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what kind of leaders would hiccup and toothless be according to their personalities, how would be hiccups style of leading and how would be toothless s style?

Though Hiccup and Toothless have yet to fully grow into themselves and become full leaders of human and dragon, they honestly have done a lot of leadership actions already. From events in How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and every season of the television series, we can have a good idea of what sorts of leaders Hiccup and Toothless are.

This is a condensed analysis; I really could expand upon it and look at the topic of leadership in greater depth especially since I have a Minor in Leadership and have had to do leadership analyses with academic theory a lot. But I hope this is a good start, and if people would like more details, message me!

Hiccup as a Leader

Hiccup is not someone who thinks of himself as a leader, especially not in HTTYD when he is just a teenager in a dragon-fighting society. However, by the end of How to Train Your Dragon, he clearly takes charge. Hiccup leads himself and all of the teenagers out to Dragon Island on the backs of dragons. While it is a group effort, every single teenager contributing as best they can, it is Hiccup who is delegating who does what. He asks Fishlegs to give an analysis on the Red Death’s strengths so they know how to attack it. Then he tells them to keep it busy while he gets Toothless. And once he gets Toothless, they all look to him about what to do next. This is the first clear time we see Hiccup leading, but he is already doing it notably well.

After the events of How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup is no longer a scorned nobody, but a celebrated hero remembered for being the “dragon boy” of Berk. People start expecting him to handle dragon matters, seen pretty clearly in Gift of the Night Fury when the entire village mobs him with questions about why the dragons are flying away. Hiccup has become the authority on all things dragon, and because much of village life is about dragons now, he takes on increasing leadership.

Hiccup always takes on leadership when he believes it is needed. He does not even question whether or not it should be done; in typical impulse-style Hiccup fashion, he just takes it upon himself to finish things. He does it subconsciously a lot of the time rather than consciously. When it is conscious, it is with the desire to do something he feels needs to be done - kill the Red Death, start the Dragon Academy and get dragon life in order, or give peace talks to Drago in HTTYD 2. When Hiccup leads, it is because he legitimately desires to “get the thing done.” 

This translates into a very clearly defined leadership style. Hiccup uses all the tools in the toolkit to get the task he wants done as pragmatically and efficiently as possible. One of the biggest resources to accomplishing a task is human resources, and we see that Hiccup is a leader who logically delegates everyone according to appropriate tasks. He does this over and over and over and over again in the television series. Hiccup simply tells everyone what to do and expects them to do it. And the thing is… because Hiccup has such good ideas… people do it.

I think my favorite instance of Hiccup going into “leadership mode” assigning people tasks is in “Crushing It.” Right when Stoick is about to give people a plan of action, Hiccup steps in. He does not even realize he is cutting his dad off; he just is doing what he is always doing. He goes right up to the group and straight-out says, “Astrid, you search the eastern coast line. Ruff, Tuff, you have the west. My father and I will take the middle of the island. Fishlegs and Snotlout, you take care of Gobber and keep fixing the base.”

The thing is, Hiccup always acts like a leader to the dragon gang. He is almost invariably in some sort of leadership mindset, even though he does not realize it. And everyone treats him as the leader without question. Right after Snotlout gives his instructions in “Crushing It,” Snotlout whines, “Why do I have to stay behind?” Snotlout is not challenging Hiccup’s authority - he recognizes it exists - but he is just complaining about the instruction Hiccup gives him. He wants the authority to give him the go to do something else. Good Odin, Snotlout does not even look to Stoick at all in this scene for leadership - he and everyone else just talks and listens to Hiccup!

So Hiccup is a leader that people listen to because he’s the one with ideas, and because, frankly, he has come to expect people to listen to him. Even when Ruffnut and Tuffnut are officially dubbed the leaders of the island, everyone turns to Hiccup for what to do about it. The twins become the legal authority, but Hiccup is the authority in presence, personality, and mind.

