So spending my Saturday evening browsing in Liberty and bumped into this guy. Kind of had a little fan girl moment and was like “I’ve followed you since I was 11 since "Whatever people say I am” came out. I’ve seen you a few times actually, the last time at T in the Park…you guys were incredible.“ He was so sweet and gave me a little hug. The best bit though…my mum was like "just as you were leaving he turned and proper looked you up and down.” Hopefully he liked what he saw haha

When it came out, I kept telling people (this was the topical comparison at the time), I was telling people ‘I feel like I’ve been cast in Avatar 2.’ It’s a silly comparison, but the idea was it was this massive success. I didn’t watch too much television, but you would have had to live under a rock not to be aware of its presence in the media. And here I was on set and around these people whose faces and likenesses I was vaguely aware of just by walking around in Western culture for the past year. I felt like, wow I’ve been inserted into this massive franchise and to me, it would be the same if you’d been picked up and put into something as huge as Avatar. So, it was wild, man. I was very happy to be working, that was the bottom line. You know, when you’re an actor, you’re just happy to have a job. It was a very exciting time. There were some other things happening for me. I had a theater company, Starkid, that was kinda taking off and that’s where I wrote a lot of music, which is kinda bringing us full circle. I was writing a lot of music when I started Glee for our theater company.
—  Darren Criss on being cast in Glee during Season 2, Gold Derby Emmy Livestream 
i smell you on sheets you’ve never slept in
my patience has been running thin
i’m not as foolish as i make out, i know you’ll never love me
to you i’m just another face
something to fill the empty space
where her love used to be
but this paranoia’s got me thinking
that maybe I should have started drinking
earlier than I did tonight
and this glass of rosé has me dreaming
of nights I stayed awake to watch you sleeping
i don’t think i’ll make this one out alive
—  i can’t sleep and you don’t care
“Kougami doesn’t care about Akane”

Allow me to enlighten those who don’t believe that he cares

  • She makes him smile…on several occasions.
  • He comforts her whenever she’s hurting
  • He worries over her constantly
  • She was the ONLY PERSON he wrote a letter to when he left
  • He believes in her
  • He protects her
  • He misses her as much as she misses him

And these aren’t even all the proof that this series lays out for them; it’s just a couple.

Movie pics/official quotes originally came from Sugawarakatasha’s posts

I remember


You came to me…after the latest
in your endless line…of disheartening relapses
You’d just had to shoot dope

One more time

You said and I quote,
“I know, there’s no point
in beating myself up.”

Do you remember


What I said in response?
I said, “Wrong.
There is definitely a point
in beating yourself up.”

“Maybe you should spend
less time coddling yourself
and more time…beating yourself up.”

I remember


that your wife…had finally had enough
and walked out the door…the love of your life
leaving you beaten… and broken
You’d just had to shoot dope

One more time

You said and I quote,
“I don’t think I can live
with this kind of pain.”

Do you remember


My comeback to you?
I said, “Good…’cause the way you’re going,
you’re going…to die.”

“Maybe she had to leave
so she didn’t have to watch
that happen.”

I don’t think you remember


the paramedics…finding your body
after you’d choked to death
on your own vomit
You’d just had to shoot dope

One more time

and for once in my life
I had…nothing
to say


Max Mundan, One More Time Jim

© David Rutter 2015

From my upcoming book, “Everyone is Broken” (Hollow Publishing 2015)


In the main, ghosts are said to be forlorn and generally miserable, if not downright depressed. The jolly ghost is rare.

Dick Cavett

Day 14 of the 100 Day Makeup Challenge with my two stars mamamidnight and creepybabypasta. A huge thank you to asylumsfictionalbeast for straightening my hair and bringing me a bedside mirror so I can do my makeup while sitting down. I know this look doesn’t look like much but I take this quote quite seriously when it comes to ghosts and how I portray a majority of them when it comes to my makeup. What ghost would be happy to be stuck on a world where a majority of the population makes them out to be evil or just ignores them in general? And in my mind no spirit is going to look like they just came out of a spa looking beautiful they are dead and they might as well look the part.

