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Georgia Mason: Samantha Krutzfeldt

Shaun Mason: Shane West

Buffy Meissonier: Katy Allen

Rick Cousins: Harry Connick Jr

Mahir Gowda: Sendhil Ramamurthy

hey babies !!!! i’m gonna be heading to work soon, but i just wanted to say that i hope u all find something to smile about today and to just remember that ur doing great and ur doing enough !!!

I re read the full mortal instruments series for the sixth time. I watched season 1 of the show about 3 times straight through and watched the movie for like the 30th time.. And now I’m sad and thinking about re reading the book again. I mean I just finished it yesterday but I just love clary and Jace. I was gonna read infernal devices again but I just want more clace. I need season 2 of shadowhunters asap. Ugh:(