“When I was young, I met a lot of so-called gangsters. It turned out that many of the people I met while playing Go-Stop* or Poker were gangsters. We think of those people as purely bad, but once you get to know them, they’re all human beings just like us. If anything, they were orphans or their family circumstances were so bad that they grew up with inner scars. Deep down, a lot of them are weak like that. There are gangsters who carry weapons with them or have tattoos, right? Those people are the ones who are especially weak inside. They don’t have any self-assurance, so they try to make others very uncomfortable. I used to run a motorcycle shop, and one time, I was patching up and storing a bike that had been in an accident. But suddenly gangsters came rolling in and told me to hand over the bike. But the owner was in the hospital, so I told them that I couldn’t give it to them. So, they started taking off their jackets and showing me their tattoos to threaten me. If I hadn’t had experience with gangsters before, I’m not sure what would’ve happened, but I knew what to do. I said, “Look here, you bastards. Are you doing this because you’re trying to scare me? I know you’re weak-hearted punks. Are you really using methods from the 70s when it’s 2000?” I said this while calling the police. And when I said, “Is this the police station? Violent crimes unit, right? Come quickly, please,” they ran away before I even ended the call. You see, those kids are like that. They’re pretty cute.”

*Go-stop is a Korean card game also known as Godori or Hwatu. The game originated from Japan in late Chosun dynasty has changed over time. Go-stop is a popular gambling game, although it is often played as a leisure with a low bid.

“내가 젊었을 때 소위 말하는 깡패들을 많이 만났어. 가끔 고스톱이나 포커를 치면서 알게 된 사람들이 알고보니 깡패인 경우가 많았지. 그 사람들을 나쁘게만 생각하는데 알고보면 다 같은 사람이야. 오히려 고아거나 집안 형편이 너무 어려워서 마음에 상처를 가지고 살아왔기 때문에 마음이 약한 사람들이 많지. 몸에 무기를 지니고 다니거나 문신을 한 깡패들 있지? 그 사람들은 특히 더 마음이 약한 사람들이야. 자신이 없으니까 그렇게라도 위화감을 주려는 거지. 내가 오토바이 상회를 운영했었는데 한 번은 사고난 오토바이를 수습해서 보관하고 있었어. 그런데 깡패들이 막 우르르 찾아 온 거야. 그 오토바이 내놓으라고. 그런데 주인은 병원에 있었거든. 못 준다니까 막 웃통을 벗으면서 문신을 막 보여주면서 위협하는거야. 내가 그걸 안 겪어봤으면 모르겠는데 난 알잖아. 그래서 ‘야 이 새끼야. 나한테 겁주려고 그러냐? 너 마음 약한 놈인거 다 알아. 2000년도에 70년대 먹히던 수법을 쓰냐’ 하면서 경찰에 전화를 걸었지. ‘경찰서죠? 강력반이죠? 빨리 오세요.’ 하니까 도망가버리더라고, 전화도 끊기 전에 말야. 그런 애들이라니까? 참 귀엽지.”

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I work as a freelance hairdresser where I come to your home to cut/style/dye your hair and I usually do styling for brides. Today I was doing a woman's hair for her wedding, and she wouldn't tell me what she wanted or show any photos or anything, just told me do what I thought was best, like?? I'm not doing that to you on you wedding day? This is going to take 2-3 hours minimum and if you don't like it you won't have time to change it? Decide what you want before I come and have photos. Not hard

when I was in elementary school there was a state govt election and the school thought “Let’s teach these children about the political system and the power of democracy!” and did a mock vote where you put a bean in the cup of the candidate you wanted to vote for on your way through the lunch line

the recess following lunch was fucking wild. people took sides immediately. I remember kids physically standing in front of the slide and checking the line for tetherball like goddamn bouncers, asking who you voted for. if you said the wrong name you weren’t allowed to play. a small gang of minority party voters took over the basketball hoops

honestly human nature is wild. this ain’t a commentary on the political system or anything I just Vividly remember this taking place and it was crazy


((so.. here it is.. i really do hope this helps and i hope i did a good job with this im never really good at making tutorials??? and stuff but i hope this helps and let you guys know what physical features i use to make them distinguishable

if you are confused on anything just let me know and i will gladly help))

They Meet Again

Three years, three long years, with her by his side. She had been there when he was nervous, she had been there when he was sick, she had been there when he was happy, when he was sad, when he was mad, she had been there for everything. She did just about anything and at first he did the same for her, if she needed him, he was there, but one day it all changed. 

Y/N was one of the phew that the fans liked, she was kind, she was just like Harry. She was humble, she loved everyone, and she just wanted for everyone to be happy. She just had a vibe that made everyone in the room love her, she had a smile that would warm people’s hearts, she was kind and gentle. 

