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It really hurts me that today is the father's day, yet I have seen almost no fanart of sasuke and sarada. Kishi really ruined sasuke's fatherhood and I really wish he fix it in Gaidan because I don't see it getting fixed in Movie at all.

What Kishi did was unnecessary, and Sasuke deserved better, he shouldn’t have to be unhappy away from his family for the greater good, this shit should be over since 699, he shouldn’t have to be like Itachi sacrificing love for protecting them but here we have this panel “you and i are very precious to your dad….that’s exactly why he can’t come home” it’s not like Sasuke is just out traveling for the sake of it or just off and about, he is doing to to protect the people he loves, he is doing this for Sakura and Sarada, and that’s what I’m also guessing Kishi will make Sarada understand, Boruto and Sarada were meant to bond because of their dads not being around a lot, this isn’t new, i don’t like that Kishi made Sasuke have to leave his family when he doesn’t want to but like i said it’s not Sasuke who wants to.


Sasuke is not a bad father, he is doing this for them and he raised her with Sakura for a few years too until the Kaguya threat became apparent but yes I hope he settles this in Gaiden and moves on to the Boruto/Naruto part of it in the film.

The latest homestuck update is kind of important, I think, because while Vriska is being incredibly horrible and over the top, she actually does have a point?

The reason she’s angry is in part because alternate Vriska has totally deserted the principles that she always held, especially her drive. Vriska has always been apretty terrible person, but she’s a very driven, ambitious person and when that is channelled constructively towards the greater good, it is really powerful. Likewise, when not channelled constructively, it causes a lot of problems as she diverts that drive towards what /she/ thinks is constructive and really hurts people, see: Tavros.

What I think is the main reason, though, is that Meenah has essentially groomed alternate Vriska into someone that she finds more acceptable, and alternate Vriska has just sort of let that happen. We can draw a lot of parallels to Vriska’s (unsuccessful) attempt to do basically the same thing to Tavros.

Not to mention that Meenah is very much an allegory for Tumblr culture. Read into /that/ how you will.

Anyway, that’s why I feel like this update is kind of a big deal.

there’s a lot of smoke
and it smells
it’s hard to remember not to breathe in
when the smoke dances through the air
silver-grey like rain clouds
of which we have no shortage
i kind of know what i’m doing
mostly i just do but
i call it philosophy
after burning myself for the umpteenth time
say we’re destroying so others can create
turning frayed ends into black lava
so that thirteen kids can make
twenty-six sandals
the pencil is our martyr
collecting sharp points and jagged edges
a plastic armor that renders it useless
we sacrifice its purpose for our greater good
there must be some metaphor for the throb in my thumb
as i use the lighter
there has to be a reason i am here
in this room
in this town
on this earth

it’s melted
dripping onto my shoe
burning hot and incomprehensible

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Some OC questions :) I'll ask for 11, 20, 28 and 46 AHAH.

Yayyay merci <3

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”? Nate. Nate is the absolute sunshine of my life. He’s the sweetest cutiepie and finds something good in everything and is just so, so, so optimistic and happy and hopeful and he wants to make everyone happy too and he cares deeply about everyone he meets and he’s just such a sweetheart. I always picture him with this big goofy smile on his face and it’s hard not to smile too when I think about him.

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)? I‘ve got Tristan and Bones, who are both pretty good singers. Tristan’s voice is higher than Bones, and I think he also has a greater range? while Bones has a really deep voice and can’t really go that high. Tristan would like to cover mostly pop songs, and Bones is more rock (although he doesn’t mind singing pop songs). They both play piano while singing, and Bones also sometimes play guitar. Bones usually doesn’t sing without any instruments when he performs but Tristan doesn’t mind singing all by himself. Bones is most likely to sing in the shower and he’s always humming some song he heard on the radio, while Tristan only sings when he’s practicing stuff or performing for something. So yeah, that sums it up I think haha.