Hiccup is also a no-nonsense leader. He does not focus on emotional ties of the group members as much as just pragmatically getting the situation done. For this reason, we see Hiccup calling out Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Snotlout a lot in the television series for goofing off. Hiccup does not like people distracting them from the task at hand, and wants them to focus on what needs to be done. What he needs done.

Hiccup does still listen to people and considerately listen to other peoples’ contributions to ideas. He does it very well. He listens to peoples’ ideas and either incorporates them into his plan or says they will not work. But while Hiccup is a leader who listens to other ideas, he frankly is not a communal leader. He takes on all stages of getting things done and controls a lot of how a plan goes into action. He is the one who comes up with a lot of the brainstorming, he is the one who decides how the plan goes after everyone brainstorms, he delegates people with what to do without even telling them why sometimes, and he assigns himself the most challenging aspects of a plan. Hiccup is a leader that uses others as an extension of his arms and legs. He does it efficiently, he does it well, and he does it to get things done.

Hiccup might not think he is much of a leader because his leading style is very different from Stoick’s. But Hiccup is a leader almost every day of his life from the time he is fifteen.

I think he will grow a lot in How to Train Your Dragon 3 regarding leadership. I think he will be a bit of a timid and uncertain chief, not sure what to do with the title. He is not accustomed to official authority over everybody, and he is not accustomed to being a leader for everything. All his leadership actions in the past have been over very specific tasks: things he has wanted to do with dragons, or things he has felt he has needed to do because of the pressing situation at hand. As a chief, he will have to expand himself and pay heed to many more kinds of problems. He also will not have to rely on himself as much to solve and execute every problem. How this leadership growth occurs and how this results in a much more mature, balanced leader will be interesting to see in HTTYD 3. But I suspect it will have to improve in some of the ways I have already mentioned: confidence, increased tasks to focus on, and learning he cannot do everything himself. But once he realizes that being a leader is not about giving speeches, and realizes he can be a sympathetic figurehead and voice for the people… then he really can be a magnificent leader indeed.

Good Odin, I could really talk about this guy’s leadership for eternity… but I think I will have to cut myself off. For now at least. :) Later, I might actually pull him out as a leadership theory case study.

Toothless as a Leader

I do not have as much to say about Toothless, but he is just as much of a leader as Hiccup is… just in a different way. Toothless is a less forthcoming leader. He is more of a community leader than Hiccup is. While Hiccup assigns tasks in a straightforward manner and simply assumes people will follow him and his logic, Toothless is more about pulling his weight in a shared system. Toothless is always working with others to accomplish goals, and he tends to make sure at least Hiccup is on board with him for what he wants to do. In How to Train Your Dragon, he gestures for Hiccup to get in the saddle so they can fight the Red Death. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, he fights the Bewilderbeast with all of Berk’s dragons behind him supporting him. And when he does other missions throughout the television series, he is cooperating with the other dragons. He might be at the front of some ideas and might be the one who starts the initiative, but Toothless works together as a part of his leadership style. Toothless does not command; he operates within a herd who all have the same goal and mission.

But Toothless does share some similarities to Hiccup in leadership. He only does it when he thinks it is needed. And frankly, most of the times he thinks it is needed is because Hiccup thinks it is needed or because Hiccup is in trouble. But the point of the matter is, Toothless does not take charge unless it is a pressing matter like defeating the Red Death or the Bewilderbeast.

