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okay wait. I just realised that there is no new episode for ncis la coming out until like 4 months, and right now I’m just sitting here like. Alright. Thats cool

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my best friend has bpd and it's really hard to help her and I am constantly trying to be there for her but it's hard when I'm dealing with so much right now and I can't keep up with everything. I know I should always be there for her but how do I take time for myself without upsetting her?

Remember to take care of yourself too. Don’t sacrifice your own mental health to take care of anyone. You can be supportive and also look after yourself, and if you need some time, you can let her know. Just be sure she knows you’re not abandoning her, and make clear what you’re doing and why. We all have our own problems. I mean, as long as you make clear that you need time for yourself and don’t just flat out ignore her, things should be fine. You need to communicate your feelings clearly. I know I actually get more hurt when my friends hide things from me because sometimes I catch on that they need some time to themselves and are going out of there way to look out for me, and it ends up making me feel worse haha. So yeah, just be honest! And let her know you still support her, but you can be a better and more supportive friend when you take better care of yourself.


I would like to take the time and flat out say, that Barbara Dunkelman has to be one of the most beautiful woman ever, both what makes her an amazing individual with her rather great and genuine nice personality to the community that she started from & her outright gorgeous looks. She is just an amazing person & I thought that one of the greatest, hard working employee and community manager out there, needed some appreciation! ^-^

For those people who think I’m lazy lemme tell you a little bit about myself. 

About 3-4 years ago I was official diagnosed by my GP and a few doctors in London and one in East Grinstead with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
I had to go up to the hospital in London and have some tests done and I had counseling with a Dr in EG every few months for about a year. 

Do you realise how often I was in and out of the doctors? My school didn’t believe me, I had to use my limited energy to go to the doctors everyday so he could write me a note so my mother didn’t get taken to court. 

This all happened during my time in secondary school, which meant I missed a hella lot of school and had to drop out and move to online school. Which made me lose all my IRL friends, made me depressed and just flat out upset me so much. 

So basically most of the time I’m extremely tired, have so much pain in my muscles and unable to leave the house. Sometimes it gets so bad I’m bed bound and it’s a huge task to walk to the bathroom, or even talk to my parents. 

On top of that my glands are swollen quite often which brings the fatigue on even worse. 

And if I get sick? Fuck. My body uses most my energy to fight of the illness which, guess what? Makes me bed bound. 

Sure I have good days sometimes where I’m able to go out to the mall or go out with family but if I do too much it can put me out for weeks

I have to limit myself so much so I don’t get fucked. 

So fuck you, anon. If any job would hire me knowing I have CFS and be willing to work with me if I’m having bad days let me know! 

tl;dr: A large chunk of the time I’m bed bound and unable to walk to go piss by myself :) 

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May kinda technically fall into spoilers - but they released the first few chapters of the Night Vale book. Apparently Jackie Fierro has ALSO been nineteen for several decades, but she chose to do this. Maybe Earl subconsciously just didn't want to grow up somehow? It's also made a point of mentioning time just flat out doesn't EXIST. Pretty much anyone can be as old or young as they want to be??

Oh it would be kind of disappointing if this whole time thing turned out to be just that

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Do you think that is important to eat just 3 times per day to have nice flat belly?

No I think it’s important to eat until you are full and satisfied, whether it is 3 times a day or 6. A flat belly can be achieved and maintained through the abundance of plantbased foods! Source of calories, not the amount matters :)
I personally have anywhere from 3(if huge) to 5 (if small) meals a day x

and you're behind the steering wheel [podfic]

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1egbif1

by rubidium

Normally, Laura is perfectly willing to delicately coach her baby brother through the endless labyrinth of his emotional manpain, but Laura’s dissertation is due in two days and she just flat out doesn’t have the time.