28. Your most dangerous OC? My RP OCs aren’t really dangerous since I usually put them in ordinary situations and they’re pretty much all normal. But if I had to pick one, I’d say Tristan…? because he can be pretty vicious and won’t show any remorse for what he does. But then, it’s only in special AUs. And if I have to pick from my other OCs from this giant story I’m writing, then I’d say Mitesh is a really, really mean dude. And Tomo can be pretty fucking reckless too. But Tomo will only be violent if someone is threatening his loved ones, while Mitesh can pretty much turn into full-on psycho-mode in a matter of seconds, just because. So yeah, Mitesh wins this one.

46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly? Never. Maybe once. Okay, yes. I tend to write a lot of angst and I have no problem killing off any of my OCs. Death fics are my thing. Also, my OCs tend to be suicidal/have depression/anxiety and awesome stuff like that so… But I’m getting better at imagining them happy and I haven’t written any death fics in awhile so I’d say I’m treating them better than ever right now.

Merci pour les questions Ché <3

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[I’m just wondering why she would do such a thing? I mean, she’s a creepy bitch and all but she practically raised Sparrow. I can’t imagine her hating them enough to hurt their children. Unless she needed to for the right version of the future?]

{ -I’ve always saw it as her doing things to make sure that she was able to benefit from it in some way. From what I remember, she’s never really done anything for the greater good of all, it benefiting every one else was just a byproduct of her getting the Spire. But, I could be wrong, I haven’t played Fable 2 since I first started this blog tbh. ]

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people treat me like an idiot but idk. honestly? they might be right.

they aren’t. 

whether you’re talking about academic skills, social skills, comprehension skills, or anything else, your value/worth isnt determined by them. nobody has the right to make you feel like you’re lesser of a person just because you dont catch on as quickly as they do or arent as adept at something. its an ableist concept to think that intelligence and ability makes a person greater or more worthy; you are a human being who exists and who loves and who produces and consumes and therefore you’re worthy of life and youre perfectly good. if you arent good at what they are, whatever. there are many things you crush that they can’t, i’m sure. don’t let peoples’ attitudes bring you down or doubt yourself. no matter what, you’re perfectly enough.

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Sin: Pride. For me that fits you because it sometimes seems like you know best, even over others, and manipulate strings and people for the 'greater good'. But you're the one deciding what that greater good is. Virtue: Diligence. Even when the odds are against you, you don't give up. It's not just because you can't. You don't want to. You believe in what you're doing and the people you're trying to protect. That it's worth doing.

If that makes me prideful, then so be it. I do know what’s best. I’m the only one with the vision - literal and figurative - to have a chance of knowing.

As for the rest, well. I certainly can’t say I’d argue with that~.

My Theories

I’m in a coma.
And they’re debating on what they should do with me.
I’ve been comatose for over three thousand years.
They’re monitoring how I’m doing through their brain scans.
They’re watching me in my comatose state like they’re gods in this world.
But really,
I am the god.
They’re trying to kill me here so I can’t wake up and strike them down.
They don’t believe in violence.
And at the same time they believe they should do what’s right for the greater good.
Some feel they shouldn’t kill me because I might be easier on them when I wake up and thank them and we’d have a huge party.
I’m not the god of this reality.
I’m just an insignificant human,
Who couldn’t even save a little girl.
They are the real gods here.
They choose life or death for me.
I don’t have coma powers.
I am the chosen one but I’m not supposed to know this so now if they find out they’re gonna kill me.
Also why am I telling you this you could be one of them?
I don’t have chosen one powers at the moment.
Sometimes I’m psychic but not right now, only for minimal things.
I’m not sure who’s in the group, they’re either quite good at acting or they’re invisible.
4 years and everything will change.
Obama might be the instigator.
Sweet, I like Obama.
I just need to find my driver, and then I’ll have a helicopter.
My driver should be educated enough to drive or fly anything.
These contraptions in this world are kindergarten compared to the other world.
You also didn’t know any of this until I explained it to you, they should know all of this by now.
Do you know how to drive an intergalactic spaceship?
Don’t worry it’s all real.
Just not this.

