so jason manns did a hilarious snapchat of an inebriated rob benedict during karaoke where he is a hot mess and he’s super proud of his dragon

it is

the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. pls go watch the video

there was a…strange demand for shirts made of this scene, so i made one!


Genji: If I were there I would have convinced the Dragon to just give the gold back!
Hanzo: Genji, this is not like our Dragons…This is evil, you can’t just domesticate it!
Genji: NAH! I can tame any Dragon!

Or: Hanzo reading The Hobbit with Genji and trying to explain him the difference between Smaug and the Shimada Dragons

And this is how to make me cry over my own stuff at 5am

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The guy who has that shop in the Hissing Wastes must have been a Ferelden. Just saying. Who else would leave their Mabari behind to take care of the shop (and make change no less!) to do some quick errands?

His Sleeping Beauty

An unusual portrait of the Inquisitor amuses her Commander.

Cullen X Demetra Trevlyan

Inquisitor Dormiens, Your Worship.” the voice of the noble was colored with a ill-concealed compliance “It means…”

The inquisitor who is sleeping.” Demetra completed sweetly, hidden much better her amusement to see the noble caught off guard by her knowledge of his language. But the man was enough a skilled diplomat, Cullen realized with a grin looking proudly at her, that he smiled politely “The reputation you have earned as a scholar is more than deserved, Your Worship.”

“Oh, I’m sure lady Trevelyan would be delighted to see our library in Minrathous.”Dorian interrupted him, waving his hand nonchalantly “When she will finish to teach her lessons to the Venatori, maybe you and our lady Ambassador could organize a visit.”. The magister bowed slightly “Lord Pavus speaks wisely, Your Worship. The gift from my house is a little thing to show you, all of you,” he remarked looking boldly at the crow in the Main Hall “that not all the Tevinters are mad fanatics.”

“True enough, Octavius.” Dorian beamed “They’re not all mad!”. A formal laugh whispered from the lips of those present. Before that Dorian could tease more the man, Demetra smiled to everybody “The gift you’ve brought me is absolutly magnificent, magister Fulcinio. And it’d be an honor having you as my guest in Skyhold for as long as you wish.”.

Cullen frowned, but remained still. Dorian had assured them that Octavius Fulcinio was one of the Magisters who had a low opinion of the Venatori cult and even if he wasn’t a very pleasant company, his gesture was a strong sign for the Magisterium that Felix Alexius wasn’t the only one who had disagreed with some Tevinter’s politics. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that Cullen was very happy to have a group of strangers so close to the Inquisitor. 

Demetra’s voice was speaking about the ability of the painter and Cullen looked again at the portrait, setting aside his thoughts for a moment. A young woman with free, long, dark red hair was sleeping graciously in the middle of a clearing, sourrended by wild flowers and little birds. On of her arm was tucked under her head, the other laid gently against her chest, descretly shadowed with a green color and her legs, slightly bended, were visible under the evanescent white dress.

Cullen felt the urgence to laugh, but all he could do was pretending a little cough. It wasn’t the quality of the work which caused his cheerfulness.

Differently to other supposed portraits, this one was quite similar to his beloved Inquisitor. Not perfect at all - why the painters were so scared to celebrate her luscious, feminine body, Maker’s breath?! - but not as terrible as the others.

No, what was amusing him so deeply was thinking about the real Demetra in her sleep.

True enough, found a comfortable position, she rarely moved very much until the morning. But how she slept… Cullen smirked, shaking his head.

With her legs stretched half out of the bed and her arms open wide, she often reminded him a starfish. Or when she chose to sleep on her side, she slept with her neck arched and the mouth half opened. He had teased her about this and she had kicked his ass in the dust of the training ring that same morning, but the truth was that the mighty Inquisitor was very funny in her sleep.

Looking at her, his smile softened. Nobody there knew that details about her. 

Nobody, admiring lady Trevelyan walking among them with her magnificent red dress, could imagine the shy, a little clumsy, witty woman who he had the privilege to see when they were alone. How she slept, the giant yawns in the morning, her nuzzling against his chest trying to keep him in the bed five minutes more…

That little, funny, tender things were just for him to see. And they were one of his most precious treasures. A sign that with him she could be free, herself, relaxed. For Cullen, that was the best sign she was truly happy with him.

No, surely the woman in the picture neither didn’t sleep in a funny way or yawn waking up.

Luckily for him, he had the honor to stay with the real one.



Jan Cousland | Lucy Hawke | Line Lavellan

Six Times Soryu’s Daughter Saved Him.