Theme: Ghosts


  • Mary Kay Eyeshadow in Nior, Plumb, and Charcoal 
  • MadeYewLook Liquid Liner
  • Tarte Liquid and Powder Foundation
  • PinkyParadise Blackout Lenses

I was just happily chatting in the little gmail chat app when I quoted a friend’s exuberance. It summoned this animated beast out of the chat box. It then waved its flags around before disappearing back from whence it came.

I thought I should have evidence of this event, so I could know it wasn’t a hallucination. (Or if it is, it’s a very elaborate one that involves posting this on tumblr and then maybe getting some notes). Also, I thought you should know about the creatures living inside your chat program…

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At first I thought that the 'not cool enough for Glastonbury' story was just nonsense being sucked out of one quote for the sake of getting a story. But they keep making such a big deal of it, and it's appeared in so many media sources now so I'm wondering what the motives are behind spreading such a seemingly irrelevant story. It's common sense that 1D don't quite fit in with the usual Glastonbury crowd so why keep repeating it? There has to be some purpose to it, I jut don't know what it is.

It seems everyone finds those stories suspicious.  When the first one came out, I also thought it was just typical trash journalism.  But the pattern is there, and obvious: that M!M blasted literally the same damn story, and an unflattering one at that, in all their known mouthpieces and favored publications—the Sun, the Mirror UKMetro UK, Sugarscape, Yahoo! Celebrity UK—so that even relatively respected UK publications like the Independent picked it up, was mega shady.

It might be an unrevealing insight, but I think that this is more of the same 1/5 vs. 4/5, HotMess!OT4 story that M!M has been pushing.  We got AnotherDamnPerfume!OT4 vs. HighFashion!Zayn last week.  Now I suppose we have NotCool!OT4 vs. Cool!Zayn.  After all, Zayn has been presented as hip and happening quite consistently, and saying 1D is “not cool enough” for Glastonbury only highlights what hot messes they are without Zayn.  (Although it seems M!M and the new team/Azoff have very different strategies in how they present OT4 vis-à-vis Zayn.)  Sigh.

Aside the Glastonbury stories, M!M has been putting out some pointless fluff in the last several days, including articles with literally no point whatsoever like Niall taking a walk.  This weekend we saw aggressive no homo promo for all four closeted boys and even some fake girlfriend time for Niall; M!M has a track record of amping up the no homo promo right before major events and tours.  Recently we have also seen particularly hardcore Zerrie and Sophiam stunting at the same time, indicating that M!M wants Zayn and Liam to look extra hetero and that something that will link them together might happen soon.  Hopefully, this all means that we are that much closer to endgame.

Just got this full build wrapped up for @k_bosch this bike came in like it was abandoned….it got lots of love here at “The Farm”. Narrowed trees,ribbon shaved fork lowers,hardtailed,matching finned gas tank and horseshoe oil bag,king and queen seat w/ blue stitch,sissy,rabbit ear bars,birdshooter pipes,21" spool up front, mag out back,wiring,paint,powdercoat,polished and chopped engine covers,detailed motor,etc….. Thanks Kenny for the sweet seat upholstry and the stripe work! #sportychop #sportster #slimsfab @tungstenkiller @k_bosch#americafuckyeah #hereinnuevo #keepingamericaworking @chopcult #chopcult slimsfabfarm.com thanks again for the opportunity to build with you,slim by slimsfab http://ift.tt/1IpDOCn

So Walburga, AKA, Mummy Dearest, AKA My Mother, told me that she is against the removal of the Confederate Flags. (Mind you, we don’t have anything that even resembles said flags in our house. Also keep in mind that we live in New York State so this came out of nowhere.) She said that she doesn’t even know why it’s a big deal or why people are saying that the flags are racist because according to her, the flags don’t have anything to do with, and I begrudgingly quote, “the blacks”.

Now maybe it’s just because I’m a History Concentration, but I’m like 99% sure that the reason that the Confederacy was formed in the first place was because the states opposed the fact that Abraham Lincoln had won the presidency because Lincoln fiercely opposed slavery and in fact based his political platform on the opposition of slavery; slavery of course being the enslavement of “the blacks”.


Of course, I didn’t say any of this to Walburga. I just stared at her in stunned silence. It’s going to be interesting when her boyfriend gets home. I simply can’t wait to hear his views on both the removal of the flags and the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal.  (He’s about as racist, homophobic, and idiotic as they come.)

