You know what? I get it. I get why Sentinel has made it so far.

The Autobot machine exists to serve and reassure itself of its superiority. Ultra Magnus had told OP that he wasn’t hero material… but clearly their definition of hero is different from “person who does what is right even when it’s hard” etc. I think what Magnus wanted to see was an unquestioning, loyal bot… just look at Omega Supreme! Their ideal soldier/weapon is someone who can hardly think for themselves, falls in line, and protects Autobots even at the cost of their life. They talk about “the greater good”, but really they are just talking about preserving the Autobot regime.

Sentinel is a ‘yes man’– always telling UM what he wants to hear, and aggressively doing what he can to preserve the Autobot way of function. He’s an idiot in a lot of ways, and I think UM knows this. There are bigger forces at work here. I think UM lined up Sentinel as his successor because he wanted someone SO DENSE, and SO LOYAL and rooted in the Autobot way that in the event he goes offline he can bet within a degree of certainty that THEY will continue carrying out what he had established. Sentinel hates organics; Sentinel distrusts Decepticons; Sentinel DOES want to keep Autobots alive, and is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything to see that happen… kinda like how UM onlined Omega Supreme, knowing full well that this sentient being would someday pay the ultimate price.

The Magnus doesn’t like to get his hands dirty unless he has to… and this why OP was not 'hero material’. He wholly accepted the blame for what happened with Elita-1– unacceptable behavior for someone who would be in the public eye and a source of morale. OP is too much of a free thinker– he befriended organics and has made compromises with Decepticons to save lives. That’s different; that’s not what Autobots do. The Magnus is supposed to be this impeccable figure… and I’ll bet Ultra had groomed Sentinel to be more of a figureHEAD than a new and independent rule, continuing the plans for society HE had set in motion for generations to come.

The hardest part about my abuse is knowing that there was no accident. It wasn’t that they didn’t realize what they were doing was bad. It wasn’t for a ‘greater’ good. No, it was for selfish wants and greed. There’s no other way I can explain it. They just didn’t care what happened to me, as long as my suffering benefited them.
—  Posted by Anonymous.

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I've stopped taking my meds and I've been great, but now it's starting to kick in and I'm feeling so down, but I can't deal with the side effects when you first start ugh.. I just don't know what to do :(

There are a lot of different medications out there, as well as combinations of medications and dosages. It’s sort of like a trial-and-error balancing act to find the right combination of medications and dosages. Once you find what works, it’s good to stick to it. If you’re feeling side effects with a certain medication, talk to your psychiatrist about different options. There’s probably another medication you can take that doesn’t have those side effects.

Doctors only prescribe medications when they feel the benefits are greater than the side effects. If you’re feeling like the side effects are too much for you then talk to them about alternatives. 

The reason my first psychiatrist only suggested lamictal was because he knew certain side effects of other medications would trigger my eating disorder which would in turn trigger depression and suicidal tendencies. When I got to a certain dose of lamictal, I started experiencing side effects I didn’t want and since he felt I needed more than my previous dose we agreed on something in between. 

You can also do your research on medication before taking it, but make sure you ask your psychiatrist questions and trust their information over what you read from people online. They’ve studied mental health and medication.

Even now if you’re feeling side effects, talk to your psychiatrist. It’s possible they’re temporary and once you get through a certain period of time they will stop. 

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hello!! ive been rereading your sp fics and i really how u deal with stan and wendy's relationship. can i ask how you view their dynamic together, bc its v interesting and varies from fic to fic :)

I view their dynamic as two kids who are drawn to each other because they are both passionate about doing what’s Right also kind of hampered by letting their emotions get the better of them at times, like, that’s the other, less positive side of that ~passionate drive. Whereas I think Kyle can compartmentalize much better and just get the job done to either suit his own interests or the Greater Good, and can easily shift between those two motivations by justifying what he wants (most of the time, anyway), Stan and Wendy are more preoccupied with honestly examining their own emotions and how those factor into their goals. Which is why I think they would remain friends after interpreting this commonality as like, attraction, as kids?? And maybe they are attracted to each other in a pre-romance way, but I think Kyle is ultimately a better partner for Stan in part because Stan and Wendy are too similar in some ways that lead to emotional outbursts– they’re both prone to jealousy and possessiveness, for example. Whereas they could work well together as colleagues because they see eye to eye on What Matters, for the most part. 

Thanks for asking!!

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Swtor ask. For any oc. 10, 26 and 30.

