No, but I feel like I know what it is now. I know now how they make the HaruRin decisions.

Producer: List down all the stereotypical shoujo manga cliches you could think of.

Writer: Okay, okay. Cherry blossoms, inappropriate-pushing-into-a-fence scene, rainbows, weird-obsession-with-the-other’s-smile-or-laughter, pining-and-angst, carrying-princess-style…

Producer: Yes, good. Make a checklist. And use everything on Haruka and Rin. EVERYTHING.


Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy’s squishy-worthy facial reactions to Richard Linklater talking about them:

i. Their initial Before Sunrise audition:

"I was just looking for that creative spark. A lot of it is just instinct, who you think you could work well with, who seemed honest, interesting, hard-working, all these things. Creative, mostly."

ii. Finding an actress who could “stand up” to Ethan:

"The goal of this movie was to be 50-50. Strong female, strong male, and to have that dialogue be very… not to have a specific gender point of view. To be both."

iii. shooting that 14-minute car scene in Before Midnight:

"I wouldn’t do this with any actors, that’s what’s always lost in this. It’s not just something you can conjure up at will. It takes two performers who can get there, and that’s not at all easy. What they make look so effortless, I can’t explain how much effort goes into it. It’s unbelievable. It’s so grueling."

Hey guys remember that time when Daryl gave Beth a piggy back across a cemetery, when it would have been safer to just make her walk so he could still use his bow if he needed to, just because he wanted to make her more comfortable?

Hahaha I’m not crying you are.


OC I doodled to print on cards to give to my professors before graduating.  Some unsubtle references to my major/school/other things that were important to my university career.  I wanted to make it pretty so I’d feel okay printing it, and I’m pretty satisfied? Moo did an excellent job printing them! ^ ^; 

Thank you Princeton 2010-2014!!