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Hi Katharine, You're someone who works very hard all the time. Do you find your self extremely stressed all the time as well/live in a state of perpetual stress? It always seems like I have so much to do and as a result I so extremely stressed ALL the time. I'm trying to figure if this is normal or is it just me doing something wrong.

I really don’t feel stressed all the time – I feel busy a lot of the time but not stressed. Like I usually feel like I have something to do but I don’t routinely feel overwhelmed or stressed out by that busyness. 

I remember I used to let the busyness make me feel stressed out all the time and like I couldn’t do something relaxing because it would just stress me out more that I wasn’t working. But as I got older, and more used to the overwhelming amount of work I take on, I think I just… got used to it… 

Here’s the thing - when you were in elementary school and middle school (and maybe even high school) there was a point where the work ended. Like you did all your homework and prepared for your tests and then… you were just done. And you had a solid point at which you shut off your work brain and just did whatever you wanted. 

As you become an adult through college and post-college education and jobs – there is never a point where the work ends. 

Now as a super actual adult (something I can’t believe I am), I’m constantly balancing all the things that have to be done. 

  • I have to go to work
  • I have to study surgery things to be a better resident
  • I have to do adult things like get my oil changed or pay bills
  • I have to do healthy person things like workout
  • I have to do wife things like cook a meal for my husband 
  • I have to do dog owner things like walk my dog or make a vet appointment 
  • I have to do newlywed things like write wedding thank you notes
  • I have to do daughter things like occasionally call my mom and tell her I’m alive.
  • I have to do homeowner things and clean my kitchen or hang the paintings still sitting in our office. 
  • …. the list goes on. 

But… I’m never going to get through my todo list. There will never be a single day in my life from now until the day I retire when I will probably actually get through all the things I’m supposed to do in a day. There are just only so many hours. 

So I prioritize. I do the emergent things, then the urgent things, then the routine things, and then if I never get to the things that would be nice to do or could be done next week… it’s okay. 

And I let a lot of stuff go – I go to sleep with a dirty kitchen. I quit reading surgery papers to go on a date with my husband. I let things go in favor of doing the things that make me a happier person. 

You shouldn’t feel stressed all the time. It’s okay to feel busy all the time. Really. I think it’s actually the norm for most adults to feel busy who are trying to manage all the responsibilities they have – I think it’s especially the norm for young adults who are suddenly taking on a lot of “adult roles” they never had before relatively quickly and without a lot of training. 

But don’t let the busyness consume you. 

Let some things go undone. Work as much as you can, as hard as you can, as long as you can – and when you can’t work anymore or there’s something more important than work to be done – stop working. 

The secret to life as an adult, my dears, is you will never again get to the bottom of a to do list… and that’s okay. No one does. 

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Had just finished checking this lady out when her child- not a baby but not a toddler, idk how old- upturned the bag of cheetos shed given him and they all fell out onto the floor. She scolds him but just starts walking away, so i dart out to pick them up, bc there would just be a bigger mess if id waited for maitenence to get to it. But ug, she sees me and goes sorry!! but still just leaves me to do it :/ the guy that was behind her helps me tho and was really nice during his transaction..

The unexpected - Calum Hood

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,4k

Request: “can you PLEASE do another part where idk calum figures he wants to marry her like P l e a s e“

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help me improve my writing. Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!

***This is not a continuum of “Are you ok with that” because I wanted it ot be more original. However, if you’d like for me to do a continuum of “Are you ok with that” with the same idea (wedding proposal), I can happily do that, just message me.*** 

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A Deafening Case // Part One

wow another series when you arent consistent with the first one? listen i just got a good idea and wanted to make a series out of it. thanks for reading my stuff guys, it means a lot. 

prompt: basically the team is going on the case that needs an ASL translator so, that translator is you.

(im not an expert at ASL or anything, so if i get anything wrong i do apologize, just message me and i will correct it) 

His desk was covered in multiple neat paper stacks . Several framed photos of a young boy were perched on his desk. At least ten certificates, plaques, and credentials lined his wall.

The name plate on his desk read ’Aaron Hotchner’. He was a very sophisticated man, probably the most sophisticated man you’ve ever met.

“You’ve been a translator for eleven years, but only began working for the FBI four years ago.” He read, mostly to himself.

“You were working for an Irish mobster as a translator, until we arrested him.” He continued. 

“You can translate American, French, and Japanese Sign Language.” He added.