Their relationship was what everyone wanted. The looks they gave each other, the smiles they shared. Harry would whisper something in her ear that would make her laugh, and she would respond with something that would make his face light up. To the outside their relationship seemed easy, it seemed effortless. They seemed happy. 

But Y/N was tired, she was tired of sitting at home waiting for his phone call. She was tired of him cancelling last minute because he would rather see his friends, she was tired of calling out of work for him to just back out of their plans. But none of those made her reach her breaking point, they really didn’t. She reached her breaking point four months after Harry returned from filming his movie.

He had been home for a month and it was her birthday, she was never one for attention. And after three years, three birthdays, Harry knew that. But it seemed like this year it slipped his mind, when he woke up and went out for the day she was mad, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t work through. She was willing to sit down and talk, and so they did. In which Harry claimed his fame, his job, was more important than her turning a year older, his fame was more important than her, and he would be damned if he let one girl, one person, ruin it. He didn’t apologize, so she grabbed her bag and left. He was her number one, but she wasn’t his, and she couldn’t be in a relationship where she gave her all and he didn’t. 

The break up was bad, there was screaming. He kept yelling how he didn’t need her, how he could have anyone he pleased, and she kept begging him to stop. He kept reminding her that he made the income, that he was better, that he had the fame, not her. She had never seen this side to him, and she hated it, she hated the new him.

“Thank you for coming,” Niall smiled.

It had only been six months since the break up if you asked Y/N. Six months of her couch surfing because she couldn’t find an affordable place to live. Six months of crying herself to sleep, six months of her forcing herself out of bed and into work. 

If you asked Harry he would tell you it had been 192 days or 4,608 hours since he stopped being happy. He would tell you it had been 192 days since the last time he felt complete, 192 days since he felt like he could breathe, 192 days since he could sleep. 

Y/N didn’t want to go to Niall’s. But it was his day, he had thrown a party together to celebrate his album, his new solo album, and he had to invite the women who had also been by his side for three years. The friend who he could always count on. And she couldn’t let him down, this was his night, he worked so hard and who was she to not support him because she dated his friend. 

“I’m just so proud of you Ni,” Y/N smiled, hugging him.

She felt him rub her back in a gentle manner, “I’m so excited,” Niall pulled back, “and it means a lot that you came here, I know you didn’t want to see him.”

“This isn’t about him, it’s about you,” she says, “don’t worry about me.”

She feels her heart drop to her stomach, she thought she could do it, she really did. But when she looks up she sees him, and he looks just as handsome as he did when they were together. His eyes were focused on the drink in his hand, nodding as someone spoke to him.

But then he looks up and he sees her, the real her, not what everyone else sees. He sees the pain in her eyes, he sees her hands shaking slightly, he sees her biting her lower lip that was trembling, he sees the dark circles under her eyes that she had tried to cover with makeup. He sees her, and his heart leaps for joy. He had missed her, the moment she walked out the door he knew it was a mistake that everything he said was a mistake. 

She walks over to the table, grabbing a drink. “Y/N,” a voice comes from behind her, making her turn. 

“Kendall!” Y/N smiled, hugging her. 

“Look,” Kendall steps back, “I know pictures of Harry and are out, but I just want you to know nothing has happened, I would never do that to you, we’re just friends, I promise.”

“I know,” Y/N squeezes her hand, “you’re a great friend.”

“How have you been?” Kendall asked. 

Terrible, I can’t sleep, I cry all the time, every time I see him out with a girl my heart breaks, I just want him, “I’m good,” Y/N lies.

“Really?” Kendall asked. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good. I’ve been busy,” she says, bringing her glass to her lips and drinking the alcohol. 

They all knew it was a lie, a fan saw Y/N crying in her car just last week. The video of Y/N’s head on the wheel, sobs leaving her mouth, were evident. 

“Y/N,” the familiar voice that use to mean home, that made her feel safe, that made her laugh, fills her ears. She turns, Harry stands, his dull eyes on her, “can we talk?”

im so fucking angry right now

i’ve just watched new skam clip and i’ve really pissed out

everybody is against her, she has no support from her friends because they don’t give fuck about her, noora is acting like william in season 1 and bitch what the fuck? i used to love her so much. and now she just make me angry more and more. and it’s not about that kiss with yousef bc it wasn’t only her foult of course. but she didn’t say anything to chris or eva, but she yelled at sana. and where is justice???  sana has been through a lot of shitty things and now everyone is just blaming her for anything that happens. they say bad things about her, her faith, her choices. and some people are asking why she is acting bitchy. yeah bc u all would be so nice to everyone mhm

i just want to hug her so freaking much

she desrves so much butter than that

How Would They Comfort Her After a Terrible Nightmare?: IKON


Snuggle into you and stroke your back to calm your hiccups and terrified quick intakes of deep breath.


