I just closed up. I was so used to being open with you that I didn’t even realize I was shutting you out, that for once it wasn’t just you doing it to me. But I was also used to being hurt by you every time I did let you in; maybe not immediately, or even after a few days, but eventually you just put up your walls again and I got tired of being the only one willing to bare my soul and take a risk on something that I believed in. But I think the sad thing is that even though I realize all of this, even though I know exactly how this is going to end, I’m going to keep trying because I still believe in it; and for that I can only blame myself.


Bts gif reaction to when your ill.

Requests: Can you write scenarios about when bts has to look after you when ur ill and/or when u have to look after them xxx thanks (BTW I LOVE UR WRITING )

Request: by @kajol-m342 So this one is also so freaking cute, I can’t, anyways hope you enjoy, imma make this 2 different ones so this one is when your ill the next one will be when they’re ill, anddddddddd happy reading and I love you too


When you were ill, it seemed like rapmon couldn’t focus on anything, when you guys first started to date, and you got ill, he realised how much he just needed to be there so he could look after you, he’d bring you anything that you needed to feel better.

“Do you need anything, if you do just call for me, I’ll be right here”

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(Just pretend it’s a blanket)


When you got ill jin was like a mum, he’d make you tones of food to the point where your stomach would be exploding, you’d feel so full, and you would feel better in no time.

“Eat a lot and then we can get you some medicine”

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He’d have his full attention on you, only trying to make you feel better, he hated seeing you in so much pain, he hated not being able to take you to his studio and have you listen to his songs.

“Please get better faster, I’ve worked on so much more music, I want you to be the first to listen to it.”

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He’d be like a headless chicken running around everywhere, he’d constantly ask if you were okay, and if you were feeling fine every 30 minuets, he’d buy you tones of roses until you felt better.

“Every rose I buy I wish for you to be better”

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(Kinda looks like a rose right?)


This little puppy would feel so sad, throughout the whole day he’d be right by your side, he’d be glued to your sides, he’d practically be cradling you the whole day like a little baby.

“Jimin put me down, I’m heavy”

“Babies aren’t heavy, now stay still and just get better”

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When you got ill, it was so bad, he’d be frantic just like Jhope but worse, he’d be running on the roof literally, he’d do everything to make you feel better, if you had a high temperature that’s it, he’ll take you instantly to the doctors

“Y/n I don’t care, we’re going to the hospital.”

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(Ignore his tongue and pretend like he’s pulling you to the hospital, u already looked at his tongue didn’t you….)


When you were ill, jungkook would be worried out of his mind, he’ll constantly get you extra blankets if you said you were cold, or he’d hug you if you couldn’t stop shivering.

He’d just hug you the whole day.

“Hope this makes you feel better, if this cold doesn’t get away from you I’m going to punch it in it’s cold face.”

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(Pretend that your in that blanket, and he’s just hugging the sickness out of you…… )

Sooo hope you liked this, this was so cute, I’ll be making the other version soon and it’ll be uploaded tomorrow.


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(Slides into the ask box and clips hip on a table) hey, could we please have some rad headcanons with (separately please) soldier, reaper and tracer with a gem s/o who likes to be choked during sexy times? Please and thank you! Love your writings xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks you so much! I didnt include Reaper as Ihave already do one like this for him. (x)

On another note, I aplogise for the lack of requestes that haven’t been answered. I am desperate to write but I’m getting bad writer’s block and my mind is just stopping me to do so in general. I hope this is ok!

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Jack Morrison

  • Jack was quite surprised when you told him about your secret kink.
  • He never thought that someone as innocent as you would be into any sort of kink really.
  • Although you have enjoyed the times that the two of you were intimate before.
  • Which was mind blowing (wink wink)
  • You have wanted to spice things up, and being a fan of being chocked for some time, you wanted to include it.
  • He didn’t really think of it at first, kind of just shrugged it off and agreed that the two of you could try and see how it goes.
  • He got into it quicker than he expected.
  • You had visited him in his office as he was piled with work and was stressed about it.
  • To help him relief his stress you stripped down to nothing, hopped up on his table and spread your legs wide exposing yourself to him.
  • You had to beg for him to squeeze your throat tighter.
  • And just hearing you beg and plead really made him feel quite smug.
  • As a result, his grip tightened and the hand on your thigh, keeping your leg in place, held on tight, fingernails digging into your skin.
  • He continued to thrust himself into you, but harder and faster.
  • The feeling of his cock hitting every sweet spot inside of you only made you drown in your own pleasure.
  • “You’re such a dirty girl.” he growled.
  • You’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?”
  • “Y-Yes…s-sir.” you practically choked on your own words.
  • You could feel yourself becoming dizzier and your vision became blurry, due to the lack of oxygen you were receiving but you were too busy being overpowered by the pleasure he was giving you.
  • After you had finished Jack never thought that he would be turned on by such a risky act, never mind you.
  • He has now made it his prime mission to find out any other kinks you may have.