She gave me strength, like her mother has always done.

“Stay in here with Xia and keep her as quiet as you can.” Soryu’s voice was firm and it sent a shiver down your spine. It wasn’t often he used his mafia-boss voice around you and little Xia - but if ever there was time for the commanding and strong voice it was now. He opened the wardrobe door and nudged you both inside with a sense of urgency, draping some sheets over the pair of you.

You could still remember the awful sound that had awoke you. The gunshot was still ringing in your ears and it filled your heart with fear. You thought of the sound that had followed it, the cold empty sound of a body hitting the ground. His name had been Yung, he had only just joined the Ice Dragons. Soryu had thought guarding the house would have been a simple enough task for a newbie. How wrong he had been - how horribly wrong.

“Sor…” You tried to interrupt him, but he cut you off with a fleeting kiss, his hand settling amongst your daughter’s fluffy scalp. This felt like a goodbye. You didn’t like goodbyes. They were too final.

“Remember that I love you, okay? The both of you.” He spoke calmly, far too calm. He clicked his gun effortlessly in his hands as he spoke. “Inui and Samejima should be here soon with backup, but until then you must stay in here with our little angel. You might hear a gunshot… you might even hear me cry out or scream, but you can’t draw attention to yourself, you must stay hidden no matter what, can you promise me that _____?”

“Sor..” You tried to protest but he cut you off with another, far too final kiss. You heard footsteps ascending the stairs and Soryu pulled away from the kiss alert, gun poised and ready. “Please…”

“Remember, keep Xia quiet and stay hidden.” He spoke firmly once more, shutting the wardrobe door and praying inwardly that it was a good enough hiding spot to keep his little family safe from the home intruders. He left the nursery with his heart in his mouth.

He found Yung’s body by the upstairs sitting room, his eyes umoving and a red pool of blood about his head. He had been shot from the back, just by the temple. Soryu had seen enough gunshots wounds to tell which was which. His attacker had been a coward - not brave enough to meet him head on. Yung had deserved better. Soryu took a moment to close the young ice dragon’s eyelids. “Sleep well brother.” He spoke mournfully. “And thank you.”

It was then he heard the click of a gun.

“Mr Oh. Nice house you have here.” Soryu instantly recognized the voice, it was Mr Zhang, the leader of the Fire Unicorns. He had once been Soryu’s greatest rival, until the Ice Dragons had taken over his territory and reduced his organisation to dust. Mr Zhang placed the gun to the back of Soryu’s head. “You keep this place well hidden, it took a lot of research and bribery for me to find you here, a lot of effort on my part. What have you got stowed away here that is so valuable to you hmm? All the way out here in the countryside.”

Soryu had two homes, one in the city where he stayed when he was working and a country home in the middle of nowhere where you and Xia stayed, his family home, his true home. It was a safe little haven, a place where you’re daughter could grow safely, a place where she could be a normal little girl, not the daughter of a mafia boss. The safe haven however had been compromised.

“You here to kill me Mr Zhang?” Soryu questioned, raising his hands and slowly lowering his gun to the ground. “I can’t give you back your territory or restore your organisation to what it once was, so if that’s what you want then you might as well pull the the trigger and get it over with. I do not fear death.”

“I will kill you, but I’ll draw it out a little, I’ll have my fun first.” Zhang chuckled. “But first I would like to know what you have here that is so valuable?”

His entire world was in this house, he wanted to say, but he kept his tongue still, filling his head with warm memories, the feel of Xia kicking his hand, the beautiful sight of you holding her in your arms and you feeding her at your breast. Warmth, was all he felt around you two.

“Get it over with Zhang, have your fun, but know this my men are loyal and will avenge me.” Soryu snapped at him.

“I don’t expect to get out of this alive Mr Oh, but I have nothing left to lose, you made sure of that.” Mr Zhang gave him a sharp punch to the jaw. Soryu felt a tooth come loose. The Fire Unicorn leader proceeded to punch and kick Soryu till he was a bloodied mess, barely capable of standing, far less fighting back. “So what is it Mr Oh? This valuable thing you have hidden here.”

“Something you’ll never understand.” Soryu spoke, holding back a groan. He couldn’t risk you hearing him… or god forbid Xia. She was just a newborn, too young to understand, but still the thought of her hearing him filled him with horror. “Something you’ll never have.”

Love, family, warmth, all of this Soryu wanted to say.

