narglesandquaffles asked:

I'm stuck between being upset because I read a twelve paragraph rant on how I'm going to hell, laughing that I just read a twelve paragraph rant about how I'm going to hell, and insulted that I wasn't tagged in the weave paragraph rant about how I'm going to hell

Literally I had the exact same reaction of not knowing whether to be angry or laugh. I think I ended up responding with a combination of both. I actually was saying “Holy shit” out loud over and over and laughing in disbelief. 

And yeah, they missed a lot of important blogs. 

handpickedhappiness asked:

16, 24, 27!

16 - Top three Christmas movies:
Absolutely Die Hard, I love old action movies. Along with Home Alone and Bad Santa, both of which I haven’t seen in forever.

24 - Top Three Books:
‘John Dies at the End’ is absolutely number one, that book is phenomenal. Ready Player One is amazing if you love eighties music and movies, and the Skulduggery Pleasant series is a super interesting series filled with magic and humour but really gritty too.

27 - Top Three Hashtags I Use:
On Tumblr? Probably my personal tag ‘TroyRambles’ which is just a stupid collection of selfies and rambles about shows and books.
'Yolo’ because I started using stupid saying out of irony but now it’s stuck in vocabulary, and RvB / RWBY due to fact I’m always a slut for Roosterteeth.

Thanks for the questions!!!