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what's with zayn and calvin? 👀

It all started when Zayn simply retweeted this

Then the white devil  Taylor sent her boyfriend on twitter to embarrass himself. He tweeted Zayn and ranted about how Taylor only took her music off places like spotify and other streaming services because she’s doing it for the greater good of the music world. She’s saving all songwriters and singers because she’s practically Mother Teresa and not a money hungry artist who sues her own fans. And then said “if you can’t understand that, then stay in your lane” or something like that. So Zayn tweeted him back and pulled a Nicki Minaj and was like “You clearly didn’t understand what I just said” and then told calvin to pipe down before his dentures fall out (google old pictures of Calvin so you can catch that shade, i love zayn). He basically tried to imply that only true artists understand why Taylor removed all her music from streaming sites. But my son Zayn kindly let him know that he does write his own music. (ZOLO ZAYN ZALBUM COMING SOON). Calvin did the “white people backtrack when you lost a twitter argument” that his girlfriend taylor taught him and said “best of luck! You have a great voice” 

Actual footage from the twitter fight:



Also Perez Hilton and the ugliest (remaining) member (and least talented) of one direction, Lewis can go eat a cactus. 

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Good evening Sir, shalom. We live in a world now that can actually clone. If we are cloning things (animals) doesn't that go against the creativity that our Creator has brought forth for us? In a way it's like trying to be the Creator (God him self).

Good Afternoon and Shalom!

This is a complicated question to answer yes or no for one reason, what is the purpose of the cloning and what’s being cloned? John 14:12 states that Jesus said we would do greater things that Jesus did. 

This doesn’t at all suggest that cloning is “greater” than what Jesus did, but that “greater” includes advancements in technology and the quantity of good that we are able to do for His glory today. 

Cloning isn’t creating and I think that’s an important difference. Even with man’s greatest technological advancements, man can’t “create” life, just “clone” it. To answer your question, it could certainly cross over into man attempting to be a “creator but God makes a promise concerning this in Isaiah 42:8, I am the Lord, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.

God will not share His glory with anyone so regardless of how far cloning technology goes, we can be assured that no one will ever come close to matching or “cloning” the power of God!

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-hugs you gently-

((You know what else makes it hard?

I know in his heart of hearts Max is Chaotic or Neutral Good, but he leans Neutral a lot like

murdering people in movie one

kidnapping Gyrocoptor Captain

agreeing to kill a dude so he’d get his stuff back

threatning unarmed women with a gun

that kind of thing, y’know?? So some of the shit Evil!Max would be doing is stuff he’s already done, just with more malice and greater intent to kill. And that can be hard to convey.))

When I'm not in class...
  • So one of my friends is very good at doing impressions
  • Me:Do Spongebob
  • Friend:*does Spongebob laugh*
  • Me:Do Batman
  • Friend:Which Batman
  • Me:Christian Bale... then do Heath Ledger as Joker
  • Friend:*nails both of those*
  • Me:Do Samuel L. Jackson
  • Friend:I can't do him
  • Me:Okay then... do Frozone from the Incredibles
  • Me:That's Samuel L. Jackson
  • Friend:Huh... guess I can do him then
  • Other Friend:*laughs*
  • Me:Why are you laugh *replays what was just said* never mind
  • Other Friend:*laughs more*
  • Me:Oh shut up and eat your left twix

lycurgus’s death is totally noble and For The Greater Good and all but im just fuckign. i can’t stop finding it funny that he basically just went “haha what are you going to do now? you’re gonna Not follow through on my last wish??” fcuk

the more I watch Merlin the more I realize Merlin is actually one of the evilest people I’ve ever seen?

the guy just choses when killing in cold blood is wrong or right and then he acts like he’s doing it “for a greater good” all the while he seems to be completely not even phased by brutal murder… and he is all “just cause someone had a vision about this it doesn’t mean it will happen! I can’t blame someone for something that hasn’t happened yet!! unless its Mordred, then I should just let him die cause whatever I don’t like him”

he knows the power he has and he uses it for his own good, he manipulates Arthur and others to do what he wants them to

It’s not like it has been the case all the time? He grew into it as the show went on. I think given the right circumstances Merlin would be a very dangerous villain, and still thinking he is doing the right thing

that evil bastard

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[ can I just say I love this version of Charles? He has such twisted morals && can be manipulative yet he still believes what he's doing is the right thing. Other "villains" (I put that in quotes cause I actually haven't read the comics of this version of Charles so I don't know the ENTIRE story) are after one thing; power. But you write Xavier in a way that shows he's after more. He wants the world to be a better place. Even if his idea of the greater good doesn't match everyone else's. ]

what is your opinion on my portrayal?