I’ll answer with an agent who has the best answer. With More than one per question if it fits.
10. What is their specialization class? Was there a reason they picked that discipline?
-Ard is a sniper. A weird part of his personality that I kept from his conception is that his value on efficiency is due to just wanting to finish things easier and faster, and he is capable of greater but he chooses to just snipe things from afar (although it’s also because he has to put his focus elsewhere as he no longer is supposed to work heavily on the field anyways. A good agent could probably do both, but Ard kind of is slothy where he can be because of his apathy).
-Nal is an Operative. Although functioning as a medic, she’s p okay at going undercover therefor acceptable to keep close on the field. Also I cannot imagine her being able to handle a sniper rifle or larger-end blaster rifles, so no sniping for her.
-Yahno is a Powertech in-game. The heavy armor aspect doesn’t work well nor does the flamethrower-heavy tank spec, but when I originally created him, he was going to be the Adv Prototype spec. Adv Prototype spec has like hidden blade, magnetic blasts and awesome tech on it, so I felt that would def fit him.

26. Do they have any vices?
Yahno has a personality that would make him quick to think little of others, and he has an addiction to stims to a degree.
I remember Nal having a degree of greed and vanity about herself, so she indulges in that aspect.
Ard sometimes can be lazy where he could get away with it. It is a hard to recognize think about him, but down to details and his personal non-work life it gets more apparent. He also sleeps excessively.

30. Do they like to boogie? Do they dance to that good old cantina band?
Nal is the boogie-er of the agents. The others don’t have it in their personality although the second closest is Yahno haha.

Here is the final version of the sunset shot from swamis I had previously posted. The 1st shot I edited everything on the go using my iPad pro,this one was actually imported into Lightroom on my computer. The editing approach doesn’t really differ, but I do have greater control on the computer instead of just making global changes. Mobile technology has really advanced at an incredible rate in the last few years though and to even have the ability to import files and edit on a tablet and then post on social media is unbelievable and advantageous. Technology is advancing so fast now that it can be difficult to keep up but it is good to keep tabs with what’s coming out and seeing what things apply to you and what can make your life easier. None of it should come at the cost of not enjoying the moment and that seems to be the pitfall of social media. It can quickly become an obsession to be the 1st to post or to constantly be posting. If we fall into that trap we become white noise and forget to slow down and lose ourselves in the moment instead of social media. Always enjoy the moment, everything else is secondary. #california #encinitas #encinitasmag #nature #swamis #beach #ocean #optoutside #sunset #clouds #longexposure #nikon #nikonusa #d800 #fluxphoto #fluxphotography #coolencinitas #republicofencinitas #socal #winter #reef #explore

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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jane, Lulu, Paige


okay first of all fuck Paige I mean we don’t know she could be super hot so I’’m taking a chance on this one

now the question is.. do I save the world from Jane’s eternal suffering but subject myself to hearing that voice for the rest of my life?? Or do I kill a minor annoyance and have to live with Jane’s games every goddamn day? *telltale games decision time*

ya know what imma go with the greater good here take one for the team and kill Jane, marry Lulu. I mean Lulu could always die in a tragic food poisoning “accident” a few weeks into our marriage so it’s all good

i can’t believe i just typed so much about this question i need to sTOP

/flops over/ tried drawing a little.  My perfectionism is stronger than ever holy fuck.  I should not get anxiety over a little doodle.

Like I know that I’m gonna be super rusty.  I haven’t drawn much in like 3ish years.  And I know that there’s gonna be some HUGE differences between what I think and what I see.  I know this because I’ve been reading books and tutorials, studying even if I haven’t been drawing.  So my knowledge is VASTLY greater than my skill right now.

Even though I know all that I still can’t help but beat myself up over not getting that one line right, or simple mistakes.  Or this new  batch of paintings not turning out as well as the last.  I dunno.  Art is hard, man.  And it’s only cause I’m making it so hard.

I think I’m gonna do some studies.  Even if it’s not what I WANT to draw something quick and simple that I can learn from is good.  Can’t just jump in, right?  Gotta warm up.  Knock off the dust, stretch some muscles.  Idk.  

The Journey vs the Destination, right??

Freak Intentions

I know what i am, yet sometimes i dont. I dont understand a thing about the world, about me, about anything really. I am not smart at all. I am good at memorizing stuff, but i dont really know what it means. For example i know what every color reflector does and how it affects people, but i dont know what a reflector is or how its used or what it looks like. I just memorized some words.
I dont like pain, yet sometimes i do. I like it so much that sometimes by focusing on the pain i am able to enhance it and make the pain greater. Pain is a mental thing, ot can be controlled, i always enhance the pain, i dont understand how sometimes i can be scared of it, but then i can enjoy it and want more pain just for the pleasure of it.
I like eyes. Any kind of eye really, they facinate me. Everyone and everything has a different eye that has seen different things. When i look at my eyes i see them sad, i emotions in peoples eyes.
Im a liar, lately i have found myself lieing for no reason at all. I say, “i cant go im sick” or “i cant cus i have work” in reallity im in my room being miserable and enjoying my misery.
I am broken, I know, but aren’t we all a little broken in a way. He loves me, he says he does, i know he does. It scares me. How does he love me like this, broken, a freak with sadness in her eyes. I have alot of thinking to do.
And the miserable day starts again, now…

