We had a lovely time. It was Jeffery Azoff’s, who is um… ah.. Harry’s manager.. It was his birthday, 30th birthday and it was a big surprise that Harry organized and we had an absolute blast. It was a great time […] Harry organized a roast for Jeffery Azoff where he got some of his old school friends and then his dad and then I did a bit and it was great fun yeah.
—  James Corden on air with Ryan Secrest (x)

me: i don’t want to concern myself with damen and laurent fancasts no one’s ever gonna cоme closе to how i envision them anyway

freddie fox and jan uddin: 


fangirls dont want just any boyfriend;

fangirls want boyfriends who read them smutty fics thru the phone and give them all kinds of fic recs and bring them to kings cross station and buy them fandom merch and be very cool with “obsessing” over tumblr and fandoms ok????

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*SIGHS* ok I know people are upset at what Rupert said. but it was All A joke. He doesn't believe that. What he Actually believe is this "In a way it makes a lot of sense that [Ron and Hermione] did get together. I don’t think it’s wrong. " He. Doesn't. Think. Romione.Will. Divorce


Okay, but what you have to understand is that (I, at least) am not upset about what he said about Ron and Hermione’s relationship. Yeah, I find it annoying, especially considering what happened last time we thought JKR had spat all over their relationship, but that’s not what upsets me??

I’m upset about what he and pretty much all of the cast continued to say about where Ron will end up in life. For people (like me) who relate so strongly with Ron’s character, it hurts when the people who are supposed to understand his character most are the ones that make fun of and mock him. Ron’s doubts and insecurities all focus around the fact that he’ll never live up to/be as good as Harry or Hermione or any of his brothers, and to have that echoed back by people who should know better is very frustrating. To me and a lot of others, Ron Weasley is a role model because /despite/ all of these doubts and insecurities he rose above it all and ultimately ended up in a good place. So for the actor who played him so well for so many years to contradict all of that bothers me.

I love Rupert Grint, okay, and I think it’ll take a lot to change that but I Do Not like what he said about Ron in that interview, and I get that it may have been a joke but I hear it so often from some parts of the fandom that this just feels like a reinforcement of that.

Rupert and the rest of the cast are placed in a high position in fandom (obviously, having played their respective characters for over 10 years, they deserve to be) so them all saying this is going to make it so much easier for people to hate on Ron, which annoys me deeply because lbr he gets enough hate as it is.

Let me reiterate: I don’t hate Rupert OR any of the cast, but I do hate what was said in that interview and I am upset about it.

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I'd just like to share that as a bilingual person I also can only swear in English. English is such a swear-able language, don't you think?


YES??? It’s just… English is a language were cursing is so easy?? The word “fuck” can be placed anywhere in a sentence, and the sentence will still make sense!! Plus, you can make up wonderful sentences like “Sweet fucking burger-flipping Christ, what the shit” and everyone understands!!

English was an absolute nightmare to learn, but I love using it so much!!

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Curious, would you agree that RWBY has issues with balanced characters? Team rwby needs all they've got to kill a nevermore but Coco kills 2 on her own cuz bullets. You could argue its a skill thing but it seems so unclear. Maybe I just dont get it.

That’s because Coco is a 2nd year student and Team Leader that has a goddamn high caliber weapon disguised as a fucking tote bag

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Kageyama is not mean, just a little socially inept

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

yeah! i don’t think kageyama is ever outright deliberately malicious to anyone. he’s irritated by people and sometimes he can be harsh, but i think that’s mostly cause he doesn’t know how to temper his words/doesn’t know how to handle people

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Wait was Lexa bowing before Clarke an actual marriage ceremony type thing or was it just like idk just a beautiful way to squish my heart and make me love them even more???

Lexa just pledged her life to Clarke and swore to protect her and her people. It was her way of saying that she’s never going to betray her ever again and the first major step in trying to earn her forgiveness.