I imagine Toothless will probably be a more hands-off leader in How to Train Your Dragon 3. He will let the dragons do their thing with less supervision than Hiccup will as Hooligan chief. That sort of community-based, socially aware leader is probably what the dragons need. Toothless might feel a little awkward or cumbersome giving direct commands and having the dragons do things that need to get done. He probably will have to do that in HTTYD 3 at least once. Like when the dragons disappear. That might all be him saying they need to.

so, class. i’m your new math teacher but there’s something i want to share with you first that i think will help u in life if u let it. the other day after buying groceries i dropped a nickel. as i was bending down to pick up this dropped nickel i thought to myself, ‘do i truly need this nickel? what if it dropped for a reason? should i leave it here for someone else?’ and i decided yes. this is called a small act of kindness. u see, im super generous and i gave up something of mine up for the greater good. i honestly think u could all learn from this. plus it landed heads up which means i just gave some stranger good luck too. can u believe?

guess which sign im being

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Hi I'm an ambivert and I kinda don't really know what my mbti really is. I'm classified as a intj but some people agree with it thoroughly and others don't agree at all. I'm not sure what I think, do you have any thoughts?

ambiverts don’t exist in terms of myers-briggs theory.  if you mean the general term “ambivert”, nearly everyone alive would be one.  all people occasionally enjoy spending time with others just as they occasionally enjoy spending time alone.  

INTJ is one of the types people most commonly get mistyped as.  beyond that, the best advice i can offer you is to always question yourself and your type.  it’s a good habit to have and can lead to greater insight about yourself and the world.

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Will definitely be on the look out for when you reopen commissions. Can we still gush about our OCs? I absolutely love reading about all the Wardens and Hawkes that people have sent you. My Warden's name is Revi, she had a crusty, salty exterior but would be a total hero on the down-low. Like sending everyone ahead so no one would see her put a baby bird back in its nest, or trying to find the middle ground/best option no matter what, and moving past her hatred of humans for the greater good.

Of course! I’m always ready to hear about OCs!!!

Oh my goodness though… big toughy tough who’s a secret softie… I love.. I can just imagine that everyone in the group has seen her doing one of those acts of kindness when she thought no one was looking and they all compare notes about it like ‘dude, alistair, I just saw Revi help a kitten out of a tree.. it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.. I think she even smiled..’ ‘okay.. that sounds fake but.. okay..’

Anyway she sounds so cool.. (๑✧◡✧๑)   

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Hi! I just wanted to say to that anonn that how absurd and wrong is that comment? Is Allah so small that he literally punishes a country for a few people showing skin? People do much worse things around the world and that is what Allah is concentrating on?

That Anon has such a small brain and limited thinking. I don’t understand people who think and comment like thatttt. Like aren’t there greater issues in the world than how much skin someone is showing? Are you a perfect Muslim or human being that you can judge others? Are you God’s representative? And if you’re such a good Muslim, why are you on an entertainment/celebrity blog in the first place? Go watch QTV. Who are you to judge someone’s religion and ethics?

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Larries take disrespect to a another level. they disrespect the boys they disrespect their family,friends, brianna(if that's her name, sorry if im wrong) they most likely will disrespect the baby. They think they know Harry and Louis then their own mothers. im so over them. I wish Larry was never a thing in the first place.

(It’s Briana, but no problem!) I agree with you, though. They are ridiculously disrespectful to all those people, and then simply act like their disrespect is justified by the fact that “they just know”. Thing is, they don’t. They have no idea who any of these people are, none of us do, yet they pretend that they can be as disrespectful as it gets because they’re fighting for the greater good - a battle not only no one asked them to fight, but actually have been telling them is non-existent for years. And if this is true, what they are doing to Louis and Briana is absolutely disgusting. Instead of taking this opportunity to realize that maybe they have crossed the line by a mile, they are only making matters worse.

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I hate when people say that Draco was the boy who had choice and are overly sympathetic towards him. I know plenty of people who come from bigoted families who are kind and can think for themselves, and Draco was an awful bully the whole series.

I totally get what you’re saying. Draco honestly did have a choice. Even though I do love him, that part still remains true. It just shows that his loyalties are with his family over doing what is right for the greater good. That’s just the difference between a Slytherin and Gryffindor primary. 

