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(part1) that's actually a lot of what I was thinking, how Karkat was always saying how great it was and practically WORSHIPPING quadrants but I felt like there was something off?? and I mean there was the whole 'you want her in every quadrant like a desperate fool' thing and I just feel like each human relationship, especially romantic/sexual ones, is a different combination of elements from the quadrants, like some relationships are more red and pale, with elements of black banter, but some are

( part2) more red with black tinting and a tiny bit of ashen and pale, but like they’re all SOME PARTS of all four, I mean look at a human relationship, it’s never JUST RED so I dunno I always had this weird idea that while on the meteor Karkat fell for Dave one quadrant at a time and like halfway in or something he’s like ‘oh fuck’ and like is mad at himself because now he HAS A CRUSH that DOESNT FIT IN QUADRANTS and that would never work with Terezi but now it’s a human so he can’t dismiss it

idk man thats where im hung up. on the go timeline i was definitely like theyre all the quadrants bc they fought all the time but on the retcon they rlly seem to red to me to fall into either of the black quadrants, at least not long or consistent enough to warrant any concern? 

i do ship them transcending tho and him saying the “you want her in all ur quadrants” thing is what originally had me going for it tbh. bc yeah hed be going after his ancestor in that route nad it makes sense. but again- if theyre transcending then why was it such a Thing that dave explain that humans can do quadrants? like its just.. dave changed his way of thinking about romance to suit karkats quadrants and for what? for them to not end up in a quadrant together? idk 

theyve done pale and red shit on the retcon though. i mean the kissing and the spooning and shit is obviously red, but theyve talked? a lot? about a lot of subjects that have moved dave deeply? and that definitely seems like pale territory to me. which in a human relationship is just kinda normal. for humans who are in love, thats just the way it goes,, and as we all know

wait did i just talk myself in a circle about how theyre logically going to be in one quadrant and logically not going to be also too

idfk its three am what is love baby dont hurt me

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I haven't seen you draw Steven very often, but when you do... How? Just how? Whenever I draw him it's very weirdly proportioned, and for some reason he always loks about 48, like literally how he looked in So Many Birthdays but with his normal hair, it's so frustrating. I guess I'm just not as good at drawing chubby faces. I dunno if that sounds rude, sorry if it does. It's just that I kinda really heavily rely on the jawline and Steven's cute face is very round.

this may not help but i guess the best advice i can give since you’re struggling with his jaw is to remember that there’s still a jaw under his cheeks, to put it weirdly just think about how his chub kinda grows around the bone 

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This might sound weird, but I've been suffering from severe anxiety and depression for over a year and lost my ability to draw since it started. But seeing your art made me feel like maybe I could create again. I dunno why, it feels nice. Thank you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. It means so much to me to hear you want to get back into drawing, and I believe you can! Forget about making things perfect, just have fun and be self-indulgent right now; Improvement happens the more you work at a craft. I live with anxiety too, so I understand aalll the negative effects that it brings on. Don’t give up!! (Also a big thank you to everyone else who takes the time to send me positive messages, they truly make me happy!!)

I like how I hardly see any SesshyKag fan fictions or fan comics that don’t give Kagome the push towards Sesshomaru without that good ol’ “InuYasha chose Kikyo or was caught bangin’ Kikyo” trope. 

It’s like, Kagome has to be broken- hearted or in distress to choose Sesshomaru who scoops her up in her moment of need. 

Realistically, if she had the choice to be with Sesshomaru without that push, like InuYasha was entirely on good terms with her and such, would she?

It just makes more sense to go with InuYasha more than with Sesshomaru (I don’t hate SesshyKag btw) 

InuYasha and Kagome have a lot more in common and are mentally the same age, and honestly, I don’t think Sesshomaru would be interested in her, she’s childish, because she is a child, and loud-mouthed, quick to anger, not even close to what Sesshomaru is mentally.

 I dunno, I’m just tired of the “InuYasha is a jerk because I want him to just up and forget he loved Kikyo and I don’t understand how feelings work” thing. Meh. 

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But on the other hand I really want to see two episodes between Rex and Anakin:

1. They have a guys’ night and Rec gets some candy and they just drive around, I dunno. They’re just bros and you can see how they interact without others watching.

2. Rex calls Anakin out on all his shit. It starts out with Rex being a little quiet to being outright cold to Anakin after he turns yet another battle into a game. Anakin’s like “Rex, what’s wrong?”

A line a really want to hear: Teth was just a game to you. (Rex)

And then they fight, I guess.

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How 'bout the first kiss shared between Mink and Koujaku (or Noiz, if you'd prefer), and the receiver of the kiss is just left super flustered while Mink smirks at them and comments on how good they taste? (I dunno, I'm bad at prompts (/□\*)・゜)

[rubs my gay little hands together] yisss this is what i like 2 see

but i can imagine it’d be late out, where they’re strolling (or stumbling) back to koujaku’s place for a few more beers after a night of drinking at black needle’s bar. their conversations often swing from deep to mellow within a moments passings but are surprisingly endless.

mink isn’t entirely sure why he feels significantly more at ease with the hairdresser than most people, perhaps its his natural charming aura, or his past - which drunkenly slipped from koujaku’s mouth one night - that in ways was similar to his own that he felt a connection, like this man could understand, he could feel the same as him. or maybe he just found him appealing.

for koujaku, he’d most likely feel the same. though, he couldn’t help but find him fascinating, peeking at mink when he thought he wasn’t looking. always so composed, mature, body and voice so so much different to a woman’s; low baritone soothing to his ears. something about him reminded koujaku of home, something so familiar, he wanted to spend hours just sitting next to this man. 

koujaku was very aware that probably wasn’t very platonic, but he tried his darned best to ignore it.

