My first attempt ever at drawing my one, true One True Pairing. 

Like… gah. ><;;; Seriously, I hardly have a shipper’s bone in my body, but these two… THESE TWO. 

It seems like an injustice that I’ve never attempt fanwork for Kaze Hikaru, but there’s already about 40 volumes of awesome canon-y goodness that I just don’t see the necessity. 


I firmly believe that when Sansa arrived at Castle Black and Tormund found out she was Jon’s sister, he instantly adopted her as his own sister. Like he calls her Little Bird (cause Jon is a crow) when they’re alone and goes out of his way to make sure she’s okay. He’d ask her to teach how to be proper in an attempt to win over Brienne, but admittedly loves just spending time with her. He’ll braid her hair as she vents all her revenge fantasies and he corrects her on the best way to go about killing them. “Did that lowly foot soldier make a crass comment at you, Little Bird? I’ll throw him off the top of the wall!” I just want more big brother Tormund.


31/06/2016 [I’ve given up with 100 days of productivity 🙃]

I can’t seem to concentrate or get myself motivated at all. I spent all morning sat at my desk stressing and researching an idea I had but I can’t find a way to do it and now I’m just frustrated. Whenever I do any work, it just feels so fucking redundant and when I attempted a past paper it made me feel completely hopeless.

I thought this summer I would be able to redeem myself and get out of this dip, but instead I’m in my room at 2:33pm still in my pyjamas giving an illusion of doing work to my family by putting shit everywhere.

I can’t think and I just want to be able to do something. My mind is concentrating on too many things at once - things that I can’t solve. Ideas that are so fucking dumb and just sjgishsjwbdoshzjhwhe

pls send help and like 7372947822 study motivators who will study with me and like restore my will to live thx

Cene Prevc imagine - Your first date

*disclaimer: just pretend Domen’s 18 and can drive, okay?*

You try to adjust the mirror on your table so you can get a better lighting from the window in a third (desperate) attempt to achieve a decent eyeliner wing, while impatiently tapping with a foot on the floor. There are clothes carelessly thrown all around from your earlier roaming in search for the perfect outfit, making your room look like it’s been hit by a hurricane. 
You’ve settled for a green blouse and black jeans and moved on to your make-up, which you are working on right now. But you’re already running late and you get your eyeliner wrong once again, so you throw a ‘fuck it’ and proceed in washing your face. He’d better like my looks as they are, you mumble as you splash water all over your face.
The source of your frenzy is a certain 20-year old that invited you to your first date, casually asking you to go bowling with him.
You hear the doorbell ringing and you rush downstairs, as your brother is getting out of the kitchen to see what’s going on.
- I’m leaving, you tell him as you put on your shoes.
- Aren’t you going to have lunch first? he inquires.
- Nope, I have to go. Bye! you shout as you get out of the door.
- Hey Y/N! you hear Cene greeting you.
- Hi! you smile at him, trying not to look like a walking storm.
- We have a little problem, he tells me, scratching the back of his head.
- What? you frown.
- Domen stole the car.
- Oh, that’s the problem, you chuckle. Calm down, we can go for a walk.
- Okay, he smiles at me.
- So how are you? you ask, trying to make conversation. 
- Well, training’s going pretty well for the summer grand prix. Maybe you’ll come to a competition or two.
- I’d love to
, you tell him, looking in his direction. Woow! you exclaim, as you take a wrong step and almost land on your knees, if it weren’t for Cene grabbing your hand.
- Take care! he warns you, pulling you a little bit closer to him.
- Clumsy me! you chuckle, slapping your forehead. Thanks, you say gratefully. 
- Are you okay? he asks.
- Yeah, I’m fine, you nod.
Even so, he doesn’t let go of your hand for the rest of the walk and you actually enjoy it.
After the bowling, you take the shoes back to the front desk and prepare to head home, when your stomach decides to growl like a dying whale.
- Y/N, that was your stomach? Cene exclaims, half concerned and half amused.
- Yeah, you giggle embarassed, I was in a hurry when I left home and I didn’t have lunch.
- Oh, then let’s go get something to eat
You end up roaming around the mall, stuffing yourselves with hamburgers.
- Better? he asks.
- Yeah, no more growling, you nod. 
- I bet we look like we haven’t eaten in 2 weeks, he says, taking a mouth full of food in the process.
- You can’t mess with hunger, you shrug your shoulders.
- Y/N, your face is full of ketchup, he chuckles.
- Oh, shut up! I just need a napkin, you complain.
- Let me, he offers, as he wipes the ketchup off your cheek with his right hand. You look cute when you stuff yourself with food, he smiles at you.
- Thanks Cene! you say blushing. That’s actually the nicest compliment I’ve ever got.
- I’m quite a charmer, right? he laughs. Hey, good news, he says checking his phone. Domen’s coming to get us and we’re gonna drop you home.
- Good, ‘cause I really didn’t want to walk all the way back, you tell him, taking his hand.


Okay they all look way better if you click them, just saying.

A collection of ‘requests’ from Misfit’s blog to help me practice drawing with a tablet! The only rule was that you weren’t able to request for your own character. So if you have a character drawn here, it means you have a friend that loves you. Congratulations, and sorry that I butchered your character.

Characters belongs to @ask-hyperbrony, @asksunraysmiles, @littlerubyrue, @askjohnnylightem, @askdarlingadelaide, @ask-ickle-mod, and @asktechnowizard. *Confetti noises*

a note on ugly mary

so i have gotten a whole bunch of messages about this story lately, and i just wanted…to be a little jk rowling about this (<- haha, get it, because she keeps editorializing? it’s–it’s a joke about editorial intention, it’s…okay).

you can, obviously, take away whatever you want from the ugly mary story; that’s what storytelling is. but, to me, ugly mary is in part about someone who knew her own worth and didn’t need the world to affirm it for her.

mary always knew what mary was made of. what mary could be.

the thing of it is, i think mary likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror, because what mary sees is mary. not a beautiful woman, or even an ugly woman, or even “a woman.” i think that mary sees her own strength, and her own intelligence, and her own ambition. she sees her ugliness only insofar as she recognizes it as a tool she can use to manipulate people, the same way that mary sees kindness and gentleness as tools to manipulate people. the same way that beauty can be a tool.

(again, i can’t stress enough that mary is not a good person. powerful, yes. good, no.) (you can both be powerful and good.) (you are powerful. you are good.)

(“ugly” does not mean “bad.” i made mary a villain because the post was about weaponized ugliness and because fictional villains are generally more interesting to write for me than fictional heroes. that’s the point: neither beauty nor ugliness are inherently attached to any kind of morality.)

so for everyone who said that story made them feel powerful: good. i’m glad. again, i hope you use that power for good and not for political intrigue & murder, but still. you deserve to feel powerful.

you are powerful.

you are good.

the only person whose opinion matters about either of those things is you.

…and that’s all i wanted to say. ofgeo out.