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OKAY OKAY but just know now you’ve opened this door it ain’t closing- it’s hardly anything wild lol but this became way more than an elevator pitch but I’m on mobile so i will hide under see more in the morning SORRY FOLKS!

So basically it takes place in a sort of parallel 1986 where cryptids just are sort of… around and a lot of them decide to settle down in this shitty South Jersey city. Because it’s such a hot spot, a council of old money monster families run the streets (Vampire mafia, werewolf Molly Maguires, ghost gangs etc) but humans still coexist there so the city is run by this total dopey guy and a totally shadowed city council- THIS IS UNIMPORTANT
Tumbles is this sorta older vampire who’s lost interest in the whole shady playing, killing people thing and just wants to stick with his day job (philharmonic cellist)- like he literally couldn’t give less of a shit. (“I did my crusading back when it was fun. Before electricity.”) But his ex boyfriend Vinny is the don of this vampire mob and keeps sending him calling cards to get him back in the killing game. Tumble’d usually just ignore them, but his werewolf nurse roommate/best friend Chandra is done with finding dead doves on their windowsill, so he has to go and tell him to stop.
He meets Nic (who’s like 37 btws which is is still too young for him) at his ex’s apartment. Nic there because his childhood best friend is the right hand man of Tumble’s ex, and Tumbles is like INSTSNTLY I N T O I T but he doesn’t know how to talk to him so he just keeps trying to cartwheel Nic in the elevator to try and work up the courage.
Meanwhile, a new detective on the New Kenend, New Jersey police force, Phyllis Nelson, thinks she’s about to blow the lid off this huge government cover up about the mayor and the city council- but in order to do that, she needs somebody one on the inside of the cryptid world to help her. She gets tipped off by this club owner- the literal Jersey devil who’s called Hilary, by the way- that Tumbles knows the Don but isn’t entangled in whole business, so she instantly seeks him out for help. He doesn’t really wanna get involved because a) he’s just like… not into it and b) he doesn’t care. So he turns her down.
But then Nic comes to talk to Tumbles because he found out Phyllis’s theory and admits he’s been suspecting something like that for YEARS and he wants to make sure his friend isn’t in trouble (“just because he’s a vampire doesn’t mean we ain’t buds”) so he asks Tumbles if there’s anyway he can help with the investigation. Tumbles realizes that helping Phyllis with the investigation- while compromising his nihilistic apathy- WOULD mean spending time with this guy he really likes so he’s like “uh TOTALLY” and literally tells Phyllis he’ll only help if Nic can come too.
TL;DR: Tumbles is an exhausted bitch who only helps save his shitty Jersey hell city because he’s too much of a dork to talk to the guy he likes .
That’s more or less the GIST- like the story goes past that, obviously, and like the council is explored and Chandra and Hillary are both real important- as are their other friends “Bloody” Mary who is running for city office (she’s a literal phantom who’s campaign strategy is showing up in people’s mirrors and telling them to vote for her), Brett the stressed nursing student, and Jude the Swamp Dude (he’s a swamp dude!)
It’s just a fun, gay ass romp with a lot of goofs and doesn’t take itself too seriously! It’s a fun knock around plot, you know? Nothing’s too concrete, just fun!

Looking for feedback

So I posted a senerio before and got a lot of great, varying perspectives. I thought I might try it again. As before, there are no right or wrong answers and if you feel more comfortable anon or direct msg is also appreciated.

A lesbian you are in love with, with whom you were intimate and working towards a relationship, changes her mind and has a new gf. Though you’ve remained friends at this point, do you or do you not think it’s acceptable to be asked to hang out with your love and her new gf? Would you hang out with the new gf?

All responses welcome.

if you’re going to the sdcc panel and want to ask a question, i’d encourage you to ask about 

  • is hunk his actual name or a nickname cause come on, who calls their son hunk 
  • what’s keith’s last name/ethnicity. is he supposed to be (half) asian like his va? is he White?
  • lance’s last name?
  • does shiro have… a family? someone waiting for him? is he an orphan like keith?

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Merlin in chain mail... neither Arthur nor I can handle it.

My weakness
Good lord, please have mercy! Hands up, who else can’t handle Merlin in chainmail? We are lucky we haven’t seen him wear chainmail in season 5. It would have cost many good fangirl-lifes.

just tackled steve because he was eating peanut butter & i forgot he’s not allergic anymore & i thought he was gonna die. whoopsie.

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Merlin is joking around 1 day & puts on Arthurs crown when teasing him. Everything else seems to stop as Arthur gaps for a few seconds, too short for Merlin to notice, at how beautiful the man looks in his crown. Slowly, the world flows back around him & Arthur catches the last part of Merlins sentence. He teases him back, but later, when Arthur is alone in his chambers, his mind cant help but wander back to his crowned servant & he begins to wonder what he would look & sound like giving orderes

My servant’s crown
Oh Anon, your words are wonderful and you made me cry a little *sobs* I added something to it, I hope you don’t mind ♥