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I hope you will enjoy this ! I really love make some characters template but it’s the first time that I post one here (because of my english, i hope there are not a lot of mistakes >.<)

Now let me show you my precious dork her name is Sugar Babe i love stupid names don’t judge me ^^ (best quality here)

Are any of my followers into body jewelry? I’ve got a bunch of it that I’ve collected that I honestly just want to sell off and be done with. It’s been a source of frustration because I know someone will enjoy it, but it just sits there.

I’ll post pictures and what not if anyone wants. They vary in size/style a considerable amount, i’ve made a few rough estimates as to what sizes they are using a sizing card but I have no idea if it’s correct or not. There are 19 different pairs.


Women in their multitudes

is something that needs to be seen more than

men in their multitudes.

–– Graeme Manson [x]|[x]

Recently, I saw this picture, unfairly representing how every animated show always looks the same, lacks soul, just conforms to the norm and cant stretch or change or overall be different. Well to that I say, screw you. Modern Animation does a ton with its animation. Stop trying to compare it all like it’s shit, because it isn’t. It’s a shame that some people actually do so, and don’t give it a chance and BELIEVE pictures like that. Well here’s the truth, some may not like it, but a lot of current Modern Animation, is pretty damn good. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

is specifying places could be avoided? i'm struggling when it comes to settings. I want my readers to actually visualize everything, from the mere pebble between the cracks of the floors to the whole scenery where the sun reaches the green trees planted beside the roads. I wanted to make them visualize the setting i've chosen without actually saying an already existing place to help them... ;A; please help me...

I have this problem too!  I want my readers to be able to picture everything in their head, and because of that I get caught up on not just on spinning out detail, but also coming up with new ways to describe trees or doors or windows every single time my character comes across something.  It’s the eternal struggle I have between the kind of minimalism I enjoy as well as the baroque, lyrical prose that I enjoy.  There’s a few things that have helped me a lot in that department.

  • No matter how you describe something, your readers are all going to imagine it differently.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t describe things!  There is space for both baroque eloquence and terse minimalism in my literary heart, and in the market.  But as a very visual person who pictures/blocks out scenes in my head from certain angles, it helped a lot to remind myself that my readers won’t be imagining my stories the way I did when I wrote my stories.  Even though it’s the writer’s work that sets up the circumstances, world, and everything in a book or story, the place your readers will be visualizing everything is in their heads and imagination, and the imagination can do and allow for a lot of things that the literal world can’t!
  • Going off of that, writing is a textual medium, not a visual/image-based medium, and it interacts with your audience differently than a movie or play or TV show.  You can access different senses, and access the same senses in different ways; don’t describe how everything looks or just what your character(s)/the narrator sees, but how the scene feels, the warmth of thesun on the trees, the grainy-ness of the pebble in the floorboards and the pain of stepping on it, etc.  Keep all of your senses in mind.
  • Ultimately, some of your readers aren’t going to be the type of people who visualize everything in the books they read.  It will depend on how they read your book, if it’s for a class and they need to hurry through it, if they’re lounging in the bed or the bath, if they’re on the subway and surrounded by other things around them vying for attention from your readers’ senses, and so on.  It’s hard to think about that, because we as writers want our readers to read our work exactly how we plan it, and it’s painful to imagine the fact that a scene that takes months to sculpt and craft and is one of the most important things you’ve ever written can just be breezed through by your reader, but it happens.  We can’t control the reading experience for our readers.  That’s not to make it a “so why bother” type scenario, but it helps me to focus on what I can control without spiraling off into worry about the baby crying on the streetcar distracting my reader from my book.
  • Sometimes less is more.  You know the typical “character looks at themselves in a mirror and describes their face” trope?  The way to avoid that is to describe your character in different situations as needed; “she smiled as she left the orthodontist because she finally had her braces removed”, “she chose a zip-up sweater instead of a pull-over because she didn’t want to mess up her hair when it had taken so long to curl it”, and so on.  Do the same with your scenes!  Giving your reader scenes in many different contexts will show how that area is used and lived in, rather than a stagnant snapshot of one-time description.

Hope that helps!