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What do you do when you start feeling spiritually superior? I have an arrogant attitude and sometimes I scoff at other people because they believe different things than I do. I start thinking that I'm much more closer to figuring things out than they are and I can't help but judge them for that. It's a weird thing because I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be arrogant. I know that I am very ignorant also. Yet arrogance just comes out like something part of my personality. What do?

Feeling spiritually superior is the antithesis of spirituality itself. They are opposites. Superiority implies two while spirituality is one. Know that the greater sense of superiority that you feel, the further off you are from the truth of this Oneness. It’s good that you’re confronting you’re arrogance and feelings of superiority. This is a step in the right direction. The more that you give in to arrogance, the more you separate yourself and fall into the illusion of the mind. Don’t let it take you. It’s just a distraction. You’re not divided. You’re One with all that is and so is everyone else. Some know it and some don’t but thinking you’re closer than everyone else just reveals that you’re further than everyone else. Also, be aware of any kind of subtle arrogance such as, “I feel that we are all close to figuring things out…and that makes me better.” It can be slippery but you have the power to catch it every time and observe its falseness. 

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Audition in a few days: if the musical is a Jason Robert Brown musical, is it okay to do a Jason Robert Brown song for the audition, or is that still too complicated for accompanist?

Good question….I’m not sure, honestly.  I mean, you just can’t anticipate what kind of accompanist will be there.  I think there’s a much greater chance that they will be capable, but it is still a bit of a risk.  

I thought I knew, what was right - that what we were doing was for the greater good. that the suffering we went through would make a difference. But I don’t have that anymore.

I don’t understand. I don’t know how to live in this world carry on fighting, if these are the choices… if everything just gets stripped away over, and over, and over again. I don’t see the point.

I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Please, can you give me something to believe in again? Can you give us hope again?

WJMC: Day Four

From Carol Guzy:

“If you’re pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”

“bridge of empathy”

“there is danger in censoring reality”

“Risk for what matters”

“raw honesty”

“what we do still matters”

“Aren’t we all broken in some way?”

“Live with principle. Die in grace.”

“I truly hope there’s a greater purpose to this pain.”

“yet another impending loss”

“Hold on to the values that make you an ethical human being.”

“Just ask.”

“Each story is like a doomed romance.”

“Children suffer from politics they can’t yet understand.”

“Life is full of poetry.”

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It's one minute to eleven and I can't stop thinking about the fuckboy that consumes part of my brain and heart. Everything was going well and then he randomly just stopped talking to me. I wonder what I did wrong but I can't think of anything. I'm not good with being cut off with no explanation.

i feel this sooo much but guess what you didnt do anything wrong and ifs hes going to stop talking to you without no reasoning fuck him and find someone 10x greater

Also, I haven’t burned my brain out from drugs, yet.

I’m really good at math and physics, but what’s the point of working when you have the basics covered and can think and meditate and do whatever you want all day?

Why work in science when fundamentally you have such little say in how the knowledge you discover is applied for the greater good or detriment of all beings?

Why work to support a family if the person you go home to just makes you feel more alone than you did at work?

I really thought there was something meaningful between us, but if there was then she wouldn’t have cut me off with no personal explanation besides “I realized that all along you were just using me for your ego.”

Who the fuck would think that she would in any way benefit my ego? She was never very nice or sweet to me personally. I just like her personality. Women have really been much much nicer to me. 

On the other hand, does she think that somehow me sitting around waiting for scraps of attention from a woman who really is not everyone’s cup of tea, while she takes care of another  man and his kids is something that I think makes me look more admirable in other’s eyes? Definitely not the case for people that I know. I feel pretty pathetic when I talk about it, but I talk about it to survive the damage it can cause.

