Batshit crazy week before Bloomington pilgrimage
  • Crazy, crazy deadline from advisor wanting me to turn my 23-page rambling unabomber manifesto into a serviceable dissertation proposal draft to submit to my potential committee by Friday. I’m doing the damn thing but jfc I don’t think I could be more bleary-eyed if I tried.
  • Approximately 8 million rehearsals, both in my own department and the theater’s.
  • Juries! Lessons! Dress rehearsals!
  • Apparently getting a stack of student papers to read/evaluate for a competition at some undetermined point. (Confession: I volunteered as tribute. It obviously complicates my life but I’m a Professional Nerd so I couldn’t say no).
  • Getting a stack of midterm papers to grade.
  • Finishing everything before driving 8+ hours to Indiana on Sunday. (-_-)
  • Being a functional human being in the midst of this…?

If ever there were a good week for all this shit to hit the fan, the week after a half marathon is probably it.

bruce wayne’s google search history though

"how to raise multiple wayward sons"

"how to scrape burnt waffles from waffle iron"

"protect daughter from male advances"

"how to work in colors other than black and very dark grey"

"what is coachella and why does stephanie want to go"

"adult son is too loud"

i'll make your past regret its future.
[ coffee shop soundtrack | part one | favorite music videos - 2/??? ]

What do we say to people who cut in line at Starbucks?



i wouldn’t risk my life for someone i see as loot ;;

                                      whatever we become,

                     i t ‘s   u p   t o   h e r   a s   m u c h   a s   m e

feli wakes up in the morning and wanders around all bleary and confused and walks into lud like five times like. bumps into him backs up a few inches bumps into him again like “what is this big wall here- oh morning lud” “morning feli” “lud wheres the” [feli waves hands in the general direction of where the coffee machine should maybe be] “the that” “the what” “the that" "i" "that thing with the drink that makes me do the words" "oh"