Here’s a messy lil sketchie of Ford 🎵ticklin’ the ivories till they gleeeaaam🎵!!!
It’s a headcanon of mine that Ford has this really beautiful singing voice (have you HEARD J.K Simmons sing?? You should hear how low he can go!! It’s crazy!!!) And the ever wonderful @twenty-one-pinetrees sent me this wonderful idea that all the pines family can play instruments!!! I’d really like to do the rest of the ideas, but ford playing the piano was too perfect NOT to do first!!!

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Hello dearie ♥ your edits.

Thank you soo, soo much, dear anon!!! That’s really kind of you. I’m glad that there are people out there who enjoy them! Thank you!!

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Late opening?????? OOOOOHH LUCKYYYYYY- You see, your school has late openings, my school had a freaking bomb threat omfg-

Yeah they just announced like a few minutes ago! Because we got snow again over here- But I can’t sleep now haha- And omg a bomb threat? My school had A LOT of those in the past- Hope you’re okay!


Why I hated loving you?
Because you were just like me.
We are truly alike, in the mind, heart and soul.
You’re another version of me.
But the difference is, you were the better one.
The better one with the better features.
With the soul still pure despite the stains
With her mind still beautiful despite the raging storm inside
With her heart accepting, loving, passionate.
You’re the diamond in the rough
While I was just the cracked  defected one.
I loved you because of that.
And I hate it.

We think, dream, speak, write, live and love alike
You are another me at the same world, space and time
Another me with a different story
Another me with the same pain.
Another me with a different life.
How ironic it was.
Thinking, dreaming, speaking writing, living and loving the same way.
Dancing the same rhythm, singing the same tune,
Following the same light, shrouded in the same darkness,
Taking the same path, the road less taken.
I loved you because of that.
And I hate it.

I love you for being in the same  dog-eared page with me.
I love you for seeing the world in the same light.
I  love you for sharing this kind of connection with me.
But I hate it.
I hate it because I see myself in you
And at the same time, I don’t.
I hate that I see the same girl, so strong.
That girl full of dreams, full of passion.
Full of wonders, full of love.
But less tainted, less stained.
You are better. We are similar yet opposites.
You’re like an ever blooming rose.
While I was wilting on the other side of the cinderblock garden.
The rose full of thorns, with the pests on my stems.
With my petals unpretty. With my colors fading.

And even if I wish I were you
I know it cannot be
Because I will always be “me”
Like how you defined me, how you saw me, how you loved me as well
So thank you. For being the ying to my yang.
For being the light to my darkness.
For being the shining sun to the dark side of my moon.
You’ve inspired me , taught me so many things.
And I am honored that I met a girl like you.

So thank you. For being such a wonderful angel.
You’re another set of wings  that  heaven has given to this forsaken world.
And I’d like to tell you I’m growing out my wings.
I know it will take time to grow them.
Maybe not today or tomorrow.
But I’m sure someday.
I’ll be able to fly with you.
And be the angels we’re supposed to be.

—  a birthday piece for a certain birthday girl

I was talking with my 4th year supervisor yesterday about how much we needed today to be cancelled because we red a break. And we were just like, there’s no way they’ll cancel class tomorrow bc it won’t be that bad, blah, blah, blah. Well, at 5:30am, I got a text saying all classes were cancelled because of the snow!!!

Thank you, Mr Butterfield!

Larries aren’t perfect, we just aren’t. We are people and we happen to make mistakes, of course we do. But Larries indisputably possess two qualities:

- We’re smart, like another level of smart. We’re a lot and we know how and what to look for. We are made up by a huge variety of specialists in so many different sectors. We can dig and dig well. We never give up, we never feel discouraged. If something too big happens, we rest a moment, we recollect ourselves and start fighting again. We see through things, we make the task impossible when anyone tries to sell us lies. We are strong and clever enough to not be shattered by hate and constant attacks because we can see the fails in the people who pettily come for us and turn the argument against them. And we always do that with such a class.

- We know love. We respect and support and promote it so much, in all of its forms. Not only we have big brains, more importantly, we have big hearts and that’s something that sadly enough isn’t that common. We have been here for these boys all along and we’ll be here until the very day we’ll see they need and want us to. We’ve had their backs through the ups and downs and we’ve trusted them in a way that’s quite a rarity. We’ve personally happened to sacrifice aspects of our own life in order not to abandon them. 

That’s why it feels incredibly important that in what is very likely the worst moment we have experienced together, someone from the outside, someone with respectability and credibility, stepped in to support us, to stand by us to remember us that we’re not the crazy ones, the bad ones, the wrong ones, to publicly show that everything we’ve been thinking and saying has a solid, rational base, to give us back the dignity they’ve been trying to tear away from us. We did falter a bit and we did get back to our feet all by ourselves, but this article certainly gave us the push we needed to feel all the confidence flow back into our spent but still so ready hearts. So thank you, Aaron Butterfield, you have no idea how much that meant to us. Looking forward for the second part of your work!

The Sun Signs as My Crushes

(Current) Aries: You make me feel so special, and you have a habit of making me lose sleep. Our conversations are full on inside jokes, sarcasm, pickup lines, and compliments that make your cheeks turn rosy red. I’m terrified of losing you. Please don’t forget me.

Taurus: I thought I was your third choice, what makes you think you can suddenly start liking me once I stopped liking you? You think this is a game, guess it doesn’t matter because I already won.

Gemini: You loved me first, and I watched you fall for another after another. Each time breaking their poor hearts. You never knew what you really wanted, and I’m glad I never gave you the chance to leave me heart broken.

Cancer: I remember the day you wanted to kiss me, you asked politely, but I refused because we had just met. You seemed to only like my body, not me. You tossed me away when I wouldn’t give you what I wanted.

Leo:  Our love was toxic from the start, but darling we wrote poetry. We both knew how things were going to end. Just like a fire we ended in ashes. Did all the time we shared go to waste?

Virgo: Thinking about you makes me want to forget. The memories seemed so harmless, but they keep me up late at night wondering why I didn’t take the risks. I was so conflicted. I made mistakes.

Libra: Your eyes pierced me, and instantly there was a connection. Flirting with you was such an ease, but I was so conflicted. You were so endearing, and you actually wanted to get to know me for me.

Scorpio: You. I miss you from time to time. I wonder if you remember our late conversations, I’m sorry I had to leave. You called me once, and told me about how happy you were. Maybe I was jealous?

Sagittarius: I always smiled around you, and you always returned the smile. There was so much sarcastic jokes between us, we could have written a book. But you knew better then to fall in love with me.

Capricorn: You confused me. You said you didn’t like me but your actions and words told me other wise. Maybe you liked to play games, but don’t ever do that to my heart.

Aquarius: Oh you were such a witty one, but did you get scared of your own feelings? What ever happened to your sarcastic one liners, and the quick glances towards me?

Pisces: You never really liked me, did you? Maybe at a time you did, but in the end you only liked the idea of me. So you used me to get them jealous. But jokes on you, I did the same.

Just Because We Like It – Madras Blazer

Madras is a lightweight cotton used primarily for summer clothing such as pants, shorts, and jackets (note that we don’t recommend combining madras on madras). The fabric takes its name from the former name of the city of Chennai, India.

Honestly I’ll never forget the day when the first Sonic Generations’ trailer appeared,there were so many gold reactions like people thinking they were on drungs or something and it was just a glorious day

and I’m laughing so hard rn because on the other hand this year has just been like