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ronaldo gets suspended for 2 matches because he punched and hit two players and pique gets suspended for 4 matches because he said something to the ref :/ that's the most ridiculous thing i ever heard

Ronaldo should have gotten wayyy more than he got. 2 matches for what he did was ridiculous

Let’s assume for second Pique said what the ref told in his report. He can’t say those things to a ref, players say it to each other all the time, but you can’t curse at the Ref. Period. While i do think 4 matches is too much, he does deserve to be suspended (assuming he said it, i don’t know if he did)

Let’s just hope Barca will do everything they can to prove his innocence. They will appeal, so we will see.  He and Masche are the most important players in our defense, we neeeeed him.