Growing frustrated Mr Zhang pressed his gun to his head. Soryu held his breath in apprehension of what was to come next, but before it could come another noise filled the air. Crying. Xia crying. Zhang’s eyes widened and in the moment of confusion, Soryu saw the opportunity to fight back, the thought of his daughter filling him with fire - a fire that burned fiercely within him.

“A baby… never had you down as the family sort.” Mr Zhang laughed, reaching for his gun, but Soryu knocked it out of his hands. “When I’m done with you I’ll be sure to deal with that squalling child of yours as well-”


Mr Zhang’s body went still. In the bustle Soryu had managed to retrieve the spare gun he kept in the inside pocket of his dressing gown. He looked hard at the still corpse he had just created and felt a wave of relief.

He instantly flew back to the nursery and slammed open the wardrobe door wanting nothing more than to have his girls in his arms. You were frightened at first and gathered Xia into your chest protectively, then you realized it was him and relief flooded your own features.

“It’s alright, It’s me. I’m right here, everything’s fine.” He held you tightly, his whole body was sore and bruised but he didn’t dwell on that, all he could think about was the warmth of having his family in his arms.

“You’re hurt…” You rubbed at his swollen jaw soothingly and then at his black eyes. “I tried to stop her crying…”

“Her crying saved my life, it distracted him for a moment, but more than that, it reminded me what I had to fight for. She gave me strength, like her mother has always done.” Soryu looked down at the little bundle of blankets in your arms lovingly, he pushed them aside and kissed her forehead softly, before readjusting them about her to keep her warm. “Thank you little angel.”

A child should never be without it’s father…

Soryu reread his notes a few times in preparation for his upcoming meeting. To say the meeting with the leader of the Sakura Syndicate was extremely important was anything but hyperbole. The entire future of the ice dragons was resting on this meeting, if it went wrong his entire organisation could be thrown into very hot water and he would be scalded with it. He tried not to be nervous, times like this required nerves of steel.

Inui had been tasked with watching over Xia. You were working and he didn’t trust babysitters with his little angel, hell, he scarcely trusted himself with her. He’d been twirling her around once and he’d nearly dropped her. So Ryosuke was under firm orders to keep her quiet and entertained as well as safe and injury-free.

“Come in Mr Sakura. I’m glad that you were willing to speak with me, I know our organisations haven’t gotten on very well in the past.” Soryu invited the stoney-faced mafia-leader through to his office, where a tray of tea was already waiting. Mr Sakura sat down, cross-legged as Soryu sat opposite, maintaining a professional look.

“I’m not fond of your intrusion into our territory. Yours is a big organisation, but mines has been established in these parts for much longer. If you continue to move west, rest assured you will have war on your hands.” Mr Sakura wasted no time in settling his argument.

“The territory belongs to the Ice Dragons now Mr Sakura,  I cannot forfeit it, to do so would result in my men seeing me as weak, you must understand.” Soryu kept his voice flat. “I can help you expand eastward, into the area where the Fire Unicorns once reigned supreme-”

“The money is not to be made there, you know this. I am no fool Mr Oh and will not have you treat me as such!”

The meeting turned heated and Soryu and Mr Sakura were soon arguing about territories and money - in an instant Mr Sakura had a weapon out, a gun, and it was pointed squarely at Soryu’s forehead. “Mr Sakura-”

“Mr Oh. I didn’t want to have to do this but you have left me no cho-” He was cut off by the door swinging open, a small figure entered, Xia.

Her hair was tied into two little buns, her brown eyes were wide with horror and her rose-bud lips had fallen to form a little circle. There was a drawing in her hands, but it slowly fluttered to the ground. She knew better than to enter his office, and Inui knew better than to take his eyes of her…Soryu cursed under his breath. He didn’t want her to see what was to happen next.

“Daddy!” She exclaimed, tears already falling down her red-cheeks. She was frightened, shaking like a leaf.

“Mr Sakura… please.. Not in front of my daughter.” Soryu looked pleadingly at the Sakura leader.

“How old are you kid? What you doing in here, don’t you know better than to interrupt two adults when the door is shut” Mr Sakura asked, eyes faltering.

“F-F-F-five and I -” She was a stuttering wreck, shivering. Soryu wanted to reach out and sooth her, but to move was to give Mr Sakura a cause to shoot and standing this close to his daughter - she’d be covered in his blood. He cringed at the thought. “I didn’t mean to… I just… I just wanted to give daddy my drawing I drew him. P-please… please don’t hurt my daddy!”

