Secrets Out {Part 1} {Part 2}

When you made your way to their dorm later that day with the hat that you had taken, you were nervous to say the least. You wanted to ignore that gut feeling you had yesterday. ‘I’m just being paranoid’ you said to yourself quietly ‘they’re my best friends they wouldn’t just do anything to jeopardize that’ you kept reassuring yourself.

When you got to their dorm. you placed the hat on the countertop closest to you and right away you heard whispers, you couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying but from the words you did hear, you knew it sounded somewhat serious? When you closed the front door to get their attention it immediately went quiet. You fought yourself so hard to not overthink it, you crossed it out of your mind. Gone and forgotten.

You walked in to where they were all sitting, and sat in between Jungkook and Jin, you didn’t know how to explain it but it felt different, the whole atmosphere changed, Jungkook felt uncomfortable around you and Namjoon seemed to have sat straighter when you sat down and you saw it. Remember that pit in your stomach from yesterday? Well it was back and deeper than ever, you wanted to bring it up but you couldn’t seem to find the words and there was an awkward silence before Taehyung stood up making everyone jump a bit. “hey y/n! Let’s go play video games!” “tae-” you couldn’t finish your sentence before Taehyung pulled you up and dragged you to the living room where all the video games were. Taehyung got your mind off everything happening around you, but those slight moments where you would look around to see Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi standing in the back whispering amongst themselves made you sink back into the depressing state where you question everything. Taehyung quickly picked up on your pauses and brought you back to the games. You felt him trying so hard to make you happy and get your mind off it, he knew about what was going on and he was trying to distract you?

Jimin came into the room being his giddy self but you felt it was forced. Was he forcing himself to be happy around you? why would he do that? Jungkook ignored you at almost all cost, something was eating at him and you were determined to find out what it was. What have they all been hiding? Usually you wouldn’t be afraid to speak up, ask them, but now it seemed as you were the source of the problem. You excused yourself to the bathroom to pick yourself up. when you came out, you must have been really quiet because none of the boys seemed to have heard you. Before you turned into the living room you heard voices you stayed behind the wall determined to find out what they were talking about, how you could fix it. “hyung I really can’t take this anymore every time I look at y/n I feel like crying” you recognized it as Jungkooks voice. “Jungkook you can’t say anything, she’ll be so hurt if we told her” a voice you heard as Namjoons said. “what we did was cruel and I’m also hurt we did that but why now Jungkook? Why suddenly after all this time you feel like you need to tell her now?” “Jin hyung please see where I’m coming from, I like y/n more than just a friend, but I can’t ask her out knowing what we did” Jungkook said he sounded as if he was so close to crying. “guys shut up y/n…” jimin said quietly. You’ve been spotted. You just stood there almost frozen. What have they done that was so bad? You’re going through all these years you’ve been friends with them in your mind. Wondering what has been happening behind your back.

They knew about your problems with trust and ‘friends’ in the past, they knew how you overthink everything, they knew about your anxiety, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. “y/n…I’m-” Jungkook mumbled. “I don’t know what you did or what it has to do with me but you better tell me… now!” you were angry. That pit in your stomach seemed to have dropped to your feet. Your mind racing with thoughts. “y/n I think you should sit down” Jin said softly following a mumbling in agreement from Jiimin, and Hoseok. You didn’t know what they did but you felt like crying again, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your surroundings turning dark. you sat down in front of them analyzing each of their faces.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Namjoon looking like at any second they would burst out in tears more than you were, Jin and

Yoongi just look worried like they were thinking about what you were going to do and not having a conclusion. Hoseok is clearly upset with himself he looks like he’s mentally punching himself, he has that triangle mouth that appears when something is really upsetting him. What was going on? Why are they acting like this? What did I do? What happened? Can I fix this? Shit. You were breathing fast while not breathing at all. The silence was painful you were losing your patience. “well someone speak!” you said loudly making them all jump. You looked around once more and all of them seem to be either in tears or near tears. Jin took a deep breath, he grabbed your hand as if to make sure you won’t walk away. “y/n, we….”

A/N: ok so idk how much i like this and i feel like i rushed it and its getting to the problem too fast? idk but there is a lot i want to write that works with this so we’ll see a lot of you have been asking for a pt. 2 and i was so happy a lot of you liked it since it was my first time writing a series type thing, but I’m happy and thankful. i forgot to put the title of the story on the first part but i think ill be calling this series ‘Secrets Out’ what do y'all think? ok i hope you liked this part~ pt. 3? (ps i feel like the angst was weak with this one so I’m sorry)

CAN PEOPLE WHO WERE AT SECRET SESSIONS STOP BEING SO INCONSIDERATE AND ALSO LEAKING INFO! WE ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER FAN WE WERE JUST LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY. WHY TEASE PEOPLE BY SAYING “oh this THING happened and i’m NEVER going to tell you! hahahahahaha!!!!” LIKE JUST DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! I get it, you want attention, you’re excited, you feel INCLUDED, but why do it at the expense of the feelings of other fans and betraying Taylor’s trust? Respect Taylor, respect other fans, if you want to talk excitedly about secrets message other people who were there with you, it isn’t that hard. 

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prompt for a hc maybe?? richie going missing and eddie doesn’t stop looking for him and when he finally finds him, he admits he was planning something cute

Eddie paced back and forth in front of the quarry, kicking stones with his Converse-clad feet and watching them splash into the water. He checked his phone. Richie was supposed to meet him there 2 and a half hours ago but, clearly, had forgotten their plans as usual.

Eddie sighed. He wondered why he always put up with Richie’s shit every day. With him making crude jokes, standing Eddie up, teasing him, calling him “Eds” despite how much Eddie hated it (even though, secretly, he loved it. But he wasn’t going to tell Richie that).

He rolled his eyes and began walking away from the water and through the trees to the street. He couldn’t be bothered waiting anymore. If Richie wasn’t going to bother putting effort into this relationship, than neither was Eddie.

But Eddie stopped as he reached the middle of the street. 2 and a half hours? That was definitely a longer amount of time than usual when Richie forgot their plans. Normally Eddie would wait half an hour or an hour, and eventually Rich would show up. He’d be huffing and puffing and out of breath, and Eddie would offer him his inhaler to steady his breathing. Richie would shove the inhaler away and hastily kiss Eddie, telling him how sorry he was and how much he loved him and that it would never happen again. But the very next week, it would.

But that was 30 minutes, or an hour. Eddie certainly had never ever waited more than 2 hours for his boyfriend to show.

Panic set in at the sudden thought of something bad happening to Richie, and Eddie began running. He didn’t even think of running home to get his car, or simply trying to call Richie on his mobile. He just ran and didn’t stop until he reached Richie’s feral looking apartment building. He found the apartment number 20 buzzer and rung it repeatedly, praying for Richie’s voice to come through the speaker like usual with an “oh, fuck! Eds, I’m so sorry!” But after anxiously swaying his body from side to side for a few minutes, Eddie came to the conclusion that Richie wasn’t at home.

He wasn’t at home?

Where else could he be?

Eddie wracked his brain, then began running towards the first place he could think of - Bill and Stan’s house. Again, the thought to go and get his car never even entered his mind. All Eddie wanted to do was find his boy. To know Richie was safe.

He was thanking God that all of the losers houses were close by as he rushed down Bostik Street, raced up Bill and Stan’s driveway and began knocking on the front door with so much force that it felt as if his knuckles may bleed.