  • ♦:I'm going to kill her, so she becomes basically immortal.
  • PI:no!
  • HK:I won't be immortal.
  • HK:Just too powerful for my own good.
  • HK:Hell, what can a Muse of Time even do?
  • ♦:Quite a lot, I would guess.
  • HK:Let me make a list: Start shit, start shit, and.. start shit.
  • HK:A big fuckin' long list of starting shit.
  • HK:Which is already what I'm doing.
  • ♦:To be fair, you're basically able to control everything.
  • HK:I guess some manipulation is somewhere in this but.
  • HK:Isn't that part of starting said shit?
  • ♦:Perhaps so. But you can start shit on a greater scale.
  • ♦:And if "shit" is saving your universe...
  • HK:Shit is many things.
  • ♦:It will be worth it.
  • ♦:For a start...
  • HK:I will go back in time and fuck up /your/ shit, Droog.
Real Christianity

Real Christianity - what is it? I have been thinking a bit about what it means to be a real Christian. Is it something I can define, figure out, aspire to? Have I been one giant faker my “whole” life or does Real Christianity simply define the journey I am on to know God?

Do I really want to know God? Do I really care about what God wants for me, or has my Christianity been a pursuit of my own glory? I believe in the truth of what I have been taught, but how has it changed me? Have I allowed it to change me?

Or am I just like an agnostic? That is, I believe there is a greater good, a larger force, but I deny that belief to really have an impact on how I live my life?

I’m having a crisis of faith. Not because I don’t believe in God, or what his Son Jesus did on the cross for me, but because I see a lack of willingness in my life to truly let God change me. The Bible says “you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart” Jeremiah 29:13. But I have found that my heart is not wholly given to God.

I remember being a young girl, about 8 or 9, when the pastor of the church I grew up in gave a sermon about hungering and thirsting for righteousness (Matthew 5:6). I was alarmed because I did not feel this way. Like any little do-gooder, I made an appointment to speak with the pastor. He listened to my story with a fatherly concern and then explained to me that it wasn’t as hopeless as I first thought. The simple fact that I knew that I wanted to hunger and thirst for righteousness meant I was well on my way to achieving a heart-felt desire for God.

When you have no choice but to make things work

I guess this is kinda going to be a rant, so here it goes.

I know what it takes to do well and to get good grades, but how am I supposed to translate this to others around me as well? How am I supposed to get into their brains that doing the minimum is not enough and that will not even get us a decent grade. It is not as simple as completing the CA and not going the extra mile to be better and greater than the peers.

What can I do to put it in their brains that just this will not get us anywhere? I am definitely stuck in a hole, a deep hole and climbing out is the only way to solve this issue. I want to be able to work with people that get me and have the same level of motivation and goal for us to be able to excel. Not with those that just want to get things over and done with thinking that good grades will just fall magically in place. Well, that is not how things work. 

I guess for me, I have worked really hard to get where I am today but I still want to be better. Every semester, I strive to do even better and better. Pushing myself to the limits and trying to get the best experience I can get. Why is this so hard for others to understand. The frustration has definitely gotten to me in the last few months, I just want to surround myself with hard workers that will go to all ends to get something done and done well.

I realised a lot in these past months, some of which are good and some of which are bad. But at the end of the day, don’t we all have the same goal which is to do well? 

I don’t know where this ramble is getting but I will stop now.

Wednesday Morning Blues

I feel the universe trying to pull me into life changing, mind altering, fate determining events and I just haven’t been ready to actually face any of them. I think for the last few weeks I have wanted to do nothing more than shut down and avoid whatever change I possible could because I knew I’m not ready for what life is throwing at me. You can say I’m fearful. I am usually a person that strongly embraces change. I usually welcome change with wide open arms. I look forward to change. Change was always a good thing for me. Change meant that things would become new and exciting, that life wouldn’t get too dull or boring. That something even greater could be coming my way.


I’m a little afraid. My life is about to change in a way that is so vast and unimaginable I’m not even sure I know how to handle it all (if my body even has the capacity to do so). I think through all of this – the emotional roller coasters, the preparations, the miscellaneous activities I’m performing on a daily basis to clear my head – I have managed to completely ignore and neglect how serious my life is going to change. And a part of the reason I was probably pushing things out of my head was probably due to my fear of what’s happening to me.