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I have walked this earth since time immemorial, and I shall walk it until it turns to dust and scatters itself to eternity. the stars have long been my friends, twisting and turning through the expanse of space with me.  I remember a time before aught but the darkness, listening to the heartbeat of the universe as it sang itself into existence.

me on getting another year older


I am tired. 


of hearing about lists. 

THIS list features SQ bullies (a list i was on, for following someone they considered a BA Bully)

THIS list features OQ bullies

THAT list is OQ bullies 2.0

THAT list is CS bullies (i dunno if there is one but i’m just making a point here)


we all KNOW who we like and don’t like and u know what u do?

BLOCK/IGNORE that person. 

i personally follow some of the people on all the lists i’ve seen… and they are all delightful people! 

do NOT let a list dictate who you like/trust/follow

do NOT let a list be a reason to hate someone u don’t even know

use your OWN experiences with them as judgement

this is what i think of your lists

now enough of me on a soap box.

no more lists ppl

reblog puppies instead

i called in sick today to finish this assignment with a plan to make it up on saturday bc guilt lol but anyway i’m DONE and i just gotta walk the half mile to school and drop it off and i don’t need to run and i’m happy and it took way longer than i expected but was also way more fun than i expected and actually kind of reminded me of why i want to be an elementary school teacher beyond just liking kids that age, like, do you ever think about how fucking incredibly complicated it is to learn to read and write and do basic math, how many things go into all of those things, how they inform each other, how you need to think not just of what will get students to perform a task but, ideally, how you will frame this task for them so that it will be continually useful, like, i dunno, i don’t talk about this much but maybe i should because i think it’s important and hugely underappreciated, how it’s not just physically and emotionally challenging but it is, truly, incredibly intellectually demanding to teach “the basics” to children, i’ve spent the past several hours wrestling with the question of how to teach first graders how to split up pennies into equal piles and it has demanded of me as much sustained, deep thought and intellectual rigor as any paper i have ever written for any class, and i wasn’t even starting from scratch, i was modifying a (kind of shitty IMO) pre-written lesson (the professor was like “part of the point of this exercise is to show the extent to which you can’t just do received curricula word for word”), and i’m not totally satisfied with what i’ve got (although i think it’s fine for the assignment), and i’m reflecting anew on how important it is to be intentional, about everything, and this isn’t even getting into (MY FAVORITE THING) sitting with kids who aren’t getting it and finding (1) where, exactly, the not-getting-it is happening and (2) words a first grader will understand that will let them get it, like, that’s so hard! it’s so fun but it’s so hard and i had forgotten maybe that part of what sucked me into this is that before i started doing this kind of work i didn’t know there was ANYTHING i could think this hard about for this long without getting bored. i mean, i love it, i feel very alive. but it’s hard! not like, stressful (although). like hard.

O-Okay I don’t understand some of you people on Splatoon. If you’re purposefully trying to fuck your entire team over, you need to do your worst capable job ever. Like, jump to the nearest member on your team surrounded with the most enemy ink without stealth jump shoes. Trust me. You’ll successfully let your entire team down and have maybe a 95% chance of dying by an enemy player. Don’t swim in your own ink. Roll over your own ink or walk the entire way. Put respawn points at your spawn point. Fire an inkstrike where you already have ink. Stand in front of your sniper and get in their way of killing someone. I dunno. Just fuck everything up. Just fuck EVERYTHING up. Just do it.

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How can anyone be jealous of J2 relationship? They spend all their time together, so what? That makes them boring. Their panels are boring, their photos are boring and always the same. How many times can anyone hear about how much they love echother? What I love about Misha and Jensen's relationship is how it seems new everytime thye're together. It's like a breath of fresh air. You rarely see it compared to J2 and that's what makes it special. You never know what to expect.

I dunno why anyone would be jealous of J2′s relationship.  It’s the most boring thing to me.  I’ve watched their panels a few times and every time I was so bored I was like…why does everyone like this?  Their dynamic is just dudebro friends.  Who even cares?  I’m glad for them that they’re so close and they have a best friend that they work with, nice for them.  But is that interesting? No.  Like you said, we rarely get to see Misha and Jensen together, but when you do it’s a big deal!  And all of these little tidbits are so fantastic.  Like, ‘Misha can get Jensen to do anything’.  And they’re always flirty and don’t act like just the usual friends.  Their relationship is very off the radar so that when you get little glimpses like that it’s really interesting!  

J2 is like fast food.  You get it all the time and it’s kind of bland and the same all the time and you just get tired of it pretty quick.  But Cockles is like some rare treat you only get every now and then so that when you do get it it’s always really good and you look forward to the next time.