Reblog if you’re lgbt+ and wouldn’t force a Christian pastor to marry you

So I went to church last Sunday and my pastor decided to preach about gay marriage obviously due to the new laws. He didn’t preach his opinion because that’s not his job, he just pulled quotes out of the bible. He is a firm believer in that the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Fine, whatever. He didn’t say that lgbt+ people shouldn’t have the right to love each other, he just isn’t comfortable calling it marriage because it’s not the biblical definition. He then came to say that hes afraid he’s going to be forced to marry lgbt+ people out of his will because he will be labeled as an old fashioned bigot otherwise and this is the downfall of Christianity and he will have his freedom of religion violated. But I don’t really think thats true????? I can’t speak for the whole community but the lgbt+ people I know wouldn’t force a Christian pastor to wed them. I think they would want someone who believes in what they stand for, not someone who doesn’t. I really think hes just over reacting but I want to know what other people think?

Wrapped Around Your Finger~5 Seconds Of Summer

Michael: (Your POV)
Lyrics: throwing rocks at your window at midnight. You met me in your backyard that night.

I was watching Teen Wolf one night just To relax from finals when I heard little knocks at the window. I looked out the window and saw Michael throwing pebbles at my window. I opened the window and whisper yelled" What are you doing here? My dad could see you.“ ” I came here to see you and to tell you I missed you. Come down here so I can hold you.“ He said back to me smiling cutely. ” ok.“ I replied before putting on my sneakers and running out of my room, and tiptoed out the door. I ran to the backyard and jumped into Michaels arms. He held me there for the longest time. ” I love you and wish your dad could see that.“ He mumbled.” I wish he could too.“ I replied. He then put me down and got on one knee. ” Y/N, we have been dating for 2 years, 5 months, 22 hours and 47 minutes. I love you so much. Will you marry me?“ Michael said holding out the ring . I nodded my head and said” yes Michael I will.“ I cried into his arms from how happy I was. This was the best night ever. Now I am happily engaged to the best man in the world, and that’s all I could ever ask for.

Ashton: (His POV)
Lyrics: You were mine for a night, I was out of my mind.

I woke up with the most beautiful girl in the world laying next to me naked. Y/N is the love of my life but she don’t know that yet. The only problem is that I have to date this girl for publicity. I don’t even remember her name. I just hope Y/N doesn’t find out cause that would ruin the friendship we have. I felt Y/N stir and then yawn which tells me she had woken up. I kissed her cheek and grabbed my boxers, which were next to the bed and slipped them on. My phone starts ringing loudly all of a sudden. I quickly answered it walking out of the room Y/N was sleeping in. It’s was what’s her name. ” Hey baby!!!“ Her high pitched voice said. ” Hey.“ I said monotoned. "So we should totally get coffee later . I mean it will give us more publicity.” She suggested. “Uh fine I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” I said before hanging up. That girl gets really annoying. Plus she is a total slut I mean she has slept with like everyone. I walked back into my room only to see Y/N awake. “Hey.” I greeted. “ Hi.” She replied back getting up and started to get dressed. “ Last night was eventful.” I laughed winking at her. “ Yeah I can tell by the hickey I put on your neck.” She giggled. “ Same with your neck too.” I replied laughing even more. We were both in a fit of giggles. “Well I best be going but I’ll call you later.” I said kissing her cheek. “ Okay.” She smiled. “Wait before you go.” She said, I turned around and her lips were planted on mine. I kissed back, mesmerized by her lips. She pulled back “I’ll talk to you later Ash.” She said turning back around and going into the bathroom. I stood there just replaying what just happened. Then I remembered I had that coffee thing so I quickly got dressed and ran out the door. I ran down the street and to my house. I quickly changed into clean clothes and set off to the coffee shop. Once I was there what’s her name Clarissa was there sitting by herself. I slowly walked up to the table. “ Hey baby.” She said standing up and hugging me. Then she kissed my lips to keep it real. Her lips don’t feel as good as Y/N’s lips on mine. She pulled away and said" I got your favorite drink and pastry.“ We sat down and she took my hand in hers. I fake smiled at her and she just smiled back. We talked a little till I heard ” Ashton?“ I turned to see Y/N’s friend Y/F/N. ” hey Y/F/N.“ I greeted. ” Don’t hey me what is this? You know if Y/N finds out about this she will be crushed.“ She explained. ” Don’t tell her, please don’t tell her.“ I begged. ” It’s too late because she’s right here.“ Y/F/N said before I saw Y/N come from behind Y/F/N’s back with tears falling down her face. ” I-I-I loved you Ash,I gave up my virginity to you last night and this happens I thought you cared.“ She cried. ” I do care Y/N. I love you.“ I replied. ” What is this then?“ She asked. I didn’t have words to say I wanted to say it was for publicity but there could be fans around. ” See nothing, you know what I’m done.“ She cried and ran out with her best friend behind her. I just ruined the love of my life’s heart. I got to talk to her tonight. ” Clarissa we are done with this. I’m done pretending. I lost someone special because of this.“ I said to her then running out of the coffee shop.

