let me down anyway. and yeah a lot of people were excited about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I mean I didn’t know what to expect but what humor there is is really flat and a lot of the time it just boils down to 2 people yelling at each other without any wit or funny observation at all. Reigen’s conman shtick was exhausted in the first episode. The art style is ugly and having tons of animation on top of it only looks silly.

Yeah, I usually try to go in blind as much as I can. ReLIFE’s premise irked me but it turned out really really good. Same thing happened with Re:Zero cause I thought it was gonna be a SAO clone but it’s actually incredible. I went into Macross Delta just because I liked the ED and that turned out amazing.

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these anons are ridiculous, its not manipulative if you're being honest, and communication is the key to all healthy relationships. These other guys need to get their heads out of their asses fr

t h a n k y o u

randomly i’m gonna get personal, but i feel like it’s relevant information: in all of my relationships, the other person has ALWAYS hidden their feelings from me and not been honest. and it ended with them lying/cheating/actually abusing me. so when people tell me that being honest is abusive behavior, that really fucking gets to me because, no, LYING is abusive behavior. LYING causes distrust and uncomfortable situations. LYING leads to misery. i would have been much happier if my partners would have just told me flat out what was going on at the time instead of them beating around the fucking bush and lying all the time. god. and i’m 99.999999% fucking sure the most of the population with an ounce of feeling in them feels the same way. 

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What don't you like about Gaius? Nothing wrong with it, it's just the first time I've seen someone flat out say they don't like him.

The candy gimmick ruins it for me. Also in his “best” pairing with Maribelle it states he goes back to being a thief despite the fact Maribelle is quite well off. 
Not only that Maribelle is a magistrate and she fears seeing Gaius ever in court.

It feels like there’s some kind of discrepancy here.

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I will second you on the Secret Life of Pets, there really isn't much of a plot and what is there falls apart quickly. We saw it a few weeks ago and left feeling disappointed, yeah it's funny and meant for kids, but it could have been so much more. Particularly in the case of Duke and the adandoned animals, who could've been used to make audiences understand the impact of neglect but these guys get no resolution what so ever...

I wasted about $10 on it, and the movie definitely isn’t worth that. I feel like there was no real climax in the plot. It was just kinda flat the whole time. The issue of neglect could have been a great topic to build off of for this movie, but there was no real issue that was chosen to be focused on. Overall, disappointed with the movie and I would not watch again unless i wanted only humor.