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31/06/2016 [I’ve given up with 100 days of productivity 🙃]

I can’t seem to concentrate or get myself motivated at all. I spent all morning sat at my desk stressing and researching an idea I had but I can’t find a way to do it and now I’m just frustrated. Whenever I do any work, it just feels so fucking redundant and when I attempted a past paper it made me feel completely hopeless.

I thought this summer I would be able to redeem myself and get out of this dip, but instead I’m in my room at 2:33pm still in my pyjamas giving an illusion of doing work to my family by putting shit everywhere.

I can’t think and I just want to be able to do something. My mind is concentrating on too many things at once - things that I can’t solve. Ideas that are so fucking dumb and just sjgishsjwbdoshzjhwhe

pls send help and like 7372947822 study motivators who will study with me and like restore my will to live thx

a note on ugly mary

so i have gotten a whole bunch of messages about this story lately, and i just wanted…to be a little jk rowling about this (<- haha, get it, because she keeps editorializing? it’s–it’s a joke about editorial intention, it’s…okay).

you can, obviously, take away whatever you want from the ugly mary story; that’s what storytelling is. but, to me, ugly mary is in part about someone who knew her own worth and didn’t need the world to affirm it for her.

mary always knew what mary was made of. what mary could be.

the thing of it is, i think mary likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror, because what mary sees is mary. not a beautiful woman, or even an ugly woman, or even “a woman.” i think that mary sees her own strength, and her own intelligence, and her own ambition. she sees her ugliness only insofar as she recognizes it as a tool she can use to manipulate people, the same way that mary sees kindness and gentleness as tools to manipulate people. the same way that beauty can be a tool.

(again, i can’t stress enough that mary is not a good person. powerful, yes. good, no.) (you can both be powerful and good.) (you are powerful. you are good.)

(“ugly” does not mean “bad.” i made mary a villain because the post was about weaponized ugliness and because fictional villains are generally more interesting to write for me than fictional heroes. that’s the point: neither beauty nor ugliness are inherently attached to any kind of morality.)

so for everyone who said that story made them feel powerful: good. i’m glad. again, i hope you use that power for good and not for political intrigue & murder, but still. you deserve to feel powerful.

you are powerful.

you are good.

the only person whose opinion matters about either of those things is you.

…and that’s all i wanted to say. ofgeo out.


Okay they all look way better if you click them, just saying.

A collection of ‘requests’ from Misfit’s blog to help me practice drawing with a tablet! The only rule was that you weren’t able to request for your own character. So if you have a character drawn here, it means you have a friend that loves you. Congratulations, and sorry that I butchered your character.

Characters belongs to @ask-hyperbrony, @asksunraysmiles, @littlerubyrue, @askjohnnylightem, @askdarlingadelaide, @ask-ickle-mod, and @asktechnowizard. *Confetti noises*

16 year old Hiro Hamada was taken aback by what he saw.. The numbers on his wrist suddenly hit zeros. 

“What could this mean?.. Shit! Am I going to meet the one today?”

He mumbled to himself, suddenly feeling self-conscious. 

Is my hair okay? Did I make sure to keep my clothes neat and tidy?

He felt like puking all of a sudden.

Oh God. Not now.

In a desperate attempt to avoid interaction, he sprinted towards the nearest public bathroom

when suddenly—


He bumped into someone and fell over.

“Oh God, Im so sorry I wasnt looking I—”

Out of everything she was in the mood for, finding out who her supposed ’soulmate’ was not one of them. Most people didn’t really find her charming, and who could blame them? Her usual sense of humor wasn’t exactly understood by everyone. Not that she easily allowed them any working space to get to know her. And now her clock was nearly reaching zero and she couldn’t deny that she was in fact worried. 

Exiting the lab, GoGo made her way into the bathroom. She needed to give herself a pep-talk, and doing that in front of everyone? Not a chance in hell. However, when she was finally reaching it      BAM! Thankfully she’d fallen in a not overly odd position, and rubbing her face, she shook her head. 

“S'okay. These things happen. Might want to be more careful there next time, though. I won’t like when it happens a second time.” She was about to lower her arm to steady herself and get up when the blinking numbers told her what she needed to know. He was it, she realized with wide eyes.

I’ve been in the mind set of Freddie all day and trying to attempt these drafts is just with him saying “i’m going to kick Ky’lar’s ass.” In my head every-time I try to write.