Luke: (His POV)
Lyrics: I’m wrapped around you finger 7x

It was just another day. Hanging with my two favorite girls, Y/N and my girlfriend Maria. They don’t really get along though so I usually have to separate them but today it’s actually fine. No arguing yet. ” Lukey could you buy me that new proda bag?“ I sighed ” Sure princess.“ I could see in the corner of my eye Y/N rolled her eyes. We walked into the store she saw it in and I paid for it. ” Thank you baby.“ Maria said kissing my cheek. I smiled”. Your welcome sweetie.“ Y/N rolled her eyes again. ” Luke can I talk to you alone for a second?“ Y/N asked not even giving Maria a glance. ” Sure , Maria I’ll be right back.“ I said kissing Maria’s cheek. Y/N and I walked far away and that’s when it started. ” Luke can’t you see it, she’s a freaking gold digger. You buy her things everyday.“ She said. ” She is not a gold digger. She just likes stuff and I like to treat her like a princess.“ I defended. ” You bought her diamond earrings yesterday and she treats you like shit. She don’t even try to do anything nice for you.“ Y/N fought back. ” She does, she shows me how much she loves me by telling me. Plus she bought new converses last week.“ I defended again. ” Yeah with your money.“ She replied. I sighed. ” Well yah know what? I’m done. Have fun with your gold digger of a girl friend because you lost your best friend. Your just too blind to see her gold digging ways, your wrapped around her finger Luke.“ Y/N said and began walking away. ” Wait Y/N" I called for her. She just kept walking. I looked at Maria and saw her talking to a boy. I walked up but before I could get any closer I saw her slip him her number and she kissed his cheek. I was furious. I walked up to her after the boy walked away. “ Maria what the fuck was that?” I asked angrily. “ None of your business baby.” I was pissed. “ Maria we are done Y/N helped me realize you are a gold digger and a cheater.” I angrily said. “ Wait Lukey.” I cut her off by saying" don’t Lukey me, we are done.“ I then ran to go find Y/N.

Calum: (Your POV)
Lyrics: My whole life seemed like a postcard.
” I wish you could stay.“ I said to Calum. ” I know but I got to. It’s for the fans, but I promise to call,skype, and text you everyday.“ He said hugging me. We were in the airport where he is going to jump on a plane and go on tour. ” I know I’m just gonna miss you so much.“ I cried. He kissed my lips. ” I promise I’ll be back in no time. It’s only a few months and then I’ll be home and we can cuddle.“ He said starting to cry. ” All Boarding Plane 244.“ The announcer said over the intercom. ” That’s my plane.“ He cried. He started walking away with his bag but he turned around dropping his bag, and ran to me. He picked me up crying and kissed me. It was long and meaningful. ” I’ll miss you.“ He mumbled. ” I’ll miss you too.“ I mumbled back ” I love you.“ He said putting me down. ” I love you too.“ I said kissing him one last time. ” Again All Boarding Plane 244.“ The intercom said. He kissed me again and then walked back to his bag turned and blew a kiss in which I caught putting it to my chest and then he walked into the crowd and out of sight. I cried as I walked out of the airport. I already miss him.

Ok just let me explain why I hate those yellow minions

When Despicable Me came out, minions were just cute side characters that were good for a laugh or two while we focused on the main plot of the movie.

Then they became a meme that was usually found on Facebook (you know, mostly teen quotes that are next to a minion for no fucking reason, like the “I was born to be awesome not perfect” thing).

