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That remind meh the first time i tried to draw Jack. like 1 year and few months ago , i was searchin’ for references/ other fan arts on google and i couldn’t find anythin’ accurate(like pony stuff or plz,just wahn drawin’ without his hat. i was beggin’ for this…) Then few months later, he dyed his hair green and today, if i google “jacksepticeye fan art” there are SOOOO  many stuff. i caaan’t believe it. 

◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜I saw the boom of Jack’s community through the months and imah so happy for him. he deserves every single piece of golden art.

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When was the last time you were on land? Or are you on land right now? How does it feel, wherever you are? :o

we just left off the coast of scotland, it’s real nice there. we were lookin for whisps, these lil glowin things that kinda look like jellyfish sometimes. @fordblogs has pictures i think, i dunno how to upload photos on here with my phone. that was a few days ago so mow we’re back at sea. tracing a signal to find out exactly where we’re headed

@gloriacunningham replied to your post:you look different than the last time i saw you…

uh yeah, we have before. we just chilled for a while and you told me to watch out for serial killers. it’s cool if you don’t remember though. weird things like that happen around here a lot.


I’m sorry, it just… seems like I’ve been “forgetting” a lot of shit lately? Like, apparently I’m addicted to coke, and I fucked some ginger girl? I dunno. I think I’d remember that. Is there some kind of conspiracy going on here?

The Little Guy

‘The Little Guy’, an episode about Wander and Sylvia befriending an abandoned watchdog named Wesley was the first full episode of Wander Over Yonder I ever watched! 

At the time (I was like 15) it was one of the newest episodes. I had seen snippets of WOY on TV and was a bit curious about it but didn’t want to be ‘publicly humiliated in front of my siblings’ by just turning it on on the television. I dunno haha.

Anyways, I then got on my computer and found watchcartoononline.com and then located the WOY episodes so far. I read quickly through all the summaries but found ‘The Little Guy’ to be the most interesting.

I was eventually enjoying myself with it so much, laughing and whatnot, that my twin came over and I ended up re-watching most of the episode with her. I love Wesley and really should draw him more.

It was love at first sight! And although I only really started participating in the fandom recently, it’s been one of my favorite cartoons. I can watch it with all my family, my dad LOVES Lord Hater, and it always puts me in such a positive mood.

@disneyxd this show means SO much to me, it’s given me nothing but joy since day one. We need to see how it all ends! It means so much to me honestly, I want to keep fighting for it.


At work today when it was quiet, we got onto the discussion of “what is the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you” and honestly, every single story, from every single girl working, was something to do with a man acting out of line. Someone who wouldn’t back off on a night out. An aggressive ex boyfriend. Someone who followed them home, etc. And that’s just so fucked up. It’s so fucked up. Every single one of us.
And what was even more fucked up, was the fact that half the stories that were told, had been twisted and altered so that they were humorous. We turned the stories into anecdotes, jokes, because this kind of thing is so common, and it’s accepted as the norm, even though we were very open about how scared we were at the time.
I can’t stop thinking about it.

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What do you think of Su-won? I dunno if I should hate him or be mildly neutral with his existence cause like on one hand, murderer, on the other, actually trying fix things? Idk I just wanna hear your opinion

I can’t tell if you’re fully caught up on the manga, so I’ll try to stay fairly general hehe.  Basically, I shouldn’t and wouldn’t tell you how to feel about Soo-Won but I don’t personally hate him and I don’t think Kusanagi-sensei intended for him to be a typical villain (I’d say that’s clear even in the anime but especially by the current point in the manga).  While the circumstances aren’t completely clear yet (honestly I think the full story will be saved for the final or penultimate story arc of the entire series since to me the relationship between Yona, Hak, and Soo-Won is the heart of the story), I feel that his main motivation was probably to do what he felt like was necessary to guarantee the strength and survival of Kouka though it doesn’t justify his actions (AKA cool motive, still murder).  

*Please stop reading if you haven’t read the manga – spoilers ahead*  
I think most likely he saw the Fire Tribe rebellion on the horizon and knew that King Il wouldn’t have the strength to subdue it (*resists urge to make ATLA joke*) and Kouka Kingdom as it existed would have been destroyed.  Again, while this doesn’t justify murder, I would imagine that Soo-Won weighed the fate of the entire kingdom – including the damage that civil war and perhaps outside invasion would cause to many innocent citizens in every tribe – against the few lives of his family and friends…and decided that killing King Il and becoming the ruler himself was the only way to ensure Kouka’s survival.  Nothing in over 100 chapters of manga has made me feel that he was power-hungry or self-serving in any way, so I’d be very surprised if he ever turned out to have much darker motives.  Still, he did give Yona that interesting explanation about exacting revenge for his father’s murder…so it is possible that there was something personal to all this (or he just said the first thing he could think of that he thought she would buy).  He seems to be to be someone who made horrible choices he felt were necessary to save the country he loved.  Although he needs the backing of all the generals/tribes/people right now, I don’t get the sense that he views himself as a righteous hero free of wrong.  I feel that he is expecting and perhaps even looking forward to receiving the just punishments for his crimes once he feels Kouka is secure.  I definitely wonder if he would willing face the harshest judgment from Yona and Hak when that times comes.  Even if I still judge Soo-Won for his crimes, it is impossible for me to hate a man who appears to have such complex feelings, attitudes, and motivations.  