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Lena Oxton

  • Lena actually thought you were joking.
  • When you first told her she just stared at you.
  • She gave you a hearty laugh, still thinking it was a joke.
  • But when she saw that you were not laughing along, she was surprised.
  • Very surprised.
  • How did her sweet, angelic S/O become a kinky little devil?
  • Seriously she’s confused tell her
  • And when you told her that you wanted to include it when the two of you are intimate she had to think it over.
  • Really she was still thinking about how she doesn’t know everything about you.
  • But she wants you to be happy, and she is always up for trying new things.
  • Poor thing was nervous.
  • She acted so confident about it during your hot make out session and when you stripped each other from your clothes.
  • You were sat in her lap, the pool of wetness already spilling out of you as you felt her fingertips lingering near your entrance.
  • You had to reassure her, tell her that no matter what she does you will still want seconds.
  • This boosted her confidence back up slightly.
  • Her fingers wrapped around your throat, squeezing tightly, whilst her index finger on her other hand stroked your slick folds before sliding inside of you.
  • Her fingers alone always made you feel good, but having her other hand cut off the flow of oxygen to your lungs only drew you closer to your orgasm already.
  • From the sound of your breathless moans and gasps for air, was making the heat build up inside of her as she was relieved that she was doing a good job.
  • She started to grind herself against you, and whispering in your ear.
  • “Do I make you feel good, love?”
  • “L-Lena…”
  • “I have this under control, love. Just relax.”

Is it just me, or do the relationships between the Transformers, specifically Cybertronians, seem more intimate than human relationships, especially in MTMTE? Even among friends who aren’t very close, its’ totally chill to give them a hug, or hang on their arm, or tackle them out of no where. It’s just two friends hanging out. There’s just a certain closeness about it, and it makes me so happy.

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If I ever met you... I'd take you out to the cinema, have a walk and talk about whales. And, don't know, go to a karaoke to sing songs from the lion king

Damnit now I really want to meet you, and take you ot to the cinema. Also you just made me do karaoke all on my own to the lion king, which is actually a soundtrack I have in full on my phone (the only disney soundtrack I have) so damn you! Because I can’t sing for shit. It was fun tho!

Thank you so much!!!!! you’re a sweetheart!

Help me fix my bad day and celebrate the start of the weekend with me!

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in your abo tag you have 16 omega harry fics and 38 omega louis fics. ive read all the omega harry fics in the tag. you might as well label yourselves a bottom louis fic blog. anyways do you have anymore omega HARRY fics????

I have made myself very clear about these kinds of things before but I will say it again. I created this blog early march in 2016. And since 2017 I think, I’ve posted fics according to the date they were updated. And if there are only 16 omega fics on the blog, that means only 16 omega fics have been published in the time I’ve begun posting according to “date updated”.

I don’t consider myself a bottom louis/bottom harry fan. But I post what has been created up to date. If you wanted more omega harry fics, all you had to do was just ask me and I would’ve been happy to help you out.

I’m also slowly working my way through the navigation page to create masterposts of each trope. Once I get to omega harry, you’ll have plenty.

Please be considerate next time about things like this, instead of assuming and accusing. It costs nothing to be a little kind. Thanks.

Here are some masterposts ( x ) , ( x ) , ( x )

Feel free to browse through the ao3 tag 


All the texts that Peter sent to Happy -
> Need my assistance?
> What is Tony up to?
> Tell him I say hi!
> B)
> Hey Happy!
> Just checking in again.
> Really miss our missions, hoping to do one again soon!
> Do you think you’ll need me today?
> I get out of school at 2:45
> Ready when you are!
> Hey Happy
> Just updating you on the latest!
> Helped clear the road for an ambulance
> Stopped a guy trying to mug an old man
> Just being me, clearing up Queens!
> School is so boring
> Wish I could be doing more
> Just let me know!
> This is your number, right?
> Happy?
> Press 1 if yes, 2 if no
> How’s Black Widow?
> Or should I say “Natasha”
> Big News! Quit band practice
> So I have more time for crime-fighting
> Pretty big sacrifice
> But I’m completely committed
> Hey happy, just checking in! I’m out of school at 2:45 PM
> Ready for my next mission!
> It’s Peter BTW
> Parker

Guys. I’m about to do a rant about D&D things. Because I’m so frustrated about dumb DMs who undermine an out of the box character.

From now on when playing Prianna, I’m giving her a frying pan as her weapon. DMs freak the hell out on me about 90% of the time if she doesn’t have a “normal regular weapon”, but I never use it because she stays in the back? Also… frying pan is going to be her focus for her magic. It’s her tool. It’s her craft. It’s how she, as a bard, performs. So of course the frying pan would be her magical focus item as well. BUT WHO THE HELL CARES IF I DO THIS?! Does anyone actually check in with their bard every single attack and be like “okay are you playing your lute right now what song are you playing?!” - no, it’s just assumed they’re using their instrument as focus. SO I WILL DO THIS BUT WITH FRYING PAN SHE’S ALREADY HOLDING.


I’m tired of having to write up this character as being a musician because some people struggle to see cooking as an artistic skill, when it 100% totally is. I’ve had DMs in the past tell me that her cooking something is a dexterity skill, or a intelligence skill, and I HAVE WITNESSED THE BEST CHEFS BE CLUMSY AS FUCK AND NOT VERY SMART BUT STILL CREATIVE ENOUGH TO MAKE IT GOOD. I will not accept this dumb “cooking is not a performance skill” anymore.

Frying pan is her focus. She has proficiency with cook’s utensils. She performs her craft by cooking amazing feasts to delight the masses. I’m making her a glamour bard and she will be the Gordon Ramsey of the tabletop universe, gathering fans and cooking for powerful NPCs. I’m 100% done with this lame attempt at trying to over-complicate a simple mechanic just because it’s not a “traditional art form” - just treat it like a musical instrument, it’s literally no different, and I already get a disadvantage because I actually NEED ingredients instead of handwaving that I have them like a lot of magic classes already do. 

JUST LET ME HAVE FUN, DAMN IT. I’m not breaking the game by doing any of these things. Most of the time her cooking doesn’t even come into play anyway, it’s just a dumb little thing she uses to charisma the fuck out of things when she’s dealing with NPCs - LIKE A BARD WOULD DO ANYWAY.

I’m going to damn well keep my frying pan mechanic.

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