And then they maneuvered onto EVERY FUCKING PRODUCT EVER, from bananas to cleaning products to whatever else you find in a grocery store.

And THEN some idiots decided that having these hellspawns on every product and Facebook page wasn’t enough, so now they’re getting a full-length movie?????

And now no one sees Despicable Me as what it was supposed to be anymore, now they see just MINIONS

And not to mention the people who take it a step further and make fucking porn of them (seriously, who made that DeviantArt group?)

Anyway, the minions themselves are not the problem, it’s how people fucking blew them up and turned them from fun side characters in a family movie into the most overrated little creatures i’ve ever seen, instead of focusing on what Despicable Me was supposed to be about.



Day 3 → Favorite quote(s)

(This one gets multiple pics. This game has so many funny, memorable, and inspirational quotes, and I tried to narrow it down to the ones that really spoke to me (though there are, of course, many more I would have loved to put here!). Obviously, something that came out of Kuja’s mouth just had to make the list (not in color because I’m lazy bleh), and though Steiner’s is sort of double-edged, it’s still empowering and meaningful. And I’ve always loved watching Vivi go through all of these existential dilemmas and how, in the end, he comes out so much stronger for it. <3)

anonymous asked:

I finally came out to everyone I put it on Facebook lol but I'm Christian and a lot of adults I know from church now want to meet with me and talk any advise on what to say to them when they start quoting scripture and telling me it's wrong.

just keep saying “but I’m happy doesn’t that matter?” or keep quoting “love thy neighbor” over and over

When you were young, did you ever read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’? Oh, it’s a classic. It’s about this caterpillar, and he basically eats a load of stuff, and then he gets in his cocoon and becomes a butterfly. And after my brother died, I would just read it over and over, and it made me think: when I came out, I didn’t want to be different. I just wanted what was outside to be different.
—  Skins, Season 2 Episode 5
Last Night (smut)

You roll over in bed, your hand lightly skimming over the sheets still covering your boyfriends side of the bed. You sigh, and sit up, wiping your eyes before wandering to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, you have two minute noodles boiling and a coffee in your hand, you glance up as Luke, Calum and Michael all walk out, just in their boxers. You don’t mind, you’d all seen each other practically naked before, that’s just what happens when you were living and touring with four boys.

“Morning boys,” you say and lean on the counter.

A chorus of ‘heys’ and 'what are you making?’ came back.

'I’m making noodles, you want me to make you some?“

"Nah I’m all good, thanks though cutie,” Calum says before grabbing toast and vegemite. The other boys mumble a no thanks and hang around Calum and the toast.

“Have you guys heard from Ashton?” you ask.

“Why would we have heard from him?”

“He didn’t come home last night.”

You look down, your red toenails very interesting to you at the moment as you try not to let the awful thoughts through your head.

The boys look at you as you look back at them again.

“Please don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking…” you say quietly.

Luke walks over to you as the other two study you, still at the toaster even though they are only a few steps away.

“Hey Y/N, I’m sure it’s not that… He loves you okay?”

Your jaw visibly tightens and your eyes fill with tears, “there’s no other explanation Luke… Ashton has cheated on me.”

Tears fall from your eyes as you walk out of the little kitchen and sit on a lounge chair, your head in your hands. Luke looks desperately at Calum and Michael and Calum sighs, “I’ll talk to her.”

You are super close with all the boys but Calum is the one who you are closest too, they would all comfort you but usually Calum would hear the words jumbled in with the sobs as he held you as you cried when Ashton wasn’t there.

This time was no different, he kneels in front on you and his hand strokes your knee as you silently cry.

“Hey hey Y/N please don’t cry, Ash would never do that. He loves you, okay.”

“Obviously not,” you state coldly as you look at him and wipe your tears away.

You feel like you can’t breathe as your left hand flies to grip the arm of the chair and the other you place on your heart.

“C-Calum,” you breathe, your eyes filling with tears as you pant.

He knew what was happening, you were having a panic attack.

He gently lifts you up and holds your arm as he walks you over to your bedroom and sits down with you, pulling you close.

“Shhh, it’s okay, just breathe okay, just breathe.”

The other boys look on in concern as you try to steady your breathing. A few minutes later, you were calm and no longer crying.

“I’m just gonna grab my breakfast,” you mumble as you get up and walk back into the kitchen.

