Jealousy//Neymar Jr Imagine
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It was the Holy Grail of all soccer games, El Classico. Neymar was mentally preparing himself for what’s in store, standing on the soccer field. He watched as the other players of real Madrid came onto the field, giving the Barca players death glares. They were just as hungry as Barca. And was willing to do anything to win this game.
 "Hey did you see that girl when we were coming in?“ One of the Real Madrid players asked Gareth.
 Gareth smirked, "Yeah man she was cute.”
 They laughed, stretching their legs.
 Gareth looked up in the stands were all the wags sat at. Her immediately spot the girl his team mate was drooling over.
 "Hey she’s up there.“
 They look up in the stand, his team mate smiling like a little boy.
 "She’s a girlfriend or something fuck.”
 Gareth laughed hitting his friend in the shoulder.
 "So what maybe she’s willing to leave them for a actual soccer player.“
 Cristiano over heard them walking towards the two to see who they were talking about.
 "Who you guys talking about?”
 They pointed at the girl smirking.
 "You do know whose girlfriend she is right?“ Cristano asked laughing.
 "Nah whose?” Gareth asked .
The grew quiet looking across the field at Neymar.
 Neymar saw the three men staring at him, his anger growing bigger at the minute. Don’t get him wrong he was fine with Cristiano. But he hated the rest of them.
 "Why they looking at me?” He asked Rafihna.
Rafihna shook his head really not wanting to tell his pal what they were saying.
 "What?!“ He asked more angrier.
 "They were talking about y/n.” Rafihna cautiously answered.
 "What?! What were they saying?“
 Rafihna looked at him giving him that look. Neymar knew exactly what he was signaling.
 "I swear to god I’m going to fuck them up.”
 Rafihna quickly went to grab his friend before he did anything rational.
 "Hey! HEY! Remember what happened last time? Your still in trouble for cursing out that referee.“ Rafihna reminded him.
 Neymar sighed glaring back at the three men who were now gloating at his girlfriend.
 "Well I can’t just have thoses bitches talk about how they want to sleep with MY GIRLFRIEND.”
The ref blew the whistle and they took there places.
Neymar glared at Gareth, glancing over at his friend who was shaking his head telling him no. He squinted his eyes getting ready to hurt him and his friends.
Ney took off running getting ahold of the soccer ball. He was dodging player after player scoring Barca’s first point.
 By the time it was 10-9 Neymar was more than angry he was vengeful. He watched as Gareth’s teammate wink at y/n.
 Y/n smiled back returning her attention back to the game.
What the hell!? Why did she even give him any type of attention.
 "You wanna play let’s play.” Neymar whispered.
 Messi kicked the ball juggling it between his feet passing it to Rafihna. Neymar ran down the field along Gareth’s teammate. Gareth kicked the ball from David passing it to his teammate. Neymar took this as his opportunity to get him back. He ran towards him kicking his feet from beneath him. Knocking him down hard to the ground. You could her the crack in his leg. Neymar didn’t one bit of sorry.
 "What happened?“ The ref yelled.
Neymar shrug walking away from the scene. He looked up at his girlfriend, y/n shaking her head at him.


Y/n was waiting for her boyfriend outside the locker room. Neymar walked out glaring at y/n.
"What?” Y/n laughed.
“Really? You know what you did.” Neymar snapped.
Y/n was confused she honestly didn’t know what he was talking about.
“That player! Why did you smile back?”
Y/n laughed, shaking her head was he serious.
“Really? That’s funny are you seriously jealous.”
Neymar got embarrassed looking away.
“I don’t like it when another man talks about how he wants to sleep with my girlfriend. ” ney confessed.
Y/n wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. Kissing him passionately.
“I know why you kicked him the way you did. And I’ll be honest I was mad at you but I love you. And i know you had your heart in the right place.” Y/n whispered.
Neymar smiled, “I love you too y/n”
“Besides I probably would have dome the same thing if some girl flirted with you.”
Neymar chuckled kissing his girlfriend.