Words: 10, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1egbif1

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Havelock :P

OUTSIDER’S EYES you had to make it difficult on me ;___; i love it

My otp: Oh, darn it all… well, if I had to pick… Havelock/Lydia Brooklaine maybe? (He owns the pub, she runs it while he’s away at sea, and they hook up for casual sex during his shore leave, something like that. None of the Loyalists would ever even know about it, either; it would never come up in conversation.)
My most hated pairing: Havelock/Corvo, probably, because anyone-that’s-not-Jessamine/Corvo is my NOTP.
My unusual otp: I’ve read some Havelock/Callista on AO3 before and it was actually quite convincing???? I kind of liked it. Callista deserves better, though.
My brotp/friendship otp: Havelock/Martin/Pendleton BrOT3 obvs <3
Character headcanon: I actually wrote a whole drabble once about how, for the longest time, Havelock just flat out refused to accept that Emily might be Corvo’s daughter. Like, just totally refused to believe all the gossip. It was all about honor, you know, and Havelock always thought of the Empress as an honorable woman and he just couldn’t imagine her having an affair with a low-born foreigner like Attano. I felt like I learned a lot about Havelock from that drabble. 

Sister-saga coming to an end :)

I smell like an ashtray and my clothes are hanging on the line outside because they were stinking up the flat. My sister smokes too much -_-

She arrived unannounced again, cried twice today, bitched about boys dating girls uglier than her (and how it’s not fair that she’s single), dragged me to Centerlink to apply for a disability, then asked if she could sleep over.

Luckily it was easy to get rid of her this time. I just flat out said “I want you to leave, you’re pissing me off” and she didn’t even argue :/

She’s coming over again tomorrow so I can help(do) all her homework. I agreed on the condition that she takes me to the petshop so I can get a fish tank lol.

She’s gonna be admitted to a psych ward for 1-2 weeks starting this weekend, then soon after she’s moving to Brisbane to live with my parents, so she’ll be out of my hair for good.

TL;DR: I cant actually get a restraining order (various conditions aren’t met) but I probably wont need to since my sister is moving to a different state soon-ish.

(Rough trans: Thanks…) (Cre: Naruto: The Last Movie)

*Me right after seeing this

//sings and snap dances




The song does fit perfectly :))

Only HD (?) full movie that is Korean-dubbed with or without crappy English sub or good Vietnamese sub available online.

I don’t think I mind Korean-dubbing…

every breaking wave || larry

Being that Louis knew Harry hadn’t been feeling well lately, when the younger boy had fallen asleep he had decided it to be best to leave him alone for a while. He had first busied himself with running a few errands, picking up food and other things they needed. Now he was occupied with placing the last few items in their rightful place throughout Harry’s LA home. At this point he partially considered it his home as well, for they shared almost everything they had. Plus with Harry’s high liking to the California environment, he seemed to be spending just as much time here as their flat back in London. With a cup of tea in hand he made his way upstairs and then towards the balcony that broke off from the main bedroom — smiling as he took notice of his boyfriend still curled up in bed. Pausing to slip out of his jeans and changing into just an oversized sweater he then continued on outside. Louis took a place in one of the chairs, crossing his legs underneath him as he sipped on his drink and gazed out at the scenery before him. It wasn’t much later he heard the door behind him opening to reveal a sleepy Harry emerging from the room. “Hello, love,” he said with a smile. Reaching out he pulled the other boy to sit on his lap also offering him the tea in his pocession. “How are you feeling?”

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Speaking of flats, I wore a pair just last year for the first time, too! I got them in the right size, but then they were too big on me and almost slipped off when I walked. Then, the soles of my feet nearly died and I had a horrible gash on my heel from where the back had rubbed it raw. So, yeah, folks, be very careful with what shoes you buy!


First time I haven’t seen MetalSucks just flat out bash anything about Nightwish.

Makes me wonder why they continue to even cover bands like Nightwish and Kamelot when they just bash them 99% of the time. 

Like, we get it. You aren’t a fan of these bands. Doesn’t make unprofessional journalism and sexism valid reactions to them.