Let Me Know

Summary: You just want to know what went wrong in the relationship.
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 1,345 Words


This was meant to be a one-shot, but I ended up writing more than expected, so I just made it a normal scenario. Sorry. But this actually took a long time to write because I spent a lot of time crying. IDK if it is just me or because I couldn’t help but think of my own break-up, but yeah. I advise you listen to Let Me Know while reading. I hope you enjoy the scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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“(Y/N)! Ah, did you see this?” Jungkook yelled to you excitedly from the living room. You let out a sigh, placing your book down and dragged yourself out of bed. You went out to find him holding up a magazine. There was a picture of him on a full layout with the other boys. He was smiling excitedly, looking like an adorable bunny. You smiled, walking up to him and taking the magazine to look at it. “We didn’t know that it was going to come out today. What do you think? Ah, they didn’t tell us it was going to be a full layout. We thought it would be a small article.” He started to ramble off as you looked through it.

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I’ve had this idea for a LOOOOONG time but just recently got around to finally doing it. I just loved picturing Raph and April getting caught making out by Mikey and Raph gettin’ all embarrassed before beating the everliving crap out of him. I also imagined it would happen a lot after the initial awkwardness of April and Raph telling his family they’re dating. I just had a freakin’ field day with this one. So much fun. XD

Well, I hope you enjoyed the work I did this weekend. :-) I am actually going to be going against my set dates for releasing new work because of Halloween right around the corner. I want to submit some Halloween pieces before it’s upon us. I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday. Hope you check them out. I did one for the 2012 and 2014 tmnt verse. See you then. :-)


Zarina Icons —Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy

Requested by queen-zarina

I’m a little late getting to these but here are my Zarina icons! She had a lot of fun pictures to play with and her icons were pretty quick and easy for me to do because she just looks good no matter what! XD I hope you guys enjoy these! ^__^

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Holy shit, I met Jonah Scott!

So, here’s a very long and pointless story; I see this gorgeous undercut from a little ways away, and immediately go to chase down this Jean without giving my friends any notice (I’m so ADD. They know I’ll disappear like Waldo if not watched).

And while he’s rustling around to get ready for a picture, his badge catches my eye, and I couldn’t stop myself from just staring at him and letting out a loud “HOLY SHIT” from my mouth when put two and two together.

I just want to nominate this cutie patootie as the best Jean at Acen this year!

Also want to whore him out because he was super sweet, and he’s got a great voice. Seriously guys. I don’t even really like English voice actors, but I enjoy his voice a lot.


Meghan Seegler

My name is Meghan Seegler, I am currently 19 years old and have just finished my first year at college. I have been through a lot over the past couple of months and I use photography to vent. I struggle to find models so most of my pictures are either of me or my brother. I enjoy conceptual/surreal/imaginative photography most of all because it allows you to capture a moment where you escaped reality, even if it’s just for a second…

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This picture of Foxy gazing at the night sky in wonder is brought to you by this AMAZING story which has four subsequent stories that are just as amazing, as well as a bonus story which is equally good.

I’m serious, those are the BEST fnaf-fics I’ve read. And I read a lot of fnaf-fics because I enjoy the different ways people interpret the characters.


I’ve been clearing out stuff and stumbled upon items that I either have doubles of or just don’t mind parting with. A lot of these things are from the 90’s, so basically, they are ancient. I figured it’s better someone else enjoy these instead of having them stored in a box. :D

The following will be sent to the winner:

  • Star Trek Encyclopedia (first edition, printed 1994)
  • DS9 clock and watch combo (never opened)
  • DS9 comics (issue #1: same comic, different covers)
  • Lt. Uhura action figure from ST:The Motion Picture
  • TNG marbles 
  • Two unopened packages of Skybox trading cards
  • The View from the Bridge by Nicholas Meyer (director of ST:II &VI)
  • Miniature Data, Riker, and shuttlecraft (on the encyclopedia) 
  • An assortment of mostly TNG trading cards
  • 30 Year anniversary psychedelic sticker (ya, I dunno)


  • Giveaway ends May 1, 2014 @ noon Pacific. 
  • Reblog/Like only once to be entered. You can reblog/like several times, but it only counts once. :)
  • You should be following me, but I guess you don’t have to be.
  • I can only ship within the U.S. I would love to ship Internationally but shipping costs more than the items are worth. Sorry :(
  • You should be willing to provide me with your mailing address and have an open Ask box.
  • I’ll pick a winner via a random draw.