Anyway, sorry I’ve rambled on too long as usual ^^.  My sleep schedule’s been horrendous so if anything is unclear feel free to send me another ask <3. 

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I'm so intrigued by how you'll paint Sans and Pap. So many people paint them nicer than they should be (not all, but most) and I just... I dunno. You're comic is amazing so far and I'm really excited to see where you take this.

Hey… I’m not sure what people are going to think of my sans and pap, I mean, the design I have for them is a bit different than most, but as for the personalities… I wouldn’t like to spoil but it’s not that far from how mean most people have them. However, there are a couple twists.

guess what kids after a relatively stressful couple of first weeks of school that temporarily caused a return of my depression, i feel VERY BETTER today because a) alex best friend @fozfens is coming in like a DAY (!!!)  and b) I DUNNO!!! JUST FEELIN GOOD! LIVIN LIFE! i also figured out how to smoke in my bedroom w/o alerting my roommates that im doing such

So I feel weird.

Like I dunno what it is, really.

So my friend on the bus mentioned my crush from middle school, and asked me if I remembered him and I say “Yeah, of course I do”

Then she says that he’s going to homecoming with some girl named Hannah and I’m just…

I don’t know?? I feel weird???

Like I haven’t talked to him for a good two years. Cause when I was crushing on him I COMPLETELY avoided him, but then I thought I got over him cause I didn’t feel the same.

But THIS is where it gets really weird– Then HE started avoiding ME.

And I don’t know why????? Maybe he had a crush on me?? I don’t know. That would’ve been really awkward though, if he did.

And like I said I haven’t talked to him for two years cause we just sorta drifted apart but.. I don’t even know if he remembers me.

I was almost tempted to ask my friend to message him, cause she’s still in touch with him, and just say “Hey do you remember Miranda from middle school?” just to see if he did. But I didn’t.

And I really don’t know what I’m feeling right now, cause I thought I was over him, I don’t know it just feels weird.

He’s hanging out with someone I don’t know. And he’s taking her to homecoming and I’m just–

I just don’t know.

Just some silly AU I thought of while driving. >v<;;

Gabe told Lucio he was a target for some reason that he needed to change his appearance. Lucio disagreed at first, told the other he will if Gabe would do too. For fun! Gabe agreed, secretly keeping that he was hiding away from Talon, the one who was targeting Lucio.

Gabe doesn’t know the reason why the higher ups from Talon ordered to capture the smaller man, but whatever it is, he’ll keep him safe. ( ‘coz I dunno what really the reason is HAH! |||orz I just wanna draw them like this. ;u; )

The *other woman

I dunno dude
I kinda like being the other woman.
I like knowing that I’m the fun one.
That I don’t have to deal with all the bores of the day to day shuffle.
I don’t ever have to do his laundry or scold his kids.

Take out those things and all that’s left is the fun stuff. I’ve dealt with enough “wifely” chores to know that shit is just not for me to tolerate doing for a man. I applaud the women who want to be house wives, I really do. It’s a hard and thankless job, that comes with no pay check.

But I kinda like being thanked… And paid for that matter.

There’s something very freeing in being the other woman, as awful as that makes me.

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I don't get why sasusaku is so popular despite the mostly negative interactions they have in entire series. Their relationship is not built over mutual understanding like canon sasunaru interaction. Sasusaku imo is just obsessive fangirl who keeps clinging to her idol without trying to understand him and keeps guilt tripping him. It's like sakura is just self insert of sasusaku's fangirl tbh. Thr pairing popularity makes me worried about most girl's pov about mutual and balanced relationship.

I can’t explain that either. I agree, they showed no signs of mutual understanding over the course of the story. Though I don’t think Sakura is a fangirl anymore; she is simply unable to put herself in Sasuke’s shoes and thusly resorted to guilt-trips and emotional manipulation at times. As for people inserting themselves into Sakura, I dunno. It depends on the individual, but it is indeed worrying how some regard Sakura’s ignorance as completely fine and normal. Romanticising such behaviour is to be expected by now. 

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Have you seen the comments on your fic? IHs were roasted to death lol. Btw your fic was freaking amazing!! Keep it up!

Ah, I have yes. 