“Mr Sakura -” Soryu was about to plead when the gun was slowly lowered. Xia ran forward into Soryu’s arms, burying her head in the crook of his neck. He rubbed soothing circles into her back. “Why?” He asked.

“I have a son - a son just a few years older, Kaede. It’s difficult isn’t it?” Mr Sakura’s voice shook. “Being fathers in our line of work. I thought about quitting when I had him, but when you’re in the business it’s-”

“It’s impossible to get out.” Soryu bounced Xia on his hip, finishing Mr Sakura’s sentence for him.

“Look, I’ll take some of the eastern territory and we can negotiate a percentage split of the profits for your new area in the west.” Mr Sakura’s voice was calm. “I get some money and you aren’t seen as weak by your men.”

“That seems a fair deal.” Soryu held Xia in one arm and reached out another to shake Sakura’s hand. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Mr Oh.” Mr Sakura headed for the door. He picked up the drawing on his way out and handed it to Soryu, it was a scribbly thing, a tall man holding hands with a little girl. “A child should never be without it’s father. Take care of your little one.”

Sing to me Xia…

It all happened so fast. One moment he had been walking his daughter home from school, the next he was in a secluded alleyway bleeding out, a knife sticking out from his chest. Some rebellious members of the Ice Dragons had in a coup attempt tried to kill him. They’d known what time he walked Xia back from school and exactly which way he walked - by the ice cream parlour to get his little girl a cone - they’d used his family against him.

Xia had seen it all happen, she had watched the masked men draw her father into the alleyway, she’d hid behind a bin as she watched them stab him and beat him. She’d covered her eyes, but she’d still heard it all. His worst nightmare - she had been exposed to his world. They’d ran away thinking they’d inflicted enough damage and it was then she flew to his side, little hands tapping at his cheeks, drawing him from his pain-induced slumber.

“Xia…Xia my little angel.” He spoke dreamily, he wasn’t himself. He wasn’t acting like her father, his voice was softer than usual and his eyes were distant. “Let me see you. Just like your mother… so beautiful.”

“Daddy!” She exclaimed, he groaned a little as she thrust herself into his arms, wanting a cuddle. His hand fell to his chest, to the knife that was sticking out of it and that pulled him into the awful reality “Daddy you’re bleeding a lot.” She howled, he wiped at her tears with a tired hand and focused on breathing. In out, in out.

Except it was getting more difficult.

Xia remembered being taught in school that if ever she or someone else was really hurt she was to phone a certain number and ask for help. She reached into her father’s pockets and withdrew his mobile phone, she’d forgotten the number, so she called someone else, someone that was on her father’s speed dial, someone she knew could help.

“Soryu what is it?” An impatient voice, but a familiar voice, one that was usually softer when speaking to her.

“Unca ‘Suke… It’s daddy he’s really hurt, there is lots of blood and he looks really sleepy! I didn’t know who to phone.” Xia struggled through her sobs. Soryu could scarcely breathe far less speak, his hand was tiredly running it’s way through her hair. “I’m scared.”

“Where are you Xia, tell me where you are and I’ll get help right away.” There was panic in his voice and Xia was even more frightened to hear him anything other than calm. “In an alleyway… near… near the ice cream parlour daddy takes me to on the way back from school.”

“Okay that’s good Xia… I’ve got help it’s on it’s way and so am I. I need you to talk to your daddy for now, keep him awake alright?” He instructed her.

“I can talk to him.” Xia wiped at her tears profusely and stared at her father. His eyes looked heavy, like they did in the morning when he’d been working too much.

“My smart girl.” He spoke breathlessly, eyes fixated on her tears streaked face. “So like your mother… so like-”

“Daddy… I learned lots at school today so you need to stay awake to hear it.” She hit her father lightly on the cheek when his eyes looked ready to shut. His skin was paler than usual, closer to blue than white.

“W-W-what did you learn?” Blood on his lips.

“Some new words. The teacher gave us a big book full of them and told us to pick out one we hadn’t seen before and learn it.” Xia spoke into her father’s ear. “I picked knight. It’s like night, but with a K in front of it - a knight is someone who protects people and looks after them. You’re my knight daddy…”

“Then you’re my knight Xia…” Soryu forced a smile on his face as Xia looked at him helplessly. “I love you so much, you know that? In this big world that we’re in you and your mother are the only things that matter.”

“Daddy you’re bleeding even more.” Xia exclaimed.

“Sing to me Xia… that song… you know which one… with the teapot.” Soryu trailed off. “Sing it to me.”

