I referred to it as casual intimacy after the beauty that was 4x02 but after the gloriousness that was the 4B premiere it bears repeating:

This comfort that Killian and Emma have together now, 

Walking down the street with their arms around each other on their way to work,

The soft smiles,

Her placing her hand comfortingly on his chest to convince him he is a hero,

Them holding hands as they free the fairies, with her celebrating with him as the weight of it is lifted off his shoulders,

Eating together tucked away in the corner of Granny’s talking about Henry,

This is why this OTP is my OTP. Yeah, they could burn down villages with their chemistry and their intensely awesome kisses, but at the end of the day, it still is the casual, tender intimacy that these two have that makes me fall in love with them all over again.


nightmare;(noun) - a bad dream that brings out strong feelings of fear, terror, distress, or anxiety

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  • harry:*sigh*
  • harry:*shakes head*
  • harry:*looks 10000073927628372929% done with life*
  • harry:that's professor charles xavier, eggsy
  • harry:stop embarrassing me

I woke to ‘front row seats’ of the sounds and sight of an invasion in New York. It might have still been snowing, by the looks outside possibly 3-4AM when the attack happened. It began with strange aircrafts flying overhead at speeds never before seen on Earth. The attack soon followed after humans made their first move of aggression which agitated ‘the invaders’.

They responded with attacks and began fighting the scared humans back, this escalated into an all out arial war that I was witnessing from an exaggeratedly large version of my room’s windows. I quickly went to wake my bro up to the dangers “we needa go right now!! kel! kel! wake up!! we need to go! New York is under attack!” as he starts to orient himself from his own dreams.

Flashes of blues and reds happen from the outside commotion which startles me into dragging my bro outta bed to come and see what’s happening outside. The battle wages on, but what started it, and was the invasion human or non-human? I wake from the dream.

I love how when Spencer crashes Alison’s millionth funeral at the mausoleum and tells Jason about Alison being pregnant, the girls get mad about it, with Hanna and Aria asking what’s wrong with her and telling her to stop, etc., while Emily’s just watching silently, and then when Jason leaves, she rightly points out that Spencer’s lashing out at them and angrily leaves after the girls, glaring at Spencer as she goes.

But outside when they’re walking, she’s the one who gets to the heart of the problem in an instant, and while she’s upset with Spencer about the whole thing, she’s also understanding enough to just let it go overnight, because Spencer is clearly merely trying to push them away and Emily Fields will not tolerate that kind of bullshit. So the next day, she goes after Spencer with the same amount of love and concern and exasperation and fear, and a scarcity of cupcakes that she feels the need to make up for in her attempts to get Spencer to stop pushing them away, because she knows pain and loss too, and it doesn’t give Spencer the right to shut them out.

And it’s really great bc during this whole storyline - aside from being the one who’s most heavily involved with trying to help Spencer - Emily is also the one who never judges Spencer for it, or at the very least never makes any sort of remark about her sanity/strength. The reason she freaks out about Andrew is because it hurts to see Spencer spiraling, and she and Spencer apologize to one another the first chance that they get, and then it’s done and over with. (until Brandon but that’s something else)

And even when Emily isn’t running around after her she’s still thinking about her, contemplating all the possible things that Toby could have done to make Spencer lose it like that, even when she’s dealing with her jealousy over Shana and her problems with Paige (and implicitly with the Nate business but, you know).

Then when she finds out about Toby, she’s in denial, she’s hurt, but she’s still on Spencer’s side, always, and she goes looking for answers despite Spencer’s warning, and really, she’s doing it for all three of them, but especially for Spencer, and she even offers to drag a dead body all the way to Radley for her (or at least she’s willing to break into a morgue full of dead bodies just to take one picture, which she wouldn’t have done before, but Good Girl Emily Fields does not give a shit about rules when it comes to protecting the ones she loves).

And when they suspect that Spencer might be A, she doesn’t believe that for a second, knowing it’s absurd as hell (and she’s more convinced of that than she is of Toby’s innocence, or her own).

