Congratulations Chuck, you managed to insert two Slippin Jimmy puns into one sentence 


I was thinking that Chuck’s belittling of Jimmy was just a prejudiced elitist thing at first, but came to realise that it was personal and Chuck’s resentment probably ran reallllly deep. Chuck is stern and kind of standoffish, while Jimmy has an easy charm around people. (Even Tuco likes him!) There are so many perks to being likeable, and Jimmy probably reaped the hell out of them when he was younger. While Chuck slogged away to get to where he’s at. So Chuck likely prided himself for being the hard worker who — despite temptations — went through the straight and narrow, while his lazy brother Jimmy only knew how to take shortcuts. Jimmy didn’t know the value of patience and commitment, blah blah blah.

When Jimmy obtained the law degree, Chuck was astonished. How in the world did Jimmy accomplish something that required actual hard work? So he dismissed the school (University of American Samoa? Online course? Ridiculous, how can that compare to what he’s been through???). But he still felt threatened, afraid that Jimmy would easily rise up to his level. (Legal practice was probably this sacred area that Chuck felt he owned, that his brother could never get to. But now it seemed as though Jimmy WAS gonna get there, and the only thing that Chuck had over Jimmy was gonna be taken away from him.) Chuck sabotaging Jimmy’s path as lawyer at HHM was therefore likely out of fear and insecurity. If Chuck did not think Jimmy was capable or talented enough to become a successful lawyer when given the opportunity, why would he go out of his way to keep Jimmy down this entire time?

What Chuck told Jimmy (you were a criminal are a criminal, you don’t deserve to practice law) is a defence mechanism, something that he has to keep telling himself to maintain his sense of self-worth and moral superiority to Jimmy. Chuck is the good guy who works as a lawyer for totally noble, non-mercenary reasons (“money is beside the point”) and Jimmy is the bad nut who will end up abusing the law. Chuck is not blind though, he could see Jimmy working his ass off — in ways that Chuck couldn’t deny were legitimate — to build a case and be a good lawyer. But Chuck has to believe that a leopard will never change its spots, that Slippin Jimmy is a looming inevitability, and that Chuck is good, Jimmy is bad, because without this mental distinction separating himself from Jimmy, Chuck is nothing.

I suppose from here on out without Jimmy, Chuck won’t have it easy either. (And I don’t want him to enjoy life, really. I am vengeful and for what he did to Jimmy, I want him to suffer :<)

I hate how society has decided that an unreciprocated crush has to destroy a friendship.

Like, I get that it could make things a little awkward for a while, but it makes literally zero sense why it’s an established thing that people can’t be just as close with one another after admitting to a crush and being turned down.

I know that if someone I was good friends with admitted they had a crush on me and I didn’t feel the same I’d be really flattered and I’d be sure to let them down easy and stay friends with them. And if I were telling someone and I got turned down, I’d let go of those feelings pretty soon because I know they’re not shared. Gets rid of the awkward factor completely.

Hell, it wouldn’t even be that awkward at all anyway. You think I’m attractive and good boyfriend material? Fuck yeah, thank you! I may not feel the same way but it’d definitely make me feel good. 

But no, of course, I’m always concerned that if I ever admit a crush to a friend, they’re going to take it the wrong way and it’s going to ruin everything, which sucks because I’d only ever develop a crush on some whose friendship is incredibly important to me.

How about we get rid of that shit and let friends stay friends even if one of them has or had romantic feelings for the other that weren’t returned?

It is quite possible I may have just sent the most important email of my life thus far so send prayers, life energy, spirits, that ray of light that explodes from hearts in video games symbolizing extreme love, or do that thing where everyone’s faces appear on screen at once and yell FRIENDSHIP. However you get it done, I welcome the positive vibes.

anyways, april fools aside… am i the only one who isnt looking forward to the uncle grandpa/steven universe crossover…?  like, steven universe is a funny, clever show with a real storyline whereas uncle grandpa isnt really funny at all?? ?  its just full of randomness and stupid humor because apparently kids arent smart enough for real humor anymore????? ???  its a terrible combination for shows, and the fact that theyre bringing him into the show-and apparently making him important to the story???-really kind of bothers me.  i dunno.

Fic: A Family Affair Part 1 (Delia x Patsy, Call the Midwife)

I dunno about you guys, but I feel like I’ve written enough post-accident fix-it fic to last me till Delia gets her memories back (one way or another) and fancied instead like some good ol’ fashioned fluff.

So, have a fic set just after Patsy leaves the hospital for Nonnatus. Patsy and Delia spend a weekend in the country…


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OH MY GOD WOMAN! YOU HAVE TO BE GODSENT. HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET NINA TO WORK? I have her hired too, and she doesn't do shit, yet I can't tell her that she's not working since she apparently is?!!!! she's just sitting there and I'm like loosing every damn costumer I have in the store because of her. (I know about the "give task" thingy, but she doesn't do a thing even if I tell her to and I'm so losing it!) Btw, where did you get the pearl necklace? It's so gorgeous. toodles!<3 anon. cuz heh.