You grab your noodles and coffee, and go and sit with Michael on the couch, watching him play Xbox.

A few minutes later, Michael speaks up, “Ashton walked in when you were getting your coffee and stuff just before.”

He answers your question before you had to ask it, “Luke and Calum pulled him aside, they’re probably either yelling at him or beating the shit outta him.”

You almost chuckle but you freeze as you see Ashton walk in, the boys following close behind. He looks so upset and he quickly sits down on the footstool in front of you, Luke and Calum sitting on the other couch, Michael turns down the volume of the tv but keeps playing, Luke joins in.

“Y/N please, I need to talk to you.”

“Well what if I don’t want to talk to you Ashton?”

“Please, I need to explain.”

“I really don’t want to hear about you fucking some other girl.”

“No no no, that’s not what happened, please let me explain baby.”

“Don’t call me that,” you snap harshly and he flinches, realising how much he screwed up.

“Y/N please, that isn’t what happened.”

“Then what did happen Ashton?!” your voice rises at the end of your sentence. “Why didn’t you come home to me last night?!”

“I-I was drunk okay, I was at the club y'know with Harry and Niall, and this girl started coming onto me and she looked so much like you and I missed you cause I wanted you to come and she said her name was Y/N and and I just kissed her…”

Your face is blank. So he did cheat on you.

“B-but then Harry and Niall pulled me off her and took me home and I passed out as soon as I sat in the car. Please believe me, I didn’t sleep with her, call Harry yourself and ask him if you don’t believe me!”

His eyes were pleading, even if he didn’t sleep with her he still kissed her.

“You still kissed her Ashton.”

“I know, I know. It was a mistake, I won’t ever do it again Y/N please.”

“How do I know that Ashton? What happens when your drunk again and you see another girl with y/h/c and y/e/c? What happens if you don’t have enough control and you kiss her? What happens if me or one of the boys aren’t there and you sleep with her? I can’t trust you anymore Ashton!”

Tears threaten to spill out of your eyes and Ashton looks desperate, the other boys have stopped what they were doing and now watch the rest of the scene unfold, Calum on the edge of his seat in case anything happens.

Ashton shuffles closer to you, your legs millimeters apart. He places his large hands on your thighs, closest to your knees as his thumbs stroke your skin.

“Please Y/N, I love you. I won’t ever let it happen again. I won’t even put myself in that position. I was stupid to get that drunk, please baby girl. I love you.”

His face was close to yours now and you were looking down to the side at the floor, his left hand comes up to wipe a tear running down your cheek, then it goes behind your neck. He breathes out and rests his forehead against yours.

“Please,” he mumbles in a broken whisper, tears choking his words. “Take me back baby.”

When you don’t respond, he tilts your head up and leans in slowly. His lips brush over yours as he speaks again, “Please Y/N.”

His lips connect to yours, his hands pulling you closer as his lips move slowly against yours.

You speak during the kiss, “You get – one more – chance – you do something - like this again – and I’m gone – okay?”

He nods into the kiss and his left hand pulls your face even closer as you passionately kiss, his tongue slips into your mouth. You break away, lips swolen and panting, the other boys are smirking and trying to hold in smart comments and whistles as Ashton moves to sit between you and Michael on the couch.

Michael passes you a controller as you get comfortable between your boyfriend and the arm rest. He loops his arm over your shoulder and his left hand rests on your thigh, his fingers run over your skin.

You start to play Fifa with Michael, Calum and Luke, and Ashton leans down, his lips resting where your jaw and ear connect,

“I love you,” he whispers and kisses down your neck.

You smile but don’t say anything back, he frowns and pulls you even closer.

“When will you say it back?”

“When I’m ready.”

All five of you were sitting at the dining table, a comfortable silence settles as Luke and Michael get up to clear the table and do the dishes, it was their turn and the threat of that you would take away the Xbox was the only reason they actually did it.

Ashton looks down at you, his eyes hooded but looking at you with so much love. He gently intertwines your fingers together and tugs on your hand, leading you into your shared bedroom, shutting and locking the hotel bedroom door behind him as he gently lays you on your back.

He hovers over you, his lips gently attach themselves to your neck and he presses light kisses over it. You tilt your head back and your fingers lace into his hair.