“Stanley?! Bill?!” Eddie shouted, followed by another series of desperate knocks.

“What’s up?” Stan asked in a rushed tone, the door almost hitting the wall after he’d ripped it open.

“I don’t know where Richie is! He was supposed to meet me at the quarry hours ago and he’s not at his apartment! I feel like I’m losing my mind, Stanley, I don’t know where he could be! Have you seen him?” Eddie’s words came out of his mouth so quickly that Stan almost missed them. But he’d caught enough to know the gist. He didn’t know exactly where Richie was, however he did know that he was with Bill. But he was sworn to secrecy by the trash-mouth himself. So instead of having the weight of a lie resting on his shoulders, Stan decided to answer Eddie’s question in a way that let him tell the truth without actually giving away where Richie was.

“I haven’t actually seen him today, Eddie,” Stan answered honestly. I think he might have been with Bill, but I don’t know where they went.”

“Oh, God. They could be anywhere!” Eddie exclaimed. He thanked Stan for his help and began running once again. To where, he didn’t know. No thoughts other than finding Richie were entering his mind.

Stanley checked his phone, a message from Bill popping up with a simple “ready!”

“Hey, Eddie!” Stan called out. “Wait up, I’ll drive!”

The two boys drove around town in search for their loved ones. Stan was telling the truth when he said he hadn’t known where Richie and Bill went. Well, that was until Bill texted him the address. His tight grip on the steering wheel never loosened for a second as they drove down the streets of Derry.

“Where do you think they went, Stan?” Eddie asked. He was a lot calmer now. Stan had put the radio on and 80’s hits played softly throughout the car, greatly reducing Eddie’s stress levels.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Bill forgets to tell me everything,” Stan laughed. “He’s so damn absentminded sometimes.”

“But, you’re married?” Eddie said, confusion laced in his tone. “Married people tell each other everything, don’t they?”

“Marriage isn’t always about telling each other everything, Eddie. It’s about trusting each other enough to know that you don’t have to tell each other everything. You don’t always have to know where the other person is, because you trust them enough to know that there’s no need to worry. It’s about coming home at the end of the day and having that one person there that you can share whatever you want to with. And knowing that, if you don’t want to share anything about the day with them, you don’t have to. You can just sit on the couch in silence, and it doesn’t matter. Because you’re still with them.”

“Wow,” Eddie gasped. “That’s… Kind of, really beautiful, Stan.”

“Yeah, Billy turned me to mush,” Stan chuckled. Eddied laughed along with him in agreement, not realising the road they were headed down until Stan had parked the car.

“Why are we at Derry High?” Eddie asked. He gazed out at the old building which he had graduated from 5 years prior, his eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

Stan smiled brightly at him. “Go to your year 7 English class.”

“Wha- why? What’s going on?”

“Just… Trust me here, Eddie. Go.”

Eddie nodded and reluctantly stepped out of the car. He threw his short legs over the old rusted front gate, then began walking into the school.

As he wandered the hall, memories of himself and the losers club came flooding back: fights with Henry and the Bowers gang, making out with Richie against the lockers, jokes and banter going back and forth between the group. It made Eddie feel nostalgic, almost like he missed this hellhole.

He kept going down the hall until he reached classroom 50A, his old year 7 English room. It was the only room with the door closed and, when he opened it to be greeted with nothing but darkness, the only room with the blinds down.

Eddie peered back down the hall to see that Stan’s car now contained both himself and Bill. They both smiled at Eddie before the car disappeared and Eddie was left alone to the dark classroom.

“Rich?” He asked quietly. His fear of the dark kicked in and Eddie quickly reached his hand out to the left, struggling to find the light switch. Once he did, he was greeted with a plain old classroom. The whiteboard read “Welcome to year 7 English with Mrs. Clarin!” Eddie chuckled, remembering that that’s what was written on that very same board all those years ago.

He walked further into the empty classroom. “Richie?” He said again, this time slightly louder.

He walked over to Richie’s old desk and chair in the very back corner of the classroom and sat down. A white piece of paper was lying on the desk, fresh ink scribbled on it. Eddie picked it up and read it out loud: “if u r reading this then it means u r in my chair. get out looser”

A sudden realisation hit Eddie. This was the exact note that he had read back in 7th grade. He’d sat down in this very chair, and read this very note, which caused him to move a seat to the right. And seconds after he’d read the note in year 7, Richie Tozier had walked into the classroom and sat in that back corner chair.

Eddie looked up as he heard the door creak, and in walked Richie. He had a stack of random year 7 books in his hands, and was wearing  the same shirt he’d worn on the first day of school.

Eddie laughed. “What the hell are you doing?”

“You’re in my chair,” Richie said, gesturing to the desk that Eddie was currently occupying. “Get out, loser.”

Eddie giggled and moved out of Richie’s old seat and into his own. “What’s all this about?”

Richie took a deep breath in and smiled. “Do you remember the first time we ever met?” Eddie nodded. How could he ever forget? “It was right here. In these very seats. After you read that note and saw me sit here, it looked like you were gonna shit fucking bricks, Eds.”

The two of them laughed as they remembered the day so clearly. “You were terrifying back then, Rich.”

“Hey, I still am!” Richie protested. “Anyway. The second I saw you, I just felt something. I didn’t know what it was back then. Course, then I found out I was fucking gay when I was 15 and everything made sense.” Eddie would have laughed, but for some reason this felt more serious than Richie usually was. And he also was waiting for Richie to explain why the hell they were in their old school.

“Look, I’m not great with words,” Richie said as he stood up from his chair. He grabbed Eddie’s hands and pulled up the smaller boy, keeping their hands intertwined as he continued talking. “But the second I saw you, Eds, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Eddie gasped as he realised what was happening, and tears began welling up in his eyes. As he looked into Richie’s, he could see tear drops threatening to escape the taller boys too.

“And when I look at you now, I know more than ever how badly I want that. Eddie, please marry me?”

Eddie didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head and the tears from both boys came rushing out. They wrapped their arms around each other as sobs of happiness wracked through their bodies.

“Yes, God, of course,” Eddie whispered into Richie’s ear. He pulled out of the hug and grabbed Richie’s freckled face in his small hands and pushed their lips together. They moved in sink for a few moments before they needed air and pulled apart, though they continued crying.

“That’s why you stood me up?” Eddie chuckled as he wiped the tears from his face.

Richie nodded, laughter escaping his mouth as he too wiped his face with his arm sleeves. “Yeah. Well, Bill was supposed to pick you up at the quarry to take you here, but I fucking slept in and then I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t be there. It’s hard work planning something cute!”

“You idiot,” Eddie laughed.

“I can’t believe you want to marry me.”

“God. I can’t believe it too.”