I dunno, she’s probably differently generated for every game, but this is what her stats look like. 

Also necklace is from here.

Guess whaaaaaaaaaat?!

It’s already midnight here in Malaysia.

Which means it’s technically April 2nd!

Which means… 



What? I’m old?!


Anyways… yeah, it’s my birthday. I usually don’t get excited for my birthday because it just seems like another day to me and people know I exist only through Facebook notifications, but I dunno. 

If I have learned anything from the past year, it’s to always live your life to the fullest. I guess I’m just thankful to be able to celebrate another year with my loving family and supportive friends :)

If it’s your birthday too, then… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 


Stay awesome! :D

i feel like i owe some kind of karmic debt, but i dunno to who or why. i just wanna be a better person and put good stuff into the world. but it sucks because im not a good person so. i dunno.

Sniper is about to get sappy everyone

Now I dunno if it’s the lack of sleep or the pain talking, but I really like being friends with y’all. I don’t really have friends. Just jerks, my brothers and the girl at the skatepark who’s never spoken to me before. Thanks.

April 1

I actually had things to do for about half the day at work!! And there were a lot of doughnuts because there were several trainings going on & doughnuts are bought for trainings. Conveniently, many people in the trainings were on diets, so I ended up eating like 8 doughnuts. This left me in a splendid mood & I ended up browsing eBay for prom dresses. I found one I am going to get if I can get it for under $20 & I think I’ll use it for Elsa cosplay if I can find a cheap wig? I dunno. Maybe I will just go to Walmart in it. It is beautiful.

Came home, walked the dogs, bitched to myself & the dogs about the heat. I don’t think people were meant to live here. I think I’m gonna have to start walking them later in the evening which sucks because THEN THERE ARE MOSQUITOES UGH this is an inhospitable region.

Played with many rats & now I am waiting for the fleece to dry so I can finish cleaning the cage. I’m going to my hometown tomorrow & I’m trying to decide if I want to bring Cricket (the foster dog) with me. I don’t know if I want to leave her here because her body language can be difficult to read & I am nervous about complicating things for my house sitter. On the other hand, she does great in a crate & she prefers to be in there most of the time, so he could probably just leave her crated a lot & not have any problems. Alan’s having some issues a tail infection where he was self-mutilating when alone. It looks pretty good right now but I’m worried about it getting infected while I’m away if I’m not here to clean it, so I think he & Lyle might be coming with me, in which case, Cricket cannot because she thinks rats are food. AAAAH never own pets, they make going out of town very difficult. :P 

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*whispers* free! boys for hogwarts houses (ALL EIGHT OF THEM :P)

Uh, well, I don’t spend my free hours thinking about these characters like the others, so take it with a grain of salt.

Rei- Ravenclaw

Haru- gonna go with Hufflepuff? His emphasis on being with everyone and all that.

Makoto- Also Hufflepuff, team mom and all

Nagisa- Slytherin because he’s a li’l shit who goes after what he wants pretty hard (see: Rei). 

Rin- Gryffindor, actually. I was thinking Slytherin, but I dunno, in the end I think he just strikes me as a Gryff overall- hyperpassion and desire to win and attitude and all.

Sosuke- Gryffindor too, I guess? Potentially messing up your shoulder for life in the name of a competition full of friendship seems like something a Gryffindor would do.

Nitori- Hufflepuff

Mikoshiba bros-older one’s Gryffindor, the younger one’s Hufflepuff.

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i dunno ploi, watch the emperor of nohr actually be a pretty good guy. like he doesn't want to war, but he wants his kingdom to prosper. like maybe he had an allergic reaction when he was a kid and he never healed so now he just looks scary. maybe he loves sunshine and kittens and the color purple and black and black magic :^)

omg happy scary purple grandpa

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Top 5 followers!

That’s a mean question. How am I suppose to choose only five?! Here I go I guess?
(no particular order)

1. I frickin love heichou-af right now. It may be because of her icon, I dunno, but she has a quality blog!

2. readingsocialjusticeanime they’re always liking practically everything I reblog and sends me at least one ask when I reblog one of these ask thingys

3. fangirl-faye. The little chat thing she and I did a few days back made me so happy! Our little Levi is growing up ;w;

4. animealiengirl, she and I have been roleplaying for a while and I can’t get enough of it. I get emotionally attached to Lie and Toki’s relationship and I just can’t

5. littlebitofmetalalchemist. I’m also roleplaying with her and it’s awesome! She roleplays as Levi so well, the poop jokes she puts in are priceless and she puts up with my crap every day. Happy birthday!