A couple more moments of silence, and then he closed your file, placing it in a drawer of his desk.

“Agent (Y/L/N), you will be joining me and my team on this case.” He explained, slipping a case file your way.

“No need to read over it. My team is waiting for us in the briefing room.” He explained. You both stood from your seats and walked out of his office.

Once another door opened, you were met by six pairs of unfamiliar eyes.

“This is agent (Y/L/N), she will be our translator for this case.” Hotch explained, and then he escorted you towards an empty chair.

“You will make acquaintance on the plane, but for now this case take priority.” Aaron added, taking a seat beside you.

“Alright my confused amigos, hold onto your breakfast or late night snack because this one is a doozie.” A woman explained, her bubbly personality prevalent in her voice.

“Meet Wallace Wilson and Gilbert Wise both aged 37.” She explained, pressing a button and two pictures appearing on the screen. Both showed a smiling men, both had similar features and body types.

“Wilson worked as an emergency dispatcher and Wise was a photographer.” She added, clicking a button once more and a few more pictures appeared.

The photos were gruesome, violent, and brutal. A dead man, mangled limbs, and blood splatter everywhere.

You felt your stomach churn and you looked away quickly, covering your mouth with your hand.

“Don’t worry, girl. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I still can’t stomach it sometimes.” The bubbly woman reassured me.

“Are you alright?” Another woman asked, the one sitting on the opposite side of you.

She was very beautiful, she had blonde hair, a similar shade to the woman explaining the case.

“My name is Jennifer Jareau, but you can call me JJ. It’s very nice to me you.” He whispered, shooting me a quick smile.

You took her term of endearment and you smiled towards her weakly. You took a few moments to collect yourself, not wanting to distract from the case.

“Wilson’s body hasn’t been found, but Wise was found unconscious in Central Park.” The woman further explained.

“That’s not all, my perfect pretties.” She said through her teeth, her eyes avoiding the screen.

More photos flashed on screen and you could feel the late night snack rising into your throat.

“Our unsub sewed someone else’s ears onto Gilbert.” Someone said, he had shorter hair, but with curly ends. He looked quite too young to be here, but you had no right to say that. You were considered too young to be here as well. But here you both sat, sitting at a round table looking at gruesome crime photos.

“That ‘someone else’s’ ears are Wallace Wilson’s ears.” She corrected, flashing pictures that were closer up than before.

You heard JJ suck in a quick breath, and look down for a few moments.

“But sadly my pretty people, We have another Folie à deux,” She said, another pair of pictures flashing on the screen. This time though, there was no sugar coding, and straight to the real gory stuff.

“Shelley Simon and Tanya Terry.” You assumed those were the two women on the screen.

“So, this unsub, crosses gender and socio-economic lines.” Hotch said.

“He started with two middle aged men, low-risk victims, and higher economic statuses.” The same short haired man said.

“Then followed by two females in their early to mid-twenties, who were high-risk college students.” The man beside him said, he was an older gentleman, very familiar, but you couldn’t tell where he was from.

“Simon’s was found by a lamppost on 143rd Street.” The woman in front of the screen said, before taking a seat.

“So, this unsub abducts two people simultaneously, kills one proceeds to cut off their ears, and then reattaches them to the other person.” A black haired woman summed up.

“Speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil fascination?” An intimidating man said, leaning back in his chair.

“But only with the 'hear no evil’?” JJ asked, placing a pen between her teeth.

“The hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil phenomenon began in a Japanese folk tale called, Koshin.” The younger man said, not missing a beat.

“It’s not likely, but don’t rule it out.” Hotchner said.

He was about to add something to the conversation, but was cut off by the buzzing of his phone.

“Excuse me.” He apologized, quickly removing himself from the room.

Once the door shut, everyone looked your way. You could feel your nerves buzzing inside you.

They were profiling you, probably determining that you ate last night, how many partners you’d previously had, hell, maybe they were trying to figure out if your cycle has started.

“While we have a couple minutes, I will take this time to introduce you to everyone.” The colorful woman said.

“My name is Penelope Garcia, the oracle of Quantico, but to others I’m known as the Technical Analysts.” She smiled, the nickname made you happy.

You honestly expected everyone here to be like Hotchner.

“Beside you is our one and only Jennifer Jareau. She’s our beautiful communications liaison, who’s also obsessed with cheetos.” She gushed, gesturing to the other blonde woman.