His face moves above yours, studying you for a few seconds, taking in every detail before leaning down and pressing his lips to your so passionately that you literally gasp into the kiss. His tongue slips into your mouth and you continue to kiss, you fingers occasionally tugging at his hair.

He pulls away and starts kissing your neck again as you let out a soft moan.

“I need to make you feel good, ” he mumbles against your skin. “I need to show you how much I love you.”

Ashton’s lips suck on your collar bone as you gasp, “Ash…”

He looks up at you and you can’t help but think this is the most handsome he has ever looked. His hair slightly tousled, his lips swollen and a desperate but passionate look in his eyes.

“Make love to me.”

A smile tugs at his lips as he kisses you again, his hands ghosting over your body until he slowly brings your shirt over your head, it was still your pajama shirt so you aren’t wearing a bra. He sucks in a breath as he takes in your breasts.

You watch as he takes a nipple into his mouth, his fingers tugging at your other one. He moves his hands away, his lips still pressing kisses over your breasts and stomach as he drags down your shorts and panties.

You part your legs for him, purposely rubbing your thigh against the tent in his jeans. He leans back on his knees as he takes his shirt off and leans down, licking a stripe up your core, parting your folds with his lips. You moan quietly as he pushes your thighs apart even more, his mouth attaching to your clit, giving it a harsh suck, his teeth grazing over your bundle of nerves making your hips jerk up.

He smirks, his right hand coming to your pussy, he pushes two fingers in and moves them slowly, his other hand tracing patterns on your stomach while holding you down.

“Watch me baby girl.”

You manage to look down and immediately let out a moan, seeing Ashton’s head between your legs sucking on your clit with his fingers pumping in and out of you was the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

You hands fly to his hair and he adds a third finger, “I’ve got you sweetheart, I want to cum for me. Let me taste you properly.”

Your hips buckle again, his words driving you crazy, your a mess of moans as your climax approaches.

His teeth graze over your clit again and he starts to pump his fingers faster, “Oh shit, Ashton.”

“Cum baby, cum all over my fingers.”

And you do, he rides out your high with his fingers then removes them, cleaing up your pussy. He comes up so his face is above you again, “open your mouth for me baby girl.”

So you do, he slips his three fingers into your mouth, groaning at the sight of you licking yourself off his fingers.

“Shit Y/N I need you so bad princess.”

He quickly strips of himself of his jeans and boxers, he reaches for a condom but you stop him, “I want to feel all of you Ashton.”

You grab his cock and start to pump him in your hands, he moans your name as his hips buckle into your hand, you slowly crawl over, ass in the air. He sits back on his knees again and you bend down and suck his tip into your mouth, Your tongue running harshly over his tip and you lick away his pre-cum. His hips buckle into your mouth, forcing more of his length into your mouth.

You look up at him as you slowly suck him and he is looking down at you, his eyes alight.

“No no no baby, let me have you now.”

He pushes you away so your on your back again and intertwines your fingers together as he lines himself up and thrusts slowly into you. You both moan as he pulls out and thrusts again.

“Fuck baby, y-you’re so tight…”

He removes one of his hands from yours and pulls your leg up and places it on his shoulder. His fingers dig into your calf as he starts to pound into you. His eyes never leave yours as you start to moan and pant.

“Yes yes Ashton!” you cry out, already approaching another orgasm.

“Y-Y/N, baby!”

His hand leaves your leg and he kisses you calf as he goes even harder as he starts to rub your clit. You clench around him and he lets another a loud, strangled moan.

“I-I need to cum Y/N, oh fuck you feel so good. Cum for me again baby, please.”

He moans again and again as you reach your climax and clench around him again and again, your walls fluttering. He slams into you and you cry out his name and he twitches inside you, releasing his load.

He collapses on top of you, his torso shaking. He cups your face with both of his hands and kisses your forehead, nose, both your cheeks and then leaves a lingering kiss on your lips.

“That was perfect,” he states quietly. “You’re perfect.”

“I’m so sorry baby girl, I love you and only you, I promise I won’t stuff up this chance Y/N.”

You smile at him and kiss him again, your legs intertwining with his as he rolls over onto his side and pulls you to him.

His kisses the top of your head, his hands stroking your hair, “I love you.”

He keeps mumbling how much he loves you into you hair, you smile again and cup his face.

“I love you too.”