Yesterday I had an emotional day (and on my 22nd birthday which I had all but forgot was even yesterday), and I just couldn’t place the feeling nor could I get rid of it. This morning the feeling was gone, I felt pretty good (despite my choice to sleep on the floor with my boyfriend while I’m seven and a half months pregnant) and I felt like today could be a good day. Well things changed, or should I say things happened … (although he’s still asleep, so I managed to pretty much ruin my day on my own) … and now I’m backing to being as emotional and uncomfortable as I was yesterday. Now I can’t help the feeling that I have. I can’t seem to get rid of it. This is probably why I find myself venting on a Wednesday morning when I should be getting ready to go have my braces taken off. (Yes, I am 22 and still have my braces in).

And to top everything off to yesterday my father didn’t even call me to tell me Happy Birthday. I guess it didn’t matter too much. It turned out to be a regular, average day. Nothing special happened. Not that I expected it to but there’s still always that longing and hoping right ? ?

Well I should probably go on with the rest of my day. I need to stop glaring at my boyfriend and wake him up so we can go to this appointment….

what the heck am I supposed to do?

I don’t get why I’m laying here sick to my stomach when all I ever wanted to do is stop feeling these feelings..hoping you’ll walk through any door and save me…I’m crazy for the wrong guys, the ones I love are either distant or just awkwardly not present in my life. Idk what to say or do. I just have ghetto dreams, and wonder if I ever be good enough for anyone. I can’t believe I survived Ramadan, why am I here Allah, a greater purpose .. I complete 3/5 prayers and feel the worst that I’ve ever felt. I’m harmless to others yet, I know I’ve caused heartbreak at times. I’m a deadly weapon, but I drive myself crazy when you don’t even think about me.. my sense tell me that, maybe you don’t reach out in fear I’ll keep distancing myself, that’s not the case. I sat for Iftar with men I was supposed to marry. Never ended going down that path. I want to one, day. I need to do better .. one day, I hate feeling this Way..it’s eating me away. I’m trying to succeed, I have the energy but I’m weak …as hell. I’m tired of my memories turning into my biggest enemies, should I allow people to feel what I feel? Don’t want to hurt others, they can’t bare my pain. It’s too much, they’ll lose it. Like I did, but I’m here stronger. I need to get my wins up.

That’s all I care about.

It’s all in my mind. I need to pray harder.


Verse of the Day - Eclesiastes 12:1

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them.” — Eclesiastes 12:1

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

When we are young and have so many things to do, many things can distract us from what is important. We must let the Lord gather our passions under his grace in those early days of excitement and frenetic joy so we can be used for God’s greater good. For most of us, age brings a crescendo of limitations of one kind or another. This doesn’t mean life has to be bad, just that we had better put our priorities in order. Hopefully we learned the lessons of faith in our youth so that we have the maturity and wisdom to be mentors, examples, and counselors for those who come after us on the path.

My Prayer…

Holy God, I pray for the youth of your Church. Give them passion and joy as they find you and follow Jesus. May their faith be real, vibrant, joyous, and triumphant! Give them a sense of your glory. Sustain them through their later years with a deep assurance of your presence, victory, and grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Overheard someone talking about their political viewpoint.

“I mean liberals can be just as obstinate as the conservatives. I’ve encountered many liberals who are like ‘if you don’t believe in social equality YOU’RE WRONG and I WON’T listen to your opposing viewpoint.’”

Dude - that’s the point. Social equality - if you are against social equality - YOU ARE WRONG. that’s not being obstinate - that’s knowing what’s right. That serving the greater good is more important that your own interests. 

Now I do know obstinate people with all sorts of political mindsets - but you can’t say liberals are obstinate because they refuse to allow opinions that go against social equality.