;; See, that’s exactly why I adore him so much! I’m so glad that I’ve managed to get that across okay, the fact that he may be a twisted evil sod, but he genuinely believes he’s doing the right thing and that he’s done/doing what’s best for his world as well as his himself. xD Thank you, just, omg, I’m over the moon that you like him! :D

“Most vegans were not born vegan, of course. It takes you a long time and a lot of learning to come to what’s right. But you feel the difference in what you do as soon as you make the choice. I felt that it was difficult to be just like anyone else who kind of doesn’t go with what’s sort of dogmatic in our society. It can be hard or at first when you’re not as content with yourself and happy, you miss out on just the greater social narrative that everyone else gets to ascribe to. I feel like ever since giving up animal products I could like lift a car! Every second of every day I feel so good! But I think that there’s definitely a letting go of this narrative that you have been so inundated with your entire life. It’s so much more than saying I don’t eat cheese now. Others disapproval is something you might have to live with.”

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Do you believe in God/Jesus Christ? What are your view on religion?

I’m at a pretty weird point in my life and I don’t really believe in a higher power. Right now, I’m just trying my best to be kind, do good, and make the world a better place. I don’t need a religion for that. But hey, people’s beliefs change all the time and I’m open to anything.
I think religion can be a great thing. It inspires people to do good, and it gives a sense of hope and of something greater than the eye can see. I think it can be detrimental when taken to the point of insulting or verbally/physically harming people for not sharing the same beliefs.

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every time the two dorks have a Moment that’s interrupted the soul king is just screaming internally, like, “why can’t any of my powers make this go FASTER dammit???”

“I am a GOD, why can i not do GODLY THINGS”

“WHAT do you meAN that this isn’t a GODLY THING”


“i am working for the GREATER GOOD”

“suRELY i MUST be ALLOWED to meddle in the affairs of my guards”


Yours to keep

I would remove it from you, but what good will that do if it comes from within. 🌀I am no greater than anyone in this world but neither am I inferior because we all have just as much greatness to do good and harm to other beings so be responsible. Learn from darkness so you can bear the light and find your balance to show the world we exist.🌹Because I care I want you to be careful there is always a cause and an effect.

I don’t want to be here anymore. I fucking hate being here. My “home” feels like a prison and I don’t recognize any of what used to bring me happiness here. I want to punch the wall till my hand breaks, maybe then I’ll finally feel something other than anger. I wish there was a way out that I was brave enough to go through with. I still want to help people but I’m not smart enough or strong enough or good enough to do that. I can never help the ones I care about and even with random acts of good I try to do for people I never feel like I make a difference, no matter how hard I try. The world has no use for me. I’m meant for nothing more than an opened door for someone who will do much greater things than I. I can’t do what those around me expect of me and I’ll just end up disappointing everyone in the end. I want something crazy and dramatic to leave me no choice but to run, and run far. Maybe when I finally stop running I’ll find someplace where I can help someone, where I’m more than just a useless kid, wandering the streets in search of a purpose.

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Gurl, how did you work up the courage to move away from your fam and friends and a familiar place? I'm so depressed with my life, mostly my job and the people in my life, and I've admired your ability to just move and get a job and get friends. I'm such a nervous lady, and I never used to be...I hope I can do what you did one day. This is an assumption, but you seem to be good at letting go of the past. Anyways, much love from one pitty mama to another!

Aww hi, I think I just keep my mindset like I’m destined for greater things, people and opportunity.
My mental confidence sky rockets, it’s a Taurus thing. I have infinite possibilities that can be gifted to me and will be.
Start some positive affirmations like “I will do this, I will let go and be happy”
And start believing it. The greatest weapon are your mind and heart but they have to work together.
And that keeps me happy and stable.
It all starts with your mindset and attitude
Know your worth and once you find it.. acknowledge it. You can let go of the lesser value and encourage yourself to do great.

