Every time I think the stress of loving these boys is too much for me, they turn around and express their gratitude and give back and I realize that it’s totally worth it. I’m so endlessly thankful to have them in my life and I can’t imagine what the past year would have been like without them. If you’re out there, boys, thank you so much for everything.

about the person sending the last ask, it’s alright, if the person doesn’t like GG in the first place i don’t think there’s any point in arguing about the problem that I don’t see (but that the other person might see), ‘cause we’re not gonna be on the same page, HOWEVER… I would love to put in my thoughts as a trans(man) who’s in the process of getting hormonal treatment, and seeing art of pictures of Arin wearing dresses.

Seeing Arin, a face outwards towards a big fanbase with hundred thousands of people, actually millions, liking dresses and pink and other feminine things, makes me super duper happy inside. 

I’m pursuing testosterone, and as a person who also likes dresses, makeup and other feminine things, i’m sometimes scared that even later when I’m becoming “male to society”, I won’t be able to wear dresses or makeup anymore. I’m afraid that people will laugh and i’ll be a gag < what the person in the ask is talking about.

BUT, in the GG animated there is absolutely nothing saying that Arin wearing Peach’s dress is supposed to be funny. He’s just wearing it. He’s happy, Dan doesn’t care, literally no one cares or mentions that he’s wearing it. The focus on the joke is not the fact that Arin’s the princess.

AND THIS MAKES ME GLAD. People don’t go “PFF did you see that GG animated when Arin’s wearing Peach’s dress, like omfg hahaha so funny”, because there’s literally nothing fueling a joke like that in the video.

So yeah, Arin’s a role model to me in many ways, and I understand if some people don’t think they’re funny a t  a l l, that’s just how the world works, people like different things. But I say that GG animated had no transmisogynistic jokes in it.

remember when before project home kicked off we talked about wanting to make the boys happy and wanting to make louis smile because he hasnt been smiling at all around that time and we talked about it so much and i had so many anons that were like “i hope we can make him smile” and louis waited for his day to tweet and he said thank you for always making us smile so anyway louis close attention to the fandom

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:harry james potter spent most of the summer after his first year of hogwarts feeling miserable and lonely because he believed his friends had forgotten about him or just didn't care enough to write to him and he was isolated from everyone and spent everyday stuck in his room being practically starved by his only remaining family so much that he started doubting whether hogwarts was even real at all or if he'd somehow dreamed it up and spent almost two months believing he was unwanted and worthless and-

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"[Sonic] the hedgehog looked villainous and crude, complete with sharp fangs, spiked collar, an electric guitar, and a human girlfriend whose cleavage made Barbie's chest look flat" -Excerpt from Console Wars (it's talking about the original draft of Sonic)

im pissed bc 

i still woulda loved it


“I don’t fucking want to be just friends” Jungkook says finally.
And that’s when he kisses him.

insp. by let’s not fall in love by Jungkoojk


Well, not so much boy group, Peter, as strippers, but that’s fine. We know what you mean.  

This is the A Mighty Big If version of the origin story of The Dreamboys name which in this case has 100% less of the dying whale noises he made when he told the same story on Sunday Brunch in 2013

You’ll notice that in neither case does Peter actually say the name of the band when he’s explaining how a heady mixture of art school and old silent cinema made them think their audience would understand what they actually meant by Dreamboys, but how the audiences totally didn’t, not even before the name became almost entirely associated with hen parties. 

Also, where have I seen those hands before?

Oh, yeah, there.

You know, for years I’ve been calling them Malcolm’s Edward Scissorhands, but I probably should have been calling them his Nosferatu fingers. (Especially since Malcolm does refer to himself as Nosferatu in series 3.) 

[160723] HYYH Epilogue in Beijing - Update

NONE of the members fainted. Jimin was merely exhausted and the OP of the video on weibo has deleted because of how people exaggerated it so PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD UNFOUNDED RUMORS.

The concert has ended and they performed 6~7 songs fewer than normal (Boy in Luv, Cypher Killer, Attack on Bangtan, Miss Right etc were not performed). It was really hot and stuffy due to the environment but everything is ok now so please do not worry so much and wait for the official notice.