Good Luck!

I have autumn holidays right now, but I’m also busy with a lot of homeworks too. So I want to finish them first before I enjoy the rest of my holidays and laze, because I hate it to do the work last-minute. To stressful xD Now to the picture >w< Yes I said I’m busy with homework, but here and there I have to do something elso, otherwise I freak out xD So in order to stay calm I drew this little picture between my mountain of homeworks. And yes it’s not just black and white with few colourful areas…NO it’s fully coloured

One Piece, Trafalgar Law, Monkey D. Ruffy/Luffy © Eiichiro Oda


I just wanted to share pictures of how I use my bullet journal. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I’ve enjoyed adjusting it to suit my needs. I know a lot of people don’t like it because it doesn’t allow you to plan ahead, but I make it to where I can plan ahead. I also prefer having a monthly layout of the calendar versus a list. Maybe I’m just a more visual person. 

I’m trying out a new style for my daily tasks. It’s not that the original style doesn’t work for me, I just want to see how the week layout works for me. I also made a couple pages with the next two weeks on them as well. 

As you can see, I also doodle and add notes and recipes to my bullet journal. I have two pages where I write down one thing I’m thankful for, which was my new year’s resolution. The page you see that has the title Sunshine’s Playground is my ideas page for a bird gym I want to make for my cockatiel.

I think the most important thing is creating a journal that works for you and suits your needs. If you’re a planner like me, make your months a few months ahead of time. Who cares if it’s out of order? That’s what the index is for! :) If you have any unique ways of bullet journaling, please share! 

Okay so a lot of the pictures on my dash lately have been of people taking photos with 5sos in airports and just in the street and it’s starting to annoy me because they’re now on their break and people still won’t leave them the fuck alone! I mean, I highly doubt that they enjoy getting of a plane to tons of screaming people waving cameras at them. And no wonder they sometimes get irritable when they can’t even fucking go outside without people taking their picture. So, at least for this week, just leave them alone; you’re here for the music, not so you can get a photo with them.


Took Snake to the zombie crawl in Denver! She did pretty well and behaved. A lot of kids enjoyed her and I got the resident evil team to take pictures. They were all super excited to see her, haha. Especially the last guy. I asked him if he wanted to hold her for a picture and he just said “oh hell yes!!”
We named her Butter while we were out because she reminds us of buttered popcorn.


My brother and I.

(The first picture is from last year)

bottledambition is 29 weeks on t

And I’m 19 weeks.

I really enjoy telling the story of how Sav and I met because I didn’t just meet him I met myself as well.

I struggled a lot with understanding what it meant to be transgender and non binary.“I wanted my heels and dick too.”

And he showed me that not only was it more than okay, but normal.

I’m so thankful for him I mess this story up every time because it’s so hard to explain how someone can change your life for the better.

I’m about to be 27 and he just turned 24 I never feel like the bigger brother. I honestly could almost cry thinking about how tongue tied I get over understanding loving someone like this.

I spent so much time being hung up on relationships and friendships that showed me a different idea of love and I let that define something for me that doesn’t compare to what this means.

I don’t know man, you’re just the most realistic thing about my life and I’m happy you exist. I wish I could say something better than that.

They say something about something being super real when you can’t ever repay the person back. I can’t pay you back for giving me who I am today. I am Draconis, and shit I get to be Draconis Elric I get to take your last name. Which is exciting for me because I’ve never felt apart of any sort of family, or anything for that matter until I met you.

But what’s happening is I’m really high and this is starting to sound like a super cheesy love novel so I’m going to stop now and not because I’m afraid to go there you know I will. But you keep tossing your buns and snoring so I don’t want to wake you up laughing at my own stupidity.

I love you Sav.

📷 photo and pup credit lostinmyforest

The BAFTA for Merlin was just the beginning guys.

Testament of Youth is his first role in a major motion picture. This means that he’s going to start to be noticed by lots of people, because we know he is going to be great. 

I’m going to enjoy seeing his acting life blossom so much in the future. I hope he keeps his private life since we all know he holds that really dear, but I can’t wait to see him become the amazing actor that we all know he is going to be.