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ok i completely agree with you on the brendon and the panic thing but consider this: he was supposed to give up the band's name when ryan and jon left?

ok here’s the deal: i have seen no source for this. i’m not saying it’s not true, but so far i’ve gotten no legit sources. i’ve gotten these two things: 

(x) (x

both of these show that they just assumed they were going to start fresh and do stuff. there was never some “verbal agreement” that people keep talking about. it literally is just that they left and assumed panic would not continue without them. not to mention, these are tyv interviews, when it was clear none of the guys were on good terms with each others. 

also, in the announcement that ryan and jon were leaving p!atd, it literally said that brendon and spencer would continue under that name which they may have honestly been contractually bound to do since ryan and jon left the band right before a giant tour with blink 182 and fall out boy.

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△ What do Rose and Tyrra want to be when they grow up?

(Last one!! Thank you all, these were really fun!)

Once again, Rose will answer no problem, and Tyrra is more reticent.

“Okay,” says Rose. “Okay. First, I wanna be a rock star and if I can’t be a rock star I wanna be a princess and if I can’t be a princess I wanna be a veterinarian and I wanna have a big place where I can save all the animals and never have to put them to sleep. And I’m gonna have three horses and two giraffes.” She thinks about this for a second. “Or maybe I’ll be a magician. Or maybe I’ll be president of the universe. Is that a thing? Isn’t that basically what Dad is?”

“He’s on the Council,” Tyrra explains patiently, as if this is a conversation they’ve had many times.

“Same thing.” And Rose shrugs, because in her mind it is.

A long silence falls before Tyrra answers.

Tyrra hides her face, staring down at her hands. “I–I don’t know.”

Rose, of course, doesn’t believe this. She burrows next to her sister and wraps her thin little arms around Tyrra’s shoulders. “It’s okay, Tyr, you don’t hafta say if you don’t want.” Rose kisses Tyrra’s shoulder and says, “She doesn’t wanna go to the turian, like, fighting classes or whatever. She doesn’t wanna be a soldier.”

“Rose,” Tyrra pleads. “Don’t say it. It sounds so bad when you say it.”

“I don’t think it’s bad. Just ‘cause everyone else always does it doesn’t mean you hafta. You think Mom’d let them just take you?”

Tyrra shakes her head and sighs. “It’s a turian thing, Rosie. It’s just a stupid turian thing.” 

“But what if you didn’t hafta do that?” Rose presses. “What would you want then?”

“I want to… I want to fly,” Tyrra whispers. “Like a pilot, but… but not with guns. And maybe I… I want to write poems.”

“Her poems are really good,” says Rose. “Even if they’re all sad.”

“I don’t think they’ll always be sad,” Tyrra says.

“Hey, you should write poems about flying!”

“You’re right,” Tyrra agrees. “I should.”

Real talk:

I’ve been on some medication to treat some mental issues I’ve dealt with all my life.  I don’t like talking about what, exactly, they are in a public space because I don’t wear my mental illnesses like a badge of honor.

I’ve struggled for almost a decade with motivation to do things I enjoyed.  I clawed and punched at the walls of the hole I’d fallen into and when I thought I might drown @tackysnaps helped me out.  She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart and soul.  With the help of medications, a very patient and knowledgeable psychiatrist, my wonderful husband, and Tacky, I can finally say that I am doing well.

And I know I’m doing well because I finally decided to take on a commission.  I haven’t done commission work in … over a decade.  But I took this commission and the commissioner is patient and understanding but the thing that’s surprised me the most?

I’m excited to do this art for someone else.  I’m excited to pick up my tablet and draw someone else’s character.  It might take me some time because I work slowly, but I’m so fucking pumped to do this art it’s unreal.  I wanted to take today off so I could sit at home and art.

@dragonsaremagical is second in my queue and I’m excited to draw something for her.  She listened to me when I had some serious problems going on a few months ago.  She put on her serious face and gave me some much-needed support and encouragement and it stuck with me.  It’ll always stick with me.  Thank you, Bob.

And that, my friends, is how I know everything, for the first time in years, is all right.