“Next to her is our lovely, Emily Prentiss. Not only a badass, but also a super sweetheart.” Penelope explained.

“Beside her is my Chocolate Thunder, Derek Morgan.” She winked, and he returned it soon after.

“You know it, babygirl.” He chuckled, sipping his coffee.

“Then we have the infamous David Rossi. He’s a writer, chef, and possibly a former mobster.” She joked. He simply shrugged it off and gave you a small wave.

You had heard of him, well almost everyone in his building had, and for obvious reasons.

“Last but not least, our one and only personal library, Dr Spencer Reid.” Once she said that, you finally took a few moments to study him.

A doctor, and in the BAU? Talk about an overachiever. 

“It’s nice to meet you guys. I’ve heard a lot about you guys.” You admitted.

“Yeah, we get that a lot.” Derek shrugged. That made you feel a little uneasy, like you shouldn’t have said that. 

The door was ripped open before anyone could say another word.

“We have two more bodies. Wheels up in five.” Hotchner said, hanging up his phone quickly.

Interactive Writing Workshop

I was thinking about hosting a weekly live stream to get like minded writers together to better our craft. Maybe have some of your favorite writers on to give tips and tricks, study up on our grammar, and interact with other writers in a live chat setting.

I was thinking of making the class free and asking for donations (ONLY if you can afford to) to help me further my platforms so I can produce content.

Any takers?

PM me, reblog, ask, and/or all of the above if you’d be interested. I’m hoping to get at least 10 people to even consider creating some lesson plans.

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Thank you all. I love you.

is it just me or do you associate cars with people’s faces cus they have that particular car

like when my Dad bought a Jeep last year every Jeep I see always reminds me of him

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He gave kara so many after they met. She always goes back to her earth with a shit ton of them each time she visits. Her first visit that wasn’t an “omg save us supergirl” one, ray invites kara over for a bracelet making slumber party, to say kara is happy would be an overstatement. Oliver starts waking up with new ones in random places, barry’s arms are almost covered. -

oh god it spreads to kara’s earth and now alex has 12 friendship bracelets and everyone wants one with james (winn has 4) and oliver screams every time he wakes up with a new one. barry and oliver DID have to ask for them back because ray is like you disrespected the most time honored tradition of b’nai shalom jcc felicity and i STILL have our original friendship bracelets and you can’t just do that and expect me to just give you another friendship bracelet-
barry: we’re sorry
ray: i immediately forgive you have 30 more bracelets 

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Hi! Just wondering whether you're still recruiting for a JP translator because I have a friend interested! ^^

We do :)
Just message me in private please. Or send an email to nijinijinikubou@gmail.com. Thank you ~


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Not to rush or pressure you or anything like that but is the jikook month collab still gonna be continued?

(Ahh I got a lot of asks about the jikook and I honestly can’t give a proper answer because I’m still kind of waiting for the other artist to respond back to the art? Since it’s a collaboration I don’t want to add more to it. For now it will be postpone til I get to talk to the other artist about what’s going to happening to it? Okie dokie hopefully you guys understand. And really I’m down with any ship for this blog. You want me to do a specific ship for a post? I’ll do it! Just tell me! And I’ll try to make it happen!)-kat

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Is it just me or do you feel like there's still more to theorize, more that needs to be covered, idk this just wasn't a proper ending I don't think. And it was just not sad in the least, I thought I was going to be bawling my eyes out but I didn't cry!







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Full disclosure I did cry at the emison proposal and the goodbye scene but I’m emotional AF at the moment.

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My bias is Jin. When I first found BTS I liked their music of course, but then I looked into each of their personalities. I love them all to no end, but Jin...Jin is special. He makes my heart flutter, and jump like a 3 year old who drank to much red Kool-Aid. There is no way to properly express my feelings toward him. His voice makes me feel loved, his joke and laugh make me feel happy, everything about his is perfection. I can't possibly show my love to him. He just means do much to me...

That is so sweet!! And Jin is seriously underrated, but those who chose him as their bias are the luckiest and sweetest/kindest people I know~

Admin Moon


Alright,y'all are way too nice to me.

Fucking so many followers. 

I’m trying my best to make an animatic,

But I can’t.

You still follow me although that animatic was due a long time ago.

So I decided,

To do requests.


Tell me what character you want me to draw and I’ll do it. 

I promise that I will do it.

Just give me the name of your character and reference of it and I’ll do it.


Go on,just send em all in.