Emily never once gives up on Spencer, never falters in her attempts to help her, and she uses everything to get through to her - a shoulder to cry on, warmth and understanding, tough love, cupcakes, arguments, apologies, literally anything - even when it seems like Spencer has lost it completely. She forgets about all her problems with Nate because she needs to reassure Spencer that she’s on her side. She forgets about the image of her murdering her first love, just to get Sullivan to tell her where Spencer is when she goes missing. She gets herself in potentially dangerous situations just to give Spencer the answer she feels she needs to hear. She has nightmares about Spencer being in Radley, for god’s sake.

And she does all this, even after everything and everyone she’s lost - even after Spencer tried to take Paige away from her, even when Spencer’s actions indirectly led to her killing Nate and almost losing Paige. She, out of everyone, should have given up by then, on Spencer, on herself, but she didn’t, because she couldn’t, because the girls mean too much to her and she trusts them with her life, and she’s angry at the world but still struggling through, because she’s that strong and she’s that good of a friend, and she’ll be damned before she lets a loved one get hurt (again). She just won’t have it, and whether Spencer sees that or not - whether she cares about herself, about Emily, about anything anymore - Emily’s there to pull her back down to the ground.

Just breathe in and breathe out your dreams with me | dongtae x sunhi

O dia estava chegando ao fim na Coreia do Sul, o céu já se encontrava em tom alaranjado e a lua já se fazia presente também. DongTae estava em seu quarto arrumando algumas coisas antes de sair para ir até o jardim encontrar com SunHi, uma garota que ele havia conhecido na última semana e que tinha muitos pontos em comuns com ele. Desde a primeira vez que se falaram puderam constatar que gostavam de frio, gostavam de músicas e melodias que tinham muitas coisas a dizer. Melodias banhadas a sentimento. E ela conhecia Roh Jihoon e isso já era alguma coisa.

Acabou de limpar as escrivaninhas e passar o álcool com aroma de eucalipto nos móveis e constatou que aquilo estava muito bom! Arrumou a cama também e havia limpado o chão há alguns minutos. Tudo estava limpo, cheiroso e arrumado do jeito que ele gostava… Menos ele. Tomou um banho demorado e vestiu uma malha preta, e uma calça do mesmo tom; em seguida vestiu um de seus casacos prediletos, o marrom escuro. Seus casacos prediletos eram cinco. O preto, o azul, o amarelo, o marrom escuro e o vermelho. Seus casacos faziam parte de si e ele os amava.

O corpo estava arrumado, os cabelos penteados, mas as mãos continuavam expostas. Lavou-as pela última vez e abriu a gaveta de luvas, escolheu uma preta pois achava que ficaria bem com elas nessa ocasião. Pegou uma caderneta em cima da escrivaninha e saiu do quarto. Limpou a maçaneta com uma flanela, constatando que ela brilhava em seguida. Sorriu satisfeito. Andou quieto até o jardim e avistou os cabelos longos da garota de longe. Ela estava com o violão em mãos como prometido e DongTae por sua vez, levava consigo a caderneta onde marcava suas anotações que poderiam se transformar em poemas algum dia.

Não costumava mostrar elas para outras pessoas por aí jamais tiveram interesse em vê-las, mas como SunHi tivera uma reação contrária da maioria, ele a mostraria. Aproximou-se dela – Boa noite! – anunciou a chegada para não assustá-la – Espero que não tenha esperado muito, eu fui pontual, mas você chegou cedo… – dizia enquanto tirava um lenço do casaco e colocava sobre o banco de madeira do local para em seguida se sentar – Trouxe comigo o que havia prometido, vejo que você também – deixou em evidência a caderneta azul-claro que tinha em mãos.

I am 6’0 tall. Just shy of 22. I am a sucker for puppies. I am a dreamer. Taylor Swift is my idol. And people gonna hate.hate.hate. Ellen Degeneres is who I strive to be. I am educated. Others always come first. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-Hypermobility. I workout 5 days a week. Basketball and golf are my games. Pain is not temporary for me. It is forever. I do not play sports to pay my tuition. I purchase my own gear. No one tells me to practice. I enjoy snowboarding. Doctors tell me to never do all of the above. I play like a girl. I am a hard headed kid who loves her sports. I never complain about the pain. I just work. I am just me. I am an NCAA Division III athlete.