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Can I ask for a Paulo Dybala imagine, please? Maybe a fight after the game because your a Barça fan? 😂 Anyway love your blog soooo much 💕💕

thank you!!! i could so relate to this imagine lmao so i hope you like this x i just uploaded this via phone so i’m gonna edit this when i’m back x

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Amuse - Paulo Dybala

“babe?!” i heard Paulo call as he entered my apartment and I heard the front door closing. I sighed as I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard his footsteps stepping closer to my room and the door opening, i stopped breathing for a moment as I heard him walking towards the bed and lay down beside me. My back was facing him so I could open my eyes again.

“i know you’re not asleep” he stated and I rolled my eyes and sighed. I remained quiet and closed my eyes again hoping to just fall asleep right now.

“babeeeee” he said sighing as he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his head in my neck.

“what’s wrong?” he asked.

“answer me” he begged me.

“what?” i said but it sounded more like groaning.

“why are you mad at me what did i do wrong?” he asked.

“did i forget to put the dishes away again?” he asked referring to last week when i was freaking out about him not putting the dishes away when he was spending all day at my place while i was at work.

“nope” i said popping the p.

“seriously what did i do then?” he asked.

“well nice two goals you scored there” i stated. I heard him groan as he pulled out of the embrace and sat up.

“here we go again” he mumbled.

“you can’t seriously be mad at me for scoring against your team babe” he said.

“again” he added and i just rolled my eyes.

“and you can’t be serious for scoring against my team” i said.

“again” i added.

“what do you want me to do?” he asked.

“ask my coach to let me sit on the bench?” he asked.

“well yeah. maybe” i said as i heard him chuckle in disbelief as i imagined him shaking his head.

“babe” he said.

“i’m sorry okay” he said.

“but you really can’t be mad at me every time i win against your team” he said more softly this time.

“oh please you only ever won once or maybe twice the other times they always beat you” i said rolling my eyes.

“y/n” he said, his voice had changed and i knew he wasn’t being funny about it anymore.

“you know all of the others girlfriend and wives were there supporting their boys and supporting our win and my goals and i get that you weren’t there and stuff and rather wanted to watch the game at home. but i really thought you would be at least kinda happy, you know” he said which made me roll around and look at him, his eyes locked with mine and my face softened.

“i’m sorry” i said softly.

“i know i’m being selfish i’m just mad at barca fucking things up again and then you scoring it just hurts. i really wanna be happy for you. congrats on your goals Paul” i said as i took his hands in mine.

“thank you babe” he said as he leaned in and leaned his forehead against mine closing his eyes.

“i’m sorry bout acting like a bitch” i said softly as he opened his eyes again and pulled away to look at me.

“yeah i got used to that” he said chuckling which made me roll my eyes shaking my head slightly as an amused smile still played on his lips.

i am so happy that marc bartra is at bvb. this has nothing to do with him leaving barca, it’s just that he fits in so well. like, i can’t imagine him at any other club anymore, he looks so happy and you can really see how much he loves the club and how loved he is by all of the fans and the players. he’s playing his best and is getting lots of playing time, everybody sees how important he is and he is also the sweetest, nicest and the best person. i just love him so much and i’m so happy that he’s here, he belongs at bvb! 💛💛💛

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i cant believe barça died for that... whats a defense juve?!

can you believe dybala did the most against barca just to go missing in the final? Just Argentinian Things

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i'm a cule, but i don't want hector and marco to come here

i’m 99% sure hector won’t, i think that’s mostly been cleared up, but i could see marco leaving and it makes me v v sad

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Leo is so inexpressive about anything including his love for anto. How is she okay with it? U see ivan luis ney& not just barca players but people all over they are so expressive u just know how much they love their partner but with him its all so blank. Even yesterday u had luis post such a nice lovely message. Its not about sns only in general u see leo he is always so balnk so distant from it all rarely when they both are together u would get a feeling they are dating it all looks so platonic

pecho frio CONFIRMED.