She did as he asked. Her little voice breaking as she reached the high notes in the song, Soryu watched her lovingly as she sang. His eyes slowly shut closed and Xia stopped singing to shake him, her little fists pulling at his hair and his shirt. “Daddy! Daddy wake up!” She cried, her tears flowing like rain.

“Xia. Xia come here.” It was her uncle Eisuke. He drew her backwards and up into his arms, kicking and screaming. She saw her uncle Luke run forward and some other nameless faces, everything was a blur. “Xia… look at me, you did well, you’re daddy would be proud of you.”

“Will he be alright?”

“If anyone can pull through it’s your daddy.”

He hadn’t given her the definite answer she had wanted and more tears fell, staining Eisuke’s shirt.

I’m daddy’s knight…

Xia sat by her father’s bedside as she watched Luke examine him. He had been sleeping for a few weeks and she worried he was never going to wake up. She’d heard her Uncle Luke talking to her mother and her other uncles the other day, He lost a lot of blood and he has a rare type, he had said,  Xia hadn’t understood what he had meant, but she had heard the sadness in his voice.

“Unca Luke, when I’m older I want to be doctor like you.” She looked at her father as she spoke, running her hand down the bridge of his nose. Her mother had always told her she had his nose - that and something else but she could think what. “I used to want to be like daddy, but daddy’s job is dangerous and he got hurt doing it…”

“A doctor, well you’re certainly clever enough. I have some books I’ll give you later hmm? Better start studying early.” Luke chuckled, ruffling her hair.

It was then you entered, Eisuke at your back, you gathered Xia up into your tired arms. You hadn’t slept since the incident, opting to stay awake to remain by Soryu’s side, as a result lifting her was very difficult, but you did so anyway. You needed her warmth. You kissed her temple slowly, savouring the feel of her in your arms. Eisuke reached out and tapped Xia’s shoulder.

“Is he doing any better?” You asked Luke, he didn’t say no, but he didn’t say yes either. You buried your face deeper into Xia’s hair. “We should take him to the hospital, I don’t care about the police-”

“_______, you know he wouldn’t have wanted that.Inui, Samejima, all of the ice dragons would be brought in for questioning.” Eisuke’s voice was firm. “Besides, Luke is a better doctor than half of those dimwits in the hospital and I can pay for any equipment he needs.”

“Unfortunately both myself and the hospital are ill-equipped to deal with a patient like Soryu.” Luke spoke under his breath. “In Japan there is a great shortage of Soryu’s blood type. I’m having to use 0-negative which isn’t ideal, if I could get my hands on some of his true blood type he’d have a better shot.”

“I’ll find some.” Eisuke spoke instantly.

“It’s very rare…” Luke sighed.

All of a sudden Xia remembered something. She had been four sitting on the sofa inbetween her mother and father;

“You are your mother’s spit.” Soryu pressed a kiss into his daughter’s hair, a smile on his face as he did so. “Sometimes I think you have nothing from me Xia.”

“That’s not true, she has your nose.” You giggle, catching Xia’s nose within your hand.

“She pulls it off better than I do.” Soryu laughed along with you, taking the nose from you and planting it back on Xia’s face happily. He lived for moments like this, you could see it in the warmth of his eyes.

“And she has your blood Sor.”

“I have daddy’s blood?”

“Yes, the same blood flows through your veins that flows through your daddy’s.” You told her. Xia found a vein and rubbed at it dreamily, smiling up at her father.


“Not now Xia, the grown-ups are speaking.”

“But mummy!” She continued to interrupt. “Remember when I was smaller and you told me I had daddy’s nose.”

“That’s not important right now.” You countered.

“It is! Because after that you told me that I had daddy’s blood as well!” Xia exclaimed and everyone in the room fell silent. “Can I give him some of my blood? Will that make him better unca Luke?”

“She’s only little… she can’t…” You trailed off, worried that you could lose your daughter as well as Soryu.

“I’d only take a small amount… it could make all the difference.” Luke informed.

“You sure about this Xia?” Eisuke eyed her carefully.

“I’m daddy’s knight. I have to protect him.” Xia nodded bravely and you felt tears build within you. You had such a wonderful daughter. “So yes, I’m sure.”

What did I do to deserve you?

Soryu ran a finger over the vein in his hand, stroking it back and forth and watching as the blood surged through it. It wasn’t his blood he knew - it was his daughter’s blood. His little knight had saved him again.

