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Knowledge of extraterrestrials has long been denied by every strata of government, but denial does not mean they do not exist.  Mycroft Holmes, among his many duties, oversees the program responsible for ‘managing’ any evidence of otherworldly life.  This time, that evidence is particularly interesting… and for more than professional reasons…

Exo reaction  - When his crush wears something sexy


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“Well well, look who finally started to show her nice figure. I think we should buy something just as sexy but this time matching”


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“Wait a minute, Y/n just walked by? yesterday she was wearing cute dresses and now.. it can not be her, but if it was i don’t disprove.


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“It got so hot in here when you walked in, i’m just gonna take my jacket of. By the way - You look amazing!”


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One of the members tells him that you just walked by the coffee shop. Sehun turns his head to the windows and  burns himself on the hot coffee. “What?! Well it was worth burning my lips for. I like the view”


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*Turns into a shy boy when you say hi to him as you walk by* “Yeah hi y/n..” He does not know where to look. He thinks that you are stunning but in the same time he does not want to be rude.


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“This girl, she’s gonna kill me before i get the time to confess my feelings..” 


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“What? No i did not stare! I was looking at a website on my phone..!” He was totally looking but did not want his friends to tease him.


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“I like what i’m seeing. Next time, be the lady from my lady and with my lady.. I really mean MY lady”


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This boy is so surprised when you walk up to him and say hi. He is surprised that you are wearing something that he is not really used to see you in. “Hi.. Y/n”


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“She’s just as beautiful as ever, but i can’t say that i don’t like the new style..”


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“Nope, no.. i was not staring! Now you look away” *he was totally staring and gets a little jealous that baekhyun was looking at you like that too*


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“This girl, she finds a new way to mess with my feelings everytime i see her. My heart is gonna be dead before she’s mine”

I Like My Coffee Black (Just Like My Metal)

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by AdorabloodthirstyKitty

If working in a flower apron in a peppy cafe isn’t bad enough, he had to fall flat on his ass in front of the most attractive man he’d ever seen.

Words: 1291, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a5i9rn

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got any mchanzo headcanons??

oh man,,, do i,,,

- you know how everyone thinks it’s mccree who is completely infatuated and hanzo is just eh?? well they’re right about mccree but hanzo is honestly way more in love with mccree than mccree is with hanzo, he just doesn’t show it.
- when they aren’t in public, hanzo is always clinging onto mccree and kissing on his adorable and hairy face and telling him how hanzo he looks even if he looks like he needs to shave. but when they’re in public, he sticks to holding his hand and letting mccree kiss him.
- mccree is the one who does all of the cooking because poor hanzo can’t make anything more than tea and packets of ramen noodles, much to everyone’s surprise. but hanzo is the only person who can make coffee just how mccree likes it just by memory.
- mccree tells terrible puns, and hanzo laughs just because they’re stupid or don’t make any sense to him. plus, it makes mccree happy to see him laughing at his jokes. and hanzo has plenty of bad puns of his own too, that can always make mccree laugh really hard.
- they wear each other’s clothes without noticing, especially when they’re just about the same size besides sometimes mccree getting shirts that are too short for him.
- hanzo is the little spoon, mainly because he just loves to be held.
- hanzo never lets mccree smoke in the house because he doesn’t want the smell sticking to his clothes and furniture, but it takes a while for mccree to go outside and smoke because he forgets.

thank for you this request u blessed child

can you have an asthma attack from fangirling too hard? bc pretty sure it’s happening to me right now. actually having trouble breathing because of a fictional ship.

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Do you have any lydia and Danny friendship headcanons?

  • They were really close in late elementary school
  • In middle school, Danny and Jackson became better friends and then the groups kinda solidified. So they were in this giant group together and Lydia and Jackson ended up getting closer while she and Danny got further apart but were still good friends. It was just time.
  • When Lydia started dating Jackson freshman year, she was actually glad because she got to spend more time with Danny. 
  • Except the two of them only ever talked about lacrosse when the three of them were hanging out and she was left out so it sucked
  • After Jackson left, she spent the summer hanging out with Stiles and avoiding Danny.
  • Not, like, “I hate you I can’t stand you” avoiding him, it just really hurt to be around him. 
  • Over the course of season three, the sacrifices made her realize how short life is and she started keeping up with Danny a bit more. Nothing much, just going out to coffee occasionally and texting sometimes. 
  • But when Allison died, and Lydia was alone, they hung out way more. He was there for her. 
  • And then suddenly as she got sadder about the pack and stuff, she started really isolating herself from him as well as everybody else. It was really hard. 
  • Post s4, they talked more, though. 

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There is a knock on the Medic's door. Upon opening up, Fritz will find a large Russian, a Heavy, bearing a sheepish look as well as a plate of brownies. "Um... hallo. Es dis... Fritz?"

Fritz was more than a little shocked, looking a tad comical with his frozen expression and coffee mug in hand. He knew of Alexei, (particularly the Russian’s minigun - that had caused more than a few trips through respawn), but he hadn’t expected the man to knock on his door, bearing baked goods.

“Ah, ja, come in. I just made coffee.”

He wasn’t suspicious of the man himself as much as the visit.

“Is it Aldous? Is everything okay?”

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coffee: what’s your starbucks order, and who would you trust to order for you, if anyone? Haha, I actually don’t drink Starbucks . There’s a little coffee shop called Mercury’s that I get every once in awhile. My order is a Chai Tea Latte and I trust my mom with my order, haha. Usually I just make coffee at home with no sugar and a good amount of cream. Either caramel or vanilla. (: And I trust me making it because I worked at Dunkin for two years and I can make a good cup of coffee and my boyfriend likes me making the coffee, haha. 

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"#i can't get excited for shit without sourcing#and until the real world invents a tumblr savior for benedict's face" stef i just inhaled iced coffee

😂 you know those watching games where you stick a hat on the corner of the TV and drink whenever a character goes there? I’m gonna need to do that… except hold up a sign with Pedro Pascal’s face whenever I’m forced to see You Know Who.


“I’m sorry to inform you but it looks like today I am the coffee boy.” I stood behind Nathan watching him slowly edit an article. We both worked at a snail’s pace so we didn’t get stuck with the unfortunate position as the person accompanying Mr. Bruner to get lunch while he talked about his endless list of marital problems. 

Nathan swiveled around in his chair smiling, “Welcome to the dark side!” he said in a gruff voice.

I frowned and put my hands on my hips, “What do you want Ackerman?”

“Just black coffee. I don’t need four thousand sweeteners like you.”

I rolled my eyes, “I was trying to branch out and try something new and when I didn’t like it the only way I knew to fix it was to add many sugar packets.”

“It didn’t disgust me until you actually finished the whole drink,” he shuddered dramatically and turned back to his computer. I turned to the other interns ready to take their order when his voice brought me back. “Hold on,” I turned around raising my eyebrows, “Do you want to go to the festival when we get out? My life is lacking a lot of fun these days.”

I shrugged, “Sure. I don’t have any plans.”