On another note, to protect yourself from being abducted by aliens, wear shoes with rubber soles. They use electrical currents to abduct.
I hope you have a good day! ^-^

The first way to overcome approval addiction is to be gentle with yourself. Wanting to feel connected with others is normal. It’s only an issue when it’s imbalanced with other priorities like having boundaries. What approval addicts are often missing is self-approval. We all have an inner critic that says things like, “You’re not good enough. You’re nothing compared to these people around you. If you give yourself approval, you’re being selfish.” You can’t get rid of this voice. What you can do is choose whether or not to buy into it or something greater. You also have a part of yourself that says, “You’re worthy. You’re good enough. You’re just as valuable as anyone else.” The question becomes: “Which voice do I choose to align to?” This often means asking yourself questions like, “Can I give myself some approval right now? What is something I appreciate about myself?” The next step is to then be willing to actually allow yourself to receive that approval. To break approval addiction, remember to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. In much the same way, you can overcome approval addiction by equally valuing other important things, such as your need for significance and control. While wanting to control things can be taken too far just like wanting approval, it is the Yang to approval-seeking’s Yin. Both are necessary for balance. Questions that typically help me are: “Do I want other people’s opinions to have power over me? Would I rather let this person control me or maintain control over my own life?”


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My faith will always make sense of things that seems weird. For instance the fact that my God heals the sick, He raises the dead, He restores the broken. Need I go on? I can because my faith sees what my eyes just can’t see. My faith see fully the goodness of God! I wasn’t born just to do things, I was born to do greater things. I was born to be amazing! I was born to just not reflect the goodness of God but to shine it because He lives in me. The one that heals the sick, raise the dead, I will also do that and even more because of His great love for me! He sees what I don’t see. He sees greatness!
John 14:12-14
“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it”.

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Hey, no, its all good, no life is being ruined! I'm too far gone from the self-injury thing to ever get back into it. It kind of a just-in-case sorta thing. But I've been through all the sadness that comes with depression, and I get what it's like to harm yourself to make you feel better. And I promise, you can fight it. You can do bigger and greater things in your life. Everything will work out for the best- but only if you want it to. Only if you have the will to fight it and make a change.

but I need you to stay safe. please. please. please

This #life #quote is from my own personal vault of life experience - it is my #hope that it will #inspire those who read it to know that you are #Stronger than you ever imagined.

I don’t know what you are going through right now, I also don’t know to what degree your #faith has been tried – but here is what I do know - for sure -hold fast, don’t you dare give up, nor give in, this here that you’re going through is shaping, molding, and preparing you for Greater!

No, it doesn’t feel good, no, you didn’t ask for this. Why you, you ask? Because you were the most qualified to handle such a test of this magnitude!

What I can share with you is if you just hold on, the #blessings will overtake you and you will understand it better, by and by.

I do not know who this post is for but if it’s you - be #Encouraged!

#wordsofwisdom #prayer #prayerlife #prayers #Bible #Jesus #apostolic
#like4like #quoteoftheday #thisismystory #lifequotes

While everyone post how their heart is so happy for the news this morning, my heart breaks 💔 knowing that more people are encouraged to step away from Gods’ original plan for creation- just man & woman. The original plan that He called “very good.” But I can only respond just like what everyone is saying- LOVE WINS

My love for people will triumph over the differences I have because Christ’s love is greater. Christ’ love is so great that He lets us choose who to love even though it’s not Him. So I have no right to force who people should or shouldn’t love.
So I will choose to love everyone regardless of our differences. Christ loves and forgives me of all my shame so I have to do the same… #ifyouhateme #illstillloveyou #lovewins❤️

Music Moves Me

Music adds color to a dull and grey life.  The two things that make feel the most emotion are good music and dancing.  Of course, when I vigorously dance to a great piece of music it brings me to even greater emotion.  It doesn’t matter what genre of music one makes, if one is good enough an artist they will elicit emotion in their listeners.  

Simply put, though, if you are good enough in your field you will reach a point when whatever you do becomes art.  Just like musicians, and painters, and sculptors can make something beautiful, so can others.  Lawyers, surgeons, and accountants have a pinnacle as well.  If you are a lawyer, you can build a case so solidly that even your fiercest rival feels admiration for your skill.  If you are a surgeon, you can create a technique so simple and elegant that not only is your patient’s life saved, but many others after that. If you are an accountant, you can create a process so efficient and effective that it revolutionizes how businesses operate.  Ultimately, every field has a game changer; if you are inspired enough, you can create history.