“Unca Luke gave me a pink plaster where he put the needle in.” Xia pointed at the spot on her elbow. She was smiling, grinning ear from ear, she hadn’t stopped since he had woken up. Did he really mean that much to her? It warmed his heart to think that such a pure and innocent little thing could love him so much.  “It really hurt, but it was worth it, because I have you back now daddy. I saved you, because I’m you’re knight and it’s my job.”

“A wretched crook like me with an angel like you for a daughter, It doesn’t make any sense.” He was breathless, she didn’t understand his words, but she smiled anyway, lowering her head to rest on his shoulder.

“How are you feeling Sor?” Luke entered, sitting by his bedside, he rubbed that back of Xia’s head and moved to examine Soryu’s stitches. “Any better?”

“It’s hard not to feel better when Xia’s around.” Soryu grinned at his daughter, grabbing her nose playfully.

“I’ll have to get your dressings changed, Xia, why don’t you save you’re daddy again fetch his pills, quickly too it’s important.” Xia grinned an ran-off, when she returned she had a cup of water and everything.

“What did I do to deserve you Xia?” Was all Soryu said.

We’re each other’s knight…

When Soryu returned covered in blood Xia knew exactly what to do. She had trained for six years at medical school for precisely this moment. She watched as Kaede lowered his father-in-law onto the sofa, Soryu’s blood covering him as well. “Stupid Fire Unicorns.” Kaede grumbled, worry in his eyes. “They tricked us.”

“Should have expected it.” Soryu groaned out, sinking his head back onto the sofa and trying to breathe through the pain of his gunshot wound “You going to save me again?”

“Of course dad.” Xia chuckled, pulling out her medical kit and cleaning the area of the wound. It wasn’t to bad, he’d definately live. Kaede’s hand slipped onto her back, He was Mr Sakura’s son - Xia’s marriage to him had ensured everlasting peace between the Sakura Syndicate and the Ice Dragons as well as ensuring her eternal happiness. They understood eachother, were from the same walks of life. They just belonged.

“I’m going to call my father, see if we can find a solution to sort these stupid unicorns out.” Kaede grumbled vanishing off, Xia chuckled.

“I think it’s time you retired dad.”

“What? And leave the ice dragons to who?”

“You know who. Kaede knows how this world works and he has your morals. He’s up for the task and he has me making sure he doesn’t put a foot wrong.” Xia smiled. “Besides he’ll one day be in charge of the Sakura Syndicate as well, under his leadership they would combine with us, the Ice Dragons would be one of the most powerful mafia organisations in the world.”

“You’ve thought about this a lot.”

“Of course I have. You need to rest dad, move with mum to some sunny island and be away from this life for a while.” She chuckled. “I’m you’re knight remember, I have to look after you and this is what’s good for you.”

She pulled the bullet out and quickly stitched him back up. “I’ll talk to Kaede later.” Soryu grumbled.

“Good. He’ll be ecstatic.” Xia chuckled, wrapping a bandage around his chest. “You best get some sleep.”

Soryu stood to leave. “You look after me more than I look after you Xia, it’s not right.”

“That’s not true though is it? Mum told me about that night, when I was just a baby and the fire unicorn’s old leader broke into our house.” Xia smiled. “You hid us in a wardrobe and were willing to die to protect us. The truth is, we’re each other’s knight dad.”

“But you’ve done a lot more saving than I have Xia.” Soryu laughed, marvelling at his twenty-year old.

“You just get yourself into more trouble.”

I’m sorry these are all over the place chronologically.

Alisha had known that there were dragons on the mountain, she had always known. There had been plenty of stories from when she had been little, about heroes and knights who rode through the maze of the Aroundight Forest and up the slopes to rescue their lady-loves from the clutches of a bloodthirsty dragon. She had even seen one of the rare risings, when the dragons on the mountain took to the air in a roaring mass. 

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wing-spiker  asked:

How does Masamune feel when other people flirt with Yukimura?? Does he react to this? If so, would Yukimura notice?

Just like an actual dragon, Masamune is a very jealous person. He doesn’t let very many people get close to him, but when he does, he covets their time and attention. If he saw someone flirting with Yukimura he would immediately stake his claim by putting an arm around him or kissing his cheek. His gaze would be very uncomfortable and his tone biting, making it very clear that the other person is not welcome. 

Yukimura would notice Masamune being rude and scold him about it, but he would only recognize the flirting if it was super obvious. If it was than Yukimura would say that it was appreciated, but Masamune should trust him to handle it on his own. Nothing will take him from Masamune, he’ll say, and Masamune would say something clever to hide the flutter of doubt and hope in his heart.