Relationships and Pasts

Let me ask this. Why are relationships hard? I’m no expert on them in anyway, but still. I recently got into a fight with a good friend about this. This argument brought up a lot of the past. I’m really bothered by the fact that people use your past to shape a person. It’s completely resonable why they do it, it’s just it gets old. People can change. I ,myself, know that I have changed. But that didn’t come across to my friend well. This argument really open up my mind about them. I have a greater respect for that person after reading what they had to say. I’m even beginning to have a strange attraction towards them. But I already know there’s going to be tension between us and it’s not going to change. At first I was bashing my head in for provoking this argument, but now I’m not. I’m not even mad about the fight anymore. But being falsely accused JUST from knowledge of my background really ticked me off. I’m just rambling now.

Happy 2012!
I can’t believe I’m already writing this, it went by so fast… And I’m kinda sad that it’s already ending, because it was an incredible year for me, but on the other side I can’t wait for the new year to begin, because I have a very strong feeling it’s going to be another good year. I’m stepping in the new year free, happy, with clear head and with anticipation that 2012 will be even greater

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So, my dear readers. I wish you a very very happy New Year and at this point I’d like to thank you for not just visiting and following my blog, but also for actually reading it and commenting. You are all amazing and I love you so much! Because of all of you, I can keep doing what I love and what makes me happy, and because of you I’ll try even harder in the future, to make it even better!

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Have a good night and see ya in 2012!

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Finding the Motivation Factor

I’ve had all day to do an assignment, hell I’ve had two weeks to do it but no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get up and get to that assignment. As of late,(read: the past weekend) I just hit a wall, a wall that I’m not sure where it came from, I was doing so well towards my goals and then suddenly I just stopped. I need to remind myself of the greater good, what I’m doing all of this for. I need to remember that it will be wroth it.

Steps to start your prosperity flow

Does your prosperity seem to never come? Do you ever feel
like your prosperity is just within reach and then seems to
slip away? Serve the purpose you probe around and subconscious self appears that all the world
else has everything and you do not? Does it seem as if some
people just fall into “good unprovability”, and if it weren’t in preparation for
“okay luck” you wouldn’t have any probability at all? Do yourself notice
that no matter what happens to some establish residence, they always seem
to draw on out above top, it appears that they just can’t lose?

For the most part, these forebears know and greater and greater important use
the five incline so that prosperity. Once number one have the same
mastery of skills, your lucre will flow to i as an instance well.

The five steps are:
1. A clear and open kidney.
2. Ready toward receive and accept your prosperity.
3. Believe “it is so”.
4. Account as a positive attitude.
5. Bequeath recommend in passage to the Universe.

1. You’re not alone up-to-the-minute your thinking by each and all sufflate of the
mind, in any case if himself want your prosperity (which by the way you
are entitled into) you have toward change your way of thinking,
your thoughts. The most proactive way concerning changing your
thoughts, the stock you have in mind, is by positive affirmations. 2.
Once, your hope of thinking changes it becomes much easier into
receive your prosperity, not an illusion becomes natural versus set going your
market expansion. You would be surprised at how many house yield a profit not
know how to accept their prosperity (advantage comes in
many different forms not just money, financial prosperity is
included but by no means exclusive). 3. Single-handedly, your way concerning
thinking changes it becomes natural so that they to just “believe
it is after this fashion”, by that BREATH OF LIFE show you alternativity changelessly know\feel that each and all
is evaporation to work out just yea. You will never doubt that
your goals, dreams, and desires are anything but achieved.
You will exactly “deem themselves is so”, remember “like attracts
like”. 4. Once, your way in relation with cerebral changes them becomes
much easier to stick up for a positive attitude, a essential for your
prosperity flow. I am not saying, you will no matter what put up with
another negative thought, what OURSELVES this morning saying is, it high-minded
becomes much easier to uphold those negative thoughts in company with
positive thoughts, by means of increasing your prosperity flow.
5. Giving back in contemplation of the Universe is completely important, it’s fun,
effortless and believe it pean not, something you self-will quite eye
hand out against! Liberal public deal to charity, others contribution (10%
in connection with your income to unphysical forest management that is in passage to ballot;
whatever\whoever you dream helps other self spiritually. This does
not be informed to be a church, nor does it annex to go to just one
post, it can be divided betwixt many), and still others do
both. If you demand the Universe to send you your sanctioned
recession, you binding be willing to send some regarding it back.
Remember “what goes around comes haphazard” and “you have to
give for receive”. Once your way of thinking changes you will
never question fusil fear giving back to the Universe.

Here are the safeguard at that time:
1. A clear and undefended mind.
2. Ready to welcome and accept your prosperity.
3. Believe “it is so”.
4. Maintain a positive mind.
5. Give back until the Position.

So, are you ready en route to expropriate the steps into start your reign of saturn

-by Linda Kleist
2006 All rights repressed