He would decide to abandon sleep in fear of you dreaming another nightmare. Think of something like a movie marathon and then being the one to call into work in the morning after you just fell asleep to inform your employers that you were sick.


Will start to reminiscence about his past, digging up some funny stuff t cheer you up a little bit, holding you to him as close as was possible but in a gentle grip, as if you would break at anything stronger.


He would be at a loss as to what he was asked to do. He did not know how to actually comfort you in a way that would make you feel better and not the other way around. In the end, his uncertainty would be the thing to bring a smile back to your face. He was hella cute when clueless.


Would pretend he didn’t hear anything and just lay frozen, but he would still push himself that bit closer to you, scooping you in and kissing the crown of your head.


He’d be the one to fully waken up and go out of his way to make you some warm milk and then hug you from the back as you drank it, resting his head on your shoulder and kissing your neck slowly, to reassure you it was only a bad dream and nothing else.


Though he’ll be making fun of you for not being able to fall back asleep after the nightmare, he did it all in a good spirit, and you actually didn’t notice that your fear passed and you were simply snuggled into that boy’s chest comfortably.

Give me your Moneys

~So i need a bit of help~

It’s approaching the end of semester, and my bills are really starting to get me worried. So I’m sourcing help, and I’ll willing to offer my writing in exchange. 

~I’m doing Writing Commissions basically~

if you have been following me for any length of time, you should be familiar with my writing. From non-fiction editorials, to creative pieces, I do my best to create easy and fun to read writing. And with that, the kind of writing I am happy to create for you is expansive. From character bios, full length pieces with an actual plot, or even a non-fiction piece. I will write just about anything. Except a school essay.


-1c per word.

+$5 for any research you would like done on my part

And honestly it’s as simple as that. 

I could really use the money, so please get in contact with me if you are interested. i’ll talk you through the whole process if you’re uncertain, and I’m happy to do whatever you would like. I’ll write smut idgad. Just anything will help, even a reblog. Please and thank you!!



(x) (x)

Non fiction:

(x) (x) (x) (x)

Today, I lost someone who brings me so much joy to my life cut down by someone who is evil and sadistic. She brought me happiness, we spent on how much we love Ariana, her work, her music and just about anything really. We gotten close over the past few months, we wanted to meet, we were like pen pals. Now i’m in so much pain that the girl I knew is gone. People, children don’t deserve to die at a concert or anywhere, Ari shouldn’t blame herself at all and I don’t understand why people do this. I’m in constant pain knowing a human being took a life of my friend who is a joy to chat to. I don’t know why this world becomes to such evil and hatred. I’m gonna miss my angel for the rest of my life. xoxo

E! Online || Will a Twisted Ankle Impact Normani Kordei’s Dancing With the Stars Finale Redemption?

Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy are out for redemption, but could an injury sideline their plans for the top prize? The Dancing With the Stars pair are going into the season 24 finale in second place after a stumble during the semi-finals.

“Last week we had one of our most challenging dances,” Normani says in the exclusive clip above. “The judges saw a stumble…it just shows anything can set me back. Any little thing can be the reason why I don’t get the mirrorball.”

For their redemption dance, the pair are taking on the quickstep again, their first dance of the competition. “Watching the quickstep back, honestly, it didn’t seem so quick,” Val says.

Val and Normani are just one point behind Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater on the leaderboard, so their performances in the finals are even more important. And that makes the injury Normani suffers in the clip above even more stressful.

“All of my body weight came down on it really hard and it just…,” Normani says about her ankle.

“This couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” Val says. “I just feel terrible. This is a week that’s already really intense and she’s never going to admit that she’s hurt.”

But Normani gets back up. “I’m good,” she says.

Is she?

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

[Source: eonline.com]

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Why do Japanese like Charles Grey? I'm just curious because I don't find him interesting in the least, personally. Obviously I don't hate him or anything, I just don't really care, I guess? I'm just curious, since you said he's a popular character in Japan. Maybe he is in the Western fandom, too, and it's just me. :D

Personally I don’t like him that much either (I’m rather a Phipps fan), but yes, Grey is quite popular in the JP fandom, iirc he ranked 6th in the popuIarity poll. I actually can think of many reasons why people like him, e.g.