Some things are near to perfection, but cannot make me feel a thing.  Some things have much room for improvement, but still make me feel alive.  None of these things will move me, or make me move, like music.  When I hear good music, it is impossible for me to stay still.  Music and dance; with these things, I feel truly alive.    

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Oh ha, I got an honorary mention! I too enjoy the analyzing sessions. I'm happy to help the creative writing process! I do what I can for the greater good. I too have to go back and look at old chapters just to not sound crazy in my ramblings. Mostly because the story is so full I have to confirm if my memory recalls things correctly. Ironically, I'm an English major which just made me hone/expand my speculative/interpreting process when reading into things I *actually* enjoy reading. Haha - GoF

Oh awesome, I’m in school too! I once took a Story Development class, which I suppose is what helped me figure out where I wanted this series to go, as well as shaping the character’s motivations and letting that carry the story. 

(One of the most helpful things I learned in that class was that every story needs a protagonist that desperately wants something, whether they know it or not, and then throughout their journey, it’s my job to add little (or big) obstacles to get in their way, which I suppose is to either strengthen the character, or to see how strong they already are. 

These so-called obstacles can therefore be created by an antagonist, someone who doesn’t want the pro to succeed, or plot twist, the pro can be its own enemy, thus messing shit up for themselves. I’d say both Rachel and Santana fit into that category pretty well.)

But anyway, I’m probably preaching to the choir. You’re an English major, after all ;).

Technology is always better when it enhances the human element instead of erasing it

This insightful phrase is from a piece about the future of streaming music from Dave Pell who writes a fascinating internet newsletter. 

There is always the temptation to think technology is the answer to all our problems but that’s a bit like thinking efficiency is the answer to greater profitability. It’s part of the solution but it’s no silver bullet. I think the attempt to remove the variable human elements is a short sighted one. One probably that has more to do with control than anything else.

The human element is what creates unexpected connections and takes us to unexplored areas. The human element is what gets 1 + 1 to equal 3 (in a good way). Just as when judging an innovative idea you should ask not only can we do ti, but should we do it? Technology is not just about feasibility, it’s about usability and likability. Its about helping us be better managers rather than just better monitors.

I recently had a innovation project fall over, I scratched my head for many days afterwards trying to work out why. For months we had been testing assumptions and refining prototypes with customers, we had senior managements buy in, dealt numerous deal killers and the project was actually gaining momentum as more an more people saw how this project would impact the business. But then when the idea was shown to the full sales team, the muttering and awkward looks started and soon turned into open rebellion. 

No answer I heard seemed to really explain why. Then I read Dave Pell’s article. Technology is always better when it enhances the human element instead of removing it. The idea was the hero not the sales rep, I had turned them into a glorified delivery boy/girl. The project had not enhanced what they did, it had tried to minimise it.

Innovation is a fickle beast but luckily one that isn’t fatal and always has something to teach. 

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27, 28, 29, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

  • 27:Worst sexual idea you ever had: I honestly don’t know..
  • 28:How much fapping is too much fapping: no such thing.
  • 29:Best sexual complement you ever got: I’ve had many, been told i’m good and tight the most.
  • 32:Fill in the blank: “If they ______, we are fuckin”: are winning? 
  • 33:What your favorite part of your body: my Ass
  • 35:Love (> < or =) Sex For those of us who don’t remember our math thats “greater than, less than, or equal to] I have never felt love so i can’t answer.
  • 36:What do you wear to bed? usually just a tshirt or jumper if i’m cold
  • 37:When was the first time you masturbated: i think i was maybe 11-12, i don’t remember.
  • 38:Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself? no, i don’t save them from snapchat…
  • 39:Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside? i think its been six months ish
  • 40:Have/would you ever have sex outside? yes and yes
  • 41:Have/would you ever had a threesome? never have, but i would