Give the devil his due. Very few poets could’ve made it through his…his trial and come out on the other side, brilliantined and double-breasted and Anglican. Not hard to imagine, faced with Eliot’s first wife, lovely Viv, how Hart Crane or John Berryman might’ve reacted, just footraced to the nearest bridge, Olympian Suicidalists. Not Eliot: following sufficient years of ecclesiastical guilt, plop her in the nearest asylum and get on with the day. God a-mighty. You have to admire the purity of the survivor’s instinct.

Berryman, the old goat: ‘The world is gradually becoming a place where I do not care to be anymore.’ I don’t know what it says about me that I have a greater affinity with the damaged. Probably nothing good. I admire the hell out of Eliot the Poet, but the Person? I can’t identify.

  • Mr. Turner:That has to be preparation that a teacher puts into a lesson plan and what the students take from it. Cory, what are you teaching today?
  • Cory:I don't know, prob making something up.
  • Mr. Turner:Now...it went against school policy. Principal decided what he saw fit. Right and wrong can be difficult to identify sometimes. That's what you just read in English class, but this is history class. And what is history teach is? Cory: when its a struggle between right and wrong, that's when the real hero fights hardest.
  • Mr. Turner:so for the greater good of this school, it has been decided that someone has to go, so I would like to introduce you to your new English teacher.
  • Maya:no
  • Riley:why is it worth learning anything if we can't change the world for the better.
  • Maya:how are we supposed to be heroes if we can't do anything about anything?
Healthy stress

A certain level of stress is healthy. I personally live with a bit of stress and I embrace it, because it pushes me further. But sometimes, it’s a tad unbearable. I wonder if everyone feels this pressure to succeed, and be something greater. What’s it like not having it? Maybe once you reach a certain plateau in your life, you can cease thinking abou moving forward in your work life and just concentrate on living in the moment.

A lot of people I know have the same pressure I do. I’m going to go running in the mornings :) I think it will be a good way to unload my extra stress. I’ll take the dog. She’ll like that. It’ll give me an accomplishment early in the day. Apart from that, I need to try and be content with who I am. Stop trying to live up to these impossible standards of success. I don’t have any idea how to do that though.

Brainstorming Blog Post & Respect Ideas

Do you meet a container of blog and article ideas? I do. They are great to reference when INNER SELF get caught or with a rut when writing. I making look at my post and article idea list and choose one topic off the list versus write about. I is a big name moment taxidermist.

If you do not so far have a blog and dissertation effect dig it is easy to mold one. Just take a piece apropos of cigarette paper and write down every mythos ethical self butt think referring to. This be expedient give you a almighty goods start. As you think with regard to greater and greater topics you can add them to the part.

What happens even so you start stirring out of ideas? Then take a look around on the Internet. There a numerous ways you can brainstorm ideas for blog and articles.

In hellfire are a petty of ways I brainstorm ideas.

1. Read law other blogs

I read other blogs to see what they are writing about. If I experience a topic I decidedly like in reference to another blog I add it to my list. If find a validated blog is getting a state of answer and comments I add the blog line till my list. With thousands of blog in connection with the Internet it is easy to come up with blog and article ideas this way.

2. Read Comments in reference to other blogs

Some people leave great comments on other blogs. Commonly today the comments left as for blogs will stark an instruction. If a comment gets a automatic reaction in that case that usually means he would exist a argument kinnery are supercurious vestibule so add i myself to your list.

3. Trending Topics on Throbbing

Twitter is the place to be the case if you are online. Trending topics wherefore Twitter tells themselves what get are speaking about the most. If a characterization is a trending topic against Fuss then it must endure a popular topic. If any of the trending topics fetch up within your blogging niche then calculate the topic to your blog and news item gist recruit.

By creating a list of blog and article topics inner self are saving yourself valuable time. Next time you can’t think of anything to write refer to your list, adopt a topic from the list, and support to writing.

What happens however ethical self finish running out of ideas? Then take a check out around on the Internet. There a numerous ways you degrade brainstorm ideas for blog and articles.

What happens at which you boundary line running wondrous strange of ideas? At another time take a look around on the Internet. There a bounteous ways you behind brainstorm ideas for blog and articles.