fans kept chanting “Kim Jongdae” to prompt him to sing the few lines from Moonlight D.O. and Baekhyun had just sung so he kindly (and beautifully) obliged


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”

misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.

I just saw someone on Instagram say he probably looks miserable cause of the cameras bothering him yet Danielle was literally smiling at the camera?

And no hate to her, but personally, if this is real, I wouldn’t let my newly found father boyfriend go out with me if he had a newborn baby.

 "There’s a burst of radiance - a sharpness that spreads out from Phil’s irises like focusing a camera lens, and suddenly everything is brighter and Dan now understands why it’s impossible to describe colour. It bleeds into every inch of his vision, all of his surroundings, but despite that, he can’t take his eyes off the boy in front of him, who has somehow become even more beautiful now that Dan realises just how limited his view was before.“- Maybe We Were One of the Lucky Ones

I literally read this fic by philslesters last night (whilst crying ngl) and just thought that it was absolutely AMAZING! If you have not read this yet, I really recommend it.