- he’s short but very strong and talented (the ‘small but badass’ character trope)

- officially good-looking (bishounen)

- has a twisted personality

(characters with twisted/dark personalities tend to become more popular than good-willed characters -> I mean, look at the results of the Kuro popularity poll, the top6 characters are all ‘bad’ guys xD)

- voiced by Kimura Ryohei

- is ruthless and bold, but has also a childish side (he’s totally scared of ghosts and snakes)

- looks young but is actually 24 years old

These are character traits JP fans generally love (most of these traits listed above apply to Ciel or Levi from Attack on Titan, too;) ), so imo it’s no wonder that Grey is popular :D

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I saw that Japanese mag got7 were in and Jackson's hands!! 0.0 do you think jaebum like them too hehehe

  do you not remember that time… 

jackson couldn’t resist giving poor jaebum’s thigh a squeeze and jaebum got so flustered he stood up???

i hate kpop fandom i seriously hate it pls don’t fucking start drama between the fandoms and within the fandoms and just let me fucking enjoy the music the videos the shows the groups overall and just let me like what i like and stay the fuck out of my business cause it’s called MY business not YOUR business for a reason pls thank you

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If my opinion counts for anything I just wanna say you're one of my fav creators, if you NEED TO take a break you have a lot of amazing fans, we'll understand, I know how hard it can be to be an artist, breaks are a necessity so take one!! We understand ^^ love you btw ;ω;

thank you so much, that’s really kind of you but i cant afford taking a break rn ;;;; 

One Month - Jack Maynard

Request: Could you please do a jack one where you’re in the early stages of a relationship and it’s the first time you stay over at his house but it’s not smutty or anything, just like a cute fun sleepover and you both realise you’re in love with eachother

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: So I decided to try out third person in this imagine so let me know what you think. If you like it, maybe I’ll do more but if you don’t, then I won’t :)

I hope you like it :)


Falling in love was something (y/n) only dreamed about. She didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to find someone she could see herself with for the rest of her life. She wanted the fairy-tale ending but finding her Prince Charming was taking more time than she thought it would. She spent time after time getting to know boys who were no good for her. The bad boy. That’s who she looked for but eventually, she knew she wouldn’t find the love she wanted by going after boys who didn’t care. But then it happened. Jack Maynard. 

He was everything she never knew she wanted. He was sweet, caring, funny, adorable, motivating, supportive…every good characteristic in the book. And she was sure this time was going to be different. He was going to matter.

“So I ordered some pizza for dinner, lined up some movies on Netflix and made the couch a little more comfy.” Jack said, taking her bag from her hand.

One month into their relationship and this was the first night they would spend together. They had been planning this night for the past week and although she was nervous, (y/n) couldn’t wait for it. No, they hadn’t done anything more than kiss but Jack didn’t seem to mind. He never forced anything on her and never asked for more. He let things take their own course and allowed things to happen in their own time. That was one of her favourite things about him; he was respectful.

A couple of hours later and the two were on their third movie. They had blown through the pizza and were now cuddled up on the couch, snacking on anything they could get their hands on. Jack’s arms were around her waist as she sat in between his legs with the blanket over top of them. It was close to two in the morning and (y/n) could feel the life draining from her. She was about to crash.

“We should probably head to bed.” Jack said, pausing the movie and releasing his hands from her waist.

“Which side?” She asked, entering the bedroom. She had already changed into comfy clothes so she was ready to just fall into bed.

“You pick.” He replied. He never really slept on just one side, he usually slept in the middle but he wanted her to be as comfy as possible.

(y/n) climbed into bed and laid down on the right side. She watched as Jack searched through his dresser for a different shirt and headed towards the door.

“You don’t have to leave…it’s okay…” She said, referring to him needing to change. 

Sure, most guys would have just changed there but Jack wanted her to feel as normal as possible so he was willing to do anything to help her. Jack reached behind him, pulling his shirt over his head and putting the other one on. 

“Wow, my bed is a whole lot comfier with you in it.” He said, climbing into bed beside her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

One month into their relationship and (y/n) could feel it. That feeling she never thought she’d find. One month into their relationship and (y/n) could see it. The future she never thought she’d have. Day by day she was slowly falling in love with Jack Maynard and she was totally okay with it.

ID #46448

Name: Sina
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hi! My name is Sina and I’m looking for someone to exchange snail mail with. I study Classics in Heidelberg and I’m interested in anything to do with art, literature and music, but I also like being out and about having little adventures in the nature, taking photographs and travelling generally. Besides torturing myself with ancient Greek, I’m helping out in a field study about honeybees on the side right now (which is pretty cool, I’d love to have my own bees someday).
It’d be great to get to know someone else’s daily life and culture and just talk about anything, really.

Preferences: 18+ please and preferably not from my own country.