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You can find the tutorial here

Highschool!AU Jeno

find college!nct (here) & hs!haechan (here)

  • favorite subject: art 
  • least favorite subject: pre-calculus 
  • voted most likely to: win a noble prize 
  • jeno is,,,,quite far removed from the detached art student trope that like everyone in his highschool thinks he 100% totally is
  • secretly, he loves laughter and corny jokes. he likes playing video games with haechan and jisung, betting on basketball games in the gym, and doing what any other highschooler likes to do
  • unfortunately, probably due to his almost always stoic expression and the sketch book under his arm - people get the wrong idea
  • and don’t get me wrong, he isn’t bullied for it or anything - people just think he’s unapproachable ,,,,,,,
  • handsome looks at such a young age, so much artistic talent, it’s hard to approach someone who just seems more mature
  • “mature my butt, jeno can’t even make fried rice.” haechan snorts once when another classman asks him about jeno
  • aside from spending countless hours sketching, wrappers from snacks and half empty cans of coffee littering around him, jeno likes sitting in the art room after school is over
  • the lightening pours in through the big windows and it’s quiet, jeno sometimes listens to music or just enjoys the silence
  • apparently people made up a rumor that countless people have come to him and tried to confess - but he cooly shrugged off their letters and presents with a cold glare
  • this rumor of course,,,,isn’t true,,the only person who even knows that he’s in there is the art teacher and jisung who puts his nose in just about anyone’s business
  • plus if someone did confess to jeno, he’d become a stuttering shy mess - seriously he wished more people knew he was a down to earth guy
  • he’d even confided this to jaemin, when he and the others visited him in a different town
  • “why don’t more people want to be my friend?”
  • jaemin had weakly smiled “are those idiots not enough?” he was referring to haechan who had gotten pen marks all over chenle’s arm and was lying that renjun had done it instead. in the corner, jisung was chatting to mark - puppy eyes to the eldest in the room (probably asking him embarrassing questions about college)
  • jeno had shook his head, “they’re more than enough - but apparently i come of,,,,”
  • jaemin smiled and it made jeno’s heart feel a little warmer when he said “you’re not cold jeno. you’re just reserved, you protect yourself. nothing wrong with that.”
  • but yes, jeno is a real angel!! like he’s always helping the art teacher carry supplies and clean up spilt paint
  • he isn’t very good at math, but goes to tutoring when he can - the senior who helps him is absolutely in awe of how cutesy jeno can be
  • with a half-moon smile, little chuckles, and moments of cluelessness which makes them go “you must be popular with the ladies?”
  • jeno just sinks down in his seat,,,,,,,mumbling that he’s far from it
  • he likes history too, especially korean history even though most of the class is him kicking jisung under the desk to wake up
  • his uniform is always neat and he looks well-put together 
  • someone had made a nickname for him,,,,cold hearted prince from a manhwa ,,,,,,,
  • haechan had thought that name was a RIOT and did not let jeno live it down - not until it all changed,,,,,,because of you
  • you had just transferred to the school, you weren’t aware of jeno until you realized your elective class was art
  • and the, obviously best artist there, was jeno
  • who on the first day, you couldn’t help but walk by his canvas - you were all supposed to be doing portraits of animals
  • and the face of an almost perfectly realistic kitten stared back at you on his half-done canvas
  • you had stared at it for god knows how long till jeno looked over his shoulder
  • “yes?”
  • you snapped out of it, almost dropping the paint in your hand
  • “oh, um i ,,,,,,, i came over to ask if i can use your brush?”
  • shakily you pointed to the large brush that rested on his easel
  • jeno blinked, but handed it too you before he could think to ask why
  • you bowed your head, and rushed away with a thank you trying to save face and not look like a fool
  • as the bell rang for the next period, you scurried up to the person who had been working beside you
  • “hey, who is he?”
  • you asked, one hand on your backpack strap, the person looked over to see you were talking about jeno
  • they gave you a sad smile
  • “lee jeno, cold hearted shoujo? no wait, manhwa prince.”
  • your eyebrows knitted at the sound of the weird nickname
  • the person just shrugged “he sticks only to his friends and apparently doesn’t even react when people confess so - don’t get your hopes up.”
  • you nodded, but still from the corner of your eye watched him
  • he had hung back and was talking to the teacher,,,,,
  • he didn’t look cold at all
  • your first month passed rather boringly, you’d made friends and all of them were keen on jeno being next to unapproachable
  • but you didn’t get it,,,,maybe because you hadn’t grown up around these parts like everyone else
  • but were you the only one seeing his cute little smiles while talking with the art teachers, the way his laugh sounded light when he hung out with his own group of friends, how he seemed really passionate about drawing
  • one afternoon you had walked past the art room on your way to make it to the book club you signed up for
  • when you saw jeno,,,,
  • he was hunched over a large drawing pad, his bangs falling over his forehead and the light making his figure look like it was outlined by a soft glow
  • he seemed to be humming to himself, very low and sweet
  • again you found yourself staring - it was hard not 
  • you heard someone call out his name somewhere else in the room, and quickly you hurried to hide behind a set of lockers close by
  • a minute or two passed and jeno walked down the hall, probably to get supplies for the teacher
  • cautiously, you made your way into the room. the teacher was in the connected office and wouldn’t be able to see you
  • so while jeno was gone, you were practically alone
  • you didn’t dare touch the drawing pad, but you did look at what he had been working on
  • to your surprise, it was a sketch of a vintage car - a mustang maybe? something that looked like it came straight out of the 70s
  • to your surprise, the details of the drawing were neat and spot-on
  • it looked like it had been traced from a magazine
  • “do you need to borrow brushes again?”
  • you jerked at the sound of the voice, reddening cheeks when you saw jeno standing at the door
  • you thought for a moment he was mocking you, that you’d look into his eyes and they’d be iced over with something mean
  • but they weren’t
  • they were a warm chocolate brown, his mouth was up in a small smile. he was,,,,,joking around with you
  • “o-oh i just,,,,i just,,,,,”
  • you didn’t have a quick excuse so you pointed to the sketch of the car “is this yours?”
  • he laughed “the drawing is, not the car. i wish it was the other way around.”
  • he came over and pulled out the chair where he had been sitting, he got comfy and picked up his pencil again
  • you watched in amazement as he easily filled in more details almost effortlessly,,,,,,, “are you a robot?” you mumbled thinking he wouldn’t hear it but he did and he laughed again
  • you couldn’t believe that the boy in front of you was supposedly ‘cold’ ,,,, he was nothing but cheerful 
  • “it took a lot of practice, i still have more to go.”
  • you wanted to say something like i think you’re perfect right now,,,but decided against it,,,,afterall this was your first real conversation with him
  • you realized only ten minutes after watching him work some more that book club was basically over - jeno was also finishing, packing up his pencils and getting up
  • “do you take the train?” 
  • he suddenly asked and you shyly nodded
  • he called out a goodbye to the teacher and motioned for you to follow him 
  • “i take it too, want to go together?”
  • you couldn’t believe it,,,you were walking out of the schools gates with lee jeno
  • and he was making easy conversation, with jokes, the handsome features on his face less serious and more relaxed
  • you were sure no one in school would believe you if you told them - the students who were still there and spotted you two looked shocked beyond belief
  • “i actually just remembered, i have to stop by the store before i get on the train!” jeno grimaced, smacking his hand against his head as if he’d forgotten something extremely important
  • “why?”
  • “ive gotta get some stuff for my halloween costume, jisung wants us to do the scooby doo gang,,,,,”
  • your eyes widen “,,,,who are you supposed to be?” 
  • jeno gives you a slightly sad look “haechan is going to be fred, jisung wanted velma, chenle daphine, renjun said shaggy before i could so -”
  • you put your hand over your mouth,,,,,,,, “you’re going as scooby???”
  • jeno made a pouting face, so cute it almost made your stomach turn, but you were too busy trying not to burst out into laughter
  • the cold prince of your high school,,,,,,,,,,dressed up as sooby-doo,,,,,,,,
  • jeno tried to tell you it wasn’t THAT funny,,,,but you couldn’t lie - it was
  • before you even knew it, you had silently agreed you were coming along and once you walked through the doors of one of those pop-up costume shops you pointed to the set of brown dog ears that hung on display
  • “i think you’ve met your match,,,,,”
  • jeno cringed, but took the ears off the shelf and put them on
  • “woof!” he exclaimed, then hid his face in his hands as you stifled a giggle
  • “it’s ok,,,it’s very cute!!” you tried to cheer up jeno but it was beyond hard to keep from laughing
  • you two spent a good hour in there, picking out silly costumes, trying on fake vampire teeth and wigs, just having a good time in each others company
  • and at some point, with you shifting through funny looking outfits on one of the racks, jeno noticed for the first time that he was getting along with someone so easily
  • someone that was outside of his immediate friend group
  • and you looked,,,,,adorable,,,,,your uniform slightly messy from all the costumes you’d tried on, your backpack had a swinging charm from of it that jeno hadn’t noticed before, and your small smile - the one you had just for yourself
  • jeno was sure his heart had made an extra loud thud in his chest,,,
  • “maybe you should convince jisung that you guys can go like,,,,pac men,,,,,or,,,,,,vampires?”
  • you said suddenly and jeno snapped into reality with a faint smile “ah,,,maybe”
  • you noticed the change of tone and check your time “it’s getting late, we should get to the train.”
  • jeno agreed and you two left the store, the guy at the entrance shot you a glare - probably angry about you two spending a good hour in there with nothing to show for it
  • but you and jeno just giggled to one and other
  • the train was even more crowded with people coming home from work, so you and jeno found yourselves closer than before 
  • practically smushed against the pole you were holding onto,,,,,you each gave each other nervous glances and then chuckled
  • “do you want to go into art?”
  • you asked curiously, to try and ease the embarrassment of standing so close
  • “maybe,,,,,what about you?”
  • you told jeno of some of you dreams, noting how diligently he listened
  • again - you didn’t know how people thought he was detached, unapproachable ,,,, it just didn’t make sense
  • so you asked,,,, “why is your nickname cold manhwa prince?”
  • jeno blushed at the nickname, but also rolled his eyes “did jisung tell you that? ,,,, i don’t even know myself. i think im just,,,,”
  • he thought back to jaemin’s words “reserved?”
  • you made an oh sound and nodded, thinking about it till you heard that your stop would be the next
  • “well,,,i had fun with you today. i don’t think you’re cold at all,,,,” you said, the last part a little bit quietly
  • jeno felt that loud thump in his chest again
  • you were so close so he could hear you, but he could also smell the scent of your hair, feel your elbow against his
  • “i had fun too,,” he added and the door signaled that they were opening
  • you pushed past the crowd and heard faintly that jeno said goodbye
  • when you were out on the platform, you couldn’t see him through the sea of people but you waved anyway
  • the warm feeling of his arm pressed against yours followed you the whole way home
  • the next day in school you had art again, and unlike usual you set up your spot near jeno
  • he seemed both shocked and happy that you did,,, the rest of the class just exchanged whispers and wide eyes
  • but you didn’t care, you and jeno talked easily
  • he made a comment about how he’s never had someone in art class to chat with and you just gave him a silly thumbs up “im that person then!”
  • over the course of the week, you and jeno grew closer and you’d even had lunch with him and his friends
  • jisung had looped an arm around you and went “jeno has never made a friend on his own - you are a REAL gem”
  • haechan had chewed his food slowly and leaned over to jeno “a friend? or is it something more?”
  • jeno bit back his tongue and the table turned to face him,,,,you almost dropped your chopsticks
  • sensing the tension, renjun coughed “pass me your leftover rice chenle you ate too much already.”
  • but even with the distraction,,,the thought crossed your mind,,,,what did you think of jeno? and what did he think of you?
  • the night of halloween,,,,you found out
  • because instead of going to a party being thrown at some students house with his friends, jeno had asked to meet you in the city
  • you were waiting outside of the train when someone tapped your shoulder and you turned to see jeno,,,,
  • but instead of his uniform he was wearing a cheap gold crown and a cape of red velvet
  • “im the cold hearted manhwa prince” he said with a straight face and then burst into laughter
  • you joined him only to stop and point to the fake horns on your head “a demon,,,,,,,,,the pre-calculs demon if you would” you joked, knowing jeno hated that subject
  • he made a fake gagging noise and you asked finally why you were here
  • “i want to go to the party, i want you to come to.”
  • you blinked,,,,you’d love to go by why hadn’t he just asked over text
  • jeno seemed to stutter a moment and then added “i want you to come,,,,,as my date,,,,if that’s ok?”
  • you felt the world freeze for a second,,,,date,,,jeno’s,,,date?
  • but before you could think of what to say your head was nodding - because of course,,,,,of course you liked jeno,,,
  • how could you not like him? not after seeing him in that art room, a glow like an angels halo around him
  • not after laughing with him in the halloween store
  • not after watching the boy everyone said you couldn’t even be friends with open himself up in front of you
  • your hand felt nothing but perfect when it held onto jeno’s
  • and at the party you were greeted with other students staring at you two in awe while haechan slid down the handle of the stairway, messy blood painted over his collar and fake fangs crooked in his mouth, “i called it! i knew they’d fall in love! congratulations to your first day~~ a halloween anniversary!!” he laughed and vanished into the crowd
  • the rest of jeno’s friends reacted more or less without surprise, renjun said he knew jeno was in love. he was smiling more.
  • dating jeno,,,,was like opening a new chapter in a book because there is so much more to him than what you see
  • the love of art, the cute laughter, the serious work ethic, the easily flushed red embarrassment,,,,all of that was just the icing on the cake
  • the actual jeno was even a little clumsy, a complete nerd who housed one piece figures over his desk, could play guitar and had the voice of an angel
  • better yet, you found out about his chocolate sweet tooth and highscore on literally every mobile game you ever knew off
  • “i didn’t know i was dating a gamer,,,” you joked seeing him beat yet another level of some game on his phone
  • he stuck his tongue out and asked if you were going to finish your chocolate shake
  • you laughed and held the straw out for him “here you go, cold manhwa prince”
  • he scrunched up his nose “not you too,,,,jisung never lets me live already,,,,,”
  • your first official date after the halloween party ,,,, which btw you would have kissed at if chenle hadn’t walked in on you two,, was sitting in the library bookshelves afterschool watching ‘howls moving castle’ on a borrowed laptop
  • you had been shocked that jeno never watched it seeing as he liked animated movies, but then you’d leaned against his shoulder and woke up to your head in his lap while jeno sketched some doodles on his notebook
  • you’d sat up, completely embarrassed but jeno just showed you the little doodle
  • it was of you snoozing, a big air bubble coming out of your nose
  • you playfully pouted and he’d ruffled your hair - it was nice,,,,it was warm
  • sometimes you watch jeno sketch,,,,you might do it between studying or listening to music,,,,,but seeing him at work is so relaxing
  • he looks serious - but not cold,,,,,,,just hardworking and admirable
  • jeno has sketched you,,,,but you don’t know because he’s too shy to show you
  • (of course haechan knows about this and pesters jeno about possibly gifting them to you one day,,,,,but jeno keeps saying he has no idea what haechan is talking about)
  • but also you know when to let jeno have space,,,you don’t hover and you let him be alone with just paint and paper,,,,jeno is so thankful for that
  • you guys both are kind of new to dating ,,, so when jisung asks to see your couple shirts or rings or phonecases you just stare at him
  • and he orders you to to go down to the shopping distract and pick something out that matches
  • you end up getting charms of jeno’s favorite anime character,,,,,it’s corny but,,,,,,,jisung accepts it
  • but texts jeno like ‘get them an actual present next time!’
  • sometimes you and him meet up to go to the museum and jeno tells you which artists he’s grown to like,,,,sometimes - like most highschoolers - you end up spending more time in the gift shop than the museum
  • you start saving up to buy jeno some fancy brushes which when you gift him makes him a stuttering mess and he apologizes for the price and you’re like no no it’s ok
  • you learn he likes cats,,,even with an allergy,,,,,so you guys just coo at them from petshop windows
  • jeno wants to kiss you one night,,,as you’re taking the subway home and it’s just you two in the corner seats
  • but you get up too fast and he misses, falling first into the seat were you were just sitting
  • “are you ok??” you asked, hurrying toward the door. he waves it off and then spends the rest of the ride telling himself he’s got to get it together
  • when he does kiss you ,,,,, for the first time,,,, it’s because you’re both are trying to take a cute couple photo for jeno’s instagram
  • it’s near the big christmas tree they have up at the mall
  • and as he has his hand out with the camera, you try to focus on it and smile but then right before you know it - he leans in
  • and with his free hand cupping your cheek he kisses you,,,,
  • the sound of the camera click breaks you out of your dream like state and when you pull back you touch your lips
  • “did,,,,,did you just?”
  • he grins sheepishly and looks at the camera preview,,,,,, “it’s blurry should we do it agai-”
  • you beat him to it, putting both hands on his face and kissing him agai
  • he tastes a little minty,,,,,it’s nice and you feel like you could kiss him forever
  • jeno feels the same way about you 
  • the amount of times you’ve had talk jeno out of wanting to get a pokemon tattooed on him later in life is: too many
  • when jeno throws away a sketch he did in frustration, you always get really sad - sometimes you pick them up and you have some hanging on your wall
  • which jeno tells you you don’t have to do,,,he’ll give you some of his better ones but you say that these are just as good
  • when jeno calls jaemin to tell him about you,,,,he can almost hear jaemin smiling on the other line
  • “see, you’re not cold. you’re just reserved, but it sounds like you let th right person in.”
  • jeno lets you wear his sweaters 100% and then he grins to himself when the sleeves are too long on you
  • people in school still can’t believe it’s true, not until you and jeno are walking hand in hand out the gate and even though he tried to hide it
  • his kiss on your forehead basically made everyone in your grade swoon
  • you guys don’t do a lot of pda,,,,,,but jisung still makes faces when you drop by jeno’s class to give him a snack or just tlak
  • and jisung is like “ugh,,,i can feel the love and it’s crawling all over my uniform!!” ,,,,, you and jeno ignore him and chenle just goes “its cuz you’re jealous bro”
  • jeno once tells you his favorite season is winter, when you ask why he lists off a couple of basic things: the pretty snow, the holiday cheer, the sweaters
  • but then he looks at you and smiles mysteriously, you ask what it is
  • “i think i might change my favorite season to fall though,,,,” 
  • “why?”
  • “because that’s when i met you.” 
thoughts & actions || b.b

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x Reader

Summary: After getting a job at your local library, you overhear your boss say something to Bucky that absolutely breaks your heart and shatters his. Though Buck acts strong, you know you need to help him, and you do. 

Warnings: angst (baby boy buck gets hurt), fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: it makes me wanna vom just thinking about someone be this mean to fragile librarian!bucky ok

Finding a job was harder than you thought, especially for a student who didn’t have too much time and wasn’t looking for anything full-time. You went through many interviews, all of which said you were a good candidate if it weren’t for your lack of availability. 

You almost gave up hope, figuring it was hopeless and useless to use your free time on job interviews where you’d ultimately get rejected. That was until you saw the small sign hanging outside of your local library. 

Part-time help wanted. 

It was written in an almost discernible font, the letters looking like scribbles. Still you managed to get the words out with a little bit of deduction. You snapped a picture on your phone so you wouldn’t forget before making your way home, making a mental note to yourself to check it out tomorrow. 

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Warding In Witchcraft


Wards are constructs, or entities that go through the process of wording a specific area that you set them up to watch over. This form of warding magick is also referred to some times as apotropaic magick, and our ways in which practitioners can turn away negative, or unwanted energies from an area, or space. Wards are like energetic guards that watch over an area. These wards will target whatever you intend them to, and will turn them away, force it out, or banish them from that area. Wards act as a form of protection to keep that space, or area safe from what is not wanted. Any space, object, or entity can be worded if you take the time to place one upon it. These Wards can be very complicated, or very simple depending upon what they are needed for. Wards can be set up for a period, but are primarily used when a construct, space, or entity needs to be protected for an extended period of time. Wards can also be cast whenever protection is needed, and will be able to provide protection for whatever they are warding. This is a very useful skill to learn, and get under your belt so that you can defend yourself, and the spaces around you with the power that you conjure forth with your magick.

Difference between warding, and shielding:

Warding, and shielding are two different things. Warding being the act of pushing away specific unwanted energies, and entities, so that they will not be able to enter the perimeter, or be in the area. Where the active shielding is simply setting up a wall in order to stop unwanted energies, and entities from penetrating the perimeter. Shielding is like building a wall between you, and the outside world and warding is like putting guards at that wall. These processes are usually done together, but do not have to be, and are completely exclusive to their practices.

Maintaining wards:

These wards will have to be maintained through the act of checking over them, recharging them, and/or reconstructing them when they have been in use for a long time, or have been used constantly. These wards will need energy in order to continue doing their job, so finding a source of energy to connect to the wards will allow them to recharge, and continue to work. This is because they will have an energy source to draw energy from when they get low. Try using an energy source that is renewable, and comes from a process that inherently exists. This will allow your ward to continue on working even when you are not there to give it energy. Using only your own energy to power your wards can leave you fatigued, and allow you to fall into energetic burnout, so remember to know your limits, and to not simply rely on your energy. Find other energy sources that you can use in order to power your wards. In order to connect these other energy sources all you must do is go to the ward in question, and take them in your hand, or place your hand on to them, and relay your intentions through your energy, so that the ward knows where to draw from. You could also go through the act of drawing an energetic line of energy between the source of energy, and the ward in order to allow that source of energy to power the ward. Good energy sources would be such things as quartz crystals, selenite, or any other high energy vibrational stone, along with candles, energy sigils, sunlight, moonlight, and storm energy, among many other things. It is important that your wards are maintained, and get the energy that they need or else they will not be able to work properly, and will eventually go down.

What to ward against, and ward placement:

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Blurb night: hiding a conflict from Shawn who finds out and helps in the best way possible

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You got into a big argument with your best friend right before you left to fly out to LA to be with Shawn over your fall break. You’re trying not to let it bother you, but it has been difficult to deal with because she has been ignoring you since you left. 

“Y/n, were you listening?” Shawn questions, and your attention snaps to him.

“Uh, sorry. What were you saying?” You question. 

His expression changes, “What’s wrong?” He asks. 

“Nothing, what were you saying?” You question. 

“It doesn’t matter.” He dismisses, then says cautiously, “Y/n, I’ve given you two days, and I didn’t want to push it, but you’re not telling me whats wrong. I know something is bothering you. Does it have to do with me? Do you not want to be here?” He questions, and only now you realize that not telling him what happened between you and your friend might not have been the best idea. You didn’t want to tell him at first because he’s been so busy with writing and recording, you didn’t want to bother him with it. The time you do get with him, you want to spend with him, enjoying being together. You don’t want to unload everything on him. But if he’s starting to second guess himself, then you really have to tell him. 

“It’s not you Shawn. And I do want to be here, more than anything. Its just that y/f/n is ignoring me right now since we fought right before I came here.” 

“What happened?” He questions softly, not wanting to push too hard, but wanting to let you know that he wants to know what happened between you two because he wants to be able to help. You explain what happened between you and your friend, and Shawn listens patiently. 

When you’re finally finished telling the entire story, you’re all worked up all over again, and you’re mostly upset by how much you think she overreacted and blew the entire thing out of proportion. Shawn takes your hand and pulls you closer to himself. “Baby,” Shawn says after you stop talking, and you look at him. “She’s going to get over it. All friendships go through rough times and arguments. Just give her some time. I know its tough to know that she’s upset with you, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You did everything you could to make it better, and when she’s ready, she’ll reach out again.” 

You just lean into him, not really responding to what he said, but he knows you heard him. And now that he knows what has been bothering you, he can give you the extra love and comfort that he didn’t know you needed before. And thats exactly what he does. He spends the rest of the evening showering you with love and reminding you everything will be okay. 

bts reaction: fans shipping you and them when friends

Requested by anon: hi! can i request a bts reaction to their best friend (who’s also an idol) asking them to do a collab but the dance/performances of it are kinda ~flirty~ so their fans start to ship them together? +no crush

Notes: i forgot to copy n paste the second message sent, but i did read it ^^b

Credit to gif owners~


Jin was broadcasting another Eat Jin episode when he found out fans were shipping the two of you. “Shouldn’t I invite Suga or Rap Mon?” He asked the fans, picking up some more noodles with his chopsticks. He furrowed his brows suddenly and scrolled up the comments to look for the one that made him surprised. 

“I should eat with Y/N because we’re going to date soon?” He burst out into laughter and wiped his mouth. “We’re not going to date, but I could invite her as a friend for the show.”

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“So, fans have been shipping you two with that collab coming up! Can we expect something to happen?” The MC announced joyfully with a slight teasing tone making Yoongi laugh and shake his head.

“No, no, we’re just friends. The lyrics in the performance is merely a coincidence, not for something suggestive,” he claimed, rubbing his nose a little out of embarrassment. “Don’t expect anything to happen between us.”

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Hoseok had posted a picture of him and his sister on Twitter and received a comment with a picture of you and him. Confused at first, he realized it was because of the dance moves in the collab you two were going to perform in a couple of days.

Soon after realizing that, he started typing a tweet saying you two were just together for the collab coming up, and not for anything else, especially love-related.

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“You guys are telling me to call someone… Is there someone in particular?” Namjoon asked, already pulling out his phone and unlocking it. “They might be too busy though…”

He leaned closer to the screen to read the comments shooting upward and leaned back with a wow. “Y/N? We’re good friends. We also have that performance coming up–is that why you want me to call her?” He paused for a little to read some more comments and laughed a bit. “No, no, we’re not gonna get together or anything, we’re just friends!”

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The moment Jimin started to practice the moves he was going to dance with you, the members started clapping and teasing him making him laugh. “You’re going to be dancing with Y/N? Wow…” Hoseok started in a teasing tone and a large smile.

“Jimin is going to get a girlfriend already!”

Jimin shook his head with a smile and held his hands out to calm everyone down while getting their attention. “She was just more comfortable to do the moves with me because we’re good friends,” he said, receiving a large response of oh’s.

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“Yes, Y/N and I are going to perform a collab soon. Look forward to it!” He took another bite of his burger as he licked his lips while reading the comments. Soon, he made a loud humming noise of confusion and swallowed.

“A lot of you seem to be misunderstood about something,” he started. He took another bite of his burger and with a finger, made sure there was no food sticking out and continued, “Y/N and I are friends, not romantic interests. So we don’t plan on dating each other anytime soon.”

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Jungkook wished the news of him performing a collab with you didn’t spread so quickly. “Our little Jungkookie is going to perform a dance with a girl!” Hoseok laughed out, slapping Jungkook’s back repeatedly while the other members laughed along.

Hyung, it’s not like that… She’s just a friend!” Jungkook said exasperatedly. Taehyung laughed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders heavily making him lean forward a little.

“You and Y/N huh?” Taehyung teased suggestively making Jungkook sigh harshly and playfully.

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Here’s what nobody asked for, my thoughts on all the AS3 girls

I’m very excited about Aja. I think that a problem we would’ve run into with most season 9 girls is they haven’t elevated themselves enough since their season *cough ginger cough* but I genuinely think that Aja has gotten her look polished up to match her performance level. The bitch is hungry I see her as a big contender for the crown

I’m honestly not the biggest DeLa fan. I think she did well in her season, I don’t see her as too much of a character like Michelle says, there was just never anything about her that captured me. I don’t really see her taking the crown but then again I didn’t see her making it that far in season 6, I’d love to see her prove me wrong though

CHI CHI DEVAYNE IS MY QUEEN. This is one of the few times that I really think a queen was totally robbed of a spot. I loved her on season 8 and something that I like about her is that beyond her amazing lip sync skills she also is a great actress, comedian, and her looks are pretty good. I think now that she has that drag race money there is nothing holding her back. She, along with Milk, is who I’m rooting for and I really could see her winning it all

Hmmm Kennedy. Don’t get me wrong she should be here, it’s just I don’t think it’s going to go well for her. What I mean is Phi Phi let the competition get to her and let her ugly side show, I think the same thing is going to happen to Kennedy, we’ve already seen in the meet the queens that she was letting some of her bitterness towards Pearl show, I just don’t think it’s going to go great for her.

Let me be super clear, I’m very biased because Milk is undoubtedly one of my favorite queens. I don’t think anyone has ever come close to doing what Milk does, and now that Drag race is a little more accepting of Alt-Drag (season 7′s bearded runway, seasons 9′s Club kid runway) I think that she will really have a chance to shine. That being said I don’t think Milk will win, I’m rooting for her but Milk is a rebel at heart and loves to keep pushing the envelope and keep pushing it until the judges have had too much, she also had a lot of challenges that she sort of floundered in back in season 6. So while I think she’s amazing, unique, and one of my favorites, I don’t think the competition is the kind of place she shines

I always love a queen from early seasons coming back and I think Morgan is deserving. She is a sort of unashamed bitch that I think does well for entertainment value without getting her reputation ruined (see Trinity Taylor) I’m also really excited to see her since the MTQ videos made her seem like she’s in it 100% for the competition and not just to gain social media  followers, something that really ruins the later seasons is how worried the queens are about the fans perception and I love a queen who doesn’t care

SHANGELA? Jk Kimora I love her. I think she’s sickening, she’s got the same hilarious attitude that all of Haus of Edwards has that really does it for me. She’s got charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. For the bitches that say “why is she getting a third shot” Trixie is also getting a third shot bitch so get with it. I’d actually love to see the plot progression of a queen going from 1st out, to high placing, to all stars winner.

I adore (delano) Thorgy, I don’t know if I think she really has a shot at the crown but I’m okay with that she’s fun and I’m excited to see more of her. I don’t even think she thinks she has a shot at the crown, in MTQ she said her goal going in was just to get as far as she did last time, but she just made it seem like she was thrilled and excited to get to be on the show. Thorgy loves drag and has fun with it and it really shows. 

Ohhhhh honey. She’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she looks like Linda Evangelista. The internet eats her up everytime she walks out there. But seriously Trixie is sickening and has done phenomenal since then but I actually don’t want her to win (sue me). I really do love her so much but it just feels like how in AS2 we knew straight away that Alaska would win, Trixie really feels like the same thing. I know she’s great but I think it’d be more gag-worthy if we were shocked by the winner. I am super hype to see her kill some challenges and runways though

So yeah those are my thoughts, message me if you want to talk about it, but don’t get cute if you disagree. I’d love to have a normal conversation but I’m too pretty to fight

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I Love how henry just doesnt question anything. Like,he doesnt question the Dead cartoon dog,he doesnt question ink monsters,he doesnt question the boards blocking the ink machine and he doesnt question how is co-workers got Turned into ink monsters. But Y'know what he DOES question? A bendy cutout being in a diffrent place

Cartoon dog with organs ripped out: okay

Massive machine that spits out gallons of gallons upon ink, to the point where there’s pipes in the walls full of the stuff: okay

Half-formed humanoid ink creatures trying to kill him: okay

Cultist made of ink worshiping a cartoon as a god: okay

Guy with projector for a head: okay

Cartoon whose head is dangling from a fishing rod: okay

Spider with teeth on its head: okay

Half-blind cartoon trying to beat him to death with a pipe: okay

Cartoon angel forcibly taking him on a date where all he does is collect items so she doesn’t kill him: okay

An entire room full of dead dogs: okay

Cardboard cutout moves three feet to the left: wHAT THE FJUCK????? WHAT THE

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Six

The treehouse you were all staying in was the most amazing thing you had ever seen. It was so modern and had a very cosy atmosphere. Your parents and little sister along with Finn’s family were in the treehouse next door. You ran inside with your bags and into the main room. There were sofas and armchairs and a big oak coffee table facing the huge windows/doors that opened out onto the veranda which held the hot tub and outdoor seating. There was also a kitchen area joined onto the living room. It was all open plan and Sophia was already fussing over the hamper that was in the middle of the breakfast bar. It was a complimentary gift from the company. Full to the brim with little gifts and sweets.

You and Wyatt were looking around together smiling like crazy.
It was time to choose bedrooms and to get to the other section of the treehouse you had to go through a glass hallway that was carpeted. Everything was so beautiful and smelled like cinnamon. You and Sophia were sharing the massive suite. The queen-sized bed was facing the big windows. You could see the trees. The rooms were amazing and had en-suite bathrooms with claw-footed tubs, massive showers, and two sinks, one for each person. 

“Your’s and Finn’s parents have really outdone themselves, Y/N. I can’t believe they let all of us come! And got us our own treehouse!”
“I know right. It’s a shame we won’t be here on Christmas day.”
“But still! This place is phenomenal. Shame your mum said that there was no way in hell you were sharing with Wyatt…”
“Sophia, we’ve been over this! Nothing like that is going to happen for ages yet!”
“I know! But it would have been so cute!”

The two of you were hanging your clothes in the big closet and making yourselves at home. Before the conversation could go any further, Finn and Jaeden came in and announced that you were going out to have a look around the complex. Everyone slipped back into their coats and boots and headed out to meet your families. But not before you ran back and grabbed your camera.
The place really was beautiful. Usually, when you spent time here with Finn you stayed in the log cabins on the other side, but this was even better. Somehow the trees were bigger and the paths were wider and the snow was whiter. You walked along through the woods hand in hand with Wyatt, letting go every now and then to take a picture. Sophia was saying how you should all head swimming later on. You and Finn agreed as the pool was amazing. There were water slides, rapids, jacuzzis, and a huge pool. You and Finn used to spend hours there when you came for Christmasses. You had spent more of them here than at home. 

“We’re going to head back now,” Wyatt said to you, “It’s time to hit the pool. We want to see what all the fuss is about. Finn won’t shut up about it.”
“You’ll love it, Wyatt, trust me. Are we going back to get our stuff?”
“Yeah. Finn says we’re all meeting up with the parents later on for dinner.”
“Okay. Let’s go then.”
You were currently having the time of your life. You, Sophia, Finn and Wyatt were all going down a massive water slide. Sophia was screaming along with Wyatt, but you and Finn were just laughing at their reactions because you knew how to react. You both looked at each other and grinned because you knew that an eighty-five-degree drop was coming up and when you went down, you had to hold onto the sides of the inflatable you were in as though your life depended on it. You couldn’t go down this slide without an inflatable because it was so huge. The drop was approaching and you braced yourself for the feeling in your belly when it came.

You couldn’t help but scream. It only lasted a few seconds but then you were in a huge cyclone. It was like a cave. You went up the walls getting soaked. This was your favourite part, but it was really scary. It’s hard to describe it unless you’ve been on it. Before you knew it you were going down the last drop and coming out of the bottom, still dying of laughter. Jack and Jaeden wanted a go next so you and Wyatt went on again with them while Finn took Sophia down the other slides. Jack was hilarious, honestly. You couldn’t breathe because of the laughter, and neither could Jaeden and Wyatt. Jack was swearing so loudly as you went down the big drops and up through the tunnels. He was worse than Sophia. 

When Jack was over shitting himself of the water slide you all went down the rapids, your’s and Finn’s favourite. You always held on to Finn’s hand and pushed yourself off at the start so you could go really fast, and it always worked. You both sped around the corners and under the tunnels, knowing it so well that you knew when to shut your eyes to stop the water from getting in. The smile didn’t come off your face the whole time.
Once you were out of the pool and back in your clothes you realised the time. It was about six pm and it was time to go for dinner. You and Finn knew where you were going of course. Wyatt had his arm around your waist as you told him stories of you and Finn as kids and what everything meant to you. With a smile on his face, he listened. The others were behind you taking pictures and putting them on their social media captioned, ‘the sickening happy couple’.
When you arrived at the restaurant, your little sister Alice came and jumped into Wyatt’s arms. The sight made you so happy. 

“Noodles!” Your little sister squealed with joy, “Sit next to me! Sit next to me!”
“Of course I will, Alice. Why don’t you come and sit in between me and Jack?”

It was honestly the happiest you had ever seen her. She was telling Jack all about how she’d seen his movie, even though her mother said she was too young. To be fair, six probably was a bit young to be watching IT, but she had insisted since it had Finn in it. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother her.

“You’re Eddie,” She said to Jack, “Guess what?”
“What?” Jack was in his element
“They’re gazebos and they’re b-”
“ALICE!” You hissed before she could get the rest of the word out. Jack burst out laughing along with everyone else at the table who was listening. After a second, you joined in too. 

Everyone ordered their food and made conversation while they waited. Jack insisted that we go swimming again at some point tomorrow and take Alice with them. You couldn’t believe how well they were all getting along with her.
You couldn’t help but notice Jaeden and Sophia. They were sitting next to each other on the opposite side of the table talking and laughing in their own little world. Jaeden had his arm on the back of her seat and she was leaning into him slightly. You nudged Wyatt who looked over at them and rolled his eyes.

“They both like each other and have for ages, they just won’t do anything about it.”
You thought for a moment. “I’m going to change that.”

Everybody was in their pyjamas and wrapped in blankets on the sofas. Sophia had made delicious hot chocolate and Jaeden had insisted that somebody put a Christmas movie on. That’s how you ended up watching The Grinch. You were snuggled into Wyatt’s side wondering if you would be allowed to stay in this perfect moment forever.

When The Grinch was finished, everyone went to bed except for you and Wyatt. The both of you got changed and decided to go in the hot tub out on the balcony. It was freezing outside, but once you were submerged in the water it was much better. Wyatt was looking out at the view with a troubled look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Your worry now mirrored his
“It’s just, what’s going to happen when all of this is over, Y/N? We’re going to leave Finn’s and I’m going home to America. America, Y/N.”
You felt sick.
“We’ll make this work. Do you really think that the universe is so fucking cruel that it would bring us together for the best few weeks of our lives and then rip us apart?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, you want to know what I think?”
“I think we were crafted from the same star. I think that our destiny is to be one. You might not agree with me, but I believe that we’re supposed to be together.”
“Maybe seriously will be our always.” Wyatt looked into your eyes and saw everything he needed to see. “Whenever we get the chance, we’ll fly over and see each other. You can come and stay with me in Chicago, I can come to Ontario, and we can all stay at Finn’s during the summer. Or we could go to Pennsylvania and stay with Jaeden.”
“We can do this, Wyatt. We need to at least try because…”
“Because what?”
You couldn’t believe you were admitting this.
“Because I think I might be falling in love with you, Wyatt Oleff.”
“Me too.”

You put your hands on Wyatt’s cheeks and kissed him. You were determined not to let that boy go. Not now, not ever.
When you woke up you were a little bit confused. The last thing remembered was watching American Horror Story with Wyatt. You were now in bed next to Sophia who was scrolling through Instagram on her phone. Wyatt must have brought you to bed when you fell asleep. The thought made you smile.

“What time did you and Wyatt get to bed last night?” Sophia asked you
“I honestly don’t know. We went in the hot tub for a little while, came in and got dry and into our pyjamas again, and then ended up watching Netflix for a bit. I must have fallen asleep and then he bought me into bed.”
“He’s such a cutie.”
“We were talking about if our relationship was going to last when we went home and it actually turned out to be a pretty deep conversation. I think we’re really going to make this work.”
“I’m so happy for you, honestly. I just wish I could have that with someone.”
“How did you know?!”
I sat up and looked at her, shocked. “Really?! You were practically in his lap at dinner last night, and if he moved his hand any lower it would have been on your ass.”
“Was it really that obvious?”
“Yes. It was.”
“Well then.”
“You should just make your move!”
“But what if he pulls away, Y/N!”

Sophia was looking at the door with a face as white as a sheet. You turned around to see Jaeden standing there with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. 

“I’m just going to go and see if Wyatt is awake…”
You closed the door behind you as you left feeling a little sorry for Sophia. You had left her in quite an awkward situation, but hopefully, it would encourage her to go for Jaeden. Jack was in the kitchen making toast.

“Morning, Jack.”
“Oh hey, Y/N. Toast?”
“Sure. Where are Wyatt and Finn?”
“Well, Finn is taking a shower and Wyatt is still asleep.”
You checked the time on your phone. It was almost nine am. “I suppose we did have a really late night. I’m going to go wake him up.”
“Okay. I’ll make coffee.”
“Thanks, Jack.”

Wyatt was still sound asleep when you went into his and Finn’s room. You got on top of the bed and kissed him lightly on the nose. He scrunched his nose up and slowly opened his eyes. 

“No, it’s me, Jack.”
“Oh sorry, my bad Jack. Don’t tell Y/N you were in here or she might get jealous.” The sarcasm in both your tones was imminent.
“What time did we go to sleep last night?”
“You fell asleep at around two, and I went to bed when I took you.”
“Thanks by the way.”
“For taking you to your room? You don’t need to thank me for that.”
You kissed Wyatt and pulled him up out of bed.
“Jack’s making coffee and some toast if you want some.”
“Sure. Let’s go.”
Sophia and Jaeden were the only ones who didn’t surface for breakfast. You knew that they were probably talking right now and would kill anyone who disturbed them. 

“So what are we doing today?” Jack asked
“I don’t know. We’re meeting the adults for lunch at one, but aside from that, we’ve got today to ourselves.”
“Can we go swimming again at some point? I said I’d take Alice.” Jack smiled
“Of course we can. I know that mine and Finn’s mothers are taking Sophia and I to the spa tomorrow because they think we should have a day away from you boys.”
“Rude.” Finn put a hand on his chest in fake shock
“They may have a point. But about today…”
“I don’t really know about this morning but we could go swimming after lunch.”
Jaeden came into the living area holding hands. Everyone stood up and cheered.
“FINALLY!” Finn shouted

You winked at Sophia who winked back. You knew that this would happen at some point on this trip. But what else was in store? Only time would tell.

I don’t know what will happen in part seven but I can’t wait to write it! Hope everyone enjoys!













hey! i didnt reach a goal or anything ive just been using in this forsaken website for 9 years now AND here i found some of the best, funniest, most caring and kind people! some have been with me for a long while now, others barely a month, but i really appreciate all the time someone likes 1 single personal post AND that you all endure my spam of interests every, single, day.

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Haunted House (MONSTA X)

“Hello Hello there! Can i request a reaction sort of thing of monsta x how it would be like to go to a halloween fright night at a theme park with each member? ❤️ I hope you understand that lol. thanks in advance!!💕”

(gif creds to all the original owners)

Only one word can epitomise Shownu’s reaction and that is stoic, on the inside and outside most likely. Whilst you’re clinging to him for dear life or hiding behind his thicc body, he’s probably thinking about what he’s going to eat later. He’ll just acknowledge anything that jumps out with a nod, continuing to power through saying “(Y/N) this is so lame, wait, are you scared?

Originally posted by hyungnu

(i c o n i c)

Bless him, for such a tough-looking guy he sure is the biggest softie alive. That extends to the haunted house for sure. You’d jump ever so slightly in shock whilst he’d be squeezing your hand so tight throughout the whole thing and yelping at every slight movement. He’d giggle cutely each time, only to be scared again. Once you’d made it to the other end, you’d be laughing your ass off.

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(his lil’ hair flick - this is so soft)

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anonymous asked:

i'm a scottish dghda fan and honestly any time dirk is sassy/sarcastic/a lil bitch that's the scottishness right there. we are a deeply bitter nation.


Okay, so I feel you. To answer my own questions, I’m Clan Macqueen and this is our tartan. You are 100% on it okay Dirk has that sass for a reason my friends.

But now I’m thinking about Scots and tartan and Dirk should have a kilt. I’d give him mine but it’s too small. Can we get on that though? Like, not to be stereotypical or anything I just really think it would add something to his already questionable fashion choices.

This got away from me a little. Oops.

Sleepover Saturday

anonymous asked:

Would you do like a genderbent Fluttershy? Or is that not okay? I don't want to come off as rude or anything, I just want to know.

Im quite a fan of Butterscotch (or genderbend!fluttershy, if you will)

Weither its for a trans!headcanon, to have a character to explore some part of themselves or society, or just to have some fun with the idea, I like genderbending. So yes! Have a genderbend Fluttershy :D

Also! Bonus drawing for today ^w^