Ni-dom Problems

You don’t understand why everyone feels the need to always be doing something. You like to spend time just thinking, dreaming, planning, and it annoys you when people ask, “Why are you sitting around doing nothing?” It’s not nothing, you’re actually being productive, it’s just not concretely evident.

Today’s agenda:

  • Actually eat
  • Sit around and do nothing
  • Watch TV
  • Maybe watch some Brotherhood because I can
  • Write and maybe finish ‘Gravity’
  • Stare into space
  • Answer messages and let my family know I am, in fact, still alive
  • Do absolutely nothing veterinary-related

Do you know how few fucks I have left to give?

The other night I was sitting around in my pjs, felt a weird leg tickle and dismissed it as nothing before realizing “Ah…no, that is a bug in my pyjamas.”

A hobo spider to be precise.

And instead of having a complete hyperventilating meltdown I just pinched it between my fingers and swapped pj pants.  nbd.  Who has time to be upset about spiders when everything’s on fire?

sitting in silence

genre: angst

word count: 0.7k

warnings: eating disorder but not really?

x-posted on ao3

It’s not like you don’t mean to eat. You just forget sometimes, in between the bustling around trying to talk to people and the laying in your bed. Your stomach rumbles a lot but honestly that’s nothing new. Besides, you’ve learned to live with it, and you see the pudge on your stomach get tinier every day.

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Do u ever feel like u need ur own space because you don’t want anyone else’s presence around u? Like it’s not even that u don’t like that person or they’re doing anything to bother u they could be just sitting there quietly and doing nothing wrong it’s just that u need to be alone and have ur own space and having that person around u just kinda keeps u on edge