My name is Tanner Mason. I have submitted here before, but i just wanted to again because i had some news! Today, i told my coworkers! Half of them were quite supportive, they changed my name. The other half asked me “how do you think you’re both a female and male?” “Isn’t that wrong?” And one of my coworkers even called me gross. My accepting coworkers had stuck up for me and said that i am who i am, and they love me regardless. Before my shift was over work my supervisor brought me my badge. Since she could not legally change my name on my badge she put a name tag on the back. I cried so hard when she handed me my tag. While i wore it it had flipped over a few times to where it said “kayla” my coworkers flipped it over for me, ever single time.It is great to feel acceptance, even if it’s not by everyone. I love who i am, and am so excited to start my future as myself. They/them pronouns.