I’m… of two minds about the whole thing really. On the one hand, exposure is exposure, and the more people who see my writing, the more people who will come and find more of it… however, the Discourse™ detracts from the fic itself… which kind of bothers me? I dunno. 

I’m mostly just thrilled to death that something I wrote in a fit of pique and feelings has engendered this kind of a reaction - honestly, that’s #goals as a writer. The whole point of writing is to make people feel things, and clearly? This did that. 

I’m glad you liked it too! ^.^

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Hi Adrienne, so today I went on a walk to watch the sunset and I was thinking about how many sunsets I miss each day, and how we are kinda like little sunsets. Beautiful, unique, new each day. We rise and set. And not everyone sees us, not everyone remembers us, but we do it anyway. I dunno, it makes me worry less about oblivion ya know? Cos not everyone sees each sunset, but it doesn't make it any less beautiful or worth watching. Just like life. Just my random thoughts. Oh, also, I love you.

How do I even begin to respond to something so beautiful like?????? I just…have,,,no words? Comprehensive language hath failed me. Not even gonna lie, my mouth kinda dropped a bit and my eyes got a bit teary when I read this (blame the beautiful wording or my hormones I don’t care)

Anyway, we’ll start at those first too words. HI NONNIE!!! Please, for anyone reading this, always always ALWAYS use my name in asks (I love it!) :)

We are all sunsets. I’ve never put any thought into this before. And I’ll never look at a sunrise or sunset ever again without thinking about this ask. Every one of us is worth something; all of us have someone who loves us. I love each and every one of you guys, and I’d be forever fortunate if any of you thought the same of me.

Your random thoughts are amazing btw!!!

Also, I LOVE YOU NONNIE!!! If you ever wanna message me, or send me any more of these BEAUTIFUL messages, I would never object. Purely beautiful. Just like you.

tysm for this it brightened my day, watered my crops, cleared my skin, etc etc. <3<3<3<3 Adrienne

So at like, I dunno, 1am or so, I got sidetracked from my laptop and came back about 40 minutes later, expecting it to have gone into sleep mode. Instead, found “getting windows ready, don’t turn off your computer.” Apparently, I missed my opportunity to delay an update. Okay, well, shit happens.

It stuck that way for like an hour, long enough that I was googling on my phone to figure out wtf was happening. (Windows 10 anniversary update, apparently.) As I was googling and starting to really worry, the screen finally shifted. Now it had an “updating #%, this will take a while, don’t turn off your computer.” With the slowest. progress. ever.

Okay. Well, shit happens. The percentage keeps creeping upward. Gets to 91% after about two hours. Stays at 91% for another two and a half hours. As I start to google solutions and mildly panic again, it finally ticks up to 92%. Then sloooowwwwwwly creeps upward over the course of another hour and a half, reaching 100% and then sticking at THAT for about 30 minutes.

Then I wait through one of the slowest, most laborious restarts in recorded history. Computer finally boots up, takes another million years to actually load all the start-up shit, then stops functioning. I can see my desktop, but it won’t respond, not even to ctrl+alt+del. So I hit the power button and force shut down. 

Start it back up, which takes a long time but not quite as long as the previous start up. Finally make it back to the desktop. Click around, get stuff to actually respond to my clicking. Fix the settings that the update fucked up, give my programs a quick once-over, open up chrome. 

It is now 9:40am. Windows 10′s sneaky fucking update (which is really more of a fucking upgrade) has tied up my computer for like seven hours. And I didn’t even get an option to approve the fucking thing. I left my computer unattended not even long enough for it to go into sleep mode, and then couldn’t use it again until seven hours later.

What the shit, dude. That shit should not be able to start until you give it the okay. Seriously, what the fuck.

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Do you know of any fics where they get into arguments and make up? I know that sounds weird and I dunno if anyone's asked yet but I was just wondering.. thanks.

absolutely! we also have a making up tag tho it doesn’t have much in it currently so here’s some more (: -Madi

for all those sleepless nights by keletiphor (1/1 | 1131 | Teen and Up)

When he and Tyler fight, Josh can’t sleep.

tyler’s thoughts by midnite521 (1/1 | 1883 | Not Rated)

Tyler’s been acting like a jerk and Josh wants to find out why and help him

this love won’t wilt by twentydunpilots (1/1 | 1428 | General)

Request: (I lost the initial request but it was something about making up after a 2 week long fight)

the way you go (thought i told you so) by snitches_get_stitches (1/1 | 2014 | Mature)

Tyler just doesn’t know what to do anymore.

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Are you ok with your art being reposted on other social media? I want to post your art on my Instagram (cuz I really love your art) but idk if you're ok with that and I wouldn't want to post it without your permission. & i'll of course credit you.

I dunno I’m really growing an aversion to it, especially regarding instagram. If you have one or two that you really like and want to post then I suppose that’s okay, as long as there’s a link back to my page and my name’s on there, and if I get a link to the pictures too.