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Portland is my second favorite team so, I’m gonna need Tobin and everybody else to come clutch against the Flash. This L shall avenged. Washington is not about to take it all, I’m not havin it.

Ya know I watch all those videos on Facebook about what’s going on with police violence and all the videos of people and police being friendly and what not, “spread love not hate” those things and you go into the comments and it’s like “we need more of these videos and less of the hate videos!” And like yes this is nice. Showing that some police officers do care and can be agreeable and what not but like no. We don’t need less of the videos showing what police are doing to the public, specifically to the black community, and black lives matters, and the videos about police shooting unarmed civilians and then intentionally lying about it (or even being undeniably caught on film making up fake stories about what happened so they won’t get in trouble!!!!!!! What the fuck!) because if we don’t know about these thing happening we can’t change anything. We can’t move forward if we don’t know. We need both. you can’t just stop seeing the negative things that are happening and pretend it doesn’t exist, that’s how it continues to happen. Idk where I’m going with this. I just really hate it. Stop killing people.


All of our mouths simultaneously drop, except Rose who is about to punch him. But she can’t. Hands swoop around her waist from behind.
And Ryke suddenly appears beside Daisy with a murderous glare, directed at the bartender. Oh shit. “Lily,” Lo says my name in my ear.
My chest rises. They’re all back. Unharmed it seems. Even Sam, Poppy’s husband, his jaw unshaven like Ryke, and his features just as masculine as the rest of them.
Ryke has a paper bag in his clenched fist. Cigars, I think. To the bartender, he growls, “I don’t even know what to fucking say to you.”
“I do,” Lo sneers; then he motions between Ryke and Daisy. “They’re together, you dumb fuck. So swallow your tongue. And consider yourself lucky that only three out of eight people pray you choke on it.” I’m guessing that’s Ryke, Lo, and Rose. The hot-tempered triad.
I smile again, even though this is not the time to be smiling like a dopey fool. I just never really saw the three of them as a team like that until now.

my family took my grandmother out to eat today and omg…i’m SO grateful to be able to live a quiet life. i’m just not cut out for a life of noise and interaction, i literally feel like i’ve been runover by a bus haha. i was so overstimulated by all the noise in the restaurant and all the talking i wanted to run out screaming lolol. glad to be back in my quiet room! ^^


In light of some major changes happening in my life right now and the fact that I’ve been debating my presence here, I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus.  I’m thinking I’ll probably be back around the time S12 begins.  What that means:

1. The queue will continue to run (you probably won’t even notice I’m gone)
2. I’ll answer any messages I receive (can’t guarantee how quickly)
3. A permanent hiatus may be a possibility but I’ll decide that later.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around with me and you’re awesome <3

it seemed the insistent male just didn’t want to take a hint and his annoying flirtations were really agitating her wilder tendencies. fuck off.she growled. before i get nasty and do something you regret.her eyes flashed and her jaw was wound so tight